Reverse Post Script? I didn't realize I hadn't posted this one here, so expect several chapters throughout the day.

I was bored, this happened, enjoy!

I was pissed off.

Nothing new there, I was usually pissed off.

Though in my defense my home life... I had reasons for that anger and I wasn't comfortable talking about it.

Whatever, I was pissed off because I fucked up and got cornered by the PRT and was arrested.

Then they press ganged me into becoming a Ward because I was being too violent in my vigilantism dealing with the E88.

I was being punished by the government, for fucking up Nazis.

I mean is there anything more patriotic for an American than fucking over Nazis? Should I have been eating apple pie and singing the national anthem when I was nailing the fascist fuckers to the floor with my crossbow?

Whatever. What was done was done...

I ignored Armsmaster as he was lecturing me, who was by the by a complete asshole, and yes I was holding a grudge against the fucker for catching me, but Miss Militia seemed...nice.

She guided me down the hall while Armsmaster fucked off to wherever, then she eventually stopped mid step, turned to stare at me, then by the crinkling of her eyes was probably smiling at me.

"It isn't going to be as bad as you think Sophia. I was one of the first Wards and being part of that team really helped me become who I am as an adult. Plus, well... The one we plan to have partnering with you is probably someone you'd likely get along with."

I got that she was trying to soft sale this situation with me, and I appreciated it, but on that note I was tired, more or less resigned to the fact that I was conscripted until I turned eighteen, and just wanted to go to sleep.


She stared at me a few moments, then sighed, "Lets go to the Ward rooms, your future partner is the only one in at the moment unfortunately. She was recently grounded...again so she is typically on console duty as of late."


"Grounded for what?"

Miss Militia winced then glanced aside as she hit the button to open the door while muttering out, "For killing Hookwolf."

As the door slid open I couldn't help yelping out, "Wait what?! She fucking killed Hookwolf!?"

There was a laughing scoff from the couch, then a girl in short shorts, a tank top, and wavy black hair pulled into a ponytail kicked herself up while adjusting her glasses. She smirked at me and I will deny the fact my cheeks warmed up as she cocked her hip to the side while resting her hand on it till the day that I die.

"Yup, fucker had it coming too."

Miss Militia let out a resigned sigh as she shook her head slowly, "Weaver, we've been over this again and again."

The girl scowled, crossed her arms, and spoke up in a very put upon tone, "Yes ma'am, we have. And it ends up I still don't care and refuse to acknowledge that I did anything wrong."

"Weaver you killed a man."

Weaver snorted and shrugged, "I killed a Nazi who tried to murder my little sister. I'm not apologizing for protecting Missy."

Miss Militia shook her head then gestured me forward, "Please make yourself at home, Weaver has already agreed to show you around. If you need anything from me simply hit the intercom."

She then left the room, the door slid shut, and Weaver stared at me a few moments before bluntly stating, "Take off the mask."

Oddly enough, I did as she demanded, and as I swept my hair back, she smirked at me and nodded slowly.

"I'm Taylor Hebert, hear they conscripted you for fucking up Nazis."

I stared at her a few moments, then nodded, "Sophia Hess, and yeah I was sloppy and got caught."

She scoffed shaking her head slowly as she walked up to me offering her hand while shooting me a wry grin.

"Why the hell they partnered you with me is a mystery, but I don't doubt it'll be fun."

I shook her hand slowly, then blurted out, "How did you kill Hookwolf!?"

She smirked, then winked at me, "All of the bees. Come on, I'll show you the kitchen and then your room."