Little Earthquakes, Part 2

By Saz

Pairing: Cath/Sara

Warnings: Implied rape.

I feel numb. I know it's my way of coping, but shutting the pain and anguish away seems the only way that I'm going to deal with what happened to me.

But I don't want to have to deal with it. Ever.

I don't move as Sara kneels before me, her hand on my knee. I barely flinch as she whispers to me, her words falling unheard between us. I scream quietly inside as she leans over and kisses away my silent tears. My body stiffens as her arms envelop me.

All I can feel is the tearing pain between my legs, the bruises on my neck and wrists, the throb of my left eye as it swells more with every passing moment. I feel his hands on my body, rough and forceful. I feel the cold of his knife as he presses it to my throat. I don't want to feel anymore, I make myself succumb to the numbness.

I wish I were dead.

~*~ Fin ~*~