Shadows and light, like phantoms and angels, played across the faces of two figures, sound asleep. Slip, slip, the shadows would go. Green trees appearing to move in blinding furry, blocking out light, then moving and shedding it.

Slip, slip. Silky and soft and barely noticable, light and dark intermingling, yet never touching.

Slip, slip. Gliding by without attention, without concsious thought. Eyelids flickered slightly, mind lost in a pleasent dream.

A coat jaket rustled slightly, positions shifting ever so softly. Dull thud of the wheels beneath them drumming with an unheard beat. Vibrations lulling them back to their stoic state.


Fingers clutched loosely, arms interlocked, head in lap.


A trolly cart moved past their partially opened door, stewardess peering inside to see if the occupants would like anything.

Two sleeping males in compromising positions greeted her green shaded eyes. She brushed a rogue lock of mud-brown hair out of her way. Such an odd sight, indeed.

One male, tanned skin and high cheek bones, slanted eyes closed in restfull slumber. Lithe legs propped up on the seat across from him, head leaning to his left, snoring soundly. A blonde crown of bangs andorned his head, falling into his eyes, spiked ebony hair tipped in a vibrant ruby rubbing ever so slightly against the back of the maroon colored bench-seat.

In his lap sat another male, about the same age, mid twenties, with the same unruly hair sprawled across his waist, the other man's head on his lap. Shareing the same content unconcsiousness, soft alabaster skin infused with peach rubbing and nuzzling a black leather coat. Both men had their arms intertwined, both seeming to have forgotten about the world around them.

Now, as odd as this sight was, for indeed it was not everyday that Katrika Tsukeno saw such obvious affection to the same gender, she could not help but think how utterly beautiful the two looked together. Their resemblence was uncanny, despite the fact that one could have been a desert god, the other a fallen character from a Botochelli painting.

Closing their cabin door just a little bit more, she whished them pleasent dreams before moving to the next set of people.

Eternity could pass and still the two would want to stay the very way they were, satisfied to just be in the other's company. But, of course, all good things come to and end eventually. And as the hours dragged on, so the tired train came up to it's final destination.

With the final jolt, the metal wheels gave their final revolution, and crimson eyes flickering open at the sudden loss of motion.

Shifting to re-awaken his limbs, he sucked in a breath to yawn, wiping the sleep from his eyes. Still asleep on his lap was his partner, struggling to stay in the clutches of oblivion. Caressing away a golden strand, he rubbed the other man's shoulders gently. "Wake up love, we're here."

A grumble and a moan, but the lavender eyes blinked open just the same. Much like the one who had woken up first, he yawned as well, desperately trying to get oxygen to his weary brain. "All ready? My, how time flies." He sat up, rubbing his neck. His partner chuckled.

"Yes, ten hours do seem to fly by, don't they?"

"Only ten more to go." Sighing, the smaller of the two with the perfect complection that many women envied reached under the seat and pulled out his one bag of luggage.

"Don't remeind me, lover. That's something we can dwell on AFTER we pick up our package and are heading back on our way home." He grunted, picking up the larger bag and swinging it over his shoulder.

His partner chuckled, sliding open the compartment door to head out. He followed, finding that most of the poeple on the train had already left, so the way was basically open.

Stepping out of the train, one last whistle of pent up steam greeted their ears, eyes searching for something in particular.

"Over there, Yami. I think I see them," the man with the lavender eyes pointed off to their left. Re-shifting the heavy bag, the one named Yami grunted in acknowledgement and followed.

After shuffling through the large crowd, a woman and a small child came into view. The woman, with dark brown hair that could easily be mistaken for black, stood quietly and somberly in a dark blue business suit. Serious gray eyes, clouded with concern, greeted the two men as they made their way up.

The young girl next to her, though, was a different story. Dressed in a school-girl uniform, pink blouse and blue skirt ruffled by wariness, the little girl looked tantative and unsure. She, too, much like the two men that walked up, had a gold crown of bangs and stiking ruby hair that fell like silk behind her, black strands of hair adorning her like a custom made head-dress. Purple eyes interlaced with violent crimson looked close to tears, just as weary as the others around her. She wrung her delicate white hands infront of her for lack of something to do to keep a little control in a life that seemed to crumble around her.

The woman in the business suit glanced at them politley. "Mr. and Mr. Motou?"

The man with lavender eyes nodded, giving a polite bow. "That would be us. Greetings, Ms. Kitoko. From speaking with you on the phone, it's nice to finally meet you in person."

"Agreed. I'm glad you could make it on such short notice. There just isn't any room for her at the orphanage or the county home."

"We came as soon as we could," the man with the crimson eyes replied.

The man with the lavender orbs looked down, shifting to sit on his heels to better see the little girl. "And this must be Yumi." He smiled.

She shifted her head around a little, unsure of how to answer. "H-hai," she whispered. She kept close to the woman.

"My name is Yuugi, Yumi. And this is Yami," he averted his gaze over to his partner. The little girl nodded in response.

"Don't worry, Ms. Kitoko. We'll take good care of her. There is already a room set up for her when we get home,"Yami directed his attention back to the woman as his partner tried to get the young child to warm up.

"I'm not worried. Your business is doing good, I hear. I believe that you'll take good care of her." With a nod to him, Yuugi stood back up, allowing the woman to say her goodbye.

"I have to go now, Yumi. But don't worry, you'll be in good hands." She kneeled down and gave the girl a gentle hug. "Ja," the little girl whispered.

Ms. Kitoko handed over the small bag of belongings that Yumi had, and stated her goodbye, turning to leave.

Yuugi gave a warm smile and turned to Yumi, extending his hand. Slowly, she took it, not truly trusting her surroundings.

And so, the three made their way back to the next train, choosing to go home as soon as possible.

"She looks a lot like you, aibou. She has your wide eyes and colorful hair," Yami whispered into Yuugi's ear. He gave a small chuckle. "Aside from you, it runs in the family," he whispered back, incispicuous to the young girls well-attuned ears.

"How far away is home?" Yumi asked, voice rather small.

"About ten hours from here, Yumi," Yuugi sighed.


After boarding, the air in the cabin was a little uneasy, to put it mildly. The little girl Yumi was shifting restlessly on the cushioned bench-seat, sitting across from the two men who, in her opinion, sat a little too close. At least, closer than she had ever seen two men sit before.

Yumi may have been young and looked naive, but she knew much more than what people gave her credit for. She knew about her uncle's relationship before coming here, but she had never actually been AROUND one before. Did they act different? Was she supposed to act different? Were there things that weren't supposed to be said? She didn't want them angry at her for any reason. That would not be good, and she was afraid that asking such question would either make her look silly, or offend them. Either way, it was a bad idea as for as she was concerned.

Yami sighed, looking at the tense air around them. Not only was this going to require a lot of adjusting, but they had a long way to go before trust built a strong bridge between the three of them.

~ Owari~ Well, for now. The next chapte coming out soon. Hot of the press!!! ~Yumi is a popular Japanease girls's name, meaning beautiful freedom. So ha! I DO know a little Japanease!