It was a hot and sunny day as Naruto and Jiraiya walked out of town. Naruto had gone along with Jiraiya to see if this so-called "Goddess of Medical Jutsu" was Hokage material. Jiraiya simply wanted to keep a close eye on the brat after that last outburst.

They were on the trail after some evidence of Tsunade being in this town came up, but the woman had apparently just left. With no other lead at the moment, the duo decided to camp here for the night.

"Welp." Naruto sighed, swirling water inside a water balloon with his chakra. Jiraiya had wanted Naruto to learn the Rasengan as it was one of Minato's greatest techniques, and after seeing the power and lack of hand signs needed to use it, Naruto was quite convinced. However, progress was going slow at the moment, much like the search. "That was a bust."

"Not entirely," Jiraiya argued. "Now we know that we're on her trail. I'm going to go through town and ask where she might be going tomorrow."

"Kay," Naruto replied, still more focused on the ball in his hand than Jiraiya.

"Well," Jiraiya got up and started walking toward the tent they set up. "I'm hitting the hay. You should get some rest too."

"I'll sleep once I've popped this stupid balloon," Naruto answered as Jiraiya went inside. He wouldn't admit it but he was rather irritated with how things were going as of late. He felt like he was king of the world just a while ago. Bagging bitches, getting stronger, and on the fast track to being Hokage. He still remembered being high off his victory over and claiming of Gaara when the news of Sarutobi's death came to him by a random jonin. And then, practically right after his team had helped him get over that, two ninjas had all but walked into Konoha, destroyed 3 jonin sent to attack them, put his sensei, Kakashi, in the hospital, and then stomped him and Sasuki into the ground before putting her in the hospital via torture genjutsu seemingly for the hell of it.

All of this had given Naruto a painful lesson. He wasn't strong enough to goof around now, and the world wasn't going to wait for him to get stronger. Unfortunately, they didn't have a very high amount of water balloons so he had to learn this the old fashioned way. Not that he wasn't using the clone jutsu for training despite that. He had as many clones as he could water walk and tree walk without draining his chakra too much. Both practices are directly used in the making of a Rasengan so he expected that to help his progress soar, but apparently not it seems.

"What am I doing wrong?" Naruto growled in frustration, swirling the water as fast as he could. "I've been spinning the water in this damn balloon for god damn ever, and nothing's happening."

"I couldn't tell you," Kyūbi added, also frustrated. Seeing what looked like Madara's second coming was very concerning and infuriating for the bijū, especially considering that he thought the clan had been wiped out. But the only thing he could reasonably do about this unfortunate development was to help his tenant get stronger as well. However, even that has proved to be harder than it should. The Bijūdama works by condensing vast amounts of chakra into a ball and firing it off. And yet despite being based off that very attack, the Rasengan was far more complicated, requiring a spinning motion and being only usable close-up.

Combined with the Kyūbi's lack of experience using jutsu and the beast was left almost completely out of his depth, a feeling he wasn't used and did not like.

"Dammit." Naruto sighed. "I thought my reserves and Sakura's control would make any jutsu possible."

"Not if you're doing it wrong." Kyūbi corrected. "And technically, you only got the chakra control of Sakura before she became a genin. A massive leg up on most jinchūriki and even some ninja, but hardly an end all be all. Otherwise, you wouldn't have even needed the chakra control exercises."

"True," Naruto admitted before yawning, shaking the balloon in his hand a bit. "Ugh, I'm starting to get tired. Guess I'll have to get this damn thing down tomorrow-"


Naruto yelped as the balloon suddenly exploded, splashing him with water and startling him greatly. "What the-" Naruto gaped. "I did it? But how?"

" Wait," Kyūbi piped up. "I think I know. You were shaking the ball when it popped."

Taking this advice, Naruto went inside the tent and grabbed another water balloon, this time trying to spin the water in multiple directions instead of one. He was pleasantly surprised when the balloon popped near instantly.

"Good," Kyūbi grinned widely in a cage. "Now that roadblock done with, he can get down the actual technique."

"Tomorrow." Naruto yawned. "I'm exhausted enough as it is. Alright, everybody! That's a rap!" He made a sign and dispelled the clones one by one and smirked as he went to bed. "Soon I'll have one of the fourth's signature techniques under my belt. Yet another step on the path to becoming Hokage and ruling over it."

That night...

Sakura wasn't in the best mood as of late. Ever since Naruto taught her the error of her ways and bent her to his will, life had been great. Fucked by her master almost every day, getting chunin faster than she could possibly predict (Technically the actual promotions had been postponed due to the Third's death, but Kakashi had all but told her that she got the rank), and becoming friends with the mighty Sasuki Uchiha.

