Author Note: Hi I wrote this on a whim after a cool person made art for me hehehehe :D
(the art will be used as a cover if I get permission from the artist)

Oh no. This was… very unprecedented. The last thing he would've expected today when spending time with his bf that he loved and cherished and cared for more than anyone else in the world was that… said boyfriend would end up falling asleep. In his arms.

Now, Fuff was strong, easily able to carry his beetle boyfriend for up to hours, but that wasn't the issue. The real issue was that this left Fuff without his arms to use, their only purpose now being to cradle his absolutely cute boyfriend-

But he had stuff to do! Fuff couldn't just go carrying Kabbu around all day, no matter how much he really wanted to. He would just look silly, and the only teasing he liked was from his boyfriend. So… what was he supposed to do?

Hm… aha! An idea! There was a bed nearby. Maybe if he could just gently set Kabbu down… then the beetle would be none the wiser, and Fuff could slip out for a few hours to take care of his business.

With this plan in mind, Fuff carefully walked over to the bed, suddenly getting sad about the fact that he'd have to leave Kabbu alone for a bit. Plus, it'd be especially sad if he woke up to nobody being around, after falling asleep in Fuff's arms. That just wouldn't be fair! Still… Fuff really needed to get this stuff done…

Fuff looked at the bed next to him, and then back at Kabbu. …He couldn't do it. He couldn't leave Kabbu here alone, by himself. And he couldn't take Kabbu with him to his errands either… but did he really have to do those errands right now? No, he didn't.

His mind made up, Fuff climbed into bed, taking it slow with no available arms to steady himself. In times like this he hated having an abdomen, it made laying on his back dificult unless he positioned the abdomen correctly. So instead, he opted to lay on his side, cradling the large sleeping beetle in his arms, carefully repositioning him into a comfortable cuddling position while also being sure not to wake Kabbu up.

And after making sure he and Kabbu were pressed against each other for maximum warmth and coziness, Fuff pulled the blanket over both of them, knowing that it would make him not want to get up for hours. Well, it was worth it to spend time with his boyfriend.