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Izuku lay back on the couch in the League of Supervillain's lair, hands folded. "I don't think I'm holding up that well after Shinji's death," he confessed.

In the chair opposite, Stitch slowly put his bottle of whiskey down. "And you wanted to talk with an alcoholic about this because…?"

"I can't really talk to my mum and other friends about this and if I went to a therapist they'd call the Heroes. Also you're the one who was an actual licensed doctor."

Stitch paused, then sighed. "I was a surgeon, and not even a neurosurgeon. Though admittedly that was because I wasn't inclined to work in that field. So, how are you holding up?"

Izuku ran a hand through his hair. "I-I mean, good, mostly. But then I see something that reminds me of Shinji and it just - it just opens this pit inside me and I feel terrible. Plus, I kind of feel like a hypocrite when I remember how we treated the Doubles when we were testing the Erase-ray."

Stitch paused. Yes, there had been a lot of destroyed Doubles when testing that device.

Mastermind watched attentively as the copy of Golden Grin stepped up to the plate. "So, I just get hit by it and-"

"Yep! Then Stitch and I will check to see if anything's gone wrong!"

The Double didn't look reassured, but stepped in front of the fridge sized ray. Red light came out, bathing him. He tried to fire his Quirk, only getting a stuttering light in response. Mastermind gave him a thumbs up, then Stitch scanned him with a black market medical scanner.

His eyes widened. "Oh."

Mastermind went over. "What is it- oh. That is…"

Golden Grin's Double looked nervous. "What is it?"

"That's… that's pretty bad. Inkblot?"

Inkblot stepped over, and with a grimace snapped the Double's arm. Screaming, the Double collapsed into a pile of grey-brown sludge.

Mastermind pulled his mask off and dry-heaved. "Oh god, we just killed him!"

The original Golden Grin clutched his knees. "I just watched myself melt and die…" he muttered.

Everybody else in the room stared at the scene shakily. Gentle Criminal was the first to say anything. "That… that was bad."

Mastermind nodded, shakily. "The-the Erase-ray gave him a lot of cancer. That is… not meant to happen. I-I have some adjustments to make…"

The rest of the League hugged each other. Seeing somebody die in front of them was… a bit disquieting. That it was a friend and colleague made it worse.


Gentle Criminal's Double collapsed into a pile of muck. As one, the League gasped. "Oh, god!"

Mastermind looked teary, but less so than when he had worked on the first model. "I-I'm sorry, Gentle! It just needs a few adjustments, then it should be okay!"

Even later…

Golden Grin's Double had its arm snapped yet again, the Supervillains staring at it. "Oh… That was… bad."

The rest of the Villains shuddered at watching it. Mastermind himself looked sick at how far they had to go.

Later still…

"It's bad, isn't it?" When the group nodded, Inkblot's Double sighed. "Fine."

She pulled out a cartoon gun and then shot herself in the head, the real Inkblot barely wincing. The League looked between each other, concerned looks on their faces. "Is it bad that I'm starting to get numb to this?" La Brava questioned.

Mastermind nodded. "Probably. But… we're close, I can feel it!"


Golden Grin's Double looked over itself. "So… I don't have cancer?"

Mastermind cheered. "No! You don't!"

He grinned, shakily. "It works! We-we actually have a copy of Eraserhead's Quirk! This is incredible! I-"

As the Double came closer, he slipped on a piece of machinery, falling back and hitting his head on the table edge. The League of Supervillains stared at the pile of muck which used to be a person. Golden Grin stared at it slightly shakily, then sighed. "How the hell am I so clumsy?"

Mastermind crossed his arms. "Okay, I think we don't use Doubles until it's absolutely necessary. I think we've gotten too numb to seeing ourselves and friends dying."

The group collectively nodded.

Stitch hummed. "This was a different situation though. The Doubles in those instances didn't have enough time to grow beyond the person they were based on."

"Even so-"

Golden Grin slammed the door open. Izuku fell off the couch with a yelp. "Ah- Golden Grin -" Izuku paused, looking at his comrade. "You don't look so good. Where have you been?"

The other teenager panted for breath. "Odd jobs - helping my sister with her Sports Festival, speaking of, congrats on making second place - but mostly this!"

He pulled out his phone, pulling up a picture of a blonde student Izuku vaguely remembered. Izuku blinked. "...You were stalking him? Because that's a bit-"

Golden Grin shook his head. "No, look - look at his Quirk!"

