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Someone So Beautiful Is Frightening


" Remy get out NOW!" Rogue's voice echoed threw out the entire institute, some stopped to see what the fuss was about this time and others just kept on doing what they were doing. Most familiar with the routine Remy and Rogue fights. " If ah evah catch ya in here again I'll kill ya."

Remy was ejected violently from Rogue and Kitty's shared room. " Chere." and had the door slammed in his face. Remy huffed. " Well at least y' called Remy by his name p'tite. So dat's progress dere chere." He yelled at her door and then he walked down the stairs into the kitchen for some breakfast. He walked in with out anyone saying a word to him; Logan was the first one to say something. He set his morning paper down and took a sip of his coffee.

" So." He said setting down his coffee. " What'd ya do this time Gumbo?" Logan asked with a smirk. Don't get the man wrong he liked the Cajun, well he didn't at first but he grew to like the man. Only one that could give him a run for his money in poker, after all the time they teams spent searching for the dam third key. It had been almost two month now and they hadn't the faintest clue as where to find it. All three teams had joined together now and stayed in the institute

Remy stood up immediately not in the mood to deal with Wolverine at the moment, he pushed his chair away from the table stood and walked out with out a word. Logan watched the Cajun walk out and Remy could feel his gaze upon him. He grabbed his coat off the coat rack slid it on and was out the door before anyone knew what happened. " Whatever." Logan said then went back to his paper.

Remy paced around out side, searching his coat pockets for a cigarette. He finally found one and lighted it with his fingers, imitating a lighter. He brought it up to his lips and took a long drag of it. He walked around and saw of in the distance a couple feet well actually more like fifty feet away Wanda and Toad were arguing. Remy sighed and gave a small chuckle.




" Oh come on Sweetums it's just a walk. Ten minutes tops." Toad begged. They were walking by the fountain and Toad had hopped onto the edge as Wanda walked past him.

" Leave me alone, Toad. Try me again when you take a shower." Wanda said with a wrinkled up nose as she walked past him her red trench coat blowing in the wind. It was actually a nice and peaceful day, minus the peaceful part.

" So there's a change Cupcake?" Toads asked as he moved around the edge of the fountain to somewhat follow her.

Wanda sighed in frustration, throwing her arms up into the air as if to ask 'Why me God?' " No Toad, but." She paused with a nasty smirk on her face. " It's a start." She yelled as she raised her hands up into the air, as she sent a weak hex blot, not that weak but strong enough to send Toad flying back into the fountain.

" AHHH" Toad screamed in a girl like fashion as he fell into the fountain followed by a huge splash. Wanda walked away with out a second thought only a small smile on her lips at the memory of Toad's screams.

Toad gasped for air as he came up and looked around for Wanda. " Hey Sweetums? Where'd she go?" He asked himself.

" She left." A male voice answered.

" AHHHHH" Toad jumped and wailed not expecting anyone to answer his question. Remy chuckled as Toad went back under water, how the boy could get his whole body under such a shallow depth Remy wasn't too sure. Remy took another long drag of his cigarette as he waited for him to come back up. Shouldn't be to long, Remy thought removing the cigarette from his lips and blowing out the smoke, he should run out of air right about. Just then Toad came back up gasping for air and trying to give the Cajun a glare.

Now. Remy chuckled, and shook his head at the poor excuse for a man. " Ya know it's not very nice ta sneak up on people like that ya know." Toad complained dripping with water, soaked to the bone.

" Mon ami." Remy said in shame trying hard not to laugh. He took a deep breath and sighed. He then took another drag of his cigarette, then blowing the smoke out in Toad's direction.

" What?" Toad whined his pride shattered, just sitting in the water.

" Why?" Remy asked plainly. Toad gave him a point blank look and didn't answer. Remy sighed and decided to elaborate on it. " Why do y' try t' get a fille dat hates y'?"

Toad raised his eyebrows and was a little stunned. That was the last question he was expecting to hear come form Gambit. " Cause I love her yo." Toad answered truthfully. Even though the Cajun wasn't his favorite person Toad thought it was pretty obvious about his feelings for Wanda.

" But it's pretty obvious dat she don' feel de same way fo' y' mon ami." Remy said helping him out of the fountain.

