(A Kish and Ichigo Fan-fiction)

Konnichiwa, Minna-san! Xaphrin desu! I know exactly what you're thinking: 'Have you gone insane!? A Kish and Ichigo fan-fiction!?'

I've been insane long before this and I feel so bad for Kish. You know he won't end up with Ichigo (In fact I read spoilers… let's not even go there), and I like him. He's fun! So in response to that, I have devised a lovely little fan-fiction to keep the few of you out there, who like Tokyo Mew Mew, semi-entertained.

Eh… what more can I say?

Oh yeah… I don't own Tokyo Mew Mew! Oh yeah, I want Ichigo and CO. to be about 15 years old… instead of eleven. So let's pretend they're fifteen instead of eleven, okay! (AKA: They got their powers when they were fifteen… and thus are fifteen now… darn. I'm really dragging out this introduction… maybe I should shut up now… hmmm… there's a concept!)


Chapter One: That Darn Cat… er… Alien

            Ichigo smiled happily as she bounced down the sidewalk to Café Mew Mew. Masaya had told her that they would go out together on Sunday. He'd take her out for ice cream, and she couldn't have been happier.

            She skipped happily up the walkway, her red hair dancing like vivid flames in the afternoon sunlight. She was almost happy to come to work, for once. As she approached the entrance, she noticed Lettuce was outside pruning the flowers.

             "Lettuce-chan! Konnichiwa!" Ichigo called out, as she bounded up to her green-haired friend.

             Lettuce smiled as she sat back on her haunches and looked up at Ichigo.

             "Konnichiwa, Ichigo-chan, you seem to be in a good mood. Any reason why?" She asked, smiling.

            "I'm so happy! Masaya said he'd take me out for ice cream on Sunday!" Ichigo plopped down on the grass next to Lettuce.

            "Ah, that cute boy you went to the zoo with?" Lettuce asked as she picked up her gardening tools and placed them in a pail.

            "Hai Hai!" Ichigo smiled happily.

            "So… are you two officially dating yet?" Lettuce asked, a curious smile on her face.

            Ichigo's face fell for a moment, then perked up. "Iie. But I hope so soon!"

            Lettuce smiled happily as she stood up. "Maybe Sunday then, ne?"

            Ichigo gave her friend a big hug. "I hope so!"

            "Ichigo! You're late."

            Ichigo turned around and stuck out her tongue at the older teenager behind her.

             Ryou, just stood there and looked at her in a nonchalant way. He'd always been nonchalant with her, only caring if his 'greatest weapon' was in mortal peril. In response to this, Ichigo tended to get frustrated with him more then any other person she knew.

            'Stupid boy…' Ichigo seethed in her own mind.

            "Even you can't bring my spirits down today, Ryou," She snuffed, sticking her nose in the air and walking proudly past him. Lettuce giggled and followed Ichigo into the café, passing a sympathetic glance in Ryou's direction.

             "Girls…" He breathed, following the two into his café.

            It wasn't as busy as usual, only about seven tables were full. Keiichiro had taken to mingling with both the staff and the customers. Ryou just scowled and went to his safe-haven in the basement, free from over-exuberant girls and their silly heads. 

             "What's with him?" Mint asked as she set her teacup down, and watched Ryou stalk into the basement.

            Ichigo shrugged. "I'm not sure. There always seems to be something that dissatisfies him… today it seems to be me."

            Mint giggled a little. "Isn't it usually you?"

            Ichigo giggled and nodded. "I guess so. Maybe I'm not as perfect as he is."

             "Maybe it's because Pudding broke one of his Copenhagen dishes today," Lettuce chimed in, a small chuckle erupting discreetly behind her hand.

             "But Pudding's always breaking things… oh well. He's too complex for me to care. Besides… I'm in too good a mood to be brought down by his nasty temperament." Ichigo stated, her head held high and her voice brimming over with excitement.

            Mint looked slyly over at the redhead. "Oh… and does this have something to do with Ma-sa-ya?" She teased.

            "Mint!" Ichigo giggled, turning a shade that reflected her hair.

            Mint giggled. "I'll take that as a yes!"

            "Ahh, does Ichigo have a date?" Keiichiro asked, entering the conversation.

            Ichigo's cheeks flared up at his intervention.

            "Hai hai!" Pudding popped up out of virtually nowhere and somersaulted on the table, to stand on her head, nose level with Keiichiro's stomach. "With Masaya-kun!"

            Ichigo face-faulted. "Anou… Pudding…" 

             Pudding grinned, and rolled off the table. "Ja ne!" She bounded off to a table that was hailing her.

             Keiichiro laughed. "Well, I'm glad, Ichigo-chan!"


             Keiichiro sweatdropped. "Anou… Lettuce… will you take care of that, please?"

            "Hai, Keiichiro-san." She giggled and went to go clean up Pudding's mess before some one hurt themselves.

            "Let's get to work everyone!" Ichigo smiled happily.

            "Hai hai!"

            "Well? Are you going to take this seriously or not, Kish?"

