"Truly?" Mei hummed, "I'd heard tensions had been quite high because of the Wind Daimyo but I didn't think your alliance was quite that far gone."

"Rasa's an incompetent moron, what else can be said?" Daiki shrugged and had no regret at all insulting the man, "He killed his own wife in his attempt to make his youngest son a Jinchuuriki. Then he proceeded to isolate said son away from everyone else with his uncle as a caretaker, and make the kid rely on him and love him with all his heart. Then ordered the uncle to make a failed assassination attempt, unveil himself and basically tell the kid he had hated him all along. I'm sure you've heard heart the story of Gaara of the Sand."

Mei actually winced, "I'd heard the boy was a brutal insane monster, not any of….that," she admitted, "All villages have their way of raising Jinchuuriki, but I can't begin to fathom what led him to that sort of conduct."

"From what I hear he wanted to make his son a killing machine that was loyal only to the village," Daiki revealed, "He accomplished one side of that I suppose, but being a killing machine doesn't really mean much when he's weak. But then, this is that clown Rasa we're talking about, he sent the second strongest person in his village, Pakura Of The Scorch Style off here to get ambushed and killed by you guys for whatever reason." he snorted.

God he hated Rasa.

….Wait Rasa, wasn't he dead right now? He should have been killed off not long ago by Orochimaru. And actually, Daiki knew the rough whereabouts of his corpse.

'Something to think about when I'm done here.' Daiki put that thought away for the moment.

"I see, you have quite the opinion on the Kazekage," Mei noted, "Still, the sand truly didn't add all that much to your overall fighting power in the alliance. Rasa was known for rarely ever leaving the Sand, that doesn't quite explain why you would want an alliance with us, especially when our general distance is farther than Suna and of course the geographical obstacles."

"To be honest, it's the old mans idea," Daiki admitted, "Like, I'm quite happy allying with you guys if only because it means I get to see you, but overall he wants to invite you guys into an alliance to make up for the fact we've got a few things of yours, or at least how the world sees it and I'll be blunt, we're not giving them back."

"Already getting to that then are we?" she hummed, "So there is no way your village will part with the Kiba blades then? And return them to us?"

"More specifically, I won't," Daiki smirked, "Technically, they were never really yours to begin with. They belonged to the Uzumaki, and as the Leaf is the only surviving ally of the Uzumaki, they rightfully belong to us. Not to mention we actually have surviving Uzumaki in our village."

Well just the one, but still.

"Oh, so you kept them for yourself after defeating Raiga," her single visible eyebrow rose in surprise at his admittance, "Bold of you to admit that straight to me, the Mizukage and refuse to return the blades while using such an excuse. We both know that truly doesn't hold up. They were claimed from defeated foes."

"Exactly," Daiki pointed out, "I just did the same thing you guys did, so you can't really complain."

Mei snorted, "True I will admit as such," she nodded, "It is odd though that the Leaf would bring up an alliance, and then bring this sort of thing up like this. Charming as I've found you so far Daiki-kun, this so far has been quite insulting to we of the Mist."

"The alliance is more to stop you guys from kicking up a fuss and making things harder for us," Daiki bluntly told her, "And it isn't just the swords. Let me ask you, do you know what Raiga was up to when I came across him?"

"I can't say I do I'm afraid, we had no idea where he was," Mei replied, eyeing him curiously, "If we did we'd have long sent hunter ninja after him to take him out and retrieve the kiba blades. How does it pertain to this situation I have to ask?"

"Well before that," Daiki shrugged, "Lemme say this. It's not like you guys don't have something of ours either. How about this. I'll give you the kiba blades back, but I'm plucking that Byakugan in Ao's head in return and taking it back with me."

Mei's single eye widened, "How do you know of that?" she questioned, "Ao wears seals specifically that blocks the Byakugan from seeing inside it."