The phone screen showed the guy using his Quirk, a bright blue beam of light that came from his bellybutton. Izuku hummed, then looked at his friend. "It's… pretty impressive, but why-"

Golden Grin changed to a different video, this one with an older man who looked similar to Golden Grin firing a very similar beam from his navel. Izuku stared at it. "That's a very similar Quirk."

Daiki shook his head. "That? That is not a similar Quirk. That is the exact same Quirk! My-my uncle's Quirk."

He was shaking, Izuku looking at him with a concerned face. The older teen looked bedraggled. "I-I mean, he's been missing for a couple of years, a-and he wouldn't have just gone missing, not while my mum and sister needed money. So - what if - what if he got kidnapped by that blonde kid?"
Izuku guided him to sit down. "I-I'm not sure I get what you're saying, Daiki."

Daiki looked up, stressed out. "That kid has my Uncle's Quirk! I-I don't know how, but he has it!"

Izuku sat up straighter. "He could have a Copy Quirk that can only copy one person's Quirk at a time. But then… Why only that Quirk? Why not go for as many Quirks as you could like Monoma did?"

"I don't know! Maybe he's got my uncle chained up in a basement somewhere! I managed to find where the guy lives and he's pretty rich, do you think he-"

Mastermind held up a hand. "Whatever the case is, I will admit that it is suspicious. And when we have time… Well, we'll help you find your uncle. That's a promise."

Golden Grin nodded, stiffly. "I'm… still sorry about Shinji, you got that? I'm just…"

Stiffly, Mastermind nodded. "It's okay. Hopefully we can come up with something during my internship."

"Who are you going for?"

Izuku beamed. "I-Island, of course!"

I-Island, the haven for inventors!

David Shield, All Might's personal Support engineer, envisioned the project as a way to preserve scientific knowledge for future generations, as well as research Quirks themselves! His tireless research has led to hundreds, no, thousands of new developments that have made day to day life for difficult Quirks so much easier!

Not just that, but I-Island's resources are second to none! Even the US and Japan's own technology industries pale compared to what they have! High grade materials, the latest scientific instruments… Even though it's only for a week, I cannot imagine anything that could beat my choice!

Of course, it would be a bit hard to maintain my secret identity if I was outside of Japan like this. When I got the offer, I thought that Shinji could cover it, but then… I remembered that he wasn't there.

Still, I accepted. I would have been a fool to turn down this opportunity.

The obstacle in my path was a simple one - find a way for Mastermind to operate while I was overseas with the world renowned David Shield. The perfect alibi…

Yuga looked over the list of internships offered to him with a faux scowl. Of course, not enough had recognised his flashiness, so he had to go with the Internships offered by the school. But maybe that was a good thing.

"Succeed, Aoyama."

He hadn't wanted this - none of his family had. But he had to stay - for mama and papa. For his sister.

The theatre of the mind played back a recent memory, ugly and scratched as it was.

Yuga had called the monster, privately, not wanting his parents to hear in case they, too, got more anxious. "D-did I help you do this?!" He'd asked.

It wasn't really a question.

"Oh, young Aoyama. How are you?"

"Did I help you and your VIllains attack my class today?"

All for One chuckled. "My, my. So angry on behalf of others. My choice of spy was correct."

Yuga clapped a hand to his mouth as the bile rose up in his throat. "You-"

The monster in human skin tutted. "You weren't solely responsible, Yuga. It helped - Tomura, unfortunately, is not my brightest operative."

Yuga's eyes pricked with tears. "I-I can't do this anymore! I don't want to hurt my classmates.

s'il vous plaît, just - I-I'll let you take the Quirk back, I don't want-"

He stopped when All for One sighed. "How unpleasant." The monster's voice hardened. "I dislike this kind of unpleasantness. I imagine you do too."

Yuga's hand shook as the monster talked. "How should I put this," he'd mused, and Yuga knew that there was a sick smile on his face. "Oh, yes."

All for One had been blunt. I know where your father goes drinking after work, he'd said. I know where your mother goes to get her hair styled. I know where you buy your favourite Pont-l'Evêque. I know where your little sister, who is, oh, five? My, how time flies. I know who she plays with and where she goes to school.

"How nice and pleasant your life is."

