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Hana opened her eyes to the sunlight beaming through the window. She sat up and looked around her, she was lying in her bed with Mochi at her feet. She notices her nii-san was dressed in summer clothes and was helping her twin brother get dressed.

"You're awake, finally." Tadashi said to her, "come one, get dressed, itouto, we're going to the beach today." Tadashi says to her. Hana remembers that. Today was a beach day they had planned for some time, but now it was so far.

She got up and got dressed in her pink bikini and a floral summer dress on top of the bikini. Once dressed and having breakfast, the four went to spend the day at the beach. Memories floated in her as she remembers it had been weeks since the janitor incident, it wasn't as hard as the first time it happened and she was still recovering from it, but it was less traumatizing and would take time.

Only this time around she did a smart move! The spy camera's they built and attached to her and Hiro's clothes, had filmed everything when she was pushed into the mud and locked up in the janitor closet. So when she told principal Haines the truth, Haines just looked at her like she was just a kid making everything up. Even Vivian's father Patrick Walsh, and her boyfriend Teddy Jones accused her of being an attention-seeking kid who made up a silly story to blame an innocent girl. Vivian played her role as a victim very well. But she wasn't gonna let them walk over her anymore, NO she showed proof of that day. Vivian was shocked and ghost white when she showed the video of Vivian bullying her, Mr. Walsh was shocked, Teddy was sweating nervously, and principal Haines couldn't believe his eyes. But unfortunately for her, Vivian only got detention for two months. She didn't get justice for what had happened to her that weekend, but now her brothers were there for her more than ever now. And she was happy they were getting closer again. Those memories she treasured most.

Today was a day she's had been looking out for weeks now, no school, no bullying, no Vivian Walsh. Just the four of them at the beach. Hiro held her by the arm and ran with her to the sea, only for Tadashi to block them "Not so fast you two, sunscreen first." Tadashi held the sunscreen bottle up. "Aauw Dashiiii, do we really need to," Hiro whined at their nii-san as he was smearing the sunscreen on Hiro's arms as Aunt Cass?...Mommy?...Cass was doing the same for her, Hana was smiling at her twin brother whining, she hadn't felt this happy in months, it felt nice to feel normal. With all the time traveling and drama Vivian caused, she was happy to be in a time that was relaxing for her, she needs to make herself some more notes to help her younger self out.

Hiro dragged her in the water and started to splash water all over her, and she? She splashed back, having a water fight. Tadashi was sunbathing on an air bed and Cass was reading a book under an umbrella they had with them from home.

Soon, the twins were building a sandcastle and Tadashi was on his phone taking photos of them and Cass and himself. Cass was waiting in line to buy ice creams for them. A memory came floating in her head as she was decorating the sandcastle with seashells, the memory was of them being interrupted by some of the cheerleaders and Vivian showing up and ruining the day for them. She didn't want that, and her mind pulled an idea inside her head, she remembers some incidents in the present time that help her out, so it was handy to escape the terror named Vivian Walsh.

"Hey, guy? Can we go for a walk, please?" She pleaded Tadashi would be on her side, "Huh, Yeah sure, we could do that." Hana felt a rock being lifted from her heart when Tadashi said that. The four packed their stuff and brought it to the truck before going for a walk on the beach. She noticed in the distance that Vivian and her squad of loyal servants had found a spot to relax, the best thing about this is that the bullies never noticed the Hamada Family walking in the opposite direction. Hana breathed out constantly.

With the sunset taking place and the twins singing a random song, Tadashi and Cass were talking about something college-related and something that was about the Hamada siblings' parents. Walking down the shore, Hiro saw something shining in the sand and picking it up, his eyes grew wide at seeing what he had found. Hana didn't pay any attention to it, she was enjoying the sunset, daydreaming of her parents, of school if things were different and Vivian didn't bully her, imagining what future she has with Mikey? Who will she be when she grows up? Be like her mother, her aunt, or someone completely different? How would things go for her older brothers? Will the three of them still be close together or would they all grow apart? She was pulled out of her daydream as Cass was talking to her, Hiro was showing something to Tadashi and he was taking a photo of it.