Yes he had noticed that. Those odd paper he wore from his ears like earrings were in fact seals. Seals that were actually a lot like the seals within the Hokage mountain, though of lesser make by far.

"That's a secret," Daiki winked, "So, wanna trade?"

God he hoped she didn't. While he knew how to make more, it would take a fuck load of time to do it. Time he didn't want to bother with right now. Time that was really better suited to other things.

…Though he supposed adding a Byakugan wouldn't be too bad alongside Shisui's sharingan. But he could get an actual set of Byakugan from any Hyuuga corpse as long as he had enough stored chakra.

Mei sighed, "Alright, understood," she nodded begrudgingly, "Putting that aside, why did you feel the need to bring up what Raiga was doing when you encountered him."

In reply, Daiki touched his hand to the turtle faced pauldron on his shoulder, "It has to do with this little thing here, it's a special pauldron that was made by the Village of Artisans," he said, "It's a very special little piece of armour. Specifically, it was made with the ability absorb an absurd amount of chakra. It can drain a massive amount rapidly, even out of a bijuu."

She examined it for a moment before meeting his eyes, "Impressive, but what does that have to do with Raiga?" she questioned.

He'd switched its visage up for this meeting for a bit, so it honestly just looked like a normal roaring turtle head.

"He'd teamed up with the nobles of the Village of Artisans who had a grudge against the Leaf," Daiki revealed his most bullshit of lies that had actually gotten him into the position he was now, "He needed their help, because he found the Sanbi."

Mei's eyes widened, "The Sanbi has already reformed? And that far away?" she shot up to her feet.

"Yes," Daiki revealed bluntly, "See, they had this big plan together. They were going to subdue the Sanbi with Raiga's strength and the tools made by the nobles of the village of artisans. They planned on subduing the Sanbi to do their bidding, and use its chakra to somehow resurrect their old leader Seimei who was killed decades ago by the Nidaime Hokage."

"I'm sorry?" Mei gained an almost befuddled look, "How would they even be able to do such a thing? How would the Sanbi's chakra allow that?"

"Nah they had a way of doing it already themselves, what they lacked was the sheer chakra needed to do it," Daiki shrugged, "Either way that isn't important. What is important is that they and Raiga after resurrecting that guy, were planning on unleashing the Sanbi on the Leaf. And I just so happened to come across them while they were in the process of doing that while on a mission to the village of artisans."

"…That fool…" Mei sighed rubbing her temple, "I'm assuming then Daiki-kun that you put a stop to it all?"

Refuge in audacity baby!

"Yes, but probably not in the way you're thinking," Daiki replied, "See the guys Raiga teamed up with. There were four of them, and each of them were just as strong as Raiga. Now I like myself a whole lot, and I'm amazingly strong, but I wasn't strong enough then to beat five shinobi on that level alone."

They were definitely not as strong as Raiga. She didn't need to know that though.

"Which brings us back to the question then, just how did you manage to kill Raiga then and claim the Kiba Blades?" Mei wondered.

"Well, I'm actually pretty talented with seals, the old man says I might even be more talented than the Yondaime," the smirk returned to Daiki's face, "When they were subduing the Sanbi and were exhausting themselves in the process, I jumped in, sealed the Sanbi in myself and then used its power to kill them all."

"I'm sorry?" Mei mouthed and just stared at him for a moment, "That…makes no sense. While I cannot account for your ability with the sealing arts, and will not contest them at all if the Sandaime Hokage claimed as such, it still simply isn't possible. It takes time to be able to use a Bijuu's power, the only way that would be possible is if you completely subdued the Bijuu."

"Or the Bijuu cooperated with me willingly." Daiki pointed out happily.

"Highly unlikely," Mei shook her head, "Why would the Bijuu cooperate with the person who just sealed them?"

"We'll get back to that, because it has a lot to do with your old Mizukage before he died," Daiki shrugged and stood up, "If you want, I'll show you proof."