But now Kakashi and Sasuki were in a coma, courtesy of the latter's older brother (And hadn't that bit of info been a shock). And Naruto had left for some training trip/hunt to find the only ninja that could heal them. And she was stuck here, no teammates, no one to shirk this libido, and no one to talk to.

A sigh left her as she walked through town. "No reason to mope now. Both will be back soon enough. I hope."

"Hey! Sakura!"

Sakura turned her head to see Hinata strolling towards her. "Hi, Hinata."

"You know when Naruto's coming back?" Hinata asked. "I haven't been able to talk to him since the fight with Gaara!"

"Fraid not." Sakura sighed. "I'm basically just waiting for him to get back with this master medic to heal Sasuki."

"Is that so?" Hinata asked. "Well then, would you mind training with me and my team?"

"...Really?" Sakura asked in confusion. "Don't you have a whole clan to help you with that?"

"...Neji wasn't the only one to think I was a failure." Hinata sighed.

"...What?" Sakura growled.

"Many of the clan members thought it disgraceful that Neji was so much stronger than me," Hinata explained. She didn't want to unload all baggage on to Sakura out of the blue when she already had lost all of her team, but she couldn't stop at this point. "My attitude didn't help either. Most of them have already given up on me and are molding my sister into the new clan head."

"That's bullshit!" Sakura snarled.

"It is yeah." Hinata nodded. "I never really wanted to be the clan head and used to think this was just meant to be anyway. But now..." Hinata clenched her fists. "I need that spot. To help Naruto. To get rid of the goddam caged bird seal. To prove that I'm something of worth."

"Damn straight!" Sakura cheered. "I'm in! Kurenai's a genjutsu master, right?"

Hinata nodded, already understanding what Sakura meant. "Yes. I need more experience fighting genjutsu users."

Sakura smiled, knowing she was about to get a ton stronger by the time Naruto got back. And who knows? She might get Naruto this cute Hyūga as well. "Hinata, this is going to be the start of a great friendship."

Tomorrow morning.

Naruto yawned as he got back up, shoving his sleeping bag aside as he got out of it. "Aahh. Good day."

"Oh? You're up." Naruto looked up to see Jiraiya just about to leave the tent. "Where are you going?"

"To town. Didn't I say last night?" Jiraiya chided. "I'm looking around for info on where Tsunade's going. Keep training till then."

"I already got the first step," Naruto added.

"Wait already?!" Jiraiya gaped. "It's barely been two days!"

"I'm awesome like that," Naruto smirked before grabbing a water balloon and spinning it full throttle. "Check it."

A look of pleasant surprise appeared on Jiraiya's face when the ball popped. "Next step please," Naruto asked.

Jiraiya unsealed a scroll and from it unsealed two Rubber Balls. He then passed one to Naruto and proceeded to pop his own. "Power is the next step kid. You got rotation down, now you need the power." Jiraiya then opened the tent to leave. "Good luck ki-"


Jiraiya stumbled as a loud pop assaulted his ears. Looking back he saw a grinning Naruto and the remains of a rubber ball.

Jiraiya gaped. "No way you got that so quickly."

Naruto smirked. "Hand me another ball and let me prove it."

Jiraiya quickly fished out a third rubber ball and handed it to Naruto, looking intently at the ball as Naruto did his work.


Once again, and in almost no time at all, the ball burst magnificently, sending shrapnel across the tent. Jiraiya gaped, he half expected Minato's son to be a prodigy but this is ridiculous! Even Minato himself took a long time to make this jutsu! "How?!"

"Probably because I'm a jinchūriki." Naruto half-truthed. "My massive and potent reserves make power very easy for me."

Grumbling about overpowered prodigies and the apple not falling from the tree, Jiraiya pulled out a few more balloons, these ones filled with air. "You have rotation and power, now you combine the two steps, and form a protective shell around it. Spin the air in these balloons without popping them this time."

Naruto took a balloon and started spinning chakra into it, and frowned when it quickly popped. "Son of a bitch."

"Heh." Jiraiya started to take off. "Looks like you still have some chakra control problems. For a second I thought you'd get the whole jutsu down in a few days."

"Eh." Naruto shrugged off this setback. "Give me until the end of the week. I'll have this jutsu down by then easy."

"At this point, I wouldn't be surprised," Jiraiya replied, a nostalgic tone in his voice. "You're almost as good as Minato was at your age."