Walking a bit further, they were returned back to the truck. Viv and her servants were no were to be seen, and most people were gone, back home as it was becoming dark. Hana was suddenly held back as Hiro didn't move. Turning around, Hana saw the most beautiful sunset with stars shining in the sky, a half moon glowing with a cloud here and there, giving the most beautiful view she had ever seen.

Cass was taking a ton of photos and Tadashi did the same. Hiro also took a couple of photos of the view, sending them to her. Hana just stared at the view in front of her and held Hiro's hand in hers, wishing her life would be perfect from now on.

While sitting in the back of the truck, next to Hiro. Hana was going through all the photos taken that day, from the water fight to the sandcastle, eating ice cream, to the walk, Hana had a smile on her face. She was now staring at a photo of the view they witnessed before leaving. She made a wish that moment that her life would be perfect from now on, one where the bullying stops, where she and her brothers were strong together, one where she would have a lot of friends, a boyfriend, and a purpose in life.

Hana held the phone to her heart and closed her eyes, wishing hard she would have the perfect life she wishes for. Eventually, she drifts off asleep, back to her present time. Or so.

Hana was woken to her brother Tadashi's frustration. They were together in art class, no teacher in sight so this means it was a free hour at the moment. Hana remembers her brother having a hard time figuring out what to make to get accepted at SFIT, but eventually created something that gives him a full scholarship.

But she also remembers something else that happened that day an… WAITH! Did she wake up in school? She looked around her to double check that she woke up for real in school.


Hana turned back to Tadashi as he was finally done brainstorming on his creation for SFIT acceptance. Hana was smiling that he managed to create his final concept of his invention. She looked down to see she was painting scribbling lines on a white canvas. It wasn't perfect but she loved it. But memories of Hiro giving her a painter's set on Christmas and taking her to the antique store and Tadashi encouraging her to paint flowers, she decided to change strategy and painted flowers with her lines, giving a new style to her work.

After some time the bell rang and a new teacher walked in, giving the students the task to create an art that expressed their emotions.

To Hana it was easy and she painted her emotions on a new canvas. Tadashi on the other hand was still busy perfecting the concept of his invention. While the teacher was sitting at his desk reading a book, a student asked his help and he stood up to give his assistance to his students.

Hana was happy as Vivian and her goons weren't there. Hana grabbed something that belonged to her big brother as a vision of Tadashi sitting behind a large desk wearing a rich suit and had an army of people working for him. Hiro was standing on his right while she was standing on his left. She was wearing a gold wedding ring with a huge diamond and Hiro and Tadashi were wearing the same gold rings, but Hiro's ring had a flower shaped diamond.

Hana was shocked to see something like that. Her brother was rich and had a lot of people working for him. Memories of Miss Pattawan's sessions fload in her head and she remembers as she spoke of her and Hiro working at a family company with a family member they have to save.

Could this mean that…

She stared at her older brother, visualizing him as a successful CEO sitting at that large desk dressed in a rich suit. Her eyes are wide seeing her brother could be such man in real life.

"Ah Mister Hamada, tell me, what are you making?"

Hana was taken out from her thoughts as their teacher Mr. Pantora was standing next to them.

"Euh, haha," Tadashi rubbed the back of his head as he was a bit nervous as he wasn't really paying attention to the class, "S-sorry sir, euh, I was actually busy with my acceptance for SFIT I didn't pay attention to your classes." Tadashi showed the man his work.

The teacher seemed impressed by the work he was going through. One work stoot out more than the others, it was for a small robot that could keep people with animal allergies or pets company when alone. "Hmm, why don't you make a lot of these and sell them? You could make your own business out of your work."

This is the question Tadashi brushed off in the shattered timeline, BUT, it is also the question that would make him the man he is in Hana's vision. And she knows that. "Euh Tadashi, that is a great idea, don't you think?"

Tadashi looked at her unimpressed. "Mmmm I don't know Hana. It's not really for me." He went back to his work. Hana stared at him and then at his work and then back to him, "Why? Why do you think that?"

"Because I wanna study at SFIT and then work for a great company."

"Yeah, but why do you need to work for some random company when you could have your own company? You could be the boss of what you make and what your company makes and…and…and…" Hana was thinking of the right words to say as memories of the showcase popped in her head, "You could help so many people by doing this. Like so many people. Like you always want to. Yeah and, you can still study at SFIT at the same time."

