Sesshomaru felt like an idiot. He was a great demon lord, who once ruled all of the western lands! Yet here he was, holding out seeds, as he beckoned a group of four chickens to follow him.

"Here chicky chicky...come on, thiiiis way..."

Inuyasha would be laughing at him if he saw him right now. He slowly lead them back to his home, where he had figured out how to make fences and a gate, and made a seven by seven containment area for the animals. He opened the gate and lead them inside, where he had also gathered two cows, and bred them to make a baby. He fed the four chickens seeds, and ran for the gate, closing it behind him. Task two complete, acquire animals. Sesshomaru had already harvested wheat from the farm, and slightly expanded it. Next on his to do list, was to find sugar cane.

"Now...where the hell do I find sugar cane?"

He flipped though his crafting book, and found no hints what so ever, so looks like he was on his own. The sun began to set, so he hopped into bed. He awoke feeling very rested, and walked outside. He looked around, picked a direction, and sporting a brand new iron sword, began his quest. As he adventured, he made sure to walk in a straight line, so he wouldn't get lost. he came across a mountain, which he climbed his way up. As he climbed, he spotted something green and shiny on the side of the mountain in the stone. A new ore? He mined it with gusto. Emerald. Interesting. He stashed it away in his inventory and continued forward. Finally reaching the top, he took a good look around the area.

"I don't see anything that looks like sugar cane...wait."

Down on the other side of the mountain, across a river, he spotted what defiantly looked like sugar cane. Two of them to boot. With a slight grin, he started his decent down the mountain. He stopped when he came to the river. Several questions popped into his head. Can he swim in this game? Water wasn't an insta death was it? He tenably lowered himself one block deep into the water, and nothing happened. He went to continue forward, when something big and black in the water made him leap back to dry land. A large creature, with huge tentacles, and a gaping mouth, was swimming around in the water.

"Inuyasha, what is tha...right..."

Inuyasha was upstairs asleep right now, Sesshomaru was on his own. He stared at the creature as it swam. What was it? Was it aggressive? Can you even do battle in the water? It tentacles flailed around, and he was ever so slightly, reminded of Naraku. He narrowed his eyes. This creature would die. He rose his sword, and leapt into the water. He swam close to the creature, and began hacking at it with his sword. It died surprisingly quick, and dropped a small sack. There was no way in hell Sesshomaru was going to touch that. He pulled himself out of the other side of the river, his clothes sopping wet. Great. He went over to what he hopped was sugar cane, and cut it down with his sword. YES! It was indeed sugar cane! He stored it away in his inventory, and turned to head back to his home. Task three complete.

"Now all that's left is to find more iron and diamonds."

He had almost not made it back in time for sunset, and once again slept in his bed. The sun rose again, and he headed down to his mine. He took it upon himself to ditch all his stone tools, and replace them with iron, as Inuyasha had asked him to do. He had also brought five iron picks with him, as well as his diamond one. That should hold him for a while, right? He closed off his old tunnel, and started a new one three blocks away, as Inuyasha had also told him to do. He started to dig, and dig, and dig. By the time he had to reload on iron picks, he had found eight more dimonds, and fifty seven iron ore, as well as a shit load of coal. He also found a bunch of something called, lapis, and Redstone. He dumped all of it into his chest, and made five more iron pickaxes, before smelting the rest of his iron.

"I wonder how long its been..."

Sesshomaru hopped Inuyasha would come back soon, he wanted to progress faster, to beat the Dragon, and return back to the real world. He missed his own bed, his own room. The sun began to set again, and he decided, he would progress himself. Inuyasha said he needed to make obsidian from pouring water onto lava, right? Sesshomaru would search for lava in the morning, and gather obsidian. Inuyasha will be so proud of me! He blanched form his own thoughts, why would he care if Inuyasha was proud of him? He hopped into bed, and morning came quick. He decided if he was going to explore a cave, he finally needed armor. He figured out how to make armor easily enough, and downed a set of iron, excluding the helm. Sesshomaru was never one for helmets.

"Alright, lets do this!"

Sesshomaru rushed back to the mine, and re opened the path that lead to the cave. With plenty of torches in hand, he began to explore it with extreme gusto. He did way with the Zombies, Skeletons, and Spiders that blocked his path, moving deeper and deeper into the cave. Finally, a strange popping sound and faint glow, caught his attention. He rounded a corner, and saw a small lava lake in the ground. His eyes gleamed. Staring into the lava before him, and making sure there were no creepers behind him, he grabbed his water bucket. He held it over the lava, and dumped it out. One block of water formed, and water gushed from it, sending him backwards in its wake, as well as covering up the lava, turning it to a dark purpleish black block. Obsidian. He tried to wade through the water, but found the task to be difficult. Maybe he could scoop the water back up? He tried, and was surprised when the water went back into his bucket, the rest of the water vaporizing into the ground.

"Ah yes, game logic."

He leapt down to the obsidian, and, remembering he needed a diamond pick, began to mine the obsidian. He mined the one block...and mined it...and mined. The hell...why is it taking so long. It finally dropped, and he grabbed it with a pop. He looked down at the rest of the obsidian and his shoulders slumped. This is gonna suck. It took, for fucking ever, to mine the rest of it, but he did. Twenty two pieces. He hopped that was enough for the portal. On the bright side, it hadn't even put a dent into his diamond pick. He returned back to his house, and dumped the obsidian into his chest.

"Now that, that's done, I guess I just need to strip mine."

Sesshomaru had to admit, mining was sort of relaxing. It was no wonder Inuyasha enjoyed this game so much.

'woof woof'

Sesshomaru spun around. There, at his feet, was a white dog, starring up at him. He had his sword at the ready as he watched it. It didn't seem to be aggressive. It barked again, and Sesshomaru lowered his weapon.

"Hey there buddy."

He leaned down to pet it, and it made no move to bite him. Sesshomaru rubbed his ears with both hands, and scratched him under his chin, the dog wagged its tail and barked again.

"Aww, aren't you a good boy? You wanna bone?"

Sesshomaru grabbed a bone from his inventory that he'd gotten from a Skeleton, and held it out for the dog. The dog grabbed it and ate it in one gulp, and Sesshomaru laughed and pet it again. Only this time, his hands ran over a brand new collar that had magically appeared on the dog.

"Huh, you have a collar now? Interesting."

He pet the dog some more, before deciding it was time to get back to work. He started heading back to the mine, when the patter of feet made him turn. The dog was following him. Oh. He walked a few more steps, and so did the dog. It looked up at him with big cute puppy eyes.

"I guess, I have a pet now... What do you say boy? You want to come with me?"


"Lets go then."

Sesshomaru headed down into the mine, and his new doggie friend followed right behind him. Sesshomru knew the dog wasn't actually real, but still, at least he didn't feel so alone now.