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Amane is about 3 and Ryou is about 5. And don't forget, in chibi-speak r's and l's become w's, with the occasional k turned into a t.


Otou-san - father

Daijoubu - Are you alright/I'm alright. It can be used as a question or as a statement. Kinda like "├ža va" in French . . but I'm rambling ^^

Arigato - thank you. When I used it, it was changed into chibi-speak to read 'awigato'

Oyasumi - good night. I think that's the right spelling . . . if not, please correct me!


Only For A Sibling

Soft footsteps went down the hallway. Breaths, though they were trying to be controlled, accelerated in fear. The shadow loomed tall, dancing wraith- like with the other specters of the night.

There was a creak, a jump, and a startled shriek, stifled but still high- pitched in hysteria. Emerald eyes darted around, searching for an unseen nightmare stalker.

"Pwease. . . go away . . . ."

Amane wanted desperately to run down the hall to her destination, but entering the dark room was even more taboo than standing still and frozen amidst the fears, as taboo as turning around to go back before completing her quest.

Summoning up her courage, step by agonizing step, she crept down the hallway once more.

She approached the doorway, pushing the half-open door all the way, revealing a little more illumination to the once pitch dark room. Afraid to enter, she whimpered softly. "Daddy?"

Amane had no choice now but to go forth into the darkness and wake him up.

Slowly, she crawled up onto the big bed, ready to pounce. However, there was no one there. Emerald eyes went wide. "Daddy?"

She slipped down, checking under the bed. "Daddy?"

The nightmare was forgotten as a horrible realization hit her.

"Daddy weft me. . . . he's gone jus' wike Mommy . . ."

The only person left now was-


Forgetting all her previous fears and dismissing all taboos, Amane ran with all haste to her brother's room. Going as fast as her short legs could carry her, she prayed to kami-sama that he was still there.

She stopped in the doorway, eyes frantically searching her brother's bed in the glow of the night-light.

It was empty.

Amane clapped her small hands to her mouth. "Wyou. . . ."

"Ow . . ."

A small, silver-haired head lifted off the ground as Ryou sat up from where he'd fallen, tumbled out of bed at Amane's panicked yell.

She gasped. "Wyou!"

She hurried over to his side and threw her arms around his neck, promptly beginning to hug the life out of the poor boy in her relief.

"Wha. . . ." Ryou dazedly blinked heavy, sleep-filled chocolate eyes.

"You'we awake! You'we awive! You didn't weave wike Mommy and Daddy!" Amane cried out joyfully.

It was the last part that caught his attention.

"Daddy's gone?"

"Uh huh," she replied tearfully.

Ryou gave his little sister a hug. "Aw, he's pwobably just out fow a midnight snack. He'ww be back, you'ww see," he comforted reassuringly.

She sniffed. "Otay. . . ."

"You wanna go back to bed now?" Ryou asked, trying to be helpful in his otou-san's absence.

"No!" Amane yelped, eyes growing wide again. "Thewe's scawy nightmare shadows in my woom! I wanna wait fow Daddy to come home. He'ww get wid of aww the bad things!"

Ryou pouted slightly that his presence wasn't enough to dispel her fears, but consented to her wishes anyway.

"We can go downstairs an' tuwn on the wights, if you wike."

"Otay!" Amane acquiesced, grabbing his hand and smiling trustingly up at him. It made Ryou's little heart melt.

As big brother, he dutifully opted to creep into the open darkness of the hall first, wielding a flashlight in a somewhat threatening manner. [Can Ryou be threatening? Aww, kawaii! He's trying to be tough and brave for Amane ^^ ]

He made it to the stairs without mishap, and peeked over the railing. He started down the steps, all the while checking to make sure nothing was lurking in the darkness below, but halfway down he slipped.

Ryou tumbled heels over head down the remaining stairs, crumpling to a small heap at the bottom.

"Wyou! Daijoubu?!"

Dizzily, Ryou raised himself to a half-sitting position. Amane's face shone pale in the darkness, emerald eyes glowing with worry.

"Daijoubu, 'Mane-chan," he called, before falling back to the floor.

She followed swiftly down the steps and kneeled beside her fallen brother. "How many fingews 'm I howding up?" she asked urgently, shoving her hand in his face.

"Ummm . . . thwee . . .?"

"Weww, how shouwd I know, I can't count!" Amane complained, putting her hands on her hips.

Ryou pushed himself all the way up to his feet, swaying slightly from dizziness, but otherwise fine. Going over to the wall, he reached up on his tiptoes and flicked on the light.

"Can we go into the kitchen, Wyou? I need a dwink, I'm thiwsty." ["I need a nee!" O.o wait, that's MY little sister's chibi-speak for 'I need a drink.']

"Suwe!" Ryou chirped, entering said room and turning on the switch in there. Warm light flooded the tiles, welcoming the two journeying into its oasis. "What do you want?"

"Miwk, pwease," Amane ordered, sitting at the table as if in a restaurant.

Ryou grabbed the heavy milk jug, plopping it onto the table, then went to grab a cup out of the drawer.

He twisted the cap off, then lifted the container.

"'Mane-chan, wiww you hewp me pouw?"

"Otay!" Her small hands reached out to steady it so Ryou wouldn't spill. "That's 'nough, stop now." She helped him set it back down, then stood up on her chair and leaned forward to give him a kiss on the cheek.


Blushing softly, feeling very good and responsible and warm inside, Ryou fumbled to put the cap back on the milk before hefting it up once more to place it back into the refrigerator.

Amane sipped her milk and giggled quietly to herself as she watched him trying to be very grown-up. She was glad he hadn't disappeared too.

Ryou, yawning slightly, went back into the living room and pulled a blanket off its rack. Wrapping it around himself like a cape, he plopped down into an armchair and began to snuggle into the cloth.

Amane followed him, depositing herself into his lap - or at least, where she thought his lap was, it was hard to tell under the blanket folds.

She tilted her head back to face him and blinked her large, innocent, emerald eyes. "Wiww you pway a game wiv me?"

Ryou shook his head. "No, 'Mane-chan, we should be sweeping."

She pouted slightly. "Pwease, Wyou, my favowitest bwothew in the whowe wide worwd?"

He shook his head again. "No, I'm tiwed."

Amane jumped off his lap. "I'ww do whatevew I want!" With that, she stomped off into the kitchen.

Ryou slowly counted to five, and when she didn't come back, he had an idea.

He picked up a phone and began speaking loudly.

"Hewwo, Daddy? It's me, Wyou. 'Mane-chan won't wisten to me. . . ."

Amane, sulking in the kitchen, heard him and ran to grab her own phone.

"Daddy, Daddy, it's me! Whewe awe you?! Wyou's not a good daddy, an' I want you!" She paused to take a breath, and heard the unmistakable sound of the dial tone, definitely not the sound of otou-san's voice.

Dropping the phone, she ran back into the living room, where Ryou stood holding a phone with the faintly guilty and bewildered look of one caught in the act.

"You didn't caww Daddy! Wiaw! (Liar) Waiw! You wied!" Twin emerald orbs bored into him with a serious look to match her flat tone as she continued. "You'we goin' to Heww."

. . .


*blink blink*

"I saw it on TV," Amane said by way of explanation. Ryou's mouth formed a little o, as round as his wide chocolate eyes.

Amane yawned widely, then purloined Ryou's blanket and curled up on the sofa. He grabbed a new one and followed suit.

"Oyasumi, 'Mane-chan," he said softly.

Amane murmured sleepily, "Oyasumi, Wyou. An' I'm sowwy you'we goin' to Heww."


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