A/N: chapter is rated M due to Character death and language

Joker cursed under his breathe as Reaper rushed at him. The man was beyond pissed. "Here I thought he wasn't dangerous." Joker thought dodging the fist only to get hit by a reverse roundhouse.

Blake couldn't believe her eyes. There right in front of her was the sole male member of team RWBBY and Ruby's boyfriend alive and well. the three people in the room with them somehow knew ben, but why did they call him reaper? Did he change his name?

"Are you hurt?" a voice asked. Turning, Blake saw that it was the boy with shark-like teeth looking at her with worried eyes. "Yeah just shaken is all." The boy nodded. "Good to hear." The girl with twin side ponytails approached them.

"Shinra, has Reaper always been this aggressive with infernals?" she asked placing her hands on her hips. 'Shinra' then responded. "No, but my guess is because of her." He said pointing at… Ruby. He was pointing at ruby.

"Why would Reaper be pissed at that man over a teenage girl?" the blonde asked. Shinra narrowed his eyes. "Because Arthur… she's his girlfriend." 'Arthur' paled. "May god have mercy on that man."

Ruby heard fighting and forced herself to stay awake. The fight with Neo had taken a toll on her. Thankfully Blake had caught her before she fell unconscious. They were in an unknown building with three strangers while two others were fighting.

She then recognized one of the two. "Ben?" She muttered as tears began to well up.

Joker crashed into some crates filled with…. Crystals? "This ends now." Reaper said raising his fist for the killing blow. "BEN STOP!" the enraged man turned and immediately calmed down as he saw the one girl he cared so much for. Crying. He hated seeing her cry. "Ruby." He muttered.

"He's had enough. There's no point in killing him." The scarlet reaper said between sobs. "I have to agree. That was just plain brutal man." Shinra said picking up Reaper's helmet.

"You do the same if it were your girlfriend. If you had one oh wait you do." Reaper said with a smirk.

"I have no idea what you're saying." Shinra said blushing. "Sister Iris." Reaper said. Shinra babbled on denying his feelings as Blake noticed the destroyed crates. "aren't those dust crystals?" she pondered as ash began to fill the room.

"Dust?" Arthur question. "Those are fire dust crystals." Reaper said taking notice eyes widening. "Reaper, these ashes, they're the same kind from last week's infernal call." Shinra said.

"We need to move NOW!" Reaper said throwing Blake and Ruby over his shoulders. 'So strong.' The scarlet clad girl thought face getting redder than her cape. "Why?" Tamaki asked.

"Those ashes will explode and I don't want to be in here when those crystals go off either." Reaper said as the sound of coughing was heard. "Shinra, you're brother is alive." Joker said before passing out, the smoke from his cigarette forming the words See you later.

"My brother is alive?" he muttered. "Shinra, move your ass." Reaper said rushing out the room. "Right, Arthur cut a hole in the ceiling." Shinra said picking the two people that volunteered for the games.

"Ben, what about your new friends." Ruby asked. "Shinra, Arthur, and Tamaki can handle themselves Rubes. Also, only Shinra is my friend. Arthur I can tolerate. As for Tamaki… I just met her today."

Reaper charged at a wall electricity dancing on his body "Hang on!" he yelled deploying his riot shield

Obi watched as Reaper broke through a wall with two unknown women over his shoulders. In addition, reaper wasn't wearing his helmet. "I thought you said he always wore a helmet." Captain Burns said from behind him. "He does."

After landing, reaper picked ruby up into a bridal carry before running towards the other rookies and captains with Blake by his side.

"Get everyone back there's explosives(1) in the buildings." He called out. "What'd he say?" Captain Hibana asked. "Explosives.. EXPLOSIVES! Everyone get back!" Obi yelled as Shinra, Arthur, and Tamaki exited the building. Seconds later the ashes and dust crystals detonated.

The shockwave forced the three members of team RWBBY to the ground while forcing Arthur and Tamaki to let go of Shinra's legs.

"Arthur, Cat lady!" He called out.