"...Say," Naruto paused. "You trained my father, right? How did he act? How did my mother act?"

"...Well," Jiraiya stalled, not entirely comfortable with the story of the past. "Minato was a man with an iron-clad mind. It took a hell of a lot more to throw him off his game than anything most ninja could possibly throw. He was calm, collected, gave respect to his enemies, even ones he didn't like. He was an ambitious man, determined to be Hokage to do right by his village. He was also an extremely empathetic soul. In just a month of training under me, he knew more about the relationship between me, Tsunade, and Orochimaru than most people in the village."

Naruto absorbed this information about his father quietly and with gusto. It didn't surprise him to know Minato was far more virtuous than him, as irritating as it was.

"He wasn't without flaw though, despite what most people in the village think. He was a total nerd, pouring over history and math more than anyone should. His ambition drove him to push his limits in ways he really shouldn't have. I can't tell you how many times he nearly killed himself and his friends when he was remaking the flying rajin technique. He also had zero social skills to use that empathy until I got to him. But under that nerd was a young man totally driven by his urge to be Hokage."

"And my mother?" Naruto asked.

"Kushina was a very different case. As in you'd wonder how they got together if you didn't know them personally. She had a temper that was second only to Tsunade herself. And because she was so strong, she often got away with kicking the crap out of whoever pissed her off. Which included genin ninja before she even got out of the academy. She was also a boisterous little shit. If it weren't for her hair, you would call her an Inuzuka without question. Although, that was more her lack of any real parental figures growing up and the village's poor treatment of her than anything else."

"She also loved fighting, particularly exerting her strength over others. She was equally competitive with normal day to day activities, eager to do any cool thing she sees her classmates do, and do it better, and contribute the most to any activity they undertook. While she was a pain in these at first, Minato and I were able to get her to do a lot simply by telling her she couldn't, and calming her down was as easy as making her think she won something."

"But underneath the girl was just someone who lost her home and had a huge responsibility shoved onto her shoulders. Most of the time she acted up was just to get someone to tell her she was as great as she thought she was."

"I see..." Naruto frowned, it was clear that his mother didn't have a great time in Konoha either. He was about to ask another question before he noticed something.

"...Are you crying?"

"Wha-" Jiraiya blinked as he recognized the tears streaming down his face. "Oh...guess I wasn't as over them as I should be."

"...You need help?" Naruto asked, feeling mildly guilty about bringing up that info.

"Nah." Jiraiya consoled, wiping his tears. "Felt kinda good to get all that off my chest. Anyway, I'm gonna find Tsunade."

"...Kay." Naruto sighed before thinking. "Maybe I should ask for more info after this little trip. This is a lot for him to think of while a mission this important is going on."

Gaara walked around her cell in a mix of frustration and arousal.

After that Naruto had beaten her and...did those things to her, an overwhelming urge to submit to his superior power had risen up in her. She wanted him to stick that 'cock' in her again and ravage her.

Then her sister Temari showed up. The second the blonde saw her she ran right to her cell and called out for her. She was dragged away eventually but not before telling her to stay brave. It was weird. She was never concerned for her before. Is it because she's actually in danger now?

The most confusing was mother. She had always wanted to kill whoever so much as looked at them, but after that fight, she wanted her to do whatever the boy wanted her to do. It'd be a relief if it wasn't so confusing.

Not that she could listen to her right now. The leaf had done something to her and now she couldn't hear her mother at all. For the first time in her life, she was alone, alone and helpless. She didn't like the feeling at all. She wanted to be free, to kill everyone in the sand, the ones that betrayed her. She wanted to see Naruto again, see him and have him do things to her. But for now, all she could do was wait.

Other people had come to her cell and talked to her, but she didn't entirely care. She did talk back when she was feeling particularly lonely, but she usually kept to herself. She half expected them to try and kill her while she was weak like this, or take her like Naruto did, but no. They merely talked with her. It wasn't an interrogation. They didn't seem interested in Suna. Although they were probably getting it from Temari instead. She didn't really care about Suna either way. She's pushed for the ability to see Naruto again, but most of the people here didn't want to tell. Eventually, she found out that he left for some reason.

She really hoped he'd come back soon.

"Neji!" Hinata called out to her cousin and his team, heading toward them with Sakura and Kiba in tow.

"Hinata?" Neji was surprised to see Hinata walking toward him. Not to mention somewhat irritated. Despite his lesson courtesy of Naruto and Hiashi, he still felt a bit of resentment for Hinata for what happened. It was difficult to let go of the hatred that had been boiling up for so long. "What do you want?"