"Very well, I admit you've peaked my curiosity in multiple ways now." Mei nodded, gesturing for him to proceed.

"Alright then, try not to fall in love with me," he winked at her, "Or do, I'll happily go out with you if you do."

She gave him a mirth filled look even as he concentrated chakra into his eyes. A familiar red dust shimmered into existence before seeping into his body.

"Incredible, I can't sense your chakra now even with me standing right in front of you," Mei noted, "A dojutsu?"

"Yup," Daiki nodded, "It's a special little trick that lets me hide my chakra. Sensors can't feel my chakra at all and even the Byakugan can't see my chakra at all either."

"I've never heard of such a dojutsu or ability," Mei cupped her chin, "Quite terrifying actually."

"You haven't seen anything yet." Daiki laughed and then he went for the big reveal. He spread his arms wide open and reached deep within him to touch upon Isobu's chakra and called it forth.

In an instant, it bubbled into existence. Unlike Naruto's that took time to form as a new inexperienced Jinchuuriki, he was anything but.

The crimson red chakra cloak formed around him in the blink of an eye, three massive shrimp like chakra tails waving behind him.

Mei's eyes widened in shock, "All three tails…and that easily!?" she gaped, "You were actually telling the truth. But that speed, not even Yagura could call upon all three tails of the chakra cloak so swiftly."

He didn't say anything, just continued grinning at her and let her come to the conclusions on her own.

"A truly perfect Jinchuuriki," she realised, and then something else dawned in her eyes and something like a cross between awe and horror shone in her emerald green gaze, "And I still can't sense your chakra even like this…assuming you are indeed a perfect Jinchuuriki then…" she trailed off.

"Yeah, I can't be sensed even in our full Bijuu mode," Daiki confirmed for her, "Even my jutsu can't be sensed, I could fire off a Bijuudama and not a single person would be able to sense it."

"That's almost too absurd to believe, if I didn't see this right now, I would not believe it," Mei shook her head, and slumped back into her chair, a long frustrated, dismayed sigh leaving her lips, "This is going to cause an uproar in my village you realise?"

Waving his hand, Daiki dismissed the chakra cloak and it disappeared in the blink of an eye, as if it were never there to begin with, "Already given up demanding for the Sanbi back?" he teased her.

"Who would ever agree and do such a thing?" Mei snorted, "The ability to be completely undetected, even while using the full power of a Bijuu. That is the thing kage's like myself have nightmares about. You could waltz into other villages and destroy them before anyone even realises what is happening."

"Yeah I'm kind of awesome like that," Daiki puffed his chest out, and leaned against her desk, "Anyway, now you've heard on basically why we want this alliance. Are you ready to hear about why you'll want to ally with us?"

"…I'll be honest at this point, I just assumed the underlying threat that you'll fire a Tailed Beast Bomb at my village without me able to do a single about it would be the incentive." Mei snorted.

"Nah," Daiki laughed, "That's just to get you to go out on that date with me and maybe let me pick out the bikini."

Mei ran a hand through her lovely, thick auburn hair, "My my, truly you are a dangerous boy," she laughed despite herself, "Well then, what is the true incentive the Leaf is offering?"

Mei hadn't been sure what to expect when the renowned and legendary Professor, the God Of Shinobi, the Sandaime Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen reached out to her with the notion of an alliance between the Hidden Mist and the Hidden Leaf.

It had come completely out of left field and not something she'd expected to ever happen in her wildest dreams. Since the inception of both villages, not once had they been allies.

And to be frank, as much as it hurt to admit, there was little they could offer the Leaf, especially in their weakened state.

They had lost the vast majority of their most powerful force. They had lost both of their Bijuu. Their troops were at an all time low. Even monetary wise, they were completely in the red.

That said, while the temptation had been there to save face and block off the offer, she wouldn't allow her pride to outweigh the benefits that the Mist could obtain from such an alliance, even if briefly.

