Title: Lies

Author: Cheryl W.

Disclaimer: I don't own The Lord of the Rings or anything in conjunction with The Lord of the Rings nor am I making a profit from this story. No copyright infringement is intended.

This is my first attempt at Lord of the Rings fan fiction and I'ld love some feedback.

I grew up trying to prove a lie was truth. But my three years with the Rangers has harshly taught me my folly. I am no elf's equal. No Man is invulnerable to illness, resilient to injuries or oblivious to the passage of time. The truth of man's frailty, of my frailty, has been seared into my soul. I no longer believe my own lie.

But now I sit here, surrounded by the beauty that is Rivendell and I tell that old lie again. I tell my father and brothers and Legolas that I am well, that I have come to no harm whilst I was roaming the north with the rangers these past three years. The lie slips easily, naturally past my tongue. For lying to the elves that love me best was always a common practice with me when I had suffered an injury. But back then I thought myself resilient to injuries and even death and thought their worries misplaced and their warnings unnecessary.

I wonder at the reactions my elven family and friend would have to the many injuries and scars that now decorate my body. The frailty they have always suspected would certainly be uncovered. And to a degree that they knew not to even hazard. But then again, nor did I.

Man is but a fragile existence. I have known strong men, brave and resilient men. And those same men I have seen fall in battle and not rise. And others I have seen weakened forever by injuries that, to an elf, would merely be a day's discomfort. But it is the destruction that an illness can wrack upon the human body that I find most disconcerting. It comes without warning and seemingly without cause and it can steal a human's life within a blinking of an eye.

No, the elves that sit beside me now know nothing of the true frailty of man...of me. If they did, I doubt I would be permitted to venture outside the house, let alone return to the ranger's life I have chosen.

So I leave my frailty unmasked. For all the years they have protected me, it is only right that I now offer them protection ...even if that protection is in the form of a lie designed to conceal from them the truth that they could not bear.