Yuga clamped a hand to his mouth. All for One chuckled. "So as long as we understand this, and you show proper gratitude for this pleasant state of affairs continuing, then you won't act out like that again. Are we clear, Yuga?"

He managed, shakily, to nod and mumble an affirmation. "Good. You are dismissed. And I expect you to keep an eye on your classmates."

Yuga managed to make it to the toilet before he threw up. And then he'd had to cover up his red rimmed eyes to meet with his classmates and put on a smile as if nothing was wrong.

"Aoyama, who have you chosen?"

Glittering, he smiled at Yaoyorozu. "Ah, there are tellement options, I'm just trying to find one as magnifique as moi!"

Yaoyorozu nodded sagely. "I-I have to admit it's a bit overwhelming," she muttered. "There's a lot of offers on display-"

Bakugou stomped over, a half snarl on his face. "What's your issue? Just pick the highest ranked one and move on, like I did."

Aoyama tried to hide his wince. Honestly he was jealous of Bakugou for getting an internship with Best Jeanist - even if the man was obsessed with denim, he was fabulous.

She shook her head. "I-I'm just trying to find the best fit for me-"

"Look, if you still have problems, then ask the damn nerd." Bakugou sighed.

"The… nerd?"

"I think he means Izuku," Melissa poked her head over, and Aoyama tried not to let his true feelings show. Was Melissa like him, given a powerful Quirk by that monster and told to spy on the class? He'd seen her mangle her arm at the exam, and she had similar issues with controlling her Quirk. At least she didn't have to wear protective equipment 24/7.

Bakugou nodded. "He's the biggest nerd you'll ever meet. Goddamn Hero otaku probably knows their phone numbers."

Aoyama glittered at Bakugou. "Ah, your support for your friend shines beautifully!"


Momo leaned away from Bakugou slightly. "W-well, it would probably be a good idea to discuss this with him… I'm undecided on whether I should apply for Uwabami or Majestic…"

Uraraka did some shadow boxing. "I don't think I'll have that issue! Gunhead'll be a good teacher!"

Aoyama's smile became more genuine. Maybe he was here on false pretences, but… He could pretend for a bit longer. "Well, let us find Midoriya!"

Momo watched as Midoriya flushed. "M-m-me?! B-but I-"

Bakugou slapped him on the back. "Come on, they want advice, and you know literally everything about Heroes."

"T-that isn't true-"

Melissa smiled gently, trying to get Bakugou away. "You showed your in-depth Hero knowledge at the Sports Festival with all those Heroes you mimicked. Even if you don't know everything, you probably know more than we do."


Bakugou jerked a thumb at her. "Look, tell her she should go with Majestic over Uwa-whatever."

The flustered look on his face was wiped away, replaced with a curious one. "Uwabami?" He looked at Momo, then hummed. "The Snake-Haired Hero, specialising in Rescue options. Not a frequent patroller, usually working on endorsements and commercials. A fair chunk of the money she makes goes to charity."

Momo's smile twitched a bit. "Mostly commercials?"

"She does patrol, don't worry! And she's worked with the police in a detective capacity - searching for drugs and missing persons!"

Momo sighed. "That's good, but I was hoping for something a bit more… involved. Not that commercials aren't involved! Just…"

Melissa nodded. "Not what you thought Hero work would be, right?"

When Momo nodded, Midoriya clapped his hands together. "W-well, if you're looking for a more involved experience, then Majestic is a good fit! The Magic Hero has a similar Rescue focus but he's also involved with takedowns and teams up with several agencies!"

Momo considered. "I… might change my decision."

Maybe being in the commercials wouldn't be so bad but she wanted to learn how to help others with her power. A commercial didn't sound that exciting.

Uraraka bounced a bit. "Honestly, if it hadn't been for a sudden windfall I would probably be all over an opportunity like that. The potential endorsements…" She trailed off, before slapping her cheeks.

"Yeah, it's a bit of a shame we won't see Yaoyorozu-" Mineta did a push up then shook his head. "Uh, what I meant was, what did you mean, Uraraka?"

"A-haha, nothing!"

Momo frowned, but decided not to pry. Everybody had their reasons for doing something or not. Midoriya was pelted with questions about this Hero and that, Midoriya seeming in his element as he talked animatedly about each Hero and what he knew about them. Her own query satisfied, Momo left her classmates to chat with Midoriya.

