She was dead.

Beatrice Taylor had been messing around with her friends, sitting up on one of the railings of the multiple landing stairs that were spread throughout the Phoenix High School hallways. She had on nothing special, just another t-shirt and denim shorts that were on the edge of being scandalous. She was wearing flip flops, but then again this was Phoenix, Arizona. It was late September, and it was still insanely hot outside.

Beatrice had her sidekick phone in her hands, her lime green painted fingernails a clash against her tan skin. She was texting her boyfriend while she was leaning against the railing. One of her friends was leaning against the railing too, but she wasn't actually on the railing. She was telling her about the pop quiz Beatrice would end up having to do in Trig later in the day since she had just left that classroom. She was also talking about her own boyfriend.

I on the other hand was walking towards the staircase when it happened. Someone bumped into Beatrice and she screamed as she fell backwards and down five feet onto the hard tiled flooring. I had managed to get to the railing, my small and thin figure able to go through the mass of students to look down and see Beatrice with her head snapped to the side and blood pooling from her skull. Her eyes were wide open, her beautiful blonde curls were coated in blood now.

While others were screaming in horror at witnessing one of their classmates fall to her death and break her neck while having her head split open in the back, I was peering down at the body of Beatrice Taylor with marvel upon my pale face. I had always been fascinated with death, and had an unhealthy obsession with the idea of killing someone…well a certain mother who should have never been a mother to begin with due to her dimwitted airheadedness . Or at the very least see someone die in front of me, nothing like the pretty blood spilling out of the body…

I couldn't help but smile some, my brown hair fell on either side of me to hide away my features from everyone. It was kind of amusing how people died from the most random things such as this. You would think some people would have more common sense to not sit on a railing at school, with a population of thousands and it being the time to transition from one class to another. The staircase would be packed, and she would be accidently pushed and she'd…



I pushed aside the memory of Beatrice Taylor lying on the school floor dead to the world, to see Renee (my darling mother) standing in front of me with her arms folded against her chest. I noted how she seemed as though she was pouting like a prepubescent child not having their parents listen to them. She was wearing a light cotton t-shirt with denim shorts and some stylish leather sandals she must have bought on clearance last time she was at the outlet mall.

"Sorry, Mom. Just thinking about Dad," I apologized, earning a tight lipped look from the average looking woman's face.

"You don't have to call him that when it's just me. You can call him Charlie, it's not like you have a close relationship or anything," Renee pointed out, enough for me to inwardly roll my eyes.

I gave her a small, sweet smile. "He's still my dad, Mom. I hope you are okay with me calling him Dad instead of Charlie."

Renee frowned before sighing and agreeing, "fine. Whatever. Anyway, I was just seeing if you're okay with really going to Forks. You could come and be with me and Phil while he's traveling for the minor league. Besides, you'll still be away from here."

In other words, you'll be away from high school.

I'd be away from where they had to change the tiles on the first floor from where Beatrice's body had been. The tiles had been caked in the corners with the blood and the last thing the school needed was to have visual reminders of the freak accident. I would have loved to have taken one of the tiles if I could have but that would have meant I'd have attention turned towards me.

I stared at Renee, imagining the times I would have been successful in killing her. I tried to use rat poison on her in middle school but her boyfriend at the time ended up eating the meal and got hospitalized for some time period. I took the toaster from the kitchen one time and went to plug it on in the bathroom before throwing it in when she was having one of her bubble baths, but by the time I was going upstairs with the toaster the drain was going on in the tub down the hall, allowing me to know that I had missed my chance, again. The very last time was two weeks ago when I mixed some of her sleeping medicine into her wine glass only for her to decide not to drink it after all.

I assured her once more I was fine with going up to the tiny Northwest Olympic Peninsula town of Forks, in Washington State. I would be with my dad, Charlie Swan, and he happened to be the Chief-Of-Police of the town. So that meant I couldn't try and kill anyone while I was still living with him, he wasn't anyone I was determined to kill. Only Renee was when it came to the parent department, Charlie was a good dad.

I turned my head when Phil, my new stepdad since mid-September, was coming up to us. He was bald and was quite a bit younger than Renee, with a lean and muscular figure. He was dressed in a sleeveless t-shirt with khaki shorts and leather flip flops. He saw me and gave me a nice smile though there was a tinge of weariness in his blue eyes (he knew there was something off about me, but there was nothing evidence wise for him to connect me with).

"Hey, kiddo! Almost left without saying goodbye to me."

Go choke on one of those jalapeno slices on those nachos you're holding–I couldn't help but sourly think before I gave him a small smile, "oh! Sorry, Phil!"

"It's okay, no harm done. There's your plane being called to board now. Can't be late, can we?" Phil said, as indeed my plane was being called for me to board.

Saying goodbye to both Renee and Phil, I headed towards the plane, Beatrice's freak accident lingering in my mind.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: this is part of a stand-alone trilogy. It's a trilogy of Bella being with one of the Volturi Kings. 'As I Breathe' is a Caius fanfiction where Bella suffers from Cerebral Palsy. This one, well Bella will be a serial killer by the end of the fanfiction. I thought she'd be perfect for Aro as a psycho. Then the last one will be called 'Through Hell or Highwater' where Bella suffers from a teenage miscarriage before she moves to Forks and Alice sees Bella as a vampire in the future, so she befriends her, and later learns that Bella is Marcus's mate.

This is a horror fanfiction so here are the things that are in the fanfiction: murder, mutilation, knife play and blood play/blood kink (after Bella becomes a vampire).

There are not: animal abuse/killing/torture, rape and other sexual assaults, along with necromancy (though technically sleeping with a vampire can be considered necromancy, can't it? maybe I'm just being too weird and deep), and no child death/killing (other than the mentioning of Jane and Alec's backstory).

anyway, I hope you enjoy my horror fanfiction! Oh, and all the kings will be in their twenties. Usually, Aro is in his forties but in this trilogy, they are 23 at the oldest, like Carlisle.