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Chapter 6: Repercussions

            You have failed.

            Bob looked around as he finally regained consciousness. "What?"

            You have failed my test of mastery.

            "THAT STUPID MAZE?!" Bob shrieked.


            "Why… you!" Bob angrily released all of his dragon pokemon. "All of you, use Blizzard!"

            Lugia immediately put up a clear shield around himself.

            Seadra fell almost immediately to a Thunderbolt, as did Gyarados. But his 3 weary Dragonites fought on.

            Fool. Lugia sent. My Chosen!

            There was a shimmer of light and Lance appeared, dressed in silver armor over flowing ice-blue robes. She bowed to Lugia.

            Destroy him.

            "As you wish."


            "It looks like Lugia's made his move." Ash said, as Lance disappeared.

            "What is going on?!" Misty demanded angrily.

            "Lugia's Chosen has been summoned… wonder what's going on." Ash said, as he pulled out his yellow compact. "Oh."

            Misty grabbed it from him. "BOB!"

            Bob stared as a staff appeared in Lance's hands.

            "With the moonlight I will destroy you again." Lance said quite calmly.

            "… DRAGONITES! ATTACK!"

            Lance simply went incorporeal through the three Hyper Beams, before a powered up Blizzard knocked them all out.

            Bob shuddered.

            "That wasn't very fair… I'll have to use my own pokemon." Lance said. She pulled out a card and flipped it into the air. "Magneton! Lock-on!"

            Bob froze, and tried to run. However, he didn't give very far before a Zap Cannon smashed into him.

            So he dropped to the floor paralyzed.

            "AHHHH! BOB!" Misty screamed, peering into the compact.

            Ash didn't say anything. But as Misty turned around to look, she found herself tangled in a net of electricity.

            Ash chuckled, managing to sound sinister somehow. "You lose."

            "I'm not letting you interfere in this judgment."

            "Finish." Lance said, as her staff shifted into a silver hilted sword with a blade of ice and she drove it through Bob's heart. "And so the saga finally ends."

            Bob would have said something dramatic, but he died a quiet death instead.

            You did well, my Chosen.

            Yes. I chose to kill not seal this time. Lance said, a dark light flickering in her eyes. It's safer that way.

            She pulled out a handful of dark blue ribbons and wove them into a complicated net, which settled itself over Bob's dead features.

            "That should hold him for a few more centuries."

            Lugia nodded in approval. I do wish Serebii would get it through her thick head that you two are meant to be.

            As do I. But at least, it works out fairly well.

            Well, that stubborn guardian sure is a pain.

            Too bad she's so powerful. Lance rejoined.

            Lugia sent a mental hug to his Chosen, and then Lance spread her sharp steel wings and flew back to Mount Moon.

            "One down."

            Ash smiled as he buried his face in her chest. "I'm glad, Lance-chan." He whispered softly.

            "You murderer! You killed Bob!" Misty shrieked.

            "So I did." Lance did not sound repentant. "I was only doing my duty as Ice Guardian."

            Misty glared. "I can't believe you!"

            "I've killed many for the sake of peace." Lance said. "And I don't judge most of them, I only carry out the orders of the legendary pokemon."


            "At least I'm not a shadow creature." Lance spoke calmly.

            "What did you call me?"

            "Well, its partially true." Ash said.

            Misty growled.

            "She has been Missingno."

            "Trying to kill us…"

            "SHUT UP!" Misty raged. This was the wrong thing to say, as Ash's eyes suddenly went a dark, gold-flecked blue and his hair lengthened and waved around his shoulders, the spikes evaporating. His clothes changed into a black-and-white uniform.

            "Looks like the Fire guardian's finally gotten annoyed." Lance said.

            Flaming wings surrounded the figure, and when they parted, it certainly wasn't Ash who stepped out.

            "You." Charlotte hissed, her eyes glinting. "Missingno."

            "AHHHHHHHHH! What have you done to Ash?!"

            "I'm merely borrowing his body for a few minutes." Charlotte said practically, as her Fire Blade appeared in her hands. "It's time you got what was coming to you. He's too soft-hearted for his own good."

            Misty barely had time to blink before Charlotte drove the flaming blade through her body.

            Her death-shriek echoed for miles around.

            Charlotte's eyes crinkled in amusement as a smile curved her lips, before she faded back into the back of Ash's mind.

            Ash blinked for a few seconds as he stared at the ashes on the ground. "She took over?"

            "I guess she couldn't control her temper anymore."

            "Well, this mission wouldn't be underway if she weren't dead, so I daresay she has some strong feelings about it."

            Ash nodded as he stared at the crimson pulsating poke ball. "Yes…" The flames reflected themselves in his eyes, as they rose and fell.

            "What should we do with this now?"

            "The 'prophecy' was all a lie, anyways." Lance replied. "We can't tame this. We have to destroy it."

            "Easy enough." Ash replied.

            "…Not really… we need all three guardians to do this."

            "So we'll enact the rebirth cycle." Ash said.

            "Yes. We wait until the next lifetime to finish this."

End Chapter!

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