Later, when talking with the other Class Representatives, she mentioned the Internships to Kendo. She had briefly met with Kendo Itsuka and they had bonded over their classmates and their antics. Momo had been surprised to hear what offer her friend had received.

"Did you get an offer from Uwabami as well?"

"Yep!" Kendo grinned. "It might be a good experience-"

Momo hummed. "Well, I-I wonder if it would be a good fit."

Kendo frowned. "How so?"

After hearing the explanation, Kendo frowned contemplatively. "Well, it technically is Hero work…"

Momo nodded. "Not really what we signed up for, though."

Kendo shook her head. "No, it isn't. Maybe I should see my other offers, see if they're more what I was looking for."

Momo smiled as an idea struck her. "You could do worse than talk with Midoriya about it. He was very knowledgeable about the Heroes that were offering internships."

Kendo grinned. "Well, if he gave you such good advice, how can I say no?" She grimaced. "Though selling Monoma on it will be… difficult."

Kawaguchi winced as well. "Eesh, he sounds like a handful. At least he isn't Hatsume, though. Girl has blown up the labs so many times."

As one, they sighed at the headache their egomaniac classrooms had caused.

Melissa peered curiously over at Mei as they waited at the lab. Mei wasn't going to every Heroics class at her own insistence, alternating between lab work and Hero stuff so that she made more Babies. "So, who are you interning with, Hatsume?"

Mei grinned at Melissa. "Why, I-Island, of course!"

As soon as she'd seen I-Island as an internship option, her body had reacted before conscious thought had happened, signing her name and slamming it on Power Loader's desk before she even saw the other options. Izuku had done the same a few seconds later, blinking stars out of his eyes.

Mei wasn't sure why she'd been so happy that they were interning together, though. They worked well together, so maybe that was it? Having a chance to plumb his brain with nobody else interrupting?

"Oh, that will be good!" Melissa held up her own paper. "I have a lot of offers, so picking just one is hard." She picked one up, a slight smile on her face. "But in the end, I decided to choose Sir Nighteye."

Mei grinned. "Huh. Izuku told me he was super picky. Good for you!"

"Thank you, Hatsume. You look after Izuku during your internship, okay?"

She shrugged. Izuku could handle himself perfectly fine.

Shouta sighed, looking over the stack of Internship offers. Internships were a difficult thing - the school selected Internships could definitely be counted on to provide some education on an agency's functions but there were always outliers. Some students made rash choices, others didn't.

A couple of papers stuck out to him as he shuffled through them. Todoroki had applied to work under Endeavour, and that… was a little concerning. Shouta was concerned about his attitude and the obvious reluctance Todoroki had with using his fire. He had tried to advise the boy to go with some other Hero and expand his horizons but he'd declined.

He'd said that he could learn a lot from Endeavour. Shouta privately hoped he meant control and not the abrasiveness the Number Two perpetually displayed. He had almost been tempted to remove Endeavour's name from Todoroki's list but it might have tipped the bastard off that he was being investigated if his son didn't send an acceptance letter. The second choice he'd made had been for the Wild, Wild Pussycats, which Shouta considered a good sign.

The boy was opening up, if ever so slightly. The Sports Festival had been a big breakthrough for him - he was actually talking to more of his classmates. It pained him to admit that he had missed several problems with the boy, putting them down to minor issues that would sort themselves out.

The second was Iida's choices. His first choice had been for Manual, while the second was for Mount Lady. Still, Iida was the most rational student in his hell class, and his assessment of the boy was that he'd spontaneously combust if he so much as jaywalked. Obviously he was worried about his brother, but the League of Supervillains had numerous Pro Heroes investigating.

He sighed, rubbing his tired eyes. Sometimes, the only thing you could do as a teacher was trust that your students wouldn't get themselves killed.


Soon enough, the time of Internships came. Ochako looked over to Tenya as they got ready to leave. Aizawa swept his tired gaze over them. "Right, everybody has their Hero costumes? Just remember, wearing them in public without your Supervisor is prohibited, and be sure not to drop them."

"Got it, teach!" Ashido led the class in yelling. Ochako frowned internally when Tenya didn't formally stop her. Okay, maybe it was intervention time.

As he turned to leave, Ochako reached out, Melissa following. "Um, Tenya?"

She had heard about Tenya's brother Ingenium being attacked by Stain and then kidnapped by Mastermind. "Are you okay?"

