When there is not a single ounce of energy left in your body, & all you can feel is a tight lump in your chest & there is an agonizing pounding that echoes through out your head, the ceiling right above your bed is the most interesting thing in the world to you at that point in time. Wanda stared intently towards the ceiling; her jaw slightly slacked as she aimlessly mouthed the worlds to whatever CD she had put on. She felt so empty & she didn't have the faintest idea as to why.

From head to toe Wanda's body ached, she had no energy what so ever & she couldn't help but feeling that she had recently done something stupid. What stupid act she could not quite put her finger on. Lifelessly, Wanda raised her hand above her head & stared at the palm of her hand being held up by her limp wrist. She felt so empty it wasn't even funny. Yet the lonely Scarlet Witch just continued to stare at her lifeless hand.

It wasn't like someone had died, yet it felt like someone had. Maybe it was herself? She wasn't sure. She just felt so dead, she wasn't even sure what day it was. Nor when the last time she had left her bedroom was. How long had it been since she had talked to Rogue.

Before Wanda knew it her curiosity had gotten the better of her and she decided to sit up and figure out at the very least what time it was. It was a quarter after four in the morning. It was as if there had been some magic pull that got Wanda to get off her bed, dressed and slowly opening the door that led out side her room. The next thing Wanda knew she was downstairs in the kitchen grabbing a glass of water and a pint of strawberry ice cream.

She sat at the table and mechanically forced the spoonfuls of ice cream into her mouth. Suddenly Wanda herd footsteps coming down the hall, she had wished instantly that it was Rogue but the foot steps were too loud. With out thinking she quickly hexed the lights turning them off and hid under the table.

There slowly making his way into the kitchen was Beast. Wanda let out a sigh of relief. She was glad it was only him and not Logan.

Wanda watched as Beast stared intently at his file of papers as he aimlessly made himself a pot of coffee. She became a little tense once he began to make his way to the table she was hiding under and took a seat. Wanda slide to the other end, the strong sent of the coffee made her nose tingle, she really wanted a cup. She heard Beast mutter incoherent things and knew by the sound that he was shuffling through his papers. The mention of John's name did catch her attention but that was all she got, a name.

"So Miss Wanda, do you have any intentions of joining me for a cup of coffee?" Hank asked in a gentle tone. Wanda cringed, and then slowly made her way out from under the table. She watched as the gentle blue man delicately removed his glasses from the bridge of his nose and carefully closed his file of papers. He smiled genuinely at the young girl. "There is a fresh pot sitting there as you know, and from what I hear you enjoy a good cup of coffee. And if it wouldn't be a burden on you, I would rather enjoy the company." Hank said to her in a delicate voice.

How does he do that? Wanda thought to herself as she found herself sitting down at the table with him accompanied with a cup of coffee clasped in her dainty hands. "How…"Wanda started but didn't finish. She looked up at him and he gave her a gentle smile. "You knew and you let me sit under there for a long time and…"

"You know I do believe that out of all the people in this institute the only two people that I know of that enjoy Strawberry ice cream is you, and myself." Hank smiled as he took a sip of his coffee. He swallowed and then asked "Why were you under the table, if you don't mind my asking."

Wanda looked over at the pint of ice cream she had carelessly left at the table. Not one of her better moments but the Scarlet Witch learned from her mistakes. She sighed, "I thought it might be Logan and in honestly I'm not sure."

Beast nodded his head, he believed it to be an after affect of her memory being erased, and she should be her wild disobedient self by tomorrow.

They talked for quite a while, Wanda on more than one occasion attempting to get a look at Mr. McCoy's files. Finally Mr. McCoy became aware of her attempts to look at the files, he then froze. What would he tell her? He knew the truth would more then likely slip out. The papers he held in his possession were his lab reports regarding John's broken arm.

"What are those?" Wanda asked pointing at Hank's file of folders. Mr. McCoy's jaw almost dropped, he wasn't quite exactly sure as to how to answer that question. But then he realized that there was no way for her to know that they were John's so all he had to tell her was "They are one of the students medical files." He answered half truthfully. Beast smiled to himself, he felt very clever at that point in time.

"Oh, I bet I know whose those are too." Wanda told him as she fiddled with her fingers. Hank's eyes widened, "Its Kitty's isn't? Your trying to see if there's something else wrong with her to try and find out why she seems to be steadily getting worse instead of better, am I right?" Wanda asked in a slight matter of fact tone.

Mr. McCoy smiled brightly, glad that she had given him his way out, "My aren't you a clever one." Hank told her in an impressed tone.

"It was a lucky guess, besides who else is sick or injured in this place?" Wanda asked in a light careless tone, she watched his reaction carefully.

Hank was sweating in his skin, "Why no one." He told her a small lump forming in his throat.

Wanda smiled at Mr. McCoy, "Well I think I'll go to bed now." Wanda told him in a curiously light hearted tone.

"Yes, good night Wanda." Mr. McCoy replied back, he sat there a bit longer before he decided to go down and make sure Logan was alright.


