Chapter 4

"Hold on a second, kids" Hector said "before you head off, I think we should get a little research on the descendent of this villain"

"Aw come on!" Drake said "we know what the mission is, let's just go for it!"

"No Drake, my dad's right" Will said "we should learn how the old Electronica operated before trying do beat the new one"

"All right then" Hector said "follow me"

As they walked down, Jenny tapped Hector on the shoulder, "I got to ask, Mr. Corrio, why you guys didn't tell us this stuff before?"

"For two reasons" Hector said "one, If we told you we used to be Teamo Supremo, you guys would have visions of danger every time we left the house, and two, if we told you, and some of our old enemies found out, they wouldn't rest until they had gotten to us through you".

"Oh" Jenny said.

With that, he led them downstairs and over to a family portrait and flipped it up to reveal a red button. He pressed it and the wall next to it slid up to reveal a spiral staircase.

"Cool!" Jenny said as her eyes widened.

"Come on, let's go" Hector said as he led them down the staircase.

Once all the way down, he switched on the lights, revealing an amazing sight!

It was a huge place, in one corner were 6 glass cases, the first three housed outfits that looked exactly like the ones Drake, Will, and Jenny were wearing, and the other 3 contained more updated and improved outfits about the right size for 3 teens.

There were also some tools and vehicles and a large computer.

"Okay" Drake said "while I must admit that this is without a doubt the coolest thing I have ever seen in my life....I CAN"T BELIVE YOU LIED TO US!"

"Yeah!" Will agreed "you always told us you had a normal regular childhood; well I don't think being superheroes is considered regular."

"I guess you guys are right" Hector said "we just didn't want to get you kids hurt".

"Anyway" Drake said "let's go research a villain"


Crandall and Brenda were being held in an old electronics warehouse and were trapped in a metal cage and had to listen to the cackling of Electronica 2.0

"God, doesn't she ever shut up?" Brenda asked Crandall as she leaned against the cage.

"Don't worry" a voice said "you get used to it"

"Who said that?" Crandall said as he looked around.

Suddenly a man jumped down in front of the cage. He had ruffled brown hair, long arms and legs, and was wearing a yellow suit with a red tie and green shirt and a red lapel.

"Who the heck are you?" Brenda said confusedly.

"You may call me...The Prankster, and I am the one who asked Electronica 2.0 to capture you" the man said grinning.

"Speaking of which" Electronica 2.0 said "I fulfilled my part of the deal, now where is my reward?"

"Ah yes, of course" The Prankster said as he extended his left hand "but first, let's shake on a job well done"

"Well...why not?" Electronica said as she shook his hand. Suddenly, a buzzing sound rang out and Electronica was zapped by a massive electrical bolt. A moment later, the blast stopped and she fell to the ground dead.

"Ha! She fell for the oldest trick in the book!" The Prankster said as he held up his left hand which they could now see contained a small hand buzzer.

"30, 000000 volt electric hand buzzers, you know I love them!" he said as he laughed evilly.

"How could you do that to her!" Crandall yelled as he stood up, glaring at the Prankster.

"Simple" he said "she accomplished her mission, and in doing so, outlived her usefulness"

"But don't worry, I plan on keeping you alive, in order to have some fun..."

To be continued.....