It was a normal day in Tokyo as Shinra Kusakabe waited for the train so it would take him to the jurisdiction area Special fire force company 8 operated in. "what's taking that train so long." The shark-toothed man mused just before an alarm went off 'everyone clear the platform a train car is ablaze due to an infernal. Again, all civilians clear the platform." A voice on the intercom said

The train Shinra was waiting for came into the station and decoupled the burning car before leaving. He didn't blame them. No one wanted to deal with an infernal. Thankfully, he was part of the… "Clear out everyone, special fire force company 8 is here." A voice called out. 'Speak of the devil.' Shinra thought as murmurs were heard.

Five people approached the infernal. One had his face already covered by his face armor, His lower arms had armored gauntlets that seemed to shift and wore armored gloves. "it's him… the Iron Reaper." One civilian said before leaving the area. 'woah.' Shinra thought before grinning. "the 8th's strongest fighter."

Obi noticed Shinra standing still. "I said all civilians clear out." He said. "actually I'm your…" Shinra began as obi began to turn back to the infernal only to be stopped by reaper. "What is it?" he asked his silent companion.

Reaper patted his jacket before pointing at Shinra. "I believe he's our new recruit chief." Sister iris translated Reaper's gestures. "I see. Well then, sit back and watch the show cadet." Obi said with a smile.

Turning to the infernal, the captain's smile disappeared. "Ok, commence operation. Note the time is 0810. Sister would you begin the prayer please. Reaper it's your turn to extinguish the infernal. Nothing flashy."

Reaper made a gesture that got a giggle out of the sister. "No promises chief." She said before saying the prayer.

Reaper charged towards the infernal while maki flanked him. She cancelled out a blast aimed for him. "Reaper now!" she yelled. Then to Shinra's shock, the silent fighter jumped and literally slid across the platform towards the infernal sparks flying from his armored boots.

Shinra swore he saw electricity arc around Reaper's lower left arm as the man punched the infernal. "whoa." Shinra muttered before noticing a cable to a light snap just above the sister.

"Sister above you." He called out before activating his ignition incinerating his shoes. Reaper saw it but he'd used his semblance to kill the infernal and in turn had used all the kinetic energy he built up. 'No!' he thought reaching out.

Just before it struck her, iris was picked up bridal style by Shinra. Reaper let out a sigh. Thank Oum he convinced obi to allow the cadet to stay.

"Sister, you ok? You aren't hurt are you?" Shinra asked nervously before blushing while grinning. Reaper narrowed his eyes before smiling seeing his sister maybe even daughter figure blush while thanking the cadet. He was leaning more towards sister as he was only two years older than iris.

"Great, there goes another pair of shoes." Shinra muttered. "Thank you for saving me." Iris said "oh, no problem." Shinra said.

"Sister, you ok?" Maki asked as she and reaper came up to her. "I'm alright, thanks to him." Iris said glancing towards Shinra. She suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder. Looking up she saw her father figure. "I'm fine Reaper. No need to worry." She said.

Instead of making gestures glanced at Shinra then back to her tilting his head. Iris felt her cheeks heat up slightly. "It's nothing like that!" she blurted out before covering her mouth sweat dropping when Shinra looked at her.

"Ok, reaper that's enough teasing the sister." Hinawa said walking past the two. "So, according to reaper you're the new recruit." He questioned.

"Yes," Shinra said snapping a salute "Sorry for the late introduction. I'm Shinra Kusakabe. As of today, I'm a member of special fire force company 8."

Shinra then felt a shadow engulf him. Turning he sweat dropped seeing reaper standing in front of him. "is there something you need?" Shinra asked. Reaper tapped his boot before tracing across the side and top. The silent soldier then pointed at him. Shinra gained a comical question mark.

Iris then spoke up. "Did you ever consider wearing sandals?" Shinra blinked before realizing how easy is was to take off sandals. "No I hadn't considered it. Thanks for the idea." Shinra said looking to iris who pointed at reaper. "Oh, I didn't realize you were speaking for him." He then looked at the taller man. "thanks."

Reaper gave him a thumbs up.

Later at company 8's cathedral

"So, why doesn't he talk? Is it some kind of oath of silence or is he mute? No offence on calling you mute." Shinra asked, the last part directed towards reaper. "No, he won't talk unless absolutely necessary. Which isn't often." Maki said. "At least that's what Sister iris said."

"So, she's heard him speak." Shinra said. "No he wrote it." Iris said. "another thing is that he won't speak unless four of his friends show up. Don't know why he'd wait so long."

Reaper pulled a photo out of his coat pocket which had five people. One was a boy the rest were girls. The boy had brown hair and had a wood ax resting on his right shoulder while wearing an awkward smile. The boy had an arm wrapped around a black haired girl that had red highlights at the tips with a red cape. She wore an embarrassed look as a blonde girl had both arms around the two's necks having a foxy grin on her face.

The black haired girl to the blonde's left wore a small smile while making the peace sign. The white or was it sliver haired girl had a scowl on her face obviously glaring at the blonde.

Shinra noticed the photo. "I take it that the boy is you?" he asked as reaper nodded. "I understand if you don't want to answer, but is the person your arm is wrapped around your girlfriend." Reaper didn't answer. Instead he traced a finger against the embarrassed girl's face. Shinra smiled. "I see. I'm sure where ever she is… she misses you as well."

A/N: and so begins what I believe is the first crossover between Fire Force and RWBY. Team RWBY won't appear till the rookie games. Now to clarify how the crossover works. As you can tell the story takes place during season 1 of Fire Force and will take place after Vol. 8 of RWBY. However, things WILL be different.

In this story, Jaune was able to make it through the portal before it closed. So, it'll only be team RWBY and Neo.

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