"We want to train with you!" Sakura stated, surprising the older genin. "We know how strong you guys got with those training weights, and we want a part of that action!"

"Well," Tenten chuckled sheepishly. "That's mainly Lee's and Gai's thing, we only just gotten started using it-"

"But if you intend to get stronger via my youthful training, I will be happy to oblige!" Gai roared in excitement. "You will likely need lighter weights than Lee's or the others to avoid breaking anything."

"It would be an honor to teach the flames of youth to ladies as beautiful as you!" Lee added, making the girls blush.

"Why thank you!" Sakura smiled, bowing to team Gai. "We will do our best to become better while Kakashi's in the hospital."

Gai grimaced at the reminder of his rival's condition. "That may not have happened if I got there sooner." He thought before shaking his head. "This is no time for such unyouthful thinking. These children need me to guide them and that is what I will do."

"Okay!" Gai stated, pulling out six more weights to everyone's surprise. "The purpose of these weights is to increase strength, stamina, and speed! To maximize efficiency, you must eat, train, and relax with these seals on, while taking them for half an hour to an hour a day. The only times you should have them off otherwise is when you are asleep. This is to have your body familiarize itself without the weights. While you have these weights you will undergo a training exercise that will increase the effectiveness of your taijutsu and physical abilities!"

"...Wait where did you get those weights?" Kiba asked, visibly confused. "You couldn't have known we were going to find you for training."

"I am always prepared for teaching others the ways of the flames of youth!" Gai roared proudly. "It is one of my many great abilities!"

"Amazing!" Lee gushed in elation. "You're a genius Gai-sensei!"

The others merely sweatdropped, the girls wondering what they were getting into.

Naruto growled as another ball had a hole blown in it in his hand. This last step of the Rasengan was stumping him like nothing else. "I'm so close to getting this damn thing down!" He snapped. "I can practically feel it!"

Jiraiya smirked as he and Naruto walked into yet another town. He wasn't surprised that Naruto was having insane trouble with the last step. The fact that he was making so much progress with the jutsu already was completely ridiculous. Though in retrospect, the power step wouldn't be that hard for someone like a jinchūriki. Even so, his parents had clearly imparted some amazing genetics onto their brat.

"Hey kid," Jiraiya turned to the blonde, another ball in hand. "This is an A-ranked jutsu for a reas..." Jiraiya paused as he saw that Naruto was looking in a different direction. "What are you..." He frowned as he saw what Naruto saw.

"Thank you, dad!" A random civilian kid smiled as a man handed him a chocolate cone. "You're the best!"

"You're welcome." The father smiled back. "Let's get back home. Your mother might get worried if we're out for long."

"Okay, daddy!" The boy ran home, his father rushing alongside him.

"...So," Naruto finally got up to speaking, the painful reminder of what he hadn't known for most of his life ruining his already shitty mood. "Can we go?"

"...Sure." Jiraiya sighed, the painful reminder of what he had lost wrecking his mood as well.

Pssh! "No..."

That night, Naruto was still practicing his Rasengan in his hotel with around 2 dozen clones. At this point the hanyou was near completely obsessed with the technique, his clones having stopped doing any training that wasn't chakra control based.

Pssh! "No..."

His attention was completely stumped by the infuriating jutsu. He hasn't been stonewalled by a jutsu like this since the clone technique and he had the excuse of screwed chakra control.

Pssh! "NO..."

His temper seemed to have frayed far faster than he thought it could be.

Pssh! "NO..."

And that instance with that brat had put him in a bad mood. The little shit had given him a bad feeling just because he had a father. His father was greater than that guy could ever be, so why did those two piss him off.

"Because he was alive..." A stray thought hissed in his head.

Rmbl... "OH FOR GODS SA-"

"Hey now," Jiraiya said as he faced Naruto as he walked in. "Don't be so stubborn about how you do the jutsu."

Naruto glanced up at Jiraiya with a look of annoyed contempt as he strolled in. But that look vanished as Jiraiya held up something very familiar. "You should try to relax before trying again tomorrow." In his hand, he held the same kind of ice cream that the father and son had in the town.

Normally, Naruto wouldn't have cared much about such a gesture. Especially considering his mind was slightly numbed by both chakra exhaustion and his training.

And yet… Naruto felt a strange warmth inside his stomach as he gazed at the cold treat in his sensei's hands.

In silence he accepted the treat, a very small smile creeping onto his face as he did so. He found his fondness of the older man growing with each day, and oddly enough, his questionable deeds and hobbies were not the deciding factor to this bond.

