Hi! This is kind of based of a fic called 'Dragon Master'. I really disliked it. First reason, Lance died. FOUR times. The second reason is that the character was a blatant SI, who got all the power, all the girls, and all the fame. The third is that Ash went insane. The fourth is that the character was so blatantly copying the true Dragon master/League Champion that it's just not funny at all. The fifth is that Claire was evil, and Lance was evil, apparently only their SI is the only one who can be honorable and possess dragon mastery, and that really pissed me off. The sixth reason is that Lance and all the people on his side got their butts kicked even when they were fighting against elements they were strong against (Example, Dark to psychic and Fire to bug. Grr). And the seventh reason is that the story was so annoyingly romantic in a Misty fashion that I nearly died from saccharine overdose. If you liked Dragon Master, you'd better not read this fic…

Shadow takes a deep, long breath and calms down. Finally, she pulls several items out of her pockets. Then, she disappears into her computer and starts creating a fic…

Disclaimer: Whatever tipped you off to the fact that I don't own pokemon? Oh yeah, and Bob Shepard is mine, but some of the pokemon aren't… just warning you! Hmm… oh yeah, Destiny is mine, Lance's real form is mine, the new pokemon and attacks are mine…

Pairings: Um… Misty/Bob Shepard, and Championshippy (Ash/Lance) Oh, and yes, Lance is a girl. Hehehe… *Guillotines anonymous reviewer who sent me a flame that Lance was a guy even though I explicitly stated in my fic why I made Lance a girl*

Ages: Bob is 19, Ash is still 16, Misty is still 17, and Lance is still 21…

Notes: indicates telepathy,  ** indicates thoughts, italics indicates poke speech. Timeline is six months after 'Dragon's Silence'. Oh, and I refer to Lance by the incorrect gender sometimes, because nobody but Ash and her pokemon know she's a girl.

Oh yeah, this is also the sequel to 'Dragon's Silence'. Ranma bugged me, so…

Prologue: So now we have to save the world…

            "Dragonite, Hyper Beam!" Lance called. Her spiked blonde hair billowed softly in the wind as her dragon pokemon readied its attack.

            "Puff, use Outrage!" Her adopted brother, Bob shouted in desperation. Puff was his last remaining pokemon, his starter pokemon, who was also a Dragonite. But even a Dragonite would take a lot of damage from a hyper beam, and the rest of his team (Aerodactyl, Gyrados, Seadra, Dragonite, Dragonite) was already out due to Lance's two Dragonair and Gyrados.

            "No use." Lance said softly. Her eyes turned pure silver for a second as Dragonite fired off its attack. At point-blank range, the attack crashed into Puff and it collapsed.

            "Oh no! Puff!" Bob shouted as he ran down into the stadium.

            "And the green trainer's last pokemon is out!" The announcer called. "Bob is unable to battle!"

            The stadium burst into applause. Lance smiled at the crowds, before teleporting into the stadium and landing on Dragonite's head. Ash dashed out of the stands and glomped the trainer, who sighed. Ash, we're kind of in public…

            "Great job, Dragonite!"
            Dragonite smirked as her eyes twinkled. Do you think I would fail you?

            Of course not. Lance said.

            "You did great, Lance-chan!" Ash said. He let go.

            "Well, I have to block all the challengers so you don't have to work too hard as League Champ, don't I?" Lance asked.

            Bob looked sadly at his fallen pokemon. "I was so close…" He whispered in anger.

            "Well, you did pretty well." Lance offered.

            Bob stood up angrily. "It's not fair! I've trained as much as you have! But you've always turned out better! What do you have that I don't? How can a Dragonair beat a Dragonite?!"

            Lance shrugged as she recalled her pokemon.

            Bob turned to Ash. "And how come you could beat him but I couldn't?"

            Ash shrugged also. Bob seethed. Sooner or later, he would get to the bottom of this!

Lance and Ash's room…

            "You have a brother? And you never told me? But I don't remember you having one…"

            "He's adopted." Lance said. "My mom apparently decided that she didn't want a girl, so she went and got a boy. Of course, I still had the illusion, so he thought I was a boy. And my mom didn't mind keeping it from him."

            "I'm confused." Ash said.

            "Don't worry." Lance said. Her silver eyes sparkled mysteriously. "At least you don't have to fight him, right?"

            "What I want to know, is; how did he get that many dragon pokemon?"

            "You have pretty many too." Lance offered.

            Ash nodded and patted his poke belt. "Yes, I know. All of my old ones crossed time-space or were reincarnated and came back. But still…"

            "Don't worry." Lance said. "I'll protect you."

            Ash blushed pink. "I don't need protection."
            "Oh?" Lance's eyes flashed and the next thing Ash knew, he was on the bed with Lance leaning over him. Ash sweatdropped. *Eep! *

Bob's hotel room…

            Bob slammed a fist into the wall in frustration. "Damn it! Every time, he's beaten me. Why? This isn't fair!" His rejuvenated Dragonite, Puff, snuggled against its trainers shoulders to calm him down.