Upon agreeing, she'd been sent another message from the Leaf, to expect an envoy who had the Hokage's full backing and approval in the negotiations.

…She was not at all expecting a young teenager. And definitely wasn't expecting one, like Daiki Yurei.

The boy casually leaning against her desk, as if he weren't in a foreign village grinned boyishly at her, "Incentive huh? Well, how about I start with a gift."

"A gift?" she hummed, before smiling at the boy, "Is it perhaps expensive chocolates or jewelry? I'm told those are a staple for dates."

Was it wrong for her to partake in flirting with the young man, a foreign shinobi? Definitely. But he was such a handsome young lad, and just look at those arms.

So yummy. Just what would they feel like wrapped around her, sinking into her skin?

"Sadly not, I wasn't sure what kind of things you preferred," Daiki shook his head, grin never leaving his face, "You should let me know for next time. And fill me in on your three sizes while we're at it, I'll need them if I'm gonna buy you clothes as a gift too, like that bikini for instance."

So brazen and bold. Men rarely paid her attention romantically, for reasons she simply could not fathom no matter how she tried to appeal to them. So none had ever spoken to her anywhere close to the way this boy was.

It made her belly flip flop deep inside. And it took a concentrated effort not to giggle girlishly.

Men from the Leaf were truly a different breed from here in the much more conservative Mist.

"I'll keep that in mind for when we finish up here." she replied, and if she fluttered her eyelashes just a little bit, well that was just normal wasn't it?

"For reference, what kind of bikini do you prefer?" Daiki leaned slightly over her desk, and as he did that deep scarlet gaze of his flickered to her abundant cleavage and his gaze turned almost hungry, sending a shiver down her spine, and he made no attempt to hide where he was looking, "Personally, I'd love to see you in a nice little string bikini, maybe in pink or white."

Such blatant lust for her! As if he wanted to launch himself over the desk at her and snatch her up and have his way with her!

If he did, she might just let him.

"I've never worn one, it's actually not something you'll find on sale anywhere here in the Mist," she admitted. After all, for the over a decade they'd been in the process of a civil war, beach attire was hardly going to be a seller during that kind of period, "I suppose I'll have to leave it up to you?" she winked at him.

A look of surprised flash across his face at her words, as if he couldn't believe what she was saying. Just like when she told him of her single status. As if he couldn't believe men weren't lining up for her. As if he couldn't believe there was not a clamour to see her within a bikini.

It made him all the more appealing to her. She would definitely steal him away from the Leaf right here and now if he weren't such an incredibly important person to the Leaf, they would definitely go to war over this boy. Anyone would.

The surprised was replaced a moment later by that boyish grin again, "So I'll be the first to ever see you in a bikini huh? Nice, I'll hold you to that then," he laughed in delight, prompting her to laugh alongside him, "For now though, gift wise I suppose you'll have to settle for this." he held his hand out, and suddenly space twisted.

And a massive blade appeared in his grasp

Her eyes widened, "Kubikiribocho!" she uttered in surprise. She'd heard rumours that Zabuza Momochi had been killed, but to think it had been true.

And it seemed that it was at the hands of the Leaf, just like Raiga. Did they hunt him down specifically to use in talks of this alliance?

Was Daiki the one to do it? Just like with Raiga?

Either way, as far as gifts went to open up negotiations, it was quite the grand one.

Personally, she would have preferred the bikini. If he was that interested in her dressed as she was now after all, just imagine what he'd be like in such a skimpy outfit.

He'd probably pin her down right then and there and have his way with her!

Even so-

"Thank you," she thanked him as the leader of the Mist Village, "This will go a long way to restoring some of our lost strength."

"That's good," Daiki nodded, placing the blade down atop her desk in front of her, "Beyond that, I know where the rest are."


She blinked, "You…do?"

They knew of course, where Samehada was, or at least who had it. They had no idea where Kisame Hoshigaki was though. And retrieving the blade form him was a pipe dream right now, even she wasn't sure of her ability to defeat him. With Samehada in hand, he was a direct counter to her.

