Chapter Ten

"My lord, what you believed to be true has just been confirmed," a low voice stated as the figure whom it belonged to bowed before the dark lord. "She is residing at Hogwarts now, and has become very close to Potter and his friends."

What could be called a smile slowly spread across Voldemort's lips as he beckoned for his follower who had just spoke to stand. "Thank you Lucius, your son seems to be useful for something after all. I will be summoning everyone soon enough. I expect you to be there. That girl will prove to be quite an asset considering her closeness to Potter. I'm sure Severus will have to problem with us using her. The information she could gather, would after all prove to be of great worth."

Looking up he found Lucius still standing in the same spot. "You may go now Lucius. I will see you soon enough." With a wave of his hand Lucius left the dark lord to his thoughts. "You will meet your end soon enough Potter, mark my words…"

Meanwhile back at Hogwarts as Paige ran through the halls her smile grew as she saw Ron only a few meters away. Just as she reached him she jumped onto his back laughing as he almost fell over in surprise. His face turned bright red as the girl let him go and he turned to face her. Paige simply smiled and hugged him. "Hi!" she said happily, and also looked behind Ron to smile at Harry and Hermione. Though as she glanced at Harry she winked at him and motioned towards Hermione. Harry's eyes slightly widened and then turned to the ground as his cheeks began to burn.

"Hi yourself," Ron replied smiling at Paige. He was truly new to this relationship thing, so not really knowing what else to do or say he took her hand and turned back to Harry and Hermione. "Come on you guys. I don't know about you, but I'm starving."

"Ron, you're always hungry," Harry replied jokingly as the four headed towards the Great Hall. "I honestly don't know where you put everything you eat."

The blush returned to Ron's face as Harry continued to comment on his eating habits. However the laughter coming from the girl beside him made him smile. Even if she was laughing at Harry's stories about himself eating way too much. Ron was truly happy that he and Paige had told each other how the felt. The past few months had been wonderful, thanks in much part to her. Even his potions grade was improving, which was a major shock to not only himself, but to Hermione was well. Upon reaching the Great Hall however, the couple had to part.

Ron released Paige's hand and flashed her a smile. "Let's meet up after breakfast. It's a Hogsmeade weekend you know. We get to for the entire afternoon. We can all go together."

The three others all nodded in agreement and Harry and Hermione walked off towards the Gryffindor table.

Paige still kept her sweet smile as she promised to meet up with Ron after the meal. Just as they were about to part Draco walked between the two, purposely shoving Ron just a bit. Only then did Paige's smile fade. "Stupid git…," she mumbled before seeing her boyfriend's troubled expression. "Oh Ron…Don't worry about him. He's just a stupid, arrogant brat. I'll see you soon." Offering him one last smile, and gaining one in return, she turned and walked off to her table and he did the same.

With a sigh Ron sat down in his usual seat next to Harry and across from Hermione. The two looked at each other and then back at Ron who seemed to be troubled about something. "Hey Ron, what's wrong?" Harry asked quietly.

Glancing over at Paige who was yet again trying to ignore Draco he sighed again and pushed a bit of food around his plate. "Malfoy…he's a real git you know. He has it out for me now I swear. I was just saying bye to Paige when he came by and shoved me for no particular reason. It's not bloody fair. He always gets away with everything too, and now just because I'm dating Paige things are just going to get worse. The worse part about it is that I can't do a bloody thing about it."

After his short rant Ron left Harry and Hermione both equally concerned for their friend. They knew that Draco had obviously fancied Paige just as much as Ron had, but it was obvious that he wasn't going to accept Paige's decision on the matter. Come to think of it…as Harry looked over at the Slytherin table an uneasy feeling entered him. Something was definitely going on over there…and Paige and Draco were the center of attention. "Ron…I think we've got trouble."

Paige had tried to sit silently and get through breakfast as quickly as she could, but the boy just wouldn't take a hint. Draco had been trying to get her attention for the past 10 minutes now but to no avail, and showing no sign of giving up on the matter either. "I see what's going on here…you think that Weasley is better than me, don't you? Well let me tell you something Paige. Weasley is nothing more than a weak little coward. Do you honestly think he'll be able to meet your needs?"

