Chapter 10: What Doesn't Kill You, Only Makes You Stronger

Kate came up to Humphrey's side and rested her head on his shoulder, as they watched Demon's forces flee.

"It's finally over, Humphrey." She purred with her eyes closed, then tilted her muzzle towards his ear.

"There's also something I have to tell you." She whispered with a smile, then Humphrey unexpectedly pulled away.

"Wait. Where is he?" He asked, then Kate frowned as she quickly realized that she didn't see Demon at all during the fight. She suddenly caught a glimpse of something running towards them out of the corner of her eye.

"Humphrey!" She screamed, as she tried to jump in front of him, but Demon quickly smacked her aside before he grabbed Humphrey's scruff in his jaws. He lifted him off the ground and tossed him aside like a ragdoll, where he hit a tree and landed hard on the ground.

"I gave you everything you wanted! This is how you repay me!?" Demon growled, before picking Humphrey up again and tossing him towards a cliff.

"When I found you, you were nothing! Cast out by your own pack, your friends and family!" Demon shouted, angrily.

"I remember. I also remember you brainwashing me, so you could use me to destroy Jasper." Humphrey said.

"I helped you. Built you up. Taught you how to use your rage and anger to fuel your strength. To become the vicious killer you are! Don't deny it!" Demon shouted, as Kate came running up to them.

"You never told her, have you? How you viciously tore apart wolf after wolf to get what you wanted. Maybe after I'm finished with you and this pack, I'll take your mate for myself. Show her what a strong wolf can do." Demon chuckled.

"Never!" Humphrey screamed, as he quickly got up to his paws and charged at him.

"Come on!" Demon growled, then he charged towards Humphrey as well until they both collided in the center. A tiny shockwave resonated around them as they headbutted each other. Humphrey fell backwards in a daze as Demon smirked.

"I told you, you didn't have what it takes." He said, then Humphrey slowly stood up again and he frowned.

"Let's finish this!" He screamed, then swung his paw at Demon's face as he lunged, but Demon caught it in his jaws and effortlessly swung him around and tossed him aside. Humphrey rolled through the dirt until he hit the base of a boulder.

"As I've told you before..." Demon said, as he approached, then slammed his paw onto Humphrey's side with the full force of his weight, causing him to scream in pain.

"You're weak compared to me." He snarled.

"But he's not alone!" A voice shouted, then Demon looked up and saw Leonidas standing on top of the boulder staring down at him.

"So… you decided to come back. Being humiliated and banished from my pack, wasn't enough for you, Shade?" Demon said.

"I thought you would've realized by now that wasn't my name, Demon. I was the pup you tried to have killed five years ago" Leonidas said, then Demon frowned.

"So… you've returned to stop me?" He asked.

"You've murdered hundreds of lives, destroyed countless packs. It's time you've paid for your sins." Leonidas spoke.

"Bold words… but can you back them up?" Demon growled.

"Let them go, Demon. This isn't their fight." Leonidas said, then Humphrey groaned.

"No, Leonidas, don't." He weakly muttered.

"I'll let them go… once I know you're not going to run from a fight." Demon said. Leonidas jumped from the boulder and landed behind him, then turned with a determined expression.

"I'm right here." He said, then Demon smirked as he removed his paw from Humphrey and turned to face him. Leonidas nodded towards Kate and she ran towards Humphrey's side, while Demon chuckled.

"I'm going to enjoy this. After I kill you, everyone will know that no one can defeat me. I'll regather my forces and once Jasper has fallen, no pack will be able to stand against me." He said.

"You talk too much." Leonidas smirked, then got down into a fighting stance and Demon lunged towards him.

Leonidas moved to the side to avoid Demon's lunge and quickly slammed into his side, briefly knocking him off balance. Demon spun around with his claws in the air to slash his side, but Leonidas rolled out of the way. Humphrey, still laying at the base of the boulder with Kate at his side, quickly noticed Demon's claws had a light glint to them and he gasped.

"Humphrey? You okay?" Kate asked, thinking he was gasping in pain.

"I'm fine, Kate. I just need to finish this." He said, then stood up while holding his side in pain.

