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"No ma'am I had my girls scan that area for days. There wasn't a trace of this elusive elite doll team."

"Then scan it again Commander Blair, what else could you possibly be having your hands tied up with?"

"It's not that ma'am it's, ah." Commander Eric Blair hunched forward in his office chair and furrowed his brow at the hologram staring back at him from atop his desk. GnK's second in command and his boss, Helianthus. Her gaze narrowed from behind her monocle as Blair continued.

"Ma'am progress has been slow in this area. The village doesn't seem to want anything to do with us and our maps are far from current. I'm operating blind here. There's a lot of ground to cover and it's not exactly like we have drone coverage-"

"Need I remind you that it was I who accepted your transfer to S09. This is your sector Commander, take charge of it." Helian adjusted her monocle. "Fewer excuses, more results. We need to find these dolls Commander Blair, they're vital to the war effort."

Blair sighed, he knew there was no arguing his way out of this. "Yes ma'am, I'll pick up the pace."

"Good, Helian out."

Upon watching the hologram disappear Blair buried his face in his hands. "Blast it all!"

"If you keep stressing yourself out like this your hair will turn just as gray as hers dear."

"How can I not be?" Blair removed his face from his hands and looked solemnly at his wife sitting atop his favorite leather couch. She examined her nails with delicate exposed legs folded as she continued to dutifully listen to her husband's lamenting.

"The team was formed to be infiltrators first, not bloody scouts!" Blair paused to take a sip from the piping hot tea glass atop his desk. "Now command loses some blasted elite doll team and it's our job to find them? What the bloody hell would they be doing out this way anyway?"

"We'll get through it-"

"We always do, yes yes I know." Blair waved a hand dismissively.

Satisfied, Blair's wife fixed her emerald green eyes onto his. "Then do, what more is there to say? We have our mission and we'll get it done."

"I suppose you're right."

"I always am." Blair's wife smiled. "Now then we had a new dossier come in this morning."

"Oh? A new join?" Blair tapped a few buttons on his desk and pulled up another hologram. He rubbed his blonde beard in ponderation for a few moments as he scrolled through various files until finally pulling up the notification. "Ah there, we are. For that missing spot yes?"

"Yes, for the Security Lead position." His wife responded matter of factly. "It's interesting…."

"Interesting, yes." Blair's voice trailed off as he squinted his eyes at the image of a few soldiers and their tactical dolls standing in front of a wrecked Russian tank. "Benjamin Hatch, what a delightfully English name." Blair paused. "That last name, it sounds familiar though."

Blair's wife groaned. "Did you read his middle name? It's Ukrainian dear."

"Oh, Mikhailovitch. I see I see. Ukrainian yanks are a rare breed." Blair focused his gaze as he scrolled down. "Fought in the great war? Not many of those lot still running around."

"Dear look at his service history."

"Well, I'll be damned, a doll coordinator, that'll do well here. Let's see... he fought here in Ukraine, and with special forces?" Blair zoomed in on an image attached to the dossier. Four Americans in heavy gear and some Ukrainian soldiers stood triumphant in front of a smoldering convoy Russian equipped. At the center of this group stood what looked to be a younger Hatch. Unlike the other Americans, he had taken his helmet off revealing his walnut-colored buzzcut.

He stared back at Blair, flanked on either side by the T-dolls he was in charge of coordinating. Blair was certain he could see smoke still pouring out of the heavy weapons they carried."

"Is he, on the way?"

"No, the Rossart official I spoke with said he'd likely make up his mind in short order though." Blair's wife folded her arms. "Who happened to be a general if that sets off any bells and whistles."

"Cor." Blair closed the hologram. "Well do keep me posted. I approve."

"Good." Suddenly, Blair's wife's eyes shimmered and she went ramrod straight. Someone was reaching her via Zener, a brief conversation as she was soon on her feet and making her way to the door.

"Well, Lee thinks they found something out near the village."

"Our wayward dolls?" Blair raised an eyebrow.

"Possibly, I'll link up with Hawkins or Doogan and get a bird up."

"Then I'll leave you to it, dear. Do give them hell squad leader Welrod."

"Flattering." Welrod provocatively angled her hips. "But flattery won't excuse that god awful thing on your face. Busy or not, do shave it off before I get back." She smirked. "Or I'll do it for you."