Beyond that they knew just whom had the Kiba Blades had been, alongside Kubikiribocho, well until now at least.

But the rest? They didn't have the faintest idea where they were.

"Samehada is in the hands of Kisame obviously, and he's part of a group you might have heard of. A mercenary group called the Akatsuki." Daiki revealed.

Her eyes widened. The Akatsuki!

Of course she had heard of them. They were quite well known for selling their services to the highest bidder, she had no idea Kisame had joined them though. But beyond that, was something she'd kept close to her chest. The only others who knew of it, were Ao and Chojuro.

In their final battle with Yagura, they'd learned that through the vast majority of his tenure, he'd been under an obscenely powerful genjutsu. And that, there were ties to Akatsuki. She'd long since held the suspicion, that Akatsuki had somehow been controlling Yagura, but had no proof.


Something Daiki said not long ago clicked for her. He had alluded to information he had about Yagura that he had obtained through the Sanbi. And now bringing up the Akatsuki.

Did he know the truth behind Yagura?

If the Sanbi was truly working with Daiki, it meant he would be privy to everything Yagura ever knew as well. And everything the Sanbi had learned of their village since they first started creating Jinchuuriki for it at the inception of their village.

"As for the rest, well Orochimaru stole them at some point," Daiki continued giving an annoyed sigh, "Honestly, that guy is one of the biggest ever embarrassments to the Leaf. It might take a little while, but I'll take care of him in the future as well and get them back for you."

Mei blinked, putting aside the possible thoughts of Yagura and the Akatsuki, "That's quite the claim to make," she pointed out, "Indeed the Hokage did claim you had his full backing and authority for these negotiations, but promising the slaying of Orochimaru of all people, is a bit much no?"

The confidence with which he said it, was very attractive. But, she still had to wonder. Just where did such confidence stem from to promise such a thing?

"It's not the old mans authority I'm claiming that with, it's mine," he said and Mei blinked as the teenager leaned across her desk fully to cup her chin, "You're talking to the one next in line to be Hokage sweet cheeks, I've already been chosen to become the Godaime Hokage."



Her eyes flew wide open in shock. "Hokage, at your age?!" she could not help but splutter. If true, he would be the youngest ever sitting Kage of the five great nations.

And of the strongest and most affluent of them all at that.

She of course knew he was powerful, being a truly perfect Jinchuuriki alone brought that to the table. Even Yagura was not a truly perfect Jinchuuriki. He could call upon the full power of the Sanbi, but he was not in full cooperation with the Bijuu like Killer Bee was with the Hachibi. It meant that there was always a clash of wills even with the subdued Sanbi that bled off some of the total power, and left Yagura without the genjutsu immunity true perfect Jinchuuriki had.

But simply being a perfect Jinchuuriki would not be enough to be made a Kage, never mind of the Hidden Leaf Village.

Yagura after all, was her equal if not better even without the use of his Bijuu. It meant, that the God of Shinobi himself considered Daiki strong enough to hold the position of Hokage even without the power of the Sanbi.

'And at such a young age. True the Leaf are known for the absurd amount of young prodigies they churn out, but this is beyond even that.' her thoughts raced.

Daiki it seemed, was a truly remarkable individual.

"That is incredible." was all she could say.

"Yeah, I'm pretty great," he laughed, letting go of her chin and casually sitting up cross legged atop her desk, and staring into her eye, "I'd have to be to have a chance with a babe like you after all." he licked his lips, and as he did his sharp canines were exposed to her giving him an almost powerful, feral look.

Oh my.

He looked like a wild beast who wanted to just gobble her up.

"And so modest too." she couldn't help but tease.

He just grinned, "Anyway beyond that, I know where the Rokubi Jinchuuriki is as well," he dropped another massive bomb on her and her eyes widened once more, "While I'd prefer you guys to leave the Rokubi alone, since me and the Sanbi are good buddies and that's one of his siblings, I won't stop you either. Though it's probably in your best interest to leave it for now anyway."