Demon swiped his paw down towards Leonidas' head, but he blocked it and slammed his body into Demon's gut, causing to stumble backwards. Leonidas prepared to lunge at him, but Demon suddenly charged at him. He prepared to block the blow, expecting to be tackled, but at the last second, Demon extended his claws out. Demon smiled evilly, thinking this was going to be the end of Leonidas, but Humphrey suddenly jumped in between them and Demon's claws raked against his side.

Humphrey screamed in pain, as the venom on Demon's claws burned his insides, and lay on the ground while Kate ran up to him. She growled in rage and charged at Demon, but he only backhanded her with his paw and sent her flying back towards Humphrey.

"What happened to a fair fight?" Leonidas asked.

"There are no rules in war." Demon replied, as he turned to face him before Leonidas lunged at him. Indo came running up to Kate and Humphrey, who was growing weaker by the second.

"What happened?" He asked.

"Demon clawed me. The venom… is corroding my organs." Humphrey seethed.

"I thought you said you were immune to this?!" Kate exclaimed in shock.

"I am… but this was… intended for Leonidas. Demon must've… used a much stronger concentration of… the venom." Humphrey gasped out, then raised his paw towards Kate.

"There may be a way… to help me. I know the… antidote." He said.

"Well, what is it?!" Kate asked.

"Find the… Jasper Lily. It's an orange flower." Humphrey explained, then Kate nodded.

"Yeah, I-I know it." She replied.

"Good. Find Sarah as well. She'll… know what to do…" Humphrey muttered, as his eyes closed.

"Humphrey?! No, don't do this!" Kate exclaimed, beginning to break into tears.

"He doesn't have much time, Kate. You need to hurry." Indo stated, then she nodded.

"Alright. Don't die on me, Humph." She replied, then kissed him on the lips before running off in search of the flower.

"Gah!" Leonidas suddenly screamed, then Indo turned and saw his father being slammed into the dirt by Demon.

"I thought you would've given me more of a fight!" He growled, then picked up Leonidas by his tail and swung him around before letting him go. He flew across the dirt and landed against the side of the boulder and yelped in pain. Demon approached him as he chuckled lightly.

"Is that it?" He asked with a smirk, then Demon snarled and smacked him with his paw, making Leonidas do a faceplant in the dirt. Demon grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and dragged him towards the cliff edge, where a raging river flowed below.

"This time, I'll make sure you can't come back." Demon growled, as Indo came running up behind them.

He jumped onto Demon's back and bit him on the neck, but Demon quickly managed to grab hold of him and threw him off towards the cliff edge. Leonidas gasped, then ran towards the cliff to catch him, but as he reached the edge, he realized he was too late. Indo was just out of reach as he flew over the cliff and fell hundreds of feet before landing in the water with a large splash. Leonidas stared down at the water in shock, where he saw his son disappear under the rapids.

Leonidas heard Demon's pawsteps approaching behind him and his eyes turned crimson red. Demon lunged at Leonidas, but Leonidas got up and spun around with lightning speed before catching Demon's paw with his own. He pushed against Demon, who started to fall backwards as he stared at Leonidas in shock, then he clamped his jaws on Demon's paw. Leonidas spun Demon around and threw him against the boulder, before pinning him against it, and Demon chuckled.

"Who's throwing who now?" He muttered, then Leonidas tightened his grip on him and he gagged.

"Finish it!" Demon growled, then Leonidas' eyes turned back to their normal blue color and he backed off.

"Coward..." Demon muttered, as Leonidas started to walk away. He snarled, then spun back around, grabbed Demon's front leg and ripped it clean off from its socket as blood spattered everywhere. Demon screamed in pain, then Leonidas used the leg as a club and smacked Demon across the face. He stumbled backward on three legs, dazed from the force, then took a deep breath.

"Now, that's more lik-" Demon said, but was cut off when Leonidas suddenly swiped his paw at Demon's face and broke his jaw clean off. Demon's lower jaw went flying over the cliff like a frisbee, while blood poured from his face.

"That's for my mother!" Leonidas growled, then he slammed Demon against the boulder and smashed his head against it, shattering his skull. Blood was slowly leaking from around his head, then Leonidas put his force into one last smash and Demon's skull finally gave in and shattered completely with a horrible crunch noise. His brains slowly poured along the grass, turning it red as it was bathed in Demon's insides.

"And that's… for my son, you fucker." He added, while catching his breath.

Kate came running back with an orange flower in her mouth and enlarged her eyes in shock at the sight of the carnage lying before her.