"Yes ma'am!" Blair did a mock salute as his wife took her leave. Alone with his thoughts, the commander spun his chair around and took a look outside. The sun was coming up high over the pine trees now.

"Benjamin Hatch….well, let's see what you got, old chap."


It had been a relatively quiet drive after Hatch and Lilah had left town. Outside of the vehicle stretched endless countryside and dense forests. Things were quieter out in these parts of Rossart, simpler. A rarity in a world of ever-expanding megacities and suburbs.

"So this GnK gig, you'd have to go away to Ukraine?"

"If I say yes, yeah." Hatch grumbled as he felt a delicate carbon fiber hand brush his arm.

"If you say yes? Please." Lilah scoffed and went back to looking out her window at the passing countryside. "Who do you think you're fooling?"

"What makes you so sure I've made my mind up?" Hatch raised an eyebrow as he rapped his fingers atop the steering wheel. "I've had my fair share of wars."

"Ben, don't go trying to fool me. You have that same look about you now as you did when you came into that bar years ago."

Hatch shook his head and gently rode the brake pedal as the vehicle coasted around a sharp turn in the road. He had driven down these roads for years and knew them like the back of his hand. That still didn't mean he'd take his chances. Meanwhile, Lilah continued to watch the scenery beyond with a sigh. "That same unhappy unfulfilled look. Face it sugar you haven't been happy in years you hate it here."

"The hell are you saying, this is my home-"

"That doesn't mean you're not happy. Hell, I think the only times I see you even remotely content are when you're piss drunk or fooling around with me." Lilah looked at Hatch, her irises shimmering a deep blue for but a moment. "And lord knows when that last was."

Hatch took a deep breath and blew some air out from between closed lips.

"Ben, you know I'm right and I don't understand why you won't just admit it. You never open up, you never tell me anything. It feels like I'm talking to a wall-"

"No I'm not happy Lilah, okay? I haven't been happy in fucking years." Hatch kept his eyes on the road and sighed. "I used to be something I used to, I don't fucking know, get shit done? I'm rotting away here and the money I'm making isn't helping my mom any."

"Ben." Lilah wrapped her arms around Hatch's bicep and leaned against him. "You still are something. I knew that from the moment I met you, but if you know what you're worth go and get what you're worth."

Hatch continued to drive in silence. Lilah was right, Crawford had dangled the proverbial carrot in front of Hatch. He knew what he wanted to do, the real question was, was he ready for it?

"There's a reason why Crawford had to drag me out of Glitch City." Hatch felt his mood dour. "I'm not that kind of man anymore."

"I think the suit you knocked out back in the bar would disagree and that ain't the first time you snapped neither. Then there's the shooting range behind the house, the arsenal you keep in that shed of yours-"

"Enough, I get it."

Lilah's eyes turned a scarlet red as her voice dimmed to a whisper. "Face it sugar. There's a fire still inside you, can't keep it bottled forever."

Hatch solemnly looked out his window and at the sloping countryside. Despite the itch, he'd still miss his home. "But my mom, the farm."

Lilah's eyes shifted back into their typical golden glow and her voice went back to normal. "I can help with that, I've been there plenty and you know how she is with me."

Hatch turned the wheel and guided the vehicle off the road and onto a dirt trail, home wasn't far now. "...I'll need time to think."

"You do that, until then." A playful smile grew on Lilah's artificial lips. "I'll be enjoying what time I still have with you."

After a few winding turns and some run-ins with the local wildlife Hatch and Lilah eventually emerged into a large clearing. At the center of this clearing, and illuminated by the light of the full moon above, sat an old white two-story ranch house.

Lilah whistled at the spectacle as Hatch reduced speed and slowly drove past an ancient maroon-colored barn. "I tell ya what, no matter how many times I come to visit she never loses her luster."

Hatch managed a weak chuckle. "Mom always said dad had an eye for locale. He put a lot of blood sweat and tears into making this farm work."

"Don't sell yourselves short now, you and your mom are the reason his hard work is still here today."

"Yeah." Hatch sighed and looked out his window at a fenced-in field. His mother was usually thorough about securing the animals before the sun went down, but it never hurt to check. "Even if the price of upkeep is driving us nuts."