As Draco began to go on about Ron Paige could feel her anger rising inside of her, but was trying desperately to remain calm and composed. However, Draco wasn't making it very easy. "Honestly," Draco went on talking to those who were listening to him. "Weasley and Snape, a Slytherin and a Gryffindor? I wonder what he had to do to get her eh? She couldn't possibly see anything in him. He's a disgrace to the wizarding world, him and the rest of his pathetic family. I'm amazed they can even afford to attend school. Of course, their hand-me-down clothes do give it away."

Suddenly, the entire Great Hall was silenced by the sound of Paige's hand connecting with Draco's cheek. The young Slytherin had stood up by now and her glare could have drilled hole right through Draco's head. Her fists were clenched so hard that her knuckles were white. To say she was angry, would be a large understatement. "You…you arrogant, self absorbed brat. How dare you talk about someone else's family. Just because your father gives you nothing but money and shortcuts through life…don't talk about someone else just because they have people who care about them," she growled in a low voice so that only Draco could hear her. "Nothing would make me happier right now than to hex you into the next dimension, but I don't feel like being expelled just yet. But you'd better think twice before you talk about Ron like that again in front of me."

Before any more could be said Paige felt a hand lightly tug her away from the table. As she looked up she saw Ron staring down at her in concern. "I don't know what got into me…" she said quietly. "I couldn't just sit there and let him talk about you like that, but I shouldn't have hit him either." She lightly let her head rest on his shoulder. "My father is going to kill me."

However, everyone's attention was suddenly on the teachers table as one of the teachers let out a pained yell. Paige's eyes immediately widened and looked to the table as she recognized the sound as her father's. Professor Snape had by then doubled over and was holding his arm tightly against him. He slowly raised his head to face a very concerned Albus. "I have to go," he said almost in a whisper.. Rising to his feet he ignored the strange looks he was getting and left the Great Hall through the back door.

As she watched her father exit the Great Hall Paige tore her hand from Ron's and dashed towards the door he had left through, however before she could go through the Headmaster lightly grasped her shoulder, shaking his head slightly. "My dear girl, it would not be wise to go after him now. Don't worry…he'll be back soon and will be perfectly alright." Seeing the worry on her face and the tears that were almost threatening to fall Albus smiled gently at her. "If I were you though…I'd be worried about what he'll do when he comes back after that episode with Mr. Malfoy…"

Paige looked down at this and felt her self turn red with embarrassment. It was true, her father would be quite upset with her when he returned…yet, she did not regret what she had done. Besides, the worst her father would do is give her a detention, and Malfoy's embarrassment would be worth it. He had gotten exactly what he had deserved, a slap across the face. "Yes Headmaster…I'm sure that is something to worry about," she replied laughing slightly.

Feeling somewhat comforted by the Headmaster's words Paige walked slowly back to where Ron, Harry, and Hermione were waiting for her. She offered them a weak smile to ease their worried expressions. As students began to exit the Great Hall Ron stepped up and hugged Paige, knowing what was most likely going on. "Don't worry…it'll be okay," he said in attempt to comfort her. As he felt her nod slightly he stepped back and smiled. "Did you see Malfoy's face after you walloped him? It was priceless!"

Paige giggled a bit and nodded. "Yes…he did look rather shocked didn't he?" she replied as they walked to the door. Before they could continue however, Paige stopped and turned to face everyone. "I think I'm going to go back to my father's quarters and wait for him to return. I don't really know when that will be so I'm not sure if I'll be going into Hogsmeade with you guys today."

The Gryffindor trio nodded in agreement and Ron turned to also face Harry and Hermione, who knew he would most likely be staying with her. They both smiled knowingly at him and waved goodbye as they headed back to the Gryffindor common room.

As the couple began walking towards Professor Snape's quarters Paige flashed a smile at Ron. "You didn't have to do that you know. I just want to make sure he's alright…perhaps brew a few potions for when he gets back."

"Right," Ron replied with a smile. "And I'm gonna be here to help you." Taking her hand once more the two students, Slytherin and Gryffindor, ran off towards the potion master's rooms.

Authors Note: yay! Something with an actual purpose ^.^ Hope this chapter was better than the last, and again I apologize for chapter nine's pointlessness. But here, two updates in one day.