Darkness. An endless void, just like before. Sesshomaru looked around the void he was floating in, his heart beating fast in his chest. He saw white letters floating in from of him, he moved closer.


Sesshomaru didn't think twice, and quickly reached for the glowing word. He felt like he was falling again, just like before. He looked down and saw the ground closing in, and, was that a bed?
Sesshomaru sat up with a startled scream. Panicking, he looked around with quickened breaths. He was back in his little house, sitting in his bed. The pain from before gone. What?

"Oh my god...oh thank god."

Inuyashas panicked voice came from the sky, his voice was strained. Had he been crying?

"The Creeper...What happened?"

"My screen went black after you hit the ground. There was no prompt to respawn you...and it stayed like that for a good minute. Oh god I thought you had..."

So he was crying...

Sesshomaru calmed himself down, and got out of his bed.

"I am sorry I worried you, but I am alright now. I will be more careful of those creatures from now on."

Sesshomaru began walking to the door, and went to grab his sword, when he paused.

"...My things are gone."

"Yeah. Your items drop when you die."

"So they are..."

"At the bottom of the ravine. Yes."

Sesshomaru cursed and Inuyasha gave a small laugh.

"We've all been there before. Hurry and go get them before they despawn."

Sesshomaru rushed out of the house, quickly made another pick and sword, and ran down the stairs to his mine. Being careful of monsters, he raced down his mine strip, into the cave and back to where the ravine was. There was a huge hole blown away from the edge, and Sesshomaru frowned. Dammed Creeper. He approached the edge, and saw his items floating at the bottom. No longer fearing death, he leapt down to a cliff below him, losing a heart doing so. Ow, that hurt. Ignoring the pain, he leapt down two more cliffs, and made a final leap to the ground. He had lost five hearts in total.

"That was reckless Sesshomaru..."

"It was, but it was faster."

He ran for his items, picking them all up with a loud pop. He took a moment to re organize his inventory, making sure everything was there. He then munched down on some pork to recover his health.

"I have re gathered my things."

"I see that, be more careful though, you took unneeded damage."

"Yes. But I cannot actually die."

"I don't care! Stop being reckless!"

Sesshomaru sighed and rolled his eyes. He placed down a torch, to get a better view of the area, and saw a familiar shimmer on the wall. Oh shit, that's right, diamonds! With a skip in his step, he ran over to the diamonds. He said an iron pickaxe, right? Sesshomaru raised his iron pick, and hearing no complaints from Inuyasha, began to mine the diamond. There were four ores in all. Lucky him. He held a diamond up in his hands and examined it. It was very shiny.

"I have obtained diamonds, what is my next goal?"

"Not enough diamonds, or enough iron for that matter."

Sesshomaru looked in his inventory, he had twenty four iron ore already. How was that not enough?

"How much do I need?"

"I want you to have at least three stacks of iron, and at least twenty nine diamonds."

Sesshomaru felt himself flinch as he gawked up at the sky.

"Tw-twenty nine? Three stacks? Why?"

"I want you to use iron for armor and tools from now on. Stone is crap, and you need twenty nine diamonds to have enough for all pieces of armor, a sword, and a pick."

"I...suppose that is fair. It should not take that long to gather enough materials."

"Nah, maybe an hour or two."


Sesshomaru quickly turned to face the new noise, and almost didn't move in time to dodge an incoming arrow. A white creature emerged from the dark edge of the cave. A Skeleton. It rose its bow and fired another arrow, Sesshomaru leapt out of the way again, and charged at the creature. He did away with it, only being hit once, and gathered up the bones it dropped. More rattling sounds echoed deeper in the cave, and he placed another torch down. Two more Skeletons rushed him. He dodged most of the attacks as he slew them both. He noticed that one of them had dropped a bow this time, and he picked it up. He inspected it, its durability was in the red, but he supposed it was good to use to practice his bow skills.

"I have secured a bow. Where do obtain arrows?"

"Uh..Sesshomaru...are you...feeling ok?"

Inuyashas worried voice confused him, yes he had taken some damage, and was rather sore at the moment. But it was nothing unusual.

"I am...fine? Why do you ask?"

"You uh...you have a...your head..."

Sesshomaru reached up to feel around his head, and his hand rested on an object, protruding from the side. His eyes widened. There was an arrow sticking out of his head.


"Does it hurt!?"


"Then why are you screaming!?"

"Because there is an ARROW in my head!"

"I know I see it!"

"What do I do!?"

"I don't know! They usually just...despawn after a while...try pulling it out?"

With shaken hands, Sesshomaru reached up, grabbed the arrow, and pulled as hard as he could. The arrow came right out, and fell to the ground. Huh, that didn't hurt at all. He brought his hand up, and felt the wound, but there wasn't one.

"No blood...interesting."

"Well yeah, this is a kid friendly game."

"Of course..."

Sesshomaru let out a shaken breath, and attempted to calm himself. He was fine. He gave his body a quick once over.

"Are there anymore?"

"Uuuh, yeah one more, back of your left shoulder."

Seshomaru quickly reached back and felt the protruding object, he yanked it out as well, and let it fall to the ground.

"Shall I explore this cave, or continue to strip mine?"

"I would actually go make a diamond pick. Grab a bucket of water, and come back."

"More water?"

"Yeah, lets see if we can find lava."

Sesshomaru paused for a moment.

"I thought I was trying to avoid lava?"

"Well yeah, you don't wanna just jump into it! If we dump water onto lava it will turn into obsidian."

"I see, and If I remember correctly, obsidian is needed for a portal to hell, correct?"


Sesshomaru made his was back up out of the cave, and returned to his crafting table. He threw his iron in the furnace, made a diamond pickaxe, and filled his bucket with water. He walked back over to the furnace, and waited. A loud yawn from the sky caught his attention.

"What time is it in the real world?"


"I've ben in here that long already?"


Another yawn, and Sesshomaru frowned.

"You require sleep."

"I do, but I'll be ok."

"How can you help me if you cannot keep your eyes open?"

"I don't want to leave you alone. Shippo and Akida fell asleep upstairs."

"We have already determined I cannot die for real. I do not need to be as careful as I was before."


"Just give me a list of tasks to complete, and go rest. I will manage on my own."

"Sesshomaru are you sure?"

"Positive. I will be alright on my own for a couple of hours."

"Ok...if your sure."

"I am. My tasks?"

"Hmm...Ok lets save obsidian for when I'm here. I guess gather more iron and diamonds, work on expanding the farm, find some sugar cane, and, OH! Wrangle up some cows, you need leather to make books. Cows will follow you if your holding wheat, and you can breed them by feeding them. Gather chickens too, you need feathers to make arrows, chickens like seeds...and I guess that's all for now. That should take you a couple of hours to do, and by that time I'll have gotten some sleep, and will be back."

"Understood, I will work on gathering the animals first."

"Alright...Sesshomaru...please be careful. I know you can't die for real, but still."

"I will. Now go rest."

"Alright...I'll be back soon."

A sound of muffled movement came from the sky, and the sound of footsteps walking away. Sesshomaru stood there for a moment by the furnace, it was suddenly very quiet. A deep feeling rose in the pit of his stomach as he looked around, he was alone now...really, truly, alone.