"Speaking of being driven nuts." Lilah giggled and pointed out the front window. "Friend of yours in the way."

Hatch grimaced and slowly applied the brakes upon seeing what was sitting in the middle of the gravel path. There, and sitting on its hind quarters, was a large robotic canine. An Orthrus model tactical doll. Far superior to actual canines, yet without the same appeal, Orthus were typically found in the arsenals of the military and law enforcement alike. This one sat patiently, its metallic tail wagging with excitement. It cocked its angular armored head to the side as if expecting its master to come running out at any moment.

"This fucking bot, I swear." Hatch lowered his window and stuck his head out. "Buddy, c'mon I gotta park."

Hearing and seeing its master the doll got up and strut over to the side of the car before sticking its nose inside. It rumbled contently as Hatch pat its head and pointed back at the house.

"Yeah yeah I'm happy to see you too. Go wait by the porch, davay zaraz."

Reluctantly, the doll retracted its head and ran back to the porch to wait patiently once more.

An amused Lilah folded her arms and tsk'd. "I can't believe nobody's busted your balls over that thing. I thought private ownership of military-grade dolls was illegal."

"They just rolled that back, certain military-grade dolls technically fall under the Second Amendment."

"Well, how about that."

Hatch turned off the headlights as he parked his vehicle next to a large pickup truck. "Besides, Buddy kept me safe when I was in. I wasn't parting with him." Hatch killed the engine and on cue, both doors opened with the seat belts retracting by themselves.

"Go ahead and use the backdoor to the basement, I'll meet you down there." Hatch reached behind his seat and pulled the guitar out from atop a pile of empty cans. "And don't go touching my stuff."

"Okay, gives me time to slip into something a little more, comfortable for the occasion."

Hatch frowned at the now smiling Lilim. "I thought I told you to stop leaving your clothes behind."

"Then stop having me over so often.~" Lilah quickly planted a kiss on Hatch's cheek before getting out of the vehicle, leaving a now disgruntled Hatch to quietly do the same. Upon getting out of the vehicle Hatch was quickly greeted by his faithful robotic canine.

"Hey buddy, hey now." Hatch took a knee and ran his free hand over the doll's short-pointed audio receivers. "Being good? Better not be giving mom a hard time, little shit."

A low satisfied rumble echoed from within the Orthus's chassis as its eyes shined a brighter green. Hatch continued to pamper the doll right up to the point he noticed dark smudges splattered across its snout. "You been getting after rabbits again? Blyad, I told you to quit that shit."

Seeing the spectacle, Lilah chuckled. "C'mon now Ben. It's an assault doll of course it's going to want to hunt."

"Their cores are a little more flexible than the other models. They're supposed to be able to learn, like actual canines."

"If ya say so." Lilah shrugged and gestured to the other side of the house. "I'll be in the basement making myself comfortable."

"Yeah be there soon." Hatch got up and pointed at a large dog house nestled next to the house. "Alright bud, no indoors tonight. Don't need you staring at me while I handle some business."

This time a sad rumble echoed out from within the doll as it hung its head down.

"Oh no buddy, I'm not budging on this. Soon as she leaves you can come on back."

Another sad rumble, this time the doll pushed its snout against Hatch.

"Knock off it bud, c'mon you've been sleeping in my room for the last week. One night ain't gonna kill ya." Hatch pointed at the dog house. "Go on, mom turned on the heat too. Davay zaraz."

Sensing its master's unwavering decision, the Orthus grumbled once more before turning around to trot off to the doghouse, where it would squeeze itself inside and curl into a ball. Meanwhile, Hatch clicked his keyfob to close the car doors and then started the long walk of shame up the porch steps. He ran his calloused hand over the pristine white wood that served as a railing as he made his way up, each of his steps causing the floorboards beneath his boots to creak.

Typically there would have been a pack of Dinergates and Dogs to greet him at the door, but they had all long retreated into the house to retire for the night. Hatch creaked over towards the front door and depressed a series of buttons on a keypad mounted on a wall. The keypad issued a small chime and in seconds a loud clunk came from the door as the lock was unmagged. Hatch stepped inside and sighed in relief at the wave of warmth that washed over him.

Home sweet home, Hatch mag locked the door behind him and set the guitar down next to an old dresser.