" I don't care, as long as I'm with her, life is good ya know." Toad said as he whipping the extra water off his face. He then began to ring out his shirt looking at Remy.

" Why y' lookin' at Remy fo'?" Remy asked blowing out some smoke from his cigarette. Toad sighed and gave his this are you serious look.

" Does a girl named Rogue ring any bells?" Toad asked, then it clicked in Remy's head and his mouth opened a bit and he smiled.

" Ohhh. Dat's different. De p'tite loves Remy she jus denying it." Remy pointed out.

" You mean ya hope she is. Look Gambit face it Wanda hates me as much as Rogue hates you." Toad analyzed, giving up on ringing out his shirt and shook his body like a dog. Remy brought his hands up to shield his face from the water.

" Ohhh mon ami, can y' do dat somewhere else." Toad gave Remy a weird look and sat down next to him. Actually squatted in a toad like fashion. " Look." Remy paused searching for the right words. Remy then smiled and started laughing out loud. Toad gave Remy a point blank stare not at all seeing the humor.

" Uhhh care ta fill me in yo?" Toad finally asked, Remy's laughing stopped and he looked at Toad and struggled to keep a straight face.

" Out o' all o' y' never thought y' and Remy would be pretty much de same." He laughed again. Toad was still confused so he waited for Gambit to quiet down. After a few seconds Remy stopped.

" Ya finished yo?" Toad asked a bit board. Remy nodded.

" T'anks Remy needed dat." He took a deep breath and sighed. " Remy isn't in as deep as y' mon ami."

" Says who?" Toad argued.

" Remy."

" Well Toad thinks that you just don't want to see it." Toad replied glaring at Remy.

" See what?" Remy asked taking another drag of her cigarette.

" Look." Toad said pulling the cigarette out of Remy's mouth and throwing it away into the bushes. Remy opened his mouth in shock and gave Toad a questioning look he was about to comment but Toad shushed him. "Do you seriously care about Rogue or is she just a game to you?" Toad asked for once being completely serious. He never acted this way but he wanted to know he still felt as if Rogue was still part of their group. He liked it when it was just the three of them. Him, Lance and Rogue. It was quieter and he got a bit more respect then he did now. A part of him would always try and be a protective brother to her. Even though she had absorbed him a countless number of times she never held on for longer then she needed to. And he always could hear her whisper " Ah'm sorry." Just quiet enough for only his ears to hear, right before he blacked out. So he knew she still cared about them.

Remy didn't really have to think about it he knew the answer but what was keeping him from telling someone else? Cause you haven't told Rogue yet. A little voice inside him piped in. Maybe Remy answered it. Maybe he was just afraid that people would no longer see the Ragin' Cajun, but a whipped pup. But this was Toad no one would take him seriously but if he wanted Rogue to be with him then he had to stop caring about what the others thought. If he wanted her to stop caring then he would have to first. " Rogue is my reason fo' wakin' up in de mornin' mon ami."

Toad was a bit taken aback by Remy's answer he for sure thought it was just a game to him. But the look in Remy's eyes and the tone of voice he used and he referred to himself in the first person. That had to count for something. Believing the Cajun Toad continued. " Remy you don't see that she doesn't feel the same way. Rogue is very distant and finicky about people. Even without her powers she would most likely be the same. Just like Wanda even without her shadowy past she is still the same. But I'm going to keep trying like you are going to do most likely." Toad's words showed he was wise beyond his years, and Remy looked at him and couldn't believe this was the same Toad that he had almost blew to pieces a while back.

" Look Toad wit' de fille y' jus gotta give her some space. She'll jus run if y' try an' get t' close t' her. She has t' want y' t' be wit her." Remy's mouth formed a small 'o' shape as he realized what he had been saying and his words faded. He had figured it out. " Dat's it." Remy said. Toad gave him a funny look.

" What's it yo?" Toad asked with a raised eyebrow. The Cajun never really made any real sense to him and he was making even less sense by the minute. That's it. What the hell could that mean? That could mean a number of different things Toad thought.

" Look. Y' chase de fille an' she runs. Simple y' gotta stop chasing her mon ami." Remy tried to explain but Toad seemed even more confused.

" Huh?" Toad stated simply. Again he was lost. It made some sense but he didn't get it.