"Hey Sheila why so glum?" John asked sweetly as he decided to take a seat next to her. Wanda glared up at him from her seat outside the small café; the only one strangely in this messed up town. She was sitting outside calmly sipping at her coffee. John had noticed her from the street & decided to stroll over & join/talk/bug her & makes her smile.

"What do you want?" Wanda answered bitterly setting her coffee down on the table, though if you looked closely you could see the small smile that was fighting to make an appearance on her face.

"Just wanted to talk Sheila. I thought we were friends?" John said in a mock hurt tone, an ear to ear grin donning his features.

"Are we?" Wanda questioned.

"We'll we spend so much time together & talk to each other a bunch, that & I did treat you to coffee that one time." John lightly jested. Wanda shook her head in a lightly playful manor.

"Why do you automatically think that buying me a coffee will make you my friend?" Wanda playfully said picking her coffee cup back up & taking a large gulp.

"You're right. We're more like boyfriend & girlfriend." John joked, he couldn't help but laughing when Wanda's jaw dropped & she screamed out his name.

"John!" She screamed as she quickly put her coffee cup down & sent a small hex bolt out at him.

"So I was right?" John laughed as he ran away from her.

"No!" Wanda yelled back to him as she chased him down.

"I'm sorry what?" John shouted back to her running backwards with a hand up to his ear making like he was hard of hearing. "I can't hear you!" John cackled.

"John!" Wanda shouted as she lunged herself forward & literally tackled him. Both John & Wanda hit the pavement pretty hard but neither care, Wanda was laughing just as much as John. "Take it back!" Wanda ordered him a smile on her face.

"Take what back?" John asked, Wanda secured his arms & sat herself down on his stomach pinning his down; John smiled brightly up at her.

"I am not your girlfriend you creep." Wanda stated to him.

"But you want to be." John told her with a wink.

"You creep." Wanda let out a small laugh. John took that as his opportunity to change positions, with some quick maneuvering John managed to get himself on top & pinning Wanda down to the ground.

"Hey?" Wanda cried out in confusion, struggling against John. An annoying fact just restated to Wanda was the fact that John was physically stronger than her.

"What?" John smiled playfully.

"That's not fair." Wanda informed him.

"Oh I think it's very fair." John told her slowly bringing his head down towards hers, then before John knew what was happening he felt Wanda's lips on his.

She had closed the last couple of inches between them & was kissing him! Of all people him! When they both finally pulled away from one another John had a goofy little smile on his face, & Wanda was red.

John smiled down at Wanda, & she smirked back at him.


"Huh?' John whirled his head around & looked for the source of the voice. He then brushed it off & looked back down at Wanda, only she wasn't there. She was gone?


There it was again. John instantly stood up & franticly looked around for any signs of life yet there were none. Everyone was gone. Then in front of him he could see her. It was Kitty. She looked so sad.

"John…" She said sadly to him, John felt guilt pang at his chest. What had he done?

The kiss.

"Kitty I'm sorry." John tried to cry out to her but she to was gone.

Then the whole world grew black & he was in Kitty & Rogue's room, yet only Rogue was in there, she stood in front of her mirror tears streaming down her face & blood was running down her arm.

"Rogue!" John shouted to her, yet the second he called to her the room changed again.

Gambit stood there before him just expertly shuffling through his cards. The infamous card master had a smug look on his face as he leaned against a near by wall. John was to bewildered and stunned to even question as to the origin of the wall.

"Remy?" John said in an astonished tone.

"You look confused mon ami?" Remy told him calmly, "Is dere some t'ing wrong?" He asked was a grin taking a couple more steps towards John.

"You're not Remy." John stated as he began to take a couple steps backwards.

"Why John," Remy's voice began to alter as his form began to thin. His thick shaggy auburn hair slowly transformed into a thinner fiery red flow of locks. The strong jaw that Remy was oh so proud of manifested into a bitter and conniving smirk. His well toned skin lost its richness going from a gold to a deep and rich navy blue. His chizz led chest lost it's firmness as a more slender form became evident. Well toned legs morphed into long and elegant stems that went all the way up. The long beloved trench coat steadily faded out of existence an in its place a long hooded ebony cap was dawned on the new wearer. "I'm hurt." A very mystique like voice stated.

"You?" John cried out in shock, "Why are you here?" He asked in bewilderment.

"It's up to John." Mystique told him with a smile. "She has seen it and it is all up to you." Her voice was wise and it felt like held a bit of truth to it. "She will need you soon. And when that time comes be ready to run. She has seen it, and I have given you a light." Mystique informed him.

"What are talking about lady? Who is this she?" John demanded in an angered tone.

"You know who she is. Search you're feelings. You were chosen. You will decide her fate and only you." Mystique informed him in a calm tone. "You can either save her or destroy her. The choice is up to you." Mystique slowly began to age, her hair grayed and lost its length and shine. Her body curved in and before John stood an elderly women he knew only by what he had seen in Magneto's files. Agatha Harkness, John's jaw dropped and he wished his head would stop spinning.

"You will know." She told him in reassurance.

"How?" John cried out again.