"Mama, hey?" Hatch whispered as he slowly made his way through the dimly lit rustic living room. A few of the resting dogs and Dinergates, sensing their master's return, woke up from various places scattered throughout the room. Purple optical orbs and sniffing noses followed him as he quieted his steps.

A raised hand was all it took to prevent them from getting up.

From the other side of the living room, a dull light shone from where the kitchen was. Hatch's mother was particular about leaving lights on throughout the night, so the fact it was on meant only one thing.

Hatch entered the kitchen and grimaced. There, and passed out on the table, was his mother still in the sunflower dress she liked to wear. Ruslana Hatch, the hard-working matriarch of the Hatch family. Her arms were sprawled over the polished wooden top and near a half-empty bottle of vodka. A lingering tear under her right eye meant she hadn't passed out but so long ago. Seeing her this way depressed her son to no end and he quickly took a knee to pat his mother's back. "Mama? I'm home."

"Aleksander?" One of her eyes slowly opened, a light blue iris fixating on the still blurred image of her son. "Nyet, it's Mikhail." Hatch brushed a strand of his mothers almond colored hair out from her face. "Why are you drinking?"

"Why do you think I would do so?" Ruslana mumbled. "Why do you ask such a stupid question knowing Crawford was here earlier."

"Goddamnit, that old silver-tongued bastard. Mama, look I haven't even-"

"Quiet, you know I am no fool."

Hatch averted his gaze and fixated it on the tiled floor. Nobody could see through him like his mother could. "It's just an idea. We could use the money.."

"Money? No amount of money is worth my son's life. Twice the great war threatened to take away those I love. It did so once, luck stopped it from happening a second time." Ruslana slowly raised her head as she struggled to find the strength to sit upright.

"Now you threaten chance once more and for what? Tell me my son and you look at me when you utter such foolish things."

Hatch's gaze shifted back to his mother's eyes. Silence passed for a few moments between mother and son, the latter unsure of whether or not he had the courage to say the harsh truth.

"I was a fool for thinking I could keep you here. The war, Glitch City, I had hoped I could keep you away from the madness." Ruslana rubbed her forehead. "But I cannot, you're too much like your father."

"Mama it won't be like last time."

"And confident to the point of arrogance." Ruslana took a long anguished breath. "I am too tired to fight you this time. You will do what needs to be done."

Hatch stood up and raised his hands in protest. "But I haven't even-"

"Don't, just don't. Before you make the tears return. I wish to go to sleep and pretend this conversation never happened." With no small degree of effort, Ruslana slid her chair across the floor and slowly wobbled to her feet. "The couch will do fine tonight I think."

Hatch rushed to his mother's side and gently guided her back to the living room. As the pair entered the room, dog and Dinergate alike got up off the couch to seek rest elsewhere. They knew better than to get in the way of a drunken mama Hatch.

As Ruslana laid down to comfortable atop the couch, her son quickly fetched a wool blanket and draped it over his grief-stricken tired mother.

"Spasybi my miracle son." Ruslana mumbled as a smile spread across her lips, her eyelids feeling heavier as the alcohol took hold.

"Of course." Hatch took another knee and reached under the blanket to hold his mother's hands. " Look, I'm sorry. But what could I do mama? I tried to rationalize, tried to pretend I was above it."

Hatch hung his head in shame. "But If I can't lie to you, what chance do I have to lie to myself? I can't be here anymore. I need to go back, for the both of us."

Ruslana's grip tightened as a tear slid down her cheek. "For the both of us?"


"...Then you will go and I will stay right here waiting." The alcohol finally taking hold, Ruslana slurred her words as she passed out once more, leaving her guilty son to return her hand under the blanket.

"For the both of us." Hatch mumbled the rest of the phrase remorsefully. The damage done, Hatch got up and took his leave, looking over his shoulder only once before making his way to the basement.


"Well, that's not good."

Near the outskirts of a dense forest, a squad of T-dolls huddled around a wreck in stunned silence. Their leader had rappeled in off a Lynx helicopter only moments prior and upon seeing the wreck she too joined her squad in shared confusion.

"Lee, is that?"

"It is."

One of the other doll's cat ears perked up from under her watch cap. "What the bloody hell is it doin' out here?"