            Well, he has been the leader of the Elite four for many years.

            "That's not what I meant, Puff! Even when we were kids, he always had this way with pokemon that nobody else did! Like it was freaky! Once, I even saw him glowing with gold light!"

            That might be the Viridian variant. Every few years, a child is born in the viridian forest possessing mysterious powers…

            "Puff, I know for a fact that Lance was born in Saffron hospital. My mom wouldn't lie to me."

            Then perhaps he has attained pokemon mastery.

            "What's that? It sounds interesting." Bob said, intrigued.

            Legends tell of trainers so closely bonded to their pokemon that they are soul-bonded, possess the powers of their pokemon/element, and have other mysterious powers. Very few, if any trainers actually reach this level…

            Bob brightened up. "Puff, that's a great idea! I'm going to become a dragon master! Then, I'll be able to take on Lance!"

            Puff nodded.

Misty's room…

            Misty growled. "I was hoping that Bob would beat Lance."

            You dislike him very much. Staryu observed.

            "He stole Ash away from me! Of course I hate him! And since Brock died in a landslide two months ago, I'm single again. And Bob is pretty cute-looking too."

            Whatever you say. Staryu said.

The next day…

            "Ring, ring!"

            Lance woke up and picked up the videophone. "Yes?" She asked in an extremely annoyed tone of voice.

            "Lance! You have to help me!" Professor Oak's frantic face appeared on the screen. Lance yawned.

            "This had better be good."

            "It is! Call all the masters and meet me at my lab ASAP!"

            Lance sighed. She woke Ash up, sent out a telepathic call to all the other gym leaders and Elite four members, and soon, they were all gathered at Oak's lab. * I hope Oak didn't notice my cute Dratini pajamas… *

            "I'm sorry for calling you all here on such short notice, but this is vital." Professor Oak said. In his lab, under a glass case, lay a red poke ball.

            "This is why you called us here?" Karen asked. * Will and I were just enjoying each other's company for once without interruption! *

            Professor Oak favored her with a glare. "Yes. Can anyone read the inscription?"

            Ash adjusted his hat and peeked in. "Actually, yeah. I think it says… Once, pokemon and humans were all united together and lived happily. However, discontent arose as the humans began using their clout and ferocity to destroy the pokemon. One by one, species began disappearing. The rest were kept as trained pets or scientific units. (Not subjects, Stats class says that unless they're human they're experimental units) From the hatred and fear of the pokemon arose a dark spirit, one that can only be tamed by those who have seen both sides and can soothe its soul."

            "Very good Ash. Since most of you are masters, that makes you perfect candidates for this daunting task."

            "Well, let me try." Will said. He levitated over to the ball and placed his hands on it. However, a second later, he was writhing in agony on the floor. Sabrina quickly rushed over.

            "Will, are you all right?"

            "I'll live." Will moaned. "But I'd advise the rest of you not to try that."
            "Why don't we just smash it to bits?" Bruno asked as he walked over and slammed a rocky fist into it. But his attempts were no better.

            Ash sighed. "You're doing this all wrong." He walked over and began humming softly. The ball stopped glowing furiously and instead quieted down enough for Ash to pick it up without any injury."

            "That's amazing!" Oak said in disbelief. "Well then, I guess you'll be one of the masters who has to take the ball up the slopes of Mount Moon and dispose of it, or tame it at least."

            "I'm going!" Misty piped up. Ash shot a glare at her, but when he tossed the poke ball to her, she wasn't burned either.  

            "Well, I'm going." Lance said. "Somebody has to represent the Elite Four."

            "That leaves one slot." Oak said.

            The assembled masters conferred together for a while, before they all lined up to try. But as each walked by, the poke ball would flare angrily.

            Sabrina looked confused. Surely there must be one other? Where is she?

            "She?" Professor Oak. "Oh, yes. This has to be a balanced team, two boys and two girls. So we'd better place an ad for female trainers."

            Lance sweatdropped. At least her disguise was good.

            "Hey, why don't we take it back to the Plateau with us?" Ash asked. "I'm sure there are lots of good trainers there who wouldn't mind trying."
            "Great idea, Ash!" Oak said. Soon, they headed back to the plateau with the poke ball.

            "I wonder who the fourth is?" Lance asked as they walked through the halls. Just then, Bob walked by and crashed into Lance. The poke ball went flying and Bob caught it. However, what Ash noticed was that it wasn't glowing an angry red.

            "Owowowow!" Lance said, rubbing his head.

            "Lance? We've found the fourth."
            Lance looked up and saw Bob. His eyes widened for a split second, before resignation set in.

            "Okay, you can call Oak now. We'd better start packing." Then, Lance left in a swirl of black fabric, leaving a confused Bob and a shocked Ash behind.

End part 1! Thanks to Ranma! *Smiles*

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