"Why would I not be okay?"

Melissa gave him a serious look. "You're… more closed off. And you actually signed the Declaration of Eternal Hatred Mei has been waving around."

Ochako winced. "Really?"

Tenya avoided their gaze. Ochako gave him a desperate look. "I-I mean, Hatsume's… driven! But how many of her inventions have you tested at this point?"

He paused. "...A lot. Still! It's to help her develop as a Support student and a Hero."

Melissa frowned. "Just… I know that it's stressful, not knowing where your brother is, but… You can talk to us if you need to, alright?"

Tenya managed to smile. "Sure."

With that, he turned around, walking to the bus. Ochako looked over to Melissa, worried. "Will that be enough?"

Melissa sighed. "...I don't think we can force him on this."

Ochako cast one more worried look at Tenya before walking off. Hopefully Ingenium was alright. She had to hope he was, otherwise Mastermind would be the criminal a lot of people thought he was.

Maybe she was biassed, but Mastermind wasn't a bad person.

The Day before…

Ingenium stirred, waking up in bits and pieces. Groaning, he tried to sit up only to be rewarded with a fiery, icy pain from his stomach. A gloved hand firmly yet gently pushed him back onto the bed.
"I wouldn't advise moving in your condition," a voice growled.

His blurry vision refocused. Sitting next to him was a tall, skinny man in a white and blue lab coat and dark blue scrubs sat next to him, face covered in a light blue visor that hid his features.

Ingenium frowned. Casting his gaze around the room, he could see that it was similar to an operating room, the equipment scrupulously clean. "Who are you?"

"The Villain who saved your life. Call me Stitch." Stitch leaned over him. "The Hero Killer did his level best to kill or cripple you. That last stab - a couple of centimetres further and you would be permanently paralysed."

Ingenium's eyes widened. A memory played back in his head.

His vision had been blurring and fading. Purple smoke had coiled around them, obscuring the deranged Villain from attacking him. Then the sword had pierced the smoke as if in slow motion, and Ingenium stared, adrenaline screaming in his veins to get up, move-

Mastermind leapt in the way, and the knife punched through a gap in his armour, all the way through to him. The blade had hit and penetrated, but then -



Stitch paused, but didn't look up. "You're certainly a lucky man - we got to you before the blood loss could do you in." He opened the lower half of his mask, pulling out a whiskey bottle and taking a swig.

Ingenium gaped in horror. "Please tell me you didn't operate on me drunk."

"It would have been worse if I hadn't been," Wiping his lips, Stitch carefully pushed Ingenium down. "Now, just to query, are you allergic to these painkillers?"

He rattled off a comprehensive list as Ingenium tried to focus. "N-no… I'm not allergic to any of that."


As he got up, Ingenium looked at him. "Why did you help me? Whether you helped me or not, I would have to arrest you for Villainy either way."

Stitch paused. "I swore the Hippocratic Oath, Ingenium. Anybody who needs healing gets it."

Ingenium stared at the other man for a brief moment. "That's… certainly noble, but why did-"

A loud guitar riff interrupted him. Stitch sighed as it played.

In the other room, Izuku grinned. "Alright, he's up!" Quickly he held his arms out, his armour snapping onto him. Helmet in place, Mastermind activated his various gadgets.

Green smoke poured from his armour and he threw the door open. It coiled around, highlighting his fluttering cloak. "MWA-HAHAHA!"


"Mastermind!" Ingenium practically shouted.

Mastermind cackled, thunder booming. "Indeed, Ingenium! Welcome to our Evil Lair (trademarked)! Hopefully you will enjoy our evil hospitality!"

Ingenium stared at him. "How are you moving around so easily? You got stabbed in the stomach! It went all the way through!"

"Easy!" Mastermind gestured dramatically. "I had a Quirk heal my injury!"

Technically true.

Ingenium gasped. "A regeneration Quirk… that makes sense."

Mastermind looked him over. "So, how are you? You can move, right?"

The Hero looked at him oddly. Stitch nodded. "Yes, he's healed. If this is going to be a thing-"

"Yes, yes. I've been meaning to hit a certain hospital for a while. Might take Kouro with me." Mastermind sat down dramatically.

Ingenium regarded him coolly. Mastermind sighed. "My, my. I'm not going to kill you. I have an offer for you!"

"And what is that?"

Mastermind spread his arms widely. "A job offer!"

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