"I will come to you when the time is right. Only you can decide her fate. You and you alone." Those were Agatha last words as she finally vanished into the darkness.

"Wait! Come back!" John screamed out as he took off running into the darkness. "COME BACK! HOW WILL I KNOW!" he cried out in one final failed effort. "How will I know?"


"How will I know!" He shouted again.

"John!" A voice screamed yet again. "John wake up!"

A flash of an image of Wanda ran through John's mind, she was screaming, like earlier.


John frantically shot up like a rocket, instantly bringing his hands up to his face, yet when his did his arm screamed out in pain. Cupping his face into his one good hand John for now ignored the pain in his other arm. What it only a dream? John frantically fought for air. "Hey calm down John." A gruff a voice told him calmly, John then felt a comforting hand fall across his back. It was then that the red headed Aussie finally looked up and was met up with none other then the gruff Canadian, just his luck.

"What happened?" John asked in a slurred tone, his head was pounding and his arm was throbbing like no tomorrow.

"You passed out that's what happened." Logan told him gruffly as he walked over to the sink, he filled a small glass of water and brought it to John's bedside. "It was shortly after Wanda calmed down." John choked on his water, "Yeah I know." Logan agreed, "While you were walking down here to get your arm fixed up," Logan walked over to a drawer and pulled out a pair of latex gloves. "You just collapsed, so we hooked you up and decided to set your arm after you woke up. We managed to stop the bleeding from your chest from where Wanda nailed you with a hex bolt, and you were screaming like no tomorrow so I came down to make sure you didn't wake up Half-pint or the Frog boy over there.

It was then that John looked over into the other glass sealed rooms. There lay Kitty and Toad, Toad didn't look to bad just a bit bruised up. But Kitty looked so pale and white as she lay there sleeping, though a smile came to his lips when he saw the flowers he had brought her in a vase next to her bed.

"So you ready?" Logan asked snapping the gloves onto his wrist.

John gulped, "For what?"

"I have to set your arm." Logan informed him as he grew closer to John, John's eyes grew wide in fear.

"What? Aren't you going to put me under or something?" John asked in a panic stricken tone.

Logan gave him an evil smile, "Now why would I do a crazy thing like that?" Logan sat down next John and put his hands on John's broken arm.

"This is going to hurt." John squirmed under Logan's grip.

"Pain is just weakness leaving the body." Logan told him as he took a deep breath.

"Oh God. We'll I've got quite a bit of weakness ya know, so maybe some painkillers before hand could help me handle it?" John all but begged.

"On three. One." Logan began. John closed his eyes in preparation for the agonizing pain he knew he would feel in a moment. "Two…"

John braced himself for it, here it comes John thought. "Logan?" the glass doors that led to the med bay slide open and standing there was Hank McCoy. "What are you doing? You know we already set his arm." Hank said idly as he walked over to his desk.

John then looked over at Logan, who by now had a full on smile on his face and was on the brink of laughing. "You did all that shit to scare me!" John screamed in an out rage.

By this time Logan was rolling with laughter, and John was beaming with anger, though it was a rather nice relief to know that his arm had already been set.

"Oh that was priceless, your face." Logan said as her continued to laugh.

John just glared at him, "I swear when my stupid arm is healed I will get you back so good you're going to wish that you had never messed with me."

"Whatever you say kid." Logan said slowly quieting down.

"Mark my words I will." John said in a slow and deadly tone. "I will…"

"John we need to come up with a story as to how you broke your arm." Hank told him removing his glasses from his face and carefully setting them down onto the table. The three of them were quiet for a moment as they attempted to think of a story. It was John who broke the silence.

"How about I injured it in the danger room?" John told him as if it was obvious that it had been that way the entire time.

Logan smiled, "Kids bright."

Hank smiled, "Yes but what simulation? Why would you be so careless as to let that happen? What were you thinking? Why didn't your partner help you out? Why is the skin peeled away? What about with the students at school." Hank pounded him with a load of questions; John's brain began to spin.

"Slow down, who's going to ask me all those questions?" John asked in a light hearted tone, completely forgetting his dream.

"Wanda." Hank told him simply as he took a sip of water.

"Why would she?" Logan asked for John.

"Aren't you two friends?" Hank asked John, John tilted his head a bit. And there was silence for a moment.

"I think we are." John finally answered.

"Then she will want to know." Hank told him honestly as he set his glass of water down. "Think about it, I'm going to check on Kitty and Toad." Hank told John and Logan as he left the room for the other two.

"So what's my story?" John asked in a light hearted tone.

"Beats me." Logan said nonchalantly. The sliding glass doors once again whooshed open. "Anything new Hank?" Logan turned around towards Hank.

Hank sighed, "Sadly no."

Logan smirked. "You're up a creak kid."

John frowned, "Thanks." He let out as his mind slowly drifted over the elements of his dream.

Author's Rant: I live! I am so sorry that this chapter took so long to get to you guys but I was seriously confused as per where to go after that last chapter and my love life as been hay wire and I know that is no excuse but oh well at least I updated. Enjoy!