" Look." Remy took a deep breath and tried to figure out to put this so that Toad would understand him better. He looked at Toad and was drawing a blank. That was until he saw Toad's eyes wander around in little circles. What was he looking at Remy wondered. Then he saw it, Toad was closely watching a small fly buzz around above his head. He was stone still and didn't move. The fly then slowly came closer and closer to Toad and then.


The fly was gone and into Toad mouth. Yuk. Remy thought as he looked away for a moment. That's it. Remy thought. " Filles are like flies." Okay not the best analogy but hey he was improvising. He didn't have much to work with here.

Toad turned his head and gave Remy a completely clueless look. Raising both eyebrows and having his body follow his head. " Excuse me?" Toad asked in total disbelief crouched down on the edge of the fountain.

" Look mon ami. When y' catchin' flies do y' chase dem around and be all loud an' anoyin'?" Remy asked. His own analogy was almost beginning to make sense to even him. Almost mind you, almost.

" No you'd scare them yo." Toad answered like it was a painfully obvious. He still completely in the dark and if he figured Remy was weird before he thought the Cajun was clinically insane now.

" Exactly homme. " Remy said clapping his hands together. "Y' wait. Y' have t' watch dem and make dem come t' y'." Remy now had an ear-to-ear grin on his face.

Toad looked at Remy and slowly the small wheels in Todd's head began to turn, as a small smile came to his face. " So you're saying that I have to give Wanda some space and she'll come around. Like with the fly."

" Now y' getting' it homme." Remy smiled. Some how this whole thing began to make sense to him. If he would just give Rogue some space then she would come around. She would begin to miss him and come in search of after a while. Brilliant. One of his better ideas if he did say so himself.

" But." Toad began. Remy looked over to the boy and raised an eyebrow waiting for him to continue. " What if she doesn't come around?" Toad asked in serious tone looking a bit depressed.

Dang. Remy never thought about that. What if she didn't? Then that would mean that Rogue really didn't care about him like he thought. Could he handle that? " Um." Remy couldn't think of anything to really say. " Do you care about her?"

Toad looked at him as if he were stupid. " I love her. There's nothing about her I would change, just being with her makes me feel happy inside. She can be scary at times but I know deep down she would never really hurt me. I've seen her hurt people and they are out for weeks, but with me I can tell she's holding back yo." Toad and Remy were amazed at how honest and open he was being. Toad wasn't to sure what made him all of a sudden trust the Cajun; he never liked him to begin with and the fact that he had charged him and almost let his guts paint the room didn't help much. But maybe it was the fact that they were going threw the same thing. They both loved frightening women that acted like they hated them but really didn't.

" Then she'll come around. Remy knows what y' mean mon ami. He can tell when Rogue is using her full strength against him. De fille can hit pretty hard when she wants t' but she never has broken a t'ing. Remy can tell when she be holdin' back. De fille is so beautiful yet frightenin' at times." Remy answered with a smug smile on his face. Toad nodded and smiled at the Cajun.

" You love her don't you?" It wasn't really a question. Toad looked at the Cajun smugly, he could just tell, it wasn't rocket science. It was just the way he talked about Rogue.

Remy was a bit caught off guard by the question. But he smiled despite himself at Toad and nodded. " Wit' all mon heart. Jus don' tell her dat. Remy'll tell her in due time." He answered. Toad nodded and accepted the answer. There was a long silence which neither of them spoke just listened to the quiet pitter-patter of the fountain water cascading down into the pool of water below.

" So what do we do now that we have to stay away from our women?" Toad asked looking around with a clueless face. Remy looked over to him and lit another cigarette with an evil glint in his eyes he pulled out a fresh deck of cards.

" Y' ever play poker mon ami?"


Authors Note: Okay just a small little story that popped into my head one day and I liked it. I don't know if anyone else will like it but oh well I don't really care I liked it and I hope some of you will to. I don't know why but I just was thinking and I saw how alike these two were and thought about writing a little one shot about them. I just loved Remy and Toad. I know I kind of made Remy and Toad a little OOC but oh well I think I stayed a little within reason. I don't plan on writing more unless anyone really really wants me too. Hope you enjoyed it and I'm almost done with writing the next chapter to "Drifters" and " Can't Stop Loving You" I should update those around the 4th of July. If I don't before then the week after cause I'm out of town for the weekend. Hope you liked this.


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