As Naruto ate the ice cream treat, Jiraiya smiled as a similar warmth went through him. He had screwed up being a teacher twice before and didn't really want to connect with the boy for fear of it happening again, but he simply couldn't reject Minato's son like this. His heart wouldn't allow it.

He was going to ensure this boy didn't go down the path any of his previous students, or any of his other friends that met a horrible end. The first step was finding Tsunade to heal his teacher and teammate/maybe girlfriend. The second step was making him strong enough to handle the assholes trying to kidnap him. After that, the brat should be able to gain and experience and maturity needed to be Hokage on his own.

"Minato..." Jiraiya thought. "I swear I won't let Naruto die like you did. He's gonna be a Hokage as good as you are, if not greater." A chuckle came out of him. "I'd make him a perv too, but that already happened apparently."

Tanzaku-Gai was where the slug princess was if his rumors were right. A day's walk away. Hopefully finding her would be the hardest part.


"This is what I get for thinking finding her would be the easy part," Jiraiya grumbled, following an incensed and sniffing Naruto.

They were supposed to find Tsunade, only to find a leveled palace instead. To make matters worse, the damage was very much recent and the stench of snakes and death was in the air. A very familiar scent to both ninja.

"I think we tracked down the wrong sanin," Naruto growled, looking around in mixed fear and rage. He was clearly anticipating Orochimaru to pop up out nowhere and attack them.

"Not particularly," Jiraiya stated, confusing Naruto until he saw what Jiraiya did. A hole in the stonewall near the destruction. "What is that?" The blonde asked.

Jiraiya smirked. "Tsunade's handiwork. No scorch marks, trails on the ground, or any other traces of chakra could only mean that it had been crushed by hand."

Naruto was intrigued. He that Tsunade was strong from how Jiraiya described her but smashing rock with one's bare hands? Only the most experienced of taijutsu masters could achieve that.

"Can you track the women?" Jiraiya asked, hopefully. That would make their job a lot easier.

"Fraid not." Naruto sighed. He saw no real need for learning any Inuzuka tracking skills from Kiba as he wouldn't need any of it for the chūnin exams. A line of thinking he was now kicking himself for. His chakra sensing from Karin might help, but the chakra was too small to properly read her. He honestly didn't think it was possible to cause such damage with such a small application of chakra.

"Great." Jiraiya sighed. "Well, I'm going for a drink."

"Wait, what about Orochimaru?" Naruto argued.

"Kid, unless Tsunade did some work on him, which I highly doubt." Jiraiya rebutted, walking off to the nearest bar. "The old man did far more damage to him than he could work with. Now come on brat, with any luck Tsunade will trying to drown out the snake's appearance too."

At night.

"Well damn." Jiraiya thought as a familiar wig of blonde hair caught his attention. He shook his head having a grin. "Tsunade-hime!" he called out, waving as he walked over towards the blonde woman.

"Jiraiya?!" Tsunade stammered, her red cheeks indicating severe intoxication. "What the-What are you doing here?!"

"I've been looking for you for forever," Jiraiya replied, walking toward the woman.

"So this is the goddess of medic-nin." Naruto thought as he gave Tsunade a once over, before two very large and round distractions caught his eye.

"Hey, kid!" Tsunade snapped as she noticed the teen ogling her chest. "What are you looking at?!"

Jiraiya paled, knowing from experience the beatdown his student was about to get. "Well, all I can do is pray for his safety-"

The toad sage's thoughts came to a crashing halt as Naruto glared at him, pointed at Tsunade and said: "Old lady my ass."

"...Naruto, you FILTHY TRAITOR-"


Shizune swallowed hard as she tried to understand the way today. She knew from experience that whenever her master won a bet, she would lose a lot more than money.

Tsunade's brother died the first one she won, her own uncle died the second time.

And yet, she didn't register why Tsunade was so on edge when she got a jackpot...that is until Orochimaru showed up, asking for his limbs to be healed in exchange for those who died to be revived.

She had no idea what on earth happened to the madman's arms, and being frankly, she couldn't care less. All she knew was the snake was full of shit and they'd surely regret agreeing.

Tsunade didn't say yes, but she hadn't said no either. And now they had a week to decide, or more likely a week before they force them.

And now Jiraiya had shown up as well...

"Jiraiya you old pervert," Tsunade growled. "What are you doing here?" she asked.

"Oh you know me, wandering around, doing checks on my network, I can't just stop for a drink and run into my old teammate?" Jiraiya asked, still grinning a bit despite the fist-shaped dent in his face.