Tadashi eyed her, questioning if he should believe her, "…You think?"

"Yeah, I think." She nodded with her head. "And… I promise Hiro and I will go there too if you promise to try to build your own company, Okay?" She held her pinky out for him to make a promise.

Tadashi stared at her pink thoughtfully. He was reluctant at first but caved in as Hana showed him her biggest smile, and he couldn't say no to that, "Okay, all do it." He locked his pink with hers, sealing the promise they made.

This brings joy to Hana that her nii-san is making a promise to her. For the rest of the hour, they work on what they want till the bell goes off to announce lunchtime to the kids. It's in the cafeteria that Hana took a little nap while her brothers looked out for Vivian. Hana was fast asleep traveling to the next event.

Hana woke up to Hiro shaking her, she was thirteen now. Hiro was dressed in his graduation gown. Memories filled her head as she remembers that today is the best day of her younger self's life. The day that high school was finally over. She remembered she couldn't be more excited for this day, she had been looking forward to this day, and now, it was finally here.

She got up and got dressed really fast. Faster than a blink of an eye, Supersonic Sue already felt her speed record was broken by an unknown girl.

At school, all students graduating that day were all sitting on their seats, while waiting to receive their diplomas. Hana saw Vivian, Teddy, and Badgal were absent from graduation, just like in the shattered timeline.

Memories flooded in her head as Principal Haines was giving his speech. Memories of her and the rest spending the day in the city, harassed by many people who used to be her fans, visiting Ms. Pattawan and Mr. Chang, slapping and punching Vivian in the face, having her conversation with Tadashi about starting his own business, Tadashi having great success and having some investors like, Yaki Tako, San-Fransokyo Tech, Robotto Co. etc. Even Mr. Walsh had invested in her nii-san's new business. Rising to the top and earning millions, he opened his own company, Hamada Robotics last year. It was a big change in their lives as her aunt Cas… NO! Mom was able to hire employees to help her out in the cafe and she and Hiro were even more popular now than before. Everyone wanted to be their friends now and wanted to hang out with them. Some girls even gave them presents and took care of them to impress her nii-san in hopes to be his girlfriend, which was a bummer as Tadashi rather spent time with them than wanting a girlfriend, or boyfriend.

Hana felt overjoyed that her nii-san took the chance to start his own business. Seeing him becoming a CEO of his own business makes her see that her nii-san was a man made for bigger things in life.

The Principal started calling out to his students to collect their diplomas. She was first to collect her diploma and Hiro was right after her. Both accepted their diplomas and waved it to the crowd, showing they finally graduated. Both Cass and Tadashi clapped proudly at the twins. A memory showed that Tadashi graduated early thanks to him building his company and not holding himself back anymore in his classes. This caused him to graduate at age fifteen. Hiro and Hana were both proud of their nii-san for what he achieved.

As they returned back to the cafe, the four celebrated upstairs away from the public.

Mochi had grown over the years and with eating too much of the good stuff, he had gotten a bit rounder than he should be.

As the party went by, it was soon time to clean up the mess they made on the table. The twins were doing the dishes as Hana was getting visions of a time that made no sense to her. She will figure it out later as she is realizing what her task was, she needed to be with her brother at the same time, but still before the showcase fire.

She was pulled out of her thoughts as she heard her an…Mom on the phone with a complaining customer about delivering their ordered food to their homes. But the Lucky Cat didn't do deliveries to home service.

While Hiro went to dress in PJs after finishing the dishes, she got a vision of the Lucky Cat having delivery bots with Hamada Robotics logo on bringing food to their customer's homes, after paying, the customers got their food and the bots went straight back to the Lucky Cat Cafe.

Hana was confused about her seeing those things, but? Could it really help both her mother and the customer? She believed the answer is, yes.

She looked for her nii-san, seeing him sitting on the couch and explaining her idea, she managed to convince him to build a delivery service bots to help the lucky Cat Cafe out.

Hearing her mom scream in joy, she went upstairs to hug her twin very tight. Hiro hugged her back and asked her why she hugged him. Hana told him about the ideas of delivery bots helping out their moms cafe. Hiro was happy about the idea, and even wanted to help his family out with the delivery bots.

