The team appears, all 6, suited up and ready to go, flying towards the street.

"Let's go!" Go-Go takes charge in the driver's seat of Wasabi's car to surprisingly no argument. Wasabi and Honey Lemon get in while Fred gets a running start before jumping away. "Come on, Baymax!" Hiro says. Baymax's rocket boosters warm up as Hiro runs away like a football player going for a catch. Not something Hiro would know too much about. Baymax takes liftoff, flying towards Hiro, allowing him to jump on his back, before finally skyrocketing into the air. Hiro taps a button on the side of his helmet bringing up a display on his visor. He looks left and right, being able to see through the buildings, before locking on and zooming in on a van. "That's it! They're making a turn by the Ivy Cellar." He tells his teammates. "How do you know what that is?!" Go-Go yells on the comm. Hiro just nervously laughs and shrugs it off. Baymax dives down towards the van.

A blonde haired Fujita, Riza, opens the van door, dragging a launcher of sorts to the edge. Holding a trigger in her hand, she presses the button. Cat shaped cannonballs head towards Baymax as he dodges them, waving and dipping through the air. The cannonballs drop with a heavy thud, making their mark in the streets. A car swerves, trying to avoid one of the projectiles. The man gets out of the car, looking up in the sky then down at the meteoric weight. The cat starts flashing with rosy red cheeks. The man's eyes grow big, running in the opposite direction. BOOM! The cat explodes. They're not just cannonballs. They're bombs!

Turning to look, Hiro notices the blast behind him, then ahead at the oncoming train tracks. "Baymax!" Hiro doesn't even have to elaborate, Baymax has already locked on and prepares for landing. Hiro's eyes dart in every direction, typing a text on his visor, it would be too hard to tap his phone using his big gloves, in mid-air no less. He ends the text with one of the winking emojis of Captain Cutie that Karmi made, then presses the button on the side of his helmet to send it. Just a precaution. Baymax tries lifting the weight from the ground. It's dug deep. He has to disable them.

"Hiro, where are you?" Honey says from the back seat of the car. "Run into a bit of trouble, be there as soon as I can." He responds. The driver of the Fujitas' vehicle, Sori, with her black hair and eyepatch, rolls down the window, gritting her teeth, chewing on a razor blade. She spits it out then pulls a set of knives from her yukata sleeve, propelling them into the road. Go-Go steers onto the sidewalk, barely dodging them, honking the horn for oncoming pedestrians to get out of the way. Just then, like a rubber ball, Fred comes bouncing on top of the Fujitas' van. "Excuse me, ladies." He says, taunting on the roof. One of the girls pokes an umbrella through the roof, opening it then spinning it. The sharp and rough metal edges cut Fred's foot. "Ahhh-ah." Fred trips, grabbing the passenger's side door on his way down. His weight is too much, yanking the whole door off its hinges along with him. "At least there was an attempt." Honey says.

Riza reappears from the back of the vehicle, carrying what looks to be a large rocket launcher. She smirks, pulling the trigger, releasing a spike ball attached to a chain. The ball starts grinding across the road, swinging back and forth like a pendulum. She waves her hand in a taunting gesture, saying "Meow." Honey might find their style cute if it wasn't so deadly. Dust and debris from the road threatens the car. "Ok, alright!" Wasabi says nervously. He activates his plasma shield on his arm, hanging out the window to guard the windshield. "Can you see?" He asks Go-Go. "Uck, don't worry about it." She scoffs. The van drifts, banging into an electrical pole, causing it to fall down on the cable car cables, sending an electrical current.

Hiro holds a pad in his hand, it shows Baymax on a map and a large red area surrounding them. Going around town is the fastest way to create a perimeter to disable the bombs' frequency. Baymax is in the background, lifting one of the bombs. Hiro spots the cable car, suddenly going out of control. "Frequency is almost there. Until then..." Hiro switches tabs on the pad from converging wavelengths to a camera feed. Baymax extends his arm, releasing the lock keeping his glove attached. "Baymax...rocket fist!" The fist launches, with the bomb in hand, shooting into the air. Hiro looks down at the pad, setting the fist's course for the ocean. "Go!" Without delay, Baymax rockets himself towards the runaway cable car. Alarms have been installed to notify pedestrians as well as passengers in case such an incident were to occur. "Do we need overdrive?" Hiro asks, frantically. "My calculations say that it will take approximately 13.5 seconds to shift into- overdrive mode." Baymax says. "Fair point, we won't reach the car in time." Hiro's surprised he didn't think of that first. Just then Hiro looks to his left to see Go-Go looking back at him in the car, heading up, in the opposite direction. They pass each other.