"Precisely what we thought when we saw the damn thing. But what's worse is this." One of the other dolls slung her bolt action rifle and picked up the drone to examine it with further scrutiny. She ran a gloved hand around its smooth angular purple optics package before finding a series of small jagged holes. "See? 5.56, last I checked there aren't any human forces in the area firing that caliber, and sure as hell not this accurately neither."

"No, not against a drone they're not, that minute of angle is too close." Welrod put a finger under her chin. "What's more concerning is why it's out here. Something has Sangvis Ferri's attention."

Another doll slung her carbine and reached behind her combat vest to pull out a card. She smiled mischievously as she held it out for all to see, a king of hearts. "Card says it's one of our wayward super special doll friends. Only logical thing innit?"

"For once you might be right MCX." Welrod closed her eyes and set up a call with base. "Dear, come in, it's squad Welrod."

Being an instant transmission it didn't take long for Blair's anticipation-filled voice to echo back over the Zener net. "Wels? What's the news?"

"Sangvis Ferri, we're looking at a downed drone."

Upon hearing the news, Blair's tone quickly turned dour almost panic-filled. "...No way, not out here. Maybe it's some old remnant whose AI malfunctioned-"

"Yes, via 5.56 correction." The mischievous doll from earlier interrupted as she returned the card to under her vest. "Helluva way to malfunction boss."

"It was shot?"

"Yes, and the shot pattern is consistent with that of a doll." Welrod answered matter of factly. "I do believe one of those special dolls command's looking for might be out this way. Sangvis Ferri would have no business here otherwise."

"Quite." Back at base Blair adjusted his tie in an attempt to compose himself. "Right, well. Despite the bad news, this is a good find, I'll let command know." Blair paused. "...Do be safe exfilling."

"We will, Welrod out." Welrod closed the transmission and opened another with the Lynx that had been in a holding pattern overhead. "Hawkins, squad Welrod. Ready for exfil."

"Copy, bringing her in." An equally British voice responded in kind as the distant sound of rotors grew closer.

"So, how about that, there might be a fuckin' fight for once." Another doll brandishing an old WW2 Bren Gun cracked her knuckles. "Finally, a chance to get some work done."

"Easy for you to say, some of us enjoy the idea of not being reset thank you very much." The other doll with the bolt action grimaced just as the jet-black Lynx zipped in over the trees. The rotor wash now drowning out verbal communication, she switched to the Zener network. "I just hope that doll's okay, the nights are cold and who knows how long it's been since she's been able to recharge."

"We'll find her." Welrod chimed in wordlessly as she led her team to now the landing helicopter. "New guy's in for a rough time if Sangvis Ferri comes showing up soon though."

The doll with the cat ears raised an eyebrow. "We're getting a new join?"

"Quite so, for the security position." Welrod responded matter of factly before wirelessly transferring the dossier to each member of her team. "I expect you to familiarize yourself with him now. He hasn't accepted the offer for employment yet, but we have it on good word he will."

"Cor, he's a scary lookin' one." The doll with the card grinned as she quickly scanned over the document. "You should let me handle him boss, I can give him a detailed tour." She looked at Lee mischievously. "Whaddya think Lee, just like your silly novels eh?"

The doll with the bolt action blushed. "Why I-the absolute gall! Have you no shame woman?"

"Oi, so you do fancy him huh?"

As the other two dolls began to bicker, the doll with the cat ears looked back at the file. "He doesn't look like he minds cats very much."

Welrod quickly intervened before the banter could continue. "Bin it, all of you. I raised a squad of proper British fighters, not hoodlums." She put a hand over her beret and slid the door open to the Lynx's troop bay. "Pile in, stow your kit and try not to make this trip home an unpleasant one.

The squad leader glanced back at the wrecked drone. "Something tells me we have a storm coming." In moments the doll squad loaded up into the helicopter, slid the door shut, and got as comfortable as they could for their ride back to uncertainty.


Across the room and under the dull glow of ever-shifting colors, Hatch continued to silently watch his television, whiskey in hand. Beside him Lilah's naked body clung to his, the Lilim having long put herself into sleep mode after their nightly bout. The physical activity had been strenuous and a part of Hatch longed to slide under the covers to hold her close, but he couldn't sleep.