Naruto snorted and ordered a bowl of ramen. They finally found the damn woman and he planned to have a victory meal.

"By the way," Tsunade snapped. "Who is the little perv with you?"

His face finally clearing of his sadness, Jiraiya let loose a sad, yet knowing smirk as he answered. "Uzumaki Naruto."

"The jinchūriki." Shizune and Tsunade both realized. Giving the now dining boy another once over, they noticed the whisker Mark's on the boy's cheek. With a stab in the heart, Tsunade also noticed a striking resemblance to Hibiki and Minato.

Jiraiya looked to Tsunade. "You, Tsunade Senju have been selected to become the 5th Hokage of the great village of Konoha."

Tsunade snorted and shook her head. "Hell no."

Naruto choked on his noodles as he heard that. Once he'd sufficiently beaten the meat down the correct pipe, he'd turned vehemently to Tsunade. "...No?" Naruto gaped incredulously. "What the hell do you mean no?!"

"I mean no," Tsunade repeated. "That job is only for a bunch of damned fools. Everyone that got that gambled their lives for the village, and not a single one won." Naruto clenched his hand tighter and gritted his teeth. "Even your own student, Minato, that fool died young for that fool's job."

Shizune blanched as Naruto's expression darkened, before shoving his plate of food violently to the side as he lunged over the table for the medic-nin.

The boy never reached her as Jiraiya caught the back of his sweater. Naruto was so furious that he was flailing his fists in a vain attempt to reach Tsunade, only just able to keep a lid on the Kyūbi's chakra. Tsunade had hardly flinched at the sudden aggression of the blonde, even as his eyes turned red. Whether this was intoxication or arrogance was anyone's guess

"Unhand me!" Naruto screamed, not noticing or caring about the attention his actions were getting.

"Not here, Naruto," Jiraiya said sternly. "And sit down."

"No!" Naruto roared, his body trembling in fury as he glared at Tsunade. "We've been looking all over for this bitch, and this is what I see when we meet her?! An arrogant cunt that talks shit about her own village heroes?! Fuck that! I won't forgive anyone who insults the old man or the Hokage!"

Shizune couldn't help but smile slightly at the boy's rant…in her honest opinion, Tsunade deserved to get chewed out. At least a little. Although her mild mirth went out the window as a cocky smirk formed on Tsunade's face as she glared right back at the boy.

"That sounds like some fighting words kid; if they are, you might want to reconsider. I could kick your ass with one finger!"

"Tsunade-sama!" Shizune cried, disbelief on her face.

Jiraiya sighed, he knew Tsunade was going to still be jaded from ninja life, but this was worse than he expected. Knowing a fight was all but inevitable now, he raised a hand. "Can we perhaps do this a little out of town? I mean, this could get messy."

Naruto glared at Tsunade as she stood on the plains, waiting for him to attack. If he was thinking straight, the boy wouldn't have taken the obvious bait Tsunade's taunts were. But so soon after the Third's death, Tsunade's cold insults hit harder than even she realized.

"Okay, brat. Make your move." Tsunade stated, her relaxed stance infuriating Naruto even more.

"Kyūbi, lend me a hand," Naruto growled.

The bijū himself chuckled as he lent chakra to the enraged boy, while he had no real attachment to any of the Hokage, and was calm to realize Naruto wouldn't win this fight, the thought of teaching Hashirama's spawn a lesson was quite enticing. After all, this battle would expose the woman to his enhanced pheromones. Even a medic-nin of her supposed caliber would have issues recovering quickly.

Tsunade and Shizune's eyes widened as markings and a reddish-purple cloak covered the blonde's body and an orange tail pops from his behind.

"What was that about one finger?" Naruto growled before charging.

"Okay, fine. I can't beat you with a finger." Tsunade admitted as she jumped out of the first swing before leaning down and grabbing the ground. "But you're still decades away from touching me." Before Naruto could make a rebuttal, the woman tore up a piece of ground and compressed it into a dense ball, before flicking it at Naruto with a boom of tearing air.

It hit Naruto's forehead and, while it didn't penetrate the cloak, still sent him sailing backward from the sheer momentum of the impact. A roar of alarmed pain resonated in his head before going silent. The cloak had turned off before he even hit the ground.

"Ugh..." Naruto groaned as he tried to process what the hell just happened. Only for an unwanted voice to explain.

"The Kyuubi won't help you," Naruto heard, through a lot of pain. "A brutal enough beating, and it backs down to its fox house. It will be stunned for hours. Jiraiya and I learned that fact personally training the last jinchūriki."