"Take the wheel." Go-Go says, opening the door. "H-Hold on a minute!" Wasabi, panicked, grabs the steering wheel. With the car still in motion, Gogo builds momentum on the street to match the car's speed, letting herself ease off the door. "Just keep your foot on the pedal." She starts skating up the hill towards the van. Honey props her purse on her shoulder, extending the barrel out of the window. She quickly becomes frustrated, not able to get a good position. She starts crawling into the trunk to open the hatch, pressing a button on the trunk. The back windshield separates into two separate panels then pops open, Honey stands through the open hole, aiming down the Fujitas. That's one function the car company, Rave, didn't intend!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

One of the chem balls goes straight through the back door, catching Riza off guard. They're solid! Another Fujita, with low set eyes, Tess, pokes out of the passenger's side. "I have some of those too." She begins throwing her own projectiles. Mini cat bombs! "Uh oh." Honey says, disengaging. She can't get a clear view. "I've got it!" Fred hops back into view, bouncing off the side of a building and onto the roof of the car. At first, he's taken back by the wind, pushing through it like he's skating on ice before planting his feet's claws through the roof. He then starts emitting fire from his mouth, shooting down the projectiles before they even hit the ground. "Can't get close." Gogo says, shielding her eyes with her arm, mini explosions all around her. Tess climbs to the top of the van, carrying a new medium sized ball, she tosses it in her hand like it's a basketball before flinging it at Gogo. She doesn't want to stick around and find out how this one's different. She away, curling her body into a ball then landing through the passenger's side window, shielded from the explosion. "Now what?"

CRUUUNNNCH! The car roof crinkles a bit. It's Baymax lifting the car off the road with Fred laying on top of it, spreading his arms out like wings. "I know you're freaking out." Gogo teases Wasabi, referring to his fear of heights. "Just...don't talk about it!" Wasabi says. "Lucky that fist came back in time." Hiro remarks. "Hiro, the frequency has been reached." Baymax informs. Hiro lays his back on Baymax's, crossing his feet casually, checking the pad.

Gogo throws her disc towards the tires of the vehicle in front of them while Wasabi launches laser projectiles from his gauntlet, disabling the other side. The tires bust and make the van veer off it's track. Honey pops out of the back window and launches a purple cushion in front of them to soften the impact but the Fujitas launch their own attack. A portal. The van slides into the black hole, taking some of the puffy jelly like substance with them before closing.

"What? They just vanished?!" Fred says. "Baymax, see where they went." Gogo says. Not many people can tell Baymax what to do. "It's alright, the police should be set up at Yama's place by now." Hiro assures her. The text he sent earlier was to the police. "If anywhere, they'd probably go there. Besides, I think we can consider this a job well done." Hiro confidently puts his hands on his hips. Everybody else looks at the damage, the road, the broken fire hydrants, fallen electrical poles. A real job well done.

Back at the Lucky Cat Cafe, Hiro opens the garage door, seeing the sunset sparkle on his brother's red scooter. He places his helmet on the table. He'll set it up for Skymax later, normally the team would just head to Base-Max after a mission but tonight Roddy said he had something planned, that it was a surprise, always improving. Hiro usually keeps a spare suit specifically for Skymax anyway. Baymax connects to the charger through his foot where his armor starts dismantling itself. Making the suit itself rechargeable as well gives Baymax a boost in battery-life and saves Hiro time trying to squeeze his suit on and off.

He begins taking off his shoes. "It's getting harder to take this stuff off." He just barely squeezes out of his tight leggings. "Maybe I should upgrade...then I'd have to upgrade the whole team again." Hiro is now 18 years old, a proper adult or at least a legal one. He's been at this gig for 4 years, what started as a personal vendetta became a hobby which became a lifestyle. He starts thinking of what exactly Yama would want with the portal, it can't be as simple as 'easy access to crimes', can it?

Sirque was arrested sometime back but she hid her work beforehand, including the mini Silent Sparrow prototype she was working on, she even made it so it didn't leave any beads behind. Police didn't investigate the matter enough so Hiro spent time trying to track it down himself before deciding that it was probably for the best if it stay hidden, covering the trail behind him. If that technology were to be used again, it could cause another Callaghan incident. That has proved to either not be enough or be the wrong choice all together. Now that it's in Yama's possession, there's no telling what could happen. The question is, 'How?'. "Maybe I'm overthinking it." Hiro sits down, biting his glove off with his teeth.

Stuff like this bugs Hiro until he acts on it, he could definitely learn something from talking to her though which would be easy in part thanks to Chief Cruz. They would often complain about the paths of destruction left by the team's battles so Hiro's solution was to make that Minimax's department or in his words, 'The Mini-Maximum Clean-Up Project' or M.M.C.P. for short. Is that right though? To make robots clean up the unwanted mess? Hiro tries his hardest to not make too much of a thought of it but he can't help but feel that makes them more 'servants' than 'companions' which is an idea he's not too fond of. He could learn about what happened with Fujitas in the process...

"Baymax, notify the others, we're going to see Celine. I mean Sirque!" He knows all the criminals he catches by name, trying to learn everything he can about them and their connections, making the lines between public and personal identity start to blur. "Your- heartrate is elevated." Baymax shows a bpm meter on his chest display with a reading bouncing between 120 and 143. "I suggest taking a break while doing some brief breathing exercises to- calm your nerves." Hiro is stubborn, this is an urgent matter after all but he can't be bothered to argue this time. He leans back in his chair and flicks a pen around with his fingers. Baymax gets closer and raises his finger to the sound of a slight creak in his joints. Hiro takes deep breaths to please him. Baymax puts his finger down without anything to add.