On the Naughty List

by aishuu

Note: For reddwarfer as a prize for "Blind Go." Request: Tezuka/Fuji with them ending up together, and keyword is "vacation." It kinda ended up humorous, but still fluffy!

Tezuka, Fuji knew, was disgustingly obsessed with lists.

Fuji appreciated a certain amount of organization, but Tezuka took it to extremes. He wrote everything down, numbering and ordering his priorities in crisp, precise kanji. Had he been a girl, Fuji was sure Tezuka would use color-coding in vibrant pinks and blues and yellows, but his masculine pride forced him to settle for mere descending columns. He would neatly check off each goal he accomplished, eventually finishing all the tasks on the list, only to start a new list upon completion.

It was very efficient, Fuji was forced to admit, but it lacked spontaneity. Tezuka never failed in any of his responsibilities, but he rarely did anything unexpected.

Fuji himself was a "mental order" person, someone who kept his duties arranged in his head. He managed to get everything done, too, but his priorities would shift from moment to moment. He wasn't disorganized, although Tezuka claimed he was erratic. Fuji would just smile, knowing that not everything in life could be planned.

He came across one of those infamous lists while they were preparing for a winter vacation trip during their senior year in high school. They were in the coach's room, where Tezuka did most of his paperwork for student council. Fuji accompanied him when he had the time, like that Tuesday afternoon. Tezuka just ignored him, knowing Fuji would do what he wanted even if rebuked.

Leaning over Tezuka's shoulder, Fuji squinted to read what Tezuka had written. They'd been together for a couple of years, and Tezuka was used to Fuji's violations of his personal space. He just moved his head, giving Fuji a better view.

Like usual, Tezuka had done research on Hawaii, finding cost-effective tours and "must see" sights. There was more than one mountain climbing expedition planned, but he'd considerately found a photographer's tour that Fuji would like. Their trip was a private one where they planned to discuss what their future would hold. Fuji noted that Tezuka had actually scheduled time - two evenings - for those discussions.

"Did you remember to plan bathroom breaks?" Fuji asked a bit sarcastically.

Tezuka sighed, then dutifully started to rearrange his schedule, allotting ten-minute blocks for snacks, restroom stops and water breaks.

"I was kidding." Fuji said. It was hard not to find Tezuka's compulsiveness irritating, but Fuji recognized it was merely part of his character. Everything had its time and place in Tezuka's ordered world.

"It's a good idea," Tezuka said.

"Is there any specific reason we're scheduling every single moment of the vacation?" Fuji asked. "It might be nice to you know, just wander and see what we find."

"I don't want to miss anything," Tezuka answered. "Having a well constructed plan can maximize our enjoyment of our trip."

"As long as we're together, I'll be happy," Fuji replied, smiling like he was kidding, but telling the truth. He wasn't good about admitting his feelings, instead camoflaging his more serious emotions under a laid-back facade.

Tezuka smiled, and scribbled something else onto the list. Fuji took a peek, and started to snicker. "Make mad, passionate love on the beach?" he read, wondering if Tezuka was developing a sense of humor. "Are you serious?"

"It's on the list, isn't it?"