For the rest of the night they played a game of The Game Of Live. Cass was laughing her but off as Hana complained of the career path the game gave her, Hiro on the other hand was according to the game, married to the player sitting on his right (who is none other than Tadashi) and keeps having babies with that player. The four played till it was time for bed. Hana hoped that the next time she woke up, will be closer to the showcase fire. Closing her eyes, she also wonders what this original timeline has in petto for them.

The next time she woke up was on the day Hiro discovered botfighting in a shady alley. She wasn't a fan anymore of botfights since Trent had blown himself up before hers and Hiro's eyes.

She wants to stay far away from that alley. Memories of her and Hiro taking on Yama floated in her head. Does it mean she and Hiro still need to do botfighting? She hopes not.

Hana got up and slid down from her slide. Going to the second floor for breakfast, Hiro talked about making his own robot to fight against other fighters. Hana was just listening to him talking miles a minute while memories of them both botfighting floated in her head, one memory in particular was of Tadashi holding Hiro upside down on his shoulders, telling him to "look for a new angle" that let Hiro to get a great idea by looking at his Megabot, Microbots.

Hana got the link now that as Hiro invented Megabot it led to inventing Microbots that lead to the showcase fire, to becoming heroes, to saving Abigail Callaghan. In other words, Hiro must invent Megabot in order for a chain reaction to happen to become heroes and save Abigail, but without Tadashi dying this time.

Here, Hana realized she had no choice but to go with her brother to these botfights so that Hiro could create Megabot. Oh how she wished it could go different.

While in the bathroom getting dressed, her hand brushed against the fabric of her twin brother's PJ, her eyes began to glow a ghostly white as she saw her view changed to a vision appearing of Hiro and her fighting against Trent and Trina, till the cops came and they all had to flee the scene. Panic rose as everyone had fled and the twins were left alone for the cops to find them.

She grabbed Hiro's hand and ran away with him through the side streeds of the alley's. (A thing they had never done in the shattered timeline as they got arrested)They ran until they reached a dead end, with her staring at the entrance of the street seeing the cops coming closer to finding them, Hiro fell with his hands over the wooden wall and found that one of the planks was loose. Wiggling it free, he slid the plank aside and grabbed his sister's hand and slid in the opening.

Once inside the building, he closed the entrance by placing the loose plank back in its place. Hana was walking around the place making sure it is safe, upon reaching an open space, she noticed the room was only lid from the city lights shining through the rusty holes in the wall.

Hiro stood next to her looking around the place like her, while she was pulling out her phone to open her flashlight, Hiro was staring at something that caught his eyes. Going up, he pushed it with his finger, causing nothing to happen. Hana had a better view of the place thanks to her flashlight, she saw there was absolutely nothing in the building, empty, abandoned.

Hiro, still standing on the same spot, heard a creaking sound from somewhere around him, turning around, the floor underneath him. Hiro screamed as he fell down on a hard beton floor, Hana heard her brother scream and turned to see him sinking through the floor. "HIRO" she ran to where he sank in the whole and peaked through it, using her flashlight to see her brother laying on a hard floor she yelled if he's okay.

Hana looked around the place with her flashlight to find something that could help her reach her brother. Finding a rope laying on the floor, she took it and bind it around a wooden pole and dropped the other end in the whole where her brother fell in. "Hang on Hiro, I'm coming." She climbed down and landed next to her brother.

Hiro rubbed the back of his head as Hana helped him stand up. While Hana grabbed the rope, she was ready to climb up, turning around to tell Hiro to follow her, but she saw her brother walking in another direction, peeking through an opening of a metal door. He opened the door and walked a couple of steps into another room. Hana facepalms herself and follows him to the other room. When she stood next to him, her eyes grew wide seeing big broken glass containers covered with dirt.

Both twins never knew about this, they stood frozen, but Hana soon came out from her shock. She took photos with her phone she was holding. Hiro stared at his sister taking photos and took a look at one of the big glass containers and spotted a sticky stuff dripping off, stepping closer he noticed it was a slimy goo that looked still fresh. His feet hit a small container, he took it and opened the lid, collecting some of the gooey liquid and closed the container.

Hana felt she had enough evidence and grabbed her brother's arm and dragged him back to the rope coming from the whole in the floor as the vision started to blur out.

