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I made up this poem from Allenby to Chibodee, but it may not be any good.

"Unbearable Silence"

"Why do you look at me Chibodee?"

"All you see is just a friend, and a fellow fighter."

"Or do you see me as something more?"

"However this silence between us is making me sore."

"Will you please say something your eyes burn as I try to see."

"What do you want from me?"

"Should I break the silence by making a small alliance."

"For god sake tell me something that I want to know."

"Yet as I stare no emotion seems to show any sign."

"The uncertainty in the air, and nothing falls in emotion line."

"It is obvious we both care but we are under an unbearable silence."
"I can't help but stare in your eyes."

"With a questing glare, and searching for any lies hidding inside you."

"Should I break this silent ice, by asking?"

"I don't know why I don't make a move I guess it feels like rolling dice."

"Do you feel love, hate, friendship or maybe less?"

"Somehow my heart refuses to rest with these unknown answers."

"When you ask me if I'm all right my confusion hasn't shown through me."

"Your heart and compassion seem well in sight as I look in your eyes."

"I suppose you don't hear my questing cries."

"We hardly say anything to each other."

"As we pass each other on a lonely day."

"I often wonder if we can make any kind of alliance?"

"You words don't seem to show any kind of defiance."

"If they did, I wouldn't mind it but I'm curious, are you in love with me?"

"All these questions that have been, unanswered cause me a little misery."

"Can we get of this unbearable silence?"

(well this is my first poem base on Allenby hope you like it and I hope you
review other storied I have created That's So Rebecca, An Unusual Diner and
Beautiful Tears)