The sight across from the train station was one that had become depressingly more common over time. A giant rampaging villain, angrily swiping at Pro heroes trying to manage him. Other heroes blocking the road, keeping a crowd of interested civilians away from the destruction. Most of the onlookers watched in awe or fear, and a few with the boredom of connoisseurs seeing something that wasn't exciting. But one young student, with fluffy green hair and dark green eyes with notebook in hand, watched the carnage with an expression that didn't really match any other emotion that was on display.

The fight was over as quickly as it began. Kamui Woods attempted to use his signature 'Lacquered Chain Prison' to bind the villain, when the huge villain was blindsided by a similarly giant lady. As the newly revealed 'Mount Lady' began her grand debut with photographers professional and amateur surrounding her, the young man kept taking notes.

"Huh, interesting mirror match... it's kind of like those old Marvel films. I mean, having that kind of nemesis can really set the expectations of the fights you're going to undertake as a Pro. Ah, but how does her Quirk work? Can she only go to those extreme sizes, or can she ratchet it up degree by degree? Maybe she never thought about it and can only do that? And that guy was really not a very good fighter-"

"Hey, whoa there kid!"

The teenager blinked, turning to look at the older man with the stars on his head. Blinking, he snapped his notebook shut. "Oh, uh... sorry about that."

The older man smiled. "Can't blame you. You aiming to be a hero like them? I'd say with a head on your shoulders like that, you'd be a great hero!"

The teenager laughed, putting the notebook back in his bag. "Ah, yeah... something like that." He checked his phone, and then winced. "Better hurry, I don't want to be late for school."

I was four when I learned that the world wasn't fair.

I was born without a Quirk, without powers. Something that every other person around me took for granted. The feeling was crushing.

Maybe the lesson I should have taken is that we can't always have what we want. But I didn't take that away from my experiences.

All my life, I've looked up to heroes like All Might. But sometimes, looking at Heroes, I felt that they weren't... super enough. Sure, heroes saved people from disasters and helped deal with villains, but I always thought that villains were more people who didn't think about the system. They were just people lashing out and not really acting like the guys in come books. I thought about this for days, wondering what made the difference. What made All Might stand above the rest of the Heroes? It was when I was looking through the old comic books, from before the days of Quirks that it hit me.

A Hero doesn't mean very much without a Villain to contrast them. You could almost say that Villains defined the Heroes. Without a Villain, Heroes don't spring into action.

From there, my mind was on fire. If all Heroes could get a foe worthy of the name, somebody who could push them above and beyond - make them go "PLUS ULTRA", then everything would be better.

Well, I wasn't interested in people actually getting hurt. Maybe people did get hurt, but I would much rather they didn't. But then...

I got an inspiration.

The classroom was in a state of tension. Despite the students sitting at their desks calmly, there was an undeniable buzz in the air. The sight of an actual Hero/Villain battle had pumped people up. Sure enough, when the teacher came in and pulled out the career forms, the buzz died down.

"Now then! You're all third years, so it's time for you all to start thinking seriously about your futures!"

The class shifted in their seats. Their teacher looked through the forms in hand. "Normally, I would hand out these career forms. However..." he then threw the papers in the air, "I guess you all want to be heroes!"

There was a great uproar from the rest of the class. Flamethrower arms were lit. Eyeballs, fingers and necks were extended. But there were two islands of relative calm amidst the chaos. One, a spiky-haired blonde with a cocksure grin, the other with fluffy green hair who was idly tinkering with something small and mechanical on his desk that looked vaguely like some sort of armband.

"Come on teach! Don't lump me in with the rest of these extras!" Bakugo Katsuki bragged, hands in pockets and feet on desk. As the class turned its ire on him and he responded in kind, the green-haired kid continued fiddling with the device, a small smile on his face.

"Oh yes, Midoriya. You applied for U.A as well, didn't you?"

The air seemed to freeze, all eyes in the classroom being dragged over to the young man. Upon realising he was the centre of attention, he simply pointed at himself. As the stares continued, he smiled just a bit wider.

"Oh, yes. That's right." Midoriya nodded, wiping the device down with a rag. "I'm aiming for the support course."

I knew that since I was Quirkless I was unlikely to get into the Hero course. I wasn't too interested in that though. Though knowing about hero business might have made it easier for my future, it wasn't necessary.

I had always been interested in those crazy machines that the Villains in those stories had usually built. Doctor Doom, Lex Luthor, Mr Freeze, Doctor Octopus... The thought of making something like that was...

Really, really cool.