Tsunade sighed, almost disappointed. She had sent the brat a good distance with that attack. "Did you think I wouldn't be prepared to handle a jinchūriki after being teammates with Jiraiya? That dumbass clearly let his standards go when picking students."

Naruto glared defiantly at the busty blonde towering over him, focusing the last of the demon's chakra in his hand for one last attack.

If Tsunade was sober, she would've easily noticed this last-ditch move and put a stop to it. However, her drunk state was unable to register the attack and merely kept talking. "One more thing before you blackout. What makes you so touchy about that hat?"

Naruto growled viscerally as he looks Tsunade in the eye. "You said that being Hokage is a fool's job, right? Then it's a fool's job I'm working towards."

A chill went down Tsunade's spine as the familiar feeling he got from this kid spiked. "What?"

Smiling slightly, despite his aching body and pride, Naruto slowly drawled out, "Because Hokage is my dream."

It was as if she saw a ghost. Tsunade grew pale as images of Hibiki, Dan, and Minato flickered across the boy lying down in front of her. "Those words..." Tsunade thought. "They're so similar-"

"Tsunade!" Shizune cried out as she saw what was about to happen. "LOOK OUT!"

Snapping out of her stupor, she noticed a very familiar glowing ball of death formed in the brat's hand. "That jutsu!"

"HAHA!" Naruto roared, lunging for Tsunade with his first completed Rasengan. "Dodge this!"

Tsunade scowled as the Kyūbi powered Rasengan surged toward her, she immediately knew she couldn't dodge from this range. Who knew this kid would be able to attack so quickly after getting a hit like that, let alone know the Rasengan. "Too bad that still won't work." She thought, charging her pointer finger with chakra and slamming it into her opponent's attack.

"What?!" Naruto gaped, his attack visibly destabilizing before his eyes. "What the fuck?!"


Naruto yelped as he was blown back by an explosion of chakra before falling on his butt, completely spent. A quick look at Tsunade shown that her finger was noticeably burnt, but that damage was being healed before his eyes almost instantly. "How did you do that?!"

Tsunade scoffed, shaking her hand a little. "The Rasengan is essentially a giant three-dimensional flywheel of power. The constant motion not only held it together but generated a titanic amount of self-contained inertia that betrayed its size." She raised her finger, now glowing with chakra. "But that inertia was its weakness as well. Stop the flow, or disrupt the core with a strong enough single point attack, and the entire technique falls apart."

Despite her posture and smirk, Tsunade couldn't help but be impressed by the boy's last attack. To control the beast's chakra to such an extent and know the Rasengan were both great feats, but to form a Rasengan from demon chakra already dissipating from the body was something else. If Shizune hadn't warned her when she did, that trick could've done some serious damage.

Unfortunately for Naruto, Tsunade had no intention of revealing that tidbit to her opponent, so she continued to act as if she was unfazed. "Hey Jiraiya, did you teach this brat the Rasengan?"

"Of course I did." Jiraiya rebutted. "I'm his teacher aren't I?"

"A lot of good it did here." Tsunade snarked. "You of all people should know that copying the best doesn't make you the best. After that show, what reason do I have to think this kid could use the Rasengan as well as the 4th, let alone be Hokage?!"

Naruto scowled as Tsunade once again struck where it hurt. He was somewhat aware that most of his arsenal was from other people, but he honed those tricks as much as he could in the time he had. And he had quite literally just gotten the Rasengan down, so he couldn't just plan for something having a direct counter.

"Hey, Minato based his fighting style off the 2nd's Hiraishin, didn't he?" Jiraiya argued.

"Minato also completely remade the Hiraishin from the ground up." Tsunade shot back.

"That's some serious praise," Jiraiya replied with a smirk. "Especially from someone that called Minato an old fool 5 minutes ago."

Tsunade scowled as she realized she'd been duped. "Still. That proves nothing about his chances, doesn't it?"

Jiraiya smirk grew wider. A reckless plan was forming in his head. Naruto was already proving to have an effect on Tsunade if the tail end of this fight was any indication. Maybe a little more time with him could jumpstart her memories with Dan and Hibiki. "You're right there. It's not like he completed the jutsu."

Naruto frowned in confusion. "What are you talking about old man? You saw that Rasengan with eyes! It was done perfectly!"

Tsunade, on the other hand, glared at Jiraiya incredulously. Was the fool really thinking what she thought she was?

"The Rasengan as it is is an incredibly powerful jutsu," Jiraiya explained. "But Minato died before he could complete the 4th and final step. Adding an element."

