Chapter 1

A brief note: I don't own Teamo Supremo, that honor goes to Disney but we ( me and Nintendo

maximus) both own Drake And Jennifer who will appear in this fan fic. And only I ownWilliam

Before I start this story I would like to give you a bit of info on the 3 main characters and 2 of the

villains I will be featuring in this story.

Name: Drake

Sex: male

Age: 8

Family: Mother (Brenda) Father (Crandall) Sister (Jennifer) Aunt (Jean)

Description: Short, with puffy purple hair styled in the same fashion as his father wore back when

he was a kid. Has big eyes and one big tooth on the bottom and top of his mouth like his mom

had as a kid. Favors a blood read t-shirt with a white star on it and blue jeans with black tennis


Info: Drake is the son of Brenda and Crandall and older brother to Jennifer. He is a leader like his

father but sometimes he can be a bit hotheaded and headstrong. He sometimes is a bit mean to his

sister, but most of the time he is nice. He is smart and likes to invent in his spare time. He also has

a bit of a tough guy attitude.

Name: Jennifer

Sex: female

Age: 6

Family: Mother (Brenda) Father(Crandall) Brother (Drake) Aunt (Jean)

Description: Short, with spiky orange hair and light purple eyes with glasses like her father wore

when he was a kid and 3 freckles on her left and right cheek. Speaks with a slight western accent

like her mother. Favors a light pink shirt with pink shorts and black shoes with white socks.

Info: Jennifer is the daughter of Brenda and Crandall and younger sister to Drake. She enjoys

jumping rope and seems to have inherited her mothers skills for it. She has a sweet disposition but

can be serious when she needs to be. She is a skilled fighter and has no trouble resorting to brute

force when necessary.

Name: William

Sex: male

Age: 8

Family: Mother ( Sophie) father (Hector) Brother (none) Sister (none)

Description: short, with a black flattop and brown skin. Speaks with a Spanish accent like his

father. A bit shorter then his friends. Favors a light green shirt with a yellow stripe down the

middle and tan pants with brown shoes.

Info: William is the son of Hector and Sophie. He is a natural skateboarder like his father and has

a jet assisted skateboard which Drake built for him. He is kind of a flirt and get all weird every

time he's around a cute girl. Sometimes it gets him and his friends into trouble. He has a huge

crush on Jennifer but is afraid to tell her. Even so, he is the mellow one when not around girls and

quite often the voice of reason in the group.

And now 2 of the villains

Name: Patty Pixel

A.K.A.: Electronica 2.0

Sex: female

Age: 16

Family: Mother (Polly Pixel-the first Electronica) Father (unknown) Siblings (unknown)

Look: tall, with long light purple hair and a dark black jumpsuit with black boots and mechanical

gloves like the ones her mother wore. Her skin has a whitish tint to it. Her voice is less harsh then

that of her mothers.

Info: All of her life, Patty had grown up thinking that her mother was a respectable person. Only

on her 16th birthday did she learn about her mothers diabolical double identity. Armed with this

knowledge, she created her own set of mechanical gloves and decided to continue her mothers

legacy. She has a brilliant mind and even assembled her own robotic henchmen.

Name: David Smith

A.K.A.: the Prankster

Sex: male

Family: Mother(unknown) Father(unknown) Siblings(unknown)

Description: tall, with ruffled blond hair and long arms and legs. Favors a yellow shirt with a red

tie and green jacket with a yellow carnation and green pants with brown shoes.

Info: a man with a psychotic mind, the Prankster is highly dangerous. He prefers to kill his victims

with an arsenal of deadly comedic pranks, such as an acid squirting flower, a Boxing glove gun,

and a 30,0000 volt electric hand buzzer. Other than that, little is known about him.