So I decided to throw myself at learning how to make cool robots and laser guns. It wasn't easy, I have to say that much. Even though I was bright for my age, it was an uphill struggle. There's a lot that goes into engineering and robotics, but I persevered, kept up the hard work and soon I was doing pretty well with my gizmos and gadgets, if I do say so myself. Had to learn a bunch of other stuff - chemistry, a bit of coding, physics - but in the end I did quite well.

I also joined a few clubs in school. Drama club was fun - there were still some plays being done from the time before Quirks and I fit in, particularly in the dramatic roles. The robotics club in school was pretty interesting, and there was always a lot of stuff from the school labs to use for my... other purposes.

"Midoriya? In UA?"

"I guess if he's entering the Support course, he'll get in..."

"All those weird gadgets of his, like that flashy light thing are pretty cool, but..."

"Still, he is Quirkless..."

That word tended to come up around Izuku a lot. He really wanted to shrug it off, or own it, but he hadn't built himself up to that point. Bakugo turned around like the wrath of god, glaring at Izuku. Bakugo's red-eyed stare was met with a flat green one. With a flash of motion and explosive light, Bakugo slammed his hand on the desktop, narrowly missing the gadget there.

"You? Forget crappy Quirks like theirs, you're totally Quirkless! What makes you think you can get in, huh?!"

"Kacchan, I'm aiming for Support, not the Hero course. I'm not going to be competing with you on that front." Izuku explained calmly. He might as well have poured water on a grease fire. Bakugo's palms popped with barely restrained explosions, and the growling coming from his throat wouldn't have been out of place coming from a rabid animal.

The teacher hurriedly called for order, and class resumed as normally as it would normally. The day went by in a blur, the other students glancing around, knowing that a showdown was inevitable. Soon enough, the day ended. Izuku started to pack his books away when a certain presence made itself known. Izuku sighed.


"We ain't done, Deku." Bakugo picked up the notebook, glancing at it idly. "Hero Analysis for my Future, huh?"

Izuku winced. "Well, if I'm going into Support, I need to know what sorts of things-"

Bakugo slammed his hand on Izuku's desktop. "BULLSHIT, DEKU! YOU ARE AIMING FOR THE HERO COURSE!" His open palm started to smoke against the wooden desk. "I told you to stay out of my way, damnit!"

Izuku sighed. "I'm not getting in your way Kacchan. Just - just listen and please give me back my book, alright?"

Bakugo looked him in the eye with a flat expression. Then, quickly, he slammed the book between both hands with a mighty BANG! Izuku jumped a bit as Katsuki threw the book out the window. "Stay out of my way. Don't you dare get into the Hero Course. Or I'll crush you there."

He left, hands shoved firmly in his pockets. Izuku watched him go, and sighed. "Kacchan... you really need to get a proper villain. You've kind of stayed in this whole 'Anti-Hero' thing for way too long."

Izuku ran down to grab his book before all of the notes contained within got washed away. "There's some good stuff in there. Honestly, Kacchan. Do you have to be so obsessed?"

Still, Kacchan hadn't been entirely wrong. Izuku was planning to get in his way at some point.

Just not in the way that Kacchan had thought.

Izuku had a bit of a chuckle about that on the way home. Passers-by kept a bit of a wide berth around the maniacally giggling teenager.

The gear he'd made? All ready.

The research? Carefully plotted, with no less than 3 entry and exit strategies.

The Presentation? The costume was at the ready, carefully hand-made. Smoke machines were at the ready. Or was that folded into gear?

Izuku looked himself over in the mirror. The gear was crude, but it would work for now. He'd had to take some stuff from the school tech labs, slowly and carefully so nobody would suspect. He'd also made use of the dumping ground at the Musutafu Beach.

The costume he'd made was a tabard and cloak, primarily a light teal colour with black accents on the edges. It was secured by a tool belt crudely painted red and with extra pouches quickly attached. Underneath, there was a crude set of body armour, dark grey steel that formed a pair of large boots and a set of gauntlets. The cloak itself had a series of red dots on the hood, and fluttered dramatically in the wind even though it was indoors. Izuku's face was covered by a green half mask with a crude red visor shielding his eyes.

"Yes, this looks great! Now..." he started to giggle, then chuckle. He reached into his belt pocket and pulled out a small remote. "The world of heroes best prepare! For I... AM THE SUPERVILLAIN KNOWN AS... as..."

Izuku paused. "I know I had a name... hm..." He flicked through his notebooks, becoming more frantic as he did so. "Damn, all the really good villain names are taken... gotta be something good... wait..."

A name came to mind. Izuku paused in his mumbling. "Yeah... yeah., that'll work..."

He readied the remote.


He clicked the remote.

Thunder rumbled.


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