Hana her eyes went back to normal and lost sight of the vision. She had a hard time understanding what had happened to her. Her head hurt and her body was shaking. Being confused over the situation, memories of Pattawan telling her that her heritage would awaken when Hiro accepted his heritage.

Hana's eyes were wide upon this information. Could this be her awakened abilities?

A knock on the door brought her back to the bathroom as she heard Hiro speaking through the door. She was shocked to realize that her ability was developing.

After some time, she left the bathroom all dressed in a white T-shirt and jeans with red ballerina's. They spent the rest of the day in their room with Hiro sketching out and assembling a botfightings robot while she was sitting on her bed.

Hana was lost in her thought that she didn't notice Hiro fell asleep behind his desk. Her mind thinks of that vision she had, why she and Hiro would hide away in an abandoned building that hides a secret…breeding room underneath it and… was that even part of the city? Or was it part of a whole other city she never knew existed before. And what was held in those glass containers in the first place? Should they need to find that place when they had to relive their SFIT years all over again?

She was so in her thought that she hadn't noticed her brother had woken up after some time, looking at his robot he was building, Hana was in conflict of them still botfighting, but if it is needed to restore the original timeline and to save both Tadashi and Abigail…then there was no option left to go botfighting again.

As she was busy sketching out her fighter bot, a robot ninja, Hiro was sleeping again, he woke up again a half hour later and went back to work on his Megabot as he called it till she heard Tadashi calling them for dinner hours later. Tadashi's company became so popular over the years that he became a billionaire over time and surpassed other companies. Hana was thinking to leave clues for Tadashi to find them when they go out bothfighting at night. She hoped that their twin antics wouldn't give her nii-san and his company a bad name. The last thing she needed on her mind was them ruining Tadashi's reputation.

After dinner, she left some hints behind for their nii-san to find them in Good Luck Alley. While writing this down on a piece of white paper, she got a vision of them both hiding behind garbage containers with a butterfly graffiti above while the cops arrest the other botfighters. Shaking her head, she left it folded on her desk before following Hiro the door out.

Hana started to believe she had abilities when they had to hide from the cops after winning their first double team battle, seeing the butterfly and garbage containers from her vision, she grabbed her brother's arm and hid with him behind the container. While the rest were arrested, she and Hiro were safe.

It was quiet when they came from behind the containers, no one was around anymore and the street lights were the only things active, no botfighter, no cop, no ringleader, nobody. as they were walking out the alley, a single flashlight closed in on them to reveal Tadashi on his… Waith! Is that a Hamada Dragon Motorbike? Both Hiro and Hana's mouth fell open seeing their nii-san riding on such a cool vehicle.

Tadashi on the other hand, did not look happy at all with their action. "What were you two thinking! Botfighting! You two could have been in big trouble, or worse." He said sternly to them while getting off his motor and walking over to them, he pulled them into a bear hug before he let them go and then pulled at their ears, "You two are grounded for two months for doing this." He dragged them over to his motor and let go of their ears, he then pulling out two earsets from his leather jacket and gave one to Hana, helping Hiro putting the second earset on his right ear while Hana put her earset on her right ear, both earsets extent itself as bleeding technology grows fast around the twins heads, forming a helmet.

Tadashi helped both his little siblings on his motorbike, once they both got on, he got on as well and started his motor, driving off in the direction he came. Leaving the alley entrance, and drove straight home.

Once in their room, the twins were scolded by their Aunt, but is called mom by Hana, by both of them. She held a half eaten donut in her hands and took haps in between her worlds. Both twins were grounded for two weeks for this stunt, but knowing her twin, they would soon be back in the alley's, botfighting.

When Cass was done scolding them, they went to change into their PJs and go to sleep, Hana hoped that she would be at the showcase next time she wakes up. Breathing deep, she closed her eyes and went off to the next moment in her life.

"Every year, the school has a student showcase,"

Hana woke up to her brothers talking, Hiro was on his spinning chair while Tadashi explained to him how to get into SFIT. Hana realize, it has been four months since they went to their first botfight. Both Hiro and Tadashi's jackets were off and she had just woken up, yet something felt off. She scratched her arms with a yawn, and slid off her bed that hung above the broken robot clock. Looking at herself, she was wearing a red silk spaghetti strap top with a pair of black PJ shorts with little flowers on. This felt all too familiar, like it happened yesterday.