"Oh?" she said, prompting him to continue. While it was true that Subduing a Jinchuuriki, even an untrained one could be quite taxing on resources and without her there personally they were liable to lose people during the fight. And it would take even more time and resources to train up a new jinchuuriki, the benefit of the war deterrent simply outweighed those losses, sad as it was to say.

They needed at least one back sometime soon to ward off other villages that thought they were an easy target.

"The Akatsuki," Daiki said simply, "Do you know what they're up to?"

"I don't," Mei shook her head, what did they have to with all of this? "I know very little about them beyond being a mercenary group and that they've been hired quite a bit by the Hidden Stone."

"Fucking rock humpers," Mei was taken aback by the sudden venomous vitriol in the boys tone all of a sudden as he spat to the side in outright disgust at the mere mention of the Hidden Stone. He shook his head, then met her eyes again, "The Akatsuki are composed of a group of ten, now nine S-class missing nin after Orochimaru betrayed them. And their goal is the destruction of the five great nations. Their plan to accomplish that, is the Bijuu. They plan to kill all of the Jinchuuriki, steal the Bijuu and tell me Mei, before now did you know the Bijuu were siblings?"

"…No I did not." Mei replied, even as her mind. Nine S-class missing ninja? And they wanted the Bijuu? If such a force attacked the Mist, they wouldn't be able to resist them at all.

But why did they want the Bijuu? Surely they did not think they could make themselves their Jinchuuriki and control them as they pleased? But why else would they want them specifically?

"Most probably aren't, I only found out through the Sanbi himself, and it's why he's willing to completely back me up," Daiki revealed and leaned forward staring absolutely seriously into her eyes, losing the light, confident and flirty demeanour he'd had previously, "Once upon a time, the Bijuu were all one being. That being was called the Juubi. An absolutely unstoppable monster, with all the combined might of every Bijuu and then some. It was only stopped in the end, by the Sage Of Six Paths alongside his equally as powerful brother."

The Juubi.

The legendary Sage Of Six Paths.

A brother to the almighty sage as well who was just as powerful!?

'I just learned of something both incredible and terrifying.' Mei thought, awed.

Assuming it was true of course.

"Upon his deathbed, to stop the beast from reforming when he passed, the Sage of Six Paths split the Juubi's chakra into nine different parts," Daiki continued on, "And created the moon to seal its physical body within."

Such a fantastical thing. She had of course heard the Sage Of Six Paths had created the moon. Most children had heard of that fairy tale.

"That seems too fantastical to be true." Mei shook her head. The sage was truly a godlike being, there was no doubt. But creating the moon itself, how would one even accomplish such a thing? No matter their power?

"Trust me, it's true," Daiki shrugged, "The creation of the moon was made through a jutsu known as Chibaku Tensei. An innate technique that is natural to those who possess the Rinnegan."

The Rinnegan. The greatest and most powerful, the most legendary of the three great dojutsu. The eyes of a god.

"And how would you know that?" Mei questioned him seriously, "I don't wish to call you a liar Daiki-kun, but this tale is fantastical beyond belief. I assume this is something you heard from the Sanbi? What if it is just manipulating you? The Rinnegan has never before been seen by anyone in this age, and we have no proof they even existed."

"Valid concerns, but trust me, they're real," he chuckled, not breaking his eye contact with her, "After all, the leader of the Akatsuki has the Rinnegan."


Well now, didn't that change everything?

Suddenly, a lot of things began to click into place. After all, it had always bothered her. Just what kind of person had the power to control a man as mighty and powerful as Yagura? Just what kind of person had the kind of power required to completely twist someone like Yagura completely against their nature?

But if it was someone with the same eyes as the Sage Of Six Paths himself. Then, it was definitely doable.

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