He watched the television display visions of war back in Ukraine. GnK forces clashing with Rogue Sangvis Ferri T-dolls on battlefields he once fought in. So far away from the core territories, they were alone and without Rossart assistance.

Then Hatch saw the civilians, those once against caught up in the middle of it all as they were forced to flee from villages. Their hurt distraught faces, he had seen them before, and seeing them again angered him.

He took a sip from his whiskey and looked around his room. On shelves and dressers, memories of service surrounded him; old holo portraits of comrades long lost, trophies from the war, and old combat uniforms on hangers.

For someone who claimed to be so far removed from it all, Hatch secretly did his best to surround himself with the very things that reminded him of who he used to be. Feeling the pain from before coming back, Hatch took another sip and took a regretful glance at the nightstand near his bed.

There, and next to his handgun, a holo portrait of a lost love sat as a reminder of just how much his fake peace had cost him. How close he had once been, despite all the bad, to happiness.

She smiled back at him, wearing her favorite red dress and nestled in the arms of a younger Hatch clad in his White Knight armor. The couple both stood smiling atop a skyscraper and against a backdrop rainbow of neon lights from the city beyond. Despite all the filth located underneath it all, the city still looked as beautiful as ever.

He remembered when that photo was taken, the night right before things went wrong. Hatch gulped his whisky down and set it down atop the nightstand.

It was time for him to choose. Continue to live a lie, or embrace who he still was. Hatch looked at Lilah then back at the television. This time a distraught old woman sobbed at the camera as she spoke in Ukrainian. Hatch understood every word she was saying.

"Who will help us?"

At that moment, his decision was made for him. Sorrow turned to righteous anger as Hatch picked up a comms device next to the now empty whisky glass and dialed a few commands.

There was a brief waiting tone before the tired voice of Crawford accompanying the sound of rustled covers.

"Ben? It's late, is everything okay are you-"

"If I go, you promise me one thing." Hatch focused his gaze on the suffering being displayed on the television. "Under no condition are you to come for me."


"You are going to let me see this through to the end or when I feel I'm done."

"But Ben, I promised your dad." Crawford paused. "...I understand, okay okay."

"Good, I'll need a day or two to…." Hatch looked at the still sleeping Lilah. "Get things sorted out, mom and all."

"Got it, oh and Ben?"


"You won't regret this."

"We'll see, night Joe."

Hatch clicked the device off and returned it back to the nightstand before returning his attention to Lilah. Her grip on his arm had tightened.

Hatch sighed before getting down under the covers and holding the Lilim close, snuggling into the coldness emanating off her.


A T-doll lay motionless beneath a forest floor of leaves as she hid from her pursuer. High above her in the branches, a scout drone hummed as it flew between trees. Every so often it would stop and emit a blue cone of light from its optics suite as it scanned for signs of its quarry.

It had been like this for days, long periods of running with equally long periods of hiding. In truth, the doll was more than capable of taking down the drones, but doing so risked the possibility of her location being revealed. If a drone was destroyed its last known location would be relayed back to the enemy, a harsh lesson the doll had learned more than a few times.

The drone rotated in place for a few moments before turning off its scanner. As far as it was aware, its quarry was nowhere to be found. Its assignment completed the drone turned around and flew back from whence it came.

"Too close, clumsy."

The coast now clear, the T-doll got back up and slid into cover behind a nearby tree. She closed her eyes and tried to access the Zener network again. Nothing, just static and empty coordinates. The doll opened her eyes and sighed in defeat. How had it come to this? The mission had turned into a complete wash and now she was separated from her team. Faced with a superior enemy and too valuable to be captured, she had been given a chance to escape while they played distraction. Now she had no idea where she was or where the nearest GnK forces could be found. She was alone and for the first time, she felt uncertain.

"Star, SOP, M16." The doll clenched one of her fists with gritted teeth. "I'll get help, I'll make this right. I'm so sorry."

The doll looked up at the cloudy skies above. "But who will find me? Is that even possible, so far away?" Feeling the despair starting to creep up the doll quickly shook her head. "No, get a grip M4, remember what M16 said. You're an elite doll, the leader of AR team. You will find help you will find your team."

Her resolve returning, the doll shouldered her weapon and continued on her way to parts unknown.