Authors Note: I never have, and never will own Harry Potter or any of it's characters, they're all J.K. Rowlings,. However, I do own my original characters, which mostly is only one person.

Chapter One


A young, 13 year old girl was sitting on a swing smiling to herself and humming a made up tune. Her raven, semi-curly black hair hung down half of her back and blew along with the gentle breeze in the air. This girls emerald green eyes were full of life as she continued to enjoy her time alone. It seldom happened because her parents insisted she almost always been within their visibility, however with sun shining brilliantly in the cloudless sky her mother found it hard to forbid her permission to go out.

The girls was at there for hours, simply taking in the sun's warmth and day dreaming. Everything seemed all too perfect, but suddenly everything caved in. A woman's scream pierced the once peaceful silence. She immediately recognized it as her mother's and began to run towards the house when the vision before her caused her to stop, dead in her tracks.

A figure cloaked in black stood only a few yards in front of her. A pair of beady, black eyes stared at her and she found herself unable to escape their glare. It was only until she heard yet another piercing scream. She found the source a few feet behind the dark figure and tears began to form in her eyes at what she saw. Her mother was on the ground writhing in pain. Her face was scrunched together and her eyes closed tightly. Slowly, the woman's eyes opened for only a moment "Paige…get away….," she said in a barely audible voice. Moments later her eyes shut and her body ceased to move.

Paige stared at her mother a minute longer before she broke out into a run. She paid no attention to the figure, who seemed to be unconcerned about her escape and simply ran as fast as her feet could take her. With only one hope, she ran in the direction of the only thing that could take her to her father, the Hogwarts Express.

~*End Flashback*~

The raven haired girl sat alone in silence hoping to remain in control of her tears that were threatening to fall. Many students passed by the compartment in which she sat but none seemed to take any notice of her, which didn't seem to bother her at all. Then her thoughts turned to her father. 'He doesn't have any idea about what has happened…what am I going to say to him?' she thought to herself. 'I wish he had been there…'

"Are you alright?" a voice suddenly asked. Paige's head snapped up to find herself looking into the eyes of a young man. His eyes seemed to be a greenish color and locks of read hair fell just above them and his face was dabbed with a few freckles. "I didn't mean to disturb you," he continued. "It's just, well, you're alone, and crying."

A bit surprised Paige held her fingers to her eyes and found that she was indeed crying. Slightly embarrassed she turned her gave to the floor. "I didn't think anyone noticed," she said softly, but loud enough to be heard by the stranger. Sensing the awkward silence Paige pushed over a bit. "You can sit down if you want," she said just as softly as she had spoken only ,moments ago.

"Thanks," the boy replied taking a seat next to her. "My name's Ron by the way," he said, forcing a his lips to create a smile.

The girl looked over at him and tried to return the smile, and was able to manage a weak one. "I'm Paige," she said, her voice a little more audibly than before.

The red haired boy slowly reached into his pocket and pulled out a handkerchief and handed it to the girl who still had tears in her eyes which she thankfully took and began to dry her eyes. The first few minutes were spent in silence. Ron was overtaken with curiosity yet didn't want to seen out of his place since he had only just met her after all. So instead he tried to avoid it and perhaps take her mind off whatever was plaguing it. "So, are you going to change soon? I suspect we'll be arriving at the school shortly. You must have transferred right? I mean, you don't look eleven but I haven't seen you around either."

"Well, you're partly correct. I'm actually thirteen, I've been attending Durmstrang for the past 2 years," Paige replied. "I haven't exactly transferred here though either. I need to see my father, he's a professor here you see."

Before Ron could inquire who her father was another girl appeared at the compartment door. "Ron I've been searching everywhere for you," she said with a slightly annoyed tone. "We've got our duties to attend to."

Ron gave her an annoyed glance and then turned to Paige. "Sorry, that's Hermione by the way. I've got to go help gather the first years and stuff," he said as he stood up and walked to the door. Before exiting the compartment he turned his head and smiled once more at her. "I hope I see you around." After that, he was gone and Paige was alone once more, only with a slightly calmer mood.

After about 10 more minutes the train began to lose speed and gradually came to a complete stop. Brushing back a strand of her hair Paige slowly rose from her seat, flattened out her almost knee length black skirt and walked into the line of students attempting to get off the train. Once she set foot on solid ground again her mind completely blanked out. Yes, she was finally at the school,, but where was she to go? The first years went off in one direction while everyone else seemed to be heading in another. Noticing that the boy she had talked to on the train was a few feet in front of her she concluded to just follow in the direction that he was headed.

She made her way down a long corridor surrounded by students who all seemed to be pushing one another in a rush to reach their destination. Finally Paige found herself standing at the entrance of a large hall which seemed to be where everyone would seen eat. With everyone around her she couldn't see anything so slowly she inched her way to the side of the room rather than the center and took a moment to breathe. Immediately afterwards she began to scan the room looking for any signs of her father. To her relief as she stared up at the stage she saw her father with his long black hair and black robes who seemed to be looking for someone as well. Then, their eyes locked on one another. Without delay he stood up and rushed to the apposite side of the room and embraced her. Sensing the looks that he knew he was receiving he stood up and the two exited the room.

The girl clung to her father and allowed the tears she had desperately been trying to hide fall freely. It was minutes before either of them spoke. "Dad…mom….he came….," Paige tried to explain between sobs, yet the words just wouldn't come out right. Before she could continue she broke down again and could do nothing but cry.

Severus Snape held his daughter tightly in his arms and desperately searched for the words to say. He knew what had happened, some how Dumbledore had been able to tell him. The only relief that he had was that his Paige was safe and on her way here. "I know…sweetheart, I know," he said softly, a tone his students had never in their lives heard him use. He felt the girls tighten her grasp and hide her face in his robes. After some more time passed, Severus stood up taking Paige with him. "Come on…this is no place to do this," he said, trying to regain his composure. Then he took her hand and walked with a quick pace towards his living quarters.

Not even five minutes were able to pass before he heard someone knocking at his door. Leaving Paige sitting down he walked swiftly over to the door and immediately recognized the student now standing before him. "What it is Draco? I'm quite busy at the moment."

Draco stood before him with his blonde hair plastered to his head. "I'm sorry sir, but Professor Dumbledore requested that I tell you to see him in his office, as well as someone named Paige…I'm not sure who she is though."

"Thank you Draco," Severus replied. "Now, be on your way," he said swiftly. After Draco nodded and walked away Severus turned to Paige and repeated what Draco had just told him. The two made their way to the Headmaster's office where Severus stated the password and the two were momentarily on the moving staircase that would bring them up to see Professor Dumbledore.