"You come up with something that blows Callaghan away, you're in. But it's gotta be great."

Hiro spins around looking at the poster Tadashi had stapled over a robot poster "Trust me," He grins confidently "It will be." Hana saw Hiro go to work as memories of this moment played in her head, her eyes grew wide knowing this is the moment her brothers built her satellite and Hiro his Microbots.

She realized she was now so close to the showcase day, she couldn't be more happier. Going to the bathroom to change, she heard Tadashi greeting her

"Morning sleeping beauty," Hana looked back towards him, she remembers in the shattered timeline how sleepy she was. "Hm, morning nii-san," She smiled at him, "I'm gonna change now, see you in a minute." as she waves at him, "Hiro don't you dare starting without me!" She told him sternly, Hiro held both his arms up in the air as he dropped his pencil. "I surrender. And it's two in the afternoon, guys."

"Yeah, I stayed up late last night." She replies as she closes the door. Leaning against the door and breathing out, she celebrated quietly so that her brothers wouldn't hear her. She couldn't hide her excitement any longer. So close to the showcase.

She collected all her willpower to calm herself down, she smiled and went to do her toilet routine. Visions came before her eyes while dressing up, brushing her teeth, combing her hair. Many of them were about the future, some were about the present, and three of those visions were about a world she had never seen before in her life.

But when she grabbed the doorknob, her eyes glowed white as she saw her bathroom door go up in dust and turned into a new world.

Hana was surprised and turned slowly around to see this new world appearing before her. It appeared like the San-Fransokyo hybrid city, but also held resemblance to a world she had never seen before. The billboards didn't only advertise San-Fransokyo, but also a continent named Pyros, and a City called Domino. Confused, she looked around till she saw a map of the city hanging displayed on the other side of a window. Looking at the city map, She saw that San-Fransokyo is part of a larger city now, but what shook her the most was that San-Fransokyo was no longer part of America anymore, but part of the continent called Pyros now, that lies in the middle of the pacific ocean and is as big as Africa and Australia together. It literally has seven different time zones, a combination of lush green nature, Antarctic landscapes and Sahara outbacks.

Hana's shock froze her in place as she was watching a news report with Bluff Dunder speaking about the crowning of the future crown princess of Pyros. She learned that this continent doesn't have a democratic system, here they have the Pyros Declaration of Human Rights that makes sure everyone has equal rights, but politics, democracy and all that stuff, these people of Pyros just don't care for all that.


Hana heard a voice from behind her and turns around to see Pattawan standing behind her while the crowd passed by. Hana noticed Pattawans eyes were glowing white just like hers.

"Enaya is waiting for you."

Pattawan said in a ghostly whisper while the world turned back to the Hamada bathroom on the third floor of the Lucky Cat Cafe. Hana's eyes were back normal as she was breathing for air in her lungs. When did she stop breathing? Turning circles to see if she really is back home, she let out a breath to calm her down. A knock on the door got her attention and she remembers her brothers were outside the bathroom. Panicking, she opens the door to see Hiro standing with a bowl of gummy bears, "Hey, are you coming, or what?" He smiled at her, she smiled back, "Yeah," And the two went to work for the rest of the day coming up with an invention.

It was later that night that Hiro was having trouble coming up with an idea, surrounded with crumbled paper, Hiro was slamming his head against his desk, "Nothing!" Slam, "No ideas!" Slam, "Useless!" Slam, "Empty!" Slam, "Brain!" Final Slam against his desk.

"Wow," Tadashi said, he had worked some papers out for his company while the twins were brainstorming. Now he was just relaxing on his bed while reading a magazine, "Twins washed up at 14. So sad." Hana gave him an amusing dirty look from the place she was sitting and throws her pillow at him. "Ah," He laughs as it lightly hits his face.

"I've got nothing! I'm done! I'm never getting in!" Hiro cries from his spot, putting his head in his hands. Hana saw her nii-san getting up from his bed and walked over to where Hiro is sitting. Remembering how this moment is going, she pulls out her phone and starts filming.

"Hey," Tadashi turnes Hiro's chair and is met with his eyes, "I'm not giving up on you." He then grabs Hiro's ankles and places them on his shoulders, letting Hiro's dangle upside down in his back. Hana snickers at the sight of her brother's shenanigans. She was happy she was filming this moment.