Naruto blinked in realization. The Rasengan, at its base, was just raw chakra spinning and condensed. In theory, one could add an element to the jutsu with enough control over the element.

"And you think this kid can do what the 4th Hokage could not?" Tsunade scoffed.

"Yeah, I could!" Naruto roared, using all of his resolve to get up. "I got through the first 3 steps in a little over a week! This last part can't be that hard!"

Tsunade gave her smuggest smirk yet. "You want to bet on that?"

Naruto glared right back. "Sure I do. What are your terms."

Jiraiya did a mental jig as Tsunade explained. "If you can finish it in a week, I'll agree that the job of a Hokage isn't a fool's errand. I'll even throw in my necklace."

"Tsunade no!" Shizune gasped. "You don't mean that!"

"And why should I care about your jewelry?" Naruto stated flatly.

"You idiot." Jiraiya scoffed. "That jewelry belonged to the 1st Hokage and there's only one other like it. That one necklace is worth 3 gold mines and the mountains on top of them."

Naruto stilled at the huge amount of money the woman was gambling before scoffing. "I've already got money from my inheritance. You'll have to give me more than that."

Tsunade was somewhat thrown. She never worked up the nerve to gamble her necklace before. And now she has, and the brat didn't want it. "Well, what do you want then?" She asked.

"To sleep with you."

Silence rang out in the area before Tsunade and Shizune slowly turned toward Jiraiya with killing intent spilling off of them.

"He was like this when I got to him!" Jiraiya wailed in terror. "I didn't do anything to him!"

Tsunade scoffed disbelievingly before turning back to Naruto. "No. There is no way in hell I am shacking up with a kid young enough to be my grandson."

"Is it pedophilia if the kid instigates the sex?" Naruto asked questionably.

"YES!" Shizune snapped.

"Fine." Naruto sighed. He was ambitious and was quite used to things going his way after his deal with the Kyūbi, but he knew that Tsunade, even as addicted to gambling as Jiraiya explained, wasn't just going to stake her pussy on a bet out of nowhere. If she had, Jiraiya would almost certainly have been an actual father at this point.

Maybe he could get away with something smaller. "Okay, maybe you could suck me off. Your title implies you did that once or twice to avoid losing too much money on a bet."

Tsunade gave a flat stare. "Honey, I've been dealing with Jiraiya since I was your age. There is nothing you can say that would make me fuck you. Nothing."

"Nothing right now." Naruto stubbornly thought. "Once I'm Hokage, I'll find a way to tap that." He mentally sighs before piping up. "Well, could you teach me that super strength then at least?"

Tsunade actually mulls that over. "That takes a lot of chakra control you know."

Naruto smirks back. "So does the Rasengan. And I have more control over it than most genin in my class."

Tsunade extended a hand at this last statement. "Alright kid, you got yourself a deal."

Naruto reached out and grabbed the hand firmly. The handshake had set the bet.

In his hotel room, Naruto paced around the room. He didn't want to admit it, but he had an uphill battle at the moment. He had only gotten down the Rasengan one time, and now he had to do all of the steps of the normal Rasengan, plus adding elemental chakra the whole time. Despite this, he refused to falter. "I've been facing adversity since the day I was born. No jutsu will stop me, and that bitch won't either."

The first step was to pick an element to use. Remembering how Tsunade was able to pierce his Rasengan with her finger, he decided on Earth. "The force of the inertia already makes it hit like a truck. The added weight and durability would make it near impossible to stop."

A sudden knock on the door caught Naruto's attention. "Who is it?" He asked.

"It's me." Naruto was somewhat surprised to hear the voice of Tsunade's friend. Doing a quick chakra sense to see that Tsunade hadn't come with he decided to open the door. "What's this about?"

Shizune sighed, deciding to cut right to the chase. "We need to talk about Tsunade."

Naruto glared at the woman. "What about her?"

"I imagine that she didn't give you the greatest first impression," Shizune admitted. "But you need to know what you're getting into by trying to take that necklace. It's not just a rich trinket to be gambled and sold. It matters more to her than life itself. And it's the reason why she is the way she now."

Naruto folded her arms. "Well, now I'm just curious. What is about this necklace that made the woman into such a bitch?"

Shizune swallowed down a surge of rage at the statement. "Because everyone she loved died wearing it."

A chill went down Naruto's spine at that statement. "What?"

"The necklace is only safe on Tsunade. It won't accept anyone else." Shizuki intoned. "Because that cursed."