"Shit." Reaper said. "Blake, get ruby to Captain Obi and lieutenant Hinawa." Blake nodded. "Obi has black hair in an undercut style." Reaper began to run towards the burning building as his gauntlets shifted to a cannon configuration..

Had ruby not been exhausted, she would've geeked out at her boyfriend's weapons. "Hang on Fire Cat." Reaper yelled barreling towards Tamaki.

The girl in question panicked after losing her grip on Shinra's pants. "Someone help me!" she yelled before feeling arms latch onto her. Glancing to see her rescuer, Tamaki's cheek heated up. It was reaper. She had expected for her captain to rescue her not him.

Ruby's eye twitched as a dark aura appeared around her.(2) Blake noticed this and sweat dropped. "Ruby… Ben said he just met her today. There's no way she fell in love with him." Ruby blinked as the aura vanished. "Good point."

Reaper set Tamaki on the ground after landing. "Thank you." She said while her cheeks were still slightly red. "So, your girlfriend looked really tired." Tamaki said dusting her pants off. "Yeah she did." Reaper said just as the person of interest collapsed. "RUBY!"

Blake caught her team leader as she finally passed out from exhaustion. "Ruby. Please lay off the cookies next time." She grunted out as she endured the weight. However, the weight disappeared. "need a hand?" a gruff yet caring voice asked. Turning towards the voice Blake blushed. "You are..?" she asked the man.

"I'm Akitaru Obi. captain of special fire force company 8." Obi said shifting ruby into a bridal carry. "Captain. Is Ruby ok?" Reaper asked jogging towards the two with Tamaki in tow. "She's unconscious Ben, but alive." Blake said. "Ben?" Obi asked raising an eyebrow.

"It's my actual name captain. May as well start calling me it." Reaper/ben said before noticing Blake trembling. "Are you going to stand there, or are you going to hug me?" without warning Blake leapt at ben burying her face into his shoulder crying.


"When you vanished during the Breach Ruby, yang, Weiss, and I searched for you hours upon end. Ozpin actually called off the search the day after and instead of labeling you MIA(3) as ruby asked, he labelled you as KIA(4)." Blake said having stopped crying. However, one could tell she was still emotional. Ruby, upon waking sat on Ben's lap and clung onto him like a life line. Never again would she let the man she loved go.

"The Breach?" Shinra asked. "Think it as a massive outbreak of infernals within a walled off Tokyo." Ben said. this example caused everyone, save for Blake ben and ruby, to go extremely pale. "Dear God." Maki said covering her mouth in shock

"We managed to kill all the Grimm that entered Vale, but with you gone the team wasn't the same without you." Ruby said as ben stroked her hair. "By the way Blake, what's with the haircut?" Ben asked.

Blake blushed slightly. "Is it bad?" she asked. "No! no, it suits you actually. Ruffle it up and you'd look like a mini version of your mother." Ben said as Blake's blush deepened slightly.

"So, that Tamaki girl what's with her." Ruby asked. "We're friends ruby. All she asked was for my scroll or rather my phone number to keep in touch. Hell, before she and the rookies of company 1 left, she hoped to meet you officially." Ben said.

"Good, because we have a mission for the rookies." Obi said. "What is it captain?" Shinra asked as he and Arthur stood up. "We're investigating Companies 1 through 7 of nefarious actions. Reaper I want you to go with maki, Shinra, and Arthur." The captain said. "Which company will we begin our investigation." Ben asked forcing Ruby off of him. "Company 1." The once silent soldier narrowed his eyes before glancing at Ruby and Blake.

"Permission to make a request?" Ben asked catching Obi and Hinawa off guard. Reaper/ben almost never asked for something. "Granted.?" The captain said slightly shock. "Permission to take Ruby and Blake with as escorts." Ben said. "Granted."


1: Dust crystals are highly volatile making them act like bombs if set off

2: Ruby will not be a yandere during the infernal arc. She's just protective of ben is all

3: missing in action

4: killed in action

POST A/N: and so ruby and Blake join Company 8, but where's Weiss and Yang? You'll have to wait and see. That being said. peace