Crystal: I don't know where this idea came from exactly, really. I thought about it this morning, and knew it had to be written. I got it from a couple of sources that popped into my head I think, including my story Angelic Dragon, which I'm not sure if I fancy much anymore ^^

This is basically an AU, but with a lot of the normal aspects. you'll see what I mean as the story goes on ^^. it's also a Draco/Harry slash. yes, I know that neither of these hot boys are gay in the real HP universe, but a slash lover can dream, can't she? ^_^ if this stuff offends you then do us both a favor and DON'T READ IT! ^_^ it also contains NO SPOILERs WHAT-SO-EVER I'm proud to say, so just enjoy without fear ^_^

Many thanks go to Rowling for creating such wonderful charas(all of which belong strictly to HER NOT ME!), Klee-chan and Angel for their wonderful RPing time with me, and to the kind people who take the time to read my crap XD enjoy and review!


There has been told a prophecy, passed down from parent to child and wizard to witch. It tells of a demonic dragon, and the heavenly angel that fell into his inescapable clutches.

The legend went that during a battle, the angel was severely hurt and crashed to earth, her wings crushed and a mark of lightning scared upon her forehead. It was there that she encountered a dragon, injured himself and blood pouring from his injuries. Taking pity on the creature, she ignored her own dilemma and took care of him. The dragon at first would do nothing but try to bite with his jaws and snap at her with his tail, but even then she wouldn't leave him to his agony.

Over time the dragon learned to trust the angel, and the story goes that despite their differences in appearance, they fell in love. It was the dragon's soul, not appearance, that attracted the angel, and it was her heart and care that attracted the dragon. But this union was not meant to be.

The dragon race despised the angels, who in turn sent hate, which should have been alien to their kind, down upon the noble creatures. The two of them were torn apart by the deep hate and misunderstanding that corrupted their kinds, the forces between them as thick as an indestructible wall.

But they were not worried, for the dragon and the angel had something that no one could take away. Their undying love.

It was because of this love, that the two of them gave up their lives. The dragon killed by a traitor among his clan, and the angel of a broken heart soon after.

But this is not the end of the story, for it is said that the two of them were reborn to a place were magic existed, but love was often overlooked. Though nothing can keep such feelings hidden for eternity, and it wasn't long before those reborn from the dragon and the angel were to meet again and relearn what had become to important to them in the past.

The love of an unlikely person.


Crystal: I know this didn't make much sense, but it's only the prologue. it'll make a hell of a lot more sense as we move on. thank you! =)