"What are you doing?!" Hiro demands as Tadashi is shaking him around.

"Shake things up! Use that big brain of yours to think your way out." Tadashi tells him.

"What!" Hiro asks in confusion. Lifting himself up.

"Look for a new angle." Tadashi says.

Hiro sight at this and fell backwards again as he gave up, not understanding what his nii-san ment. Hana's eyes were wide for a second, remembering that famous line her nii-san said to them. It felt like it was yesterday he once said that to them yet she was reliving this moment. She hums at that advice, wondering if it could help her out while reliving the past again. Could she and Hiro have seen things over their heads?

Hiro notices his Megabot sitting on his desk, tilting his head to the right, a lightbulb lit up above his head…or something like that.

"I got it! Thanks, nii-san."

Tadashi puts Hiro down, who immediately rushes down the stairs. Tadashi observed his otouto, shaking his head with a light smile. He then sees Hana sliding off her slide, she had a piece of paper in her hands. She went to her part of the desk and picked up a pencil that was laying on the floor.

Tadashi raised an eyebrow and followed her, "Hey sis, you alright?" Tadashi asked her as he was looking over her shoulder to see the content on that paper.

"Mmm, yeah." Hana said as she was adjusting her Solar and Lunar powered satellite with some more features. Tadashi didn't buy it and knew something was on her mind.

"What's on your mind, itouto?" Hana looked up to him with a confused look. Tadashi was staring at her with a 'I know somethings on your mind, sis, and you better talk to me' look on his face.

Hana sight, "Nii-san, have you ever wondered what it would be like if Hiro and I weren't here anymore?" She asked her nii-san. Tadashi was taken aback by her question. 'What life would be without the twins?' he thought.

"I-I…I, WHAT?."

"Well if you weren't here anymore, mine and Hiro's life wouldn't be the same without you. I would do anything, and everything I can to bring you back." She told him with a light smile, she knew she would do whatever she can to bring her nii-san back from the dead, no matter what!

"Hana, why are you asking me this?" Tadashi asked her, having a worried expression on his face.

Hana didn't know if she should tell him about the showcase fire? But she wanted to warn him to stay away from fire, "If a building were on fire, and you would run inside to save someone that means a lot to you, but the building would explode and you would die. Would you be able to go to the light knowing you leave me and Hiro alone without you?" Hana asked Tadashi, staring in his eyes with her sad and torn eyes.

Tadashi didn't know what to think, he wouldn't have thought of something like this. "I wouldn't be able to go to the light if I knew that I would leave you two behind without me." He says to her.

Hana had a single tear rolling down her cheek, smiling lightly at her nii-san. "Please don't run into a burning building to save someone that means a lot to you." Sniff, "Promise." She held out her left pink for her nii-san to make his promise to her.

Tadashi sees how serious she is and how much this means for her. He sighted and locked his pinky with her "Promise, sis," and made his promise to her.

Hana was beaming with happiness that he made a promise to her. Now all she and Hiro need to do is to make sure he keeps his promise towards her and prevent him from running inside the showcase building when it's on fire.

Hiro came upstairs to take some stuff he needed to make his Microbots, interrupting their private moment. Tadashi's attention was now on Hiro and he went over to help him out. Hana took it as a chance to re-adjust her design of her Solar and Lunar powered satellite.

When she was done, she put her paper in a map with other ideas for her satellite. She saw a photo of her and her brothers at the park, sitting on a benche and laughing to the person behind the camera. She grabbed it and stared at it, the words of her nii-san 'look for a new angle' played in her head as she was still staring at the photo. She sighed and held the photo a little bit angled. The change of position caused the frame glass to reflect the room's warm light, showing a photo of Hana and her brothers at the beach with their friends and some people she had never seen in her life. Shocked, Hana dropped the frame, letting it fall on the desk. She blinked with her eyes, staring at the photo, it was of them three on a benche in the park. Hana blinked with her eyes again, she felt tired and thought what she saw was her just being tired, she looked at the time to see it was past midnight. She stretched and took it as a cue to get some sleep. She knew she would wake up at another time, unless she wakes back up at the hotel. She climbed up on her bed and crawled under the covers. Closing her eyes, she was off to wherever time will bring her.