            Kish looked up, his green eyes looking as nonchalant as ever. "Why should I take things seriously? It sucks fun out of life." He folded his harms behind his head and yawned quite audibly.

            "Kish! Damnit, do you even want to complete this mission!?"

            "Pai's right, Kish, you're going to ruin this whole mission for us."

            "Oh, shut up, Taruto. You don't know what you're talking about." Kish said calmly, letting his eyes roll. He turned back to Pai, and locked gazes with him. "I'll get her… and I won't waste time doing it." 

            "You had better not… and don't get attached to her, Kish,… or it could be both your heads."

            Ichigo sighed as she finished wiping down the last table. Lettuce had just finished the dishes and was heading out the door. Keiichiro was finishing stacking chairs, and Pudding, Zakuro, and Mint had long since left.

             "Thanks for all your help, Ichigo-chan." Keiichiro said as she finished. "I didn't think it would get that busy."

             "Yeah… it was odd. There was just suddenly a ton of people." Ichigo sighed, wringing the rag and hanging it over the edge of the sink. She took off her apron and hung it up, then walked out of the kitchen. Keiichiro had finished stacking his last chair, and was pulling out his keys to lock up.

            "You did a good job, though." He smiled at her as she approached him. "This café just wouldn't be the same without you."

            Ichigo blushed as he tossed a wink in her direction. "Thanks Keiichiro-kun."

            He smiled sweetly at her, as they walked to the door. "I'm only speaking the truth. Your personality keeps the customers."

            Ichigo blushed again. "I, personally, think it's your pastries."

             Keiichiro laughed. "Thanks, Ichigo. I'm glad you like them."

            He unlocked the door and opened it for her. "Good night, Ichigo-chan. Be careful, I don't want you hurting yourself."

            He winked at her as she bowed, then turned her smiling face up to him.

            "I'll be careful… remember, I'm as tough as a cat." She tossed a wink in his direction and waved as she started toward home.

            "Good night, Keiichiro-kun!" She called.

            "Good night, Ichigo-chan!" He called back, waving. He smiled and watched as she happily bounded out into the evening.

            Ichigo was ecstatic. The day had been perfect… everything a day should be for her! And to top it all off, the moon was shining like a mystical orb in the sky, lighting everything with a celestial glow.

            Ichigo stood for a moment, entranced by the silvery orb of the full moon. It was so large and beautiful… she couldn't remember a time when it had been so bright, or so radiant. It looked exactly like gypsy's crystal ball.

            "Good night Tsuki!!" She called out, giggling. She watched the moon for a few moments longer, the world around her melting away into a sea of serenity.

             Glancing one last time at the silver halo, she finally started in the direction of her home…


            …but not before running into a certain some one.

            Her eyes went wide as she leaned back and stared into those deep green eyes, which seemed to be oh-too familiar.

            "Good evening, Ichigo-chan. You look as beautiful as ever!" Strong hands reached out and grasped her slender wrists. He smiled at her face as different emotions passed over it.

            "Kish!" She finally decided upon the emotion of anger. She glared up at him, frustrated that he had ruined her perfect day.

            Kish just smiled down on her, his eyes glinting like dark emeralds in the light of the bright moon.

            "That is my name, Ichigo-chan. Would you care for an evening kiss?" He asked, lowering his head so his eyes were level with hers.

            "Kish! Let go!" She struggled against his firm grasp, hoping that her friends would know of her troubles. But she seemed to be alone. Alone and in the clutches of a perverted alien.

            "I'm afraid, my dear Ichigo-chan, that I cannot do that. You see,  I've been sent to kidnap… or shall we say cat-nap, you. And setting you free would deplete the whole purpose of me coming to get you." He said, matter-a-factly.

            "Let go!" She tried to hit him, but her arms were pinned to her sides by his grip, and he was squeezing very hard on her wrists. He looked firmly at her before bending forward, closing the gap between their faces.

            Ichigo squeezed her eyes shut and let out a frightened gasp, as she knew Kish was going to try and kiss her. But the feel of his lips didn't come, he brushed past her face, to his lips were very close to her left ear.

            "Look, Ichigo." He dropped his voice very low, and whispered into her ear. "It's not as if I want to take you to Pai and Taruto… Trust me… if there was a way I could get you out of this, I would. But, I don't have a choice…" He pulled away and looked into her dark brown eyes. His own eyes soft and, for a moment, caring. "I can't promise that they won't hurt you… but I can promise that I'll try and keep you as safe as I can."

            Ichigo suddenly looked very frightened. She looked up into his eyes, her lips trembling. "Where are you taking me?"

            "To our ship."

            "What are you going to do with me?"

            Kish blinked, then grinned broadly. "Kiss you, of course!"

            With that, he bent forward and stole a kiss from the girl's lips.

            "You JERK!" Ichigo cried as he pulled away.

            She futilely tried to hit Kish, but to no avail. He kept her hands and arms firmly at her sides. With his own, inhuman strength.

            "Come now, my little kitty… you're going to go back with me."

            "No!! Kish!! YOU JERK!!"