Charm of the Forbidden

By: Hakai

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Chap. 1: Kinjirareta [Forbidden]

//There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable.//

The roof, the shutters, the garden, the beautiful tree outside the bedroom window. Everything about that house looked and felt familiar. Even so, he felt his heart tighten up with unease. What has it been now… five. Maybe seven years since he'd last seen him, or anyone in this realm for that matter. Truth be told, he was getting a little nervous. Did he even remember him? Of course he did. They'd known each other for a reasonable amount of time, so of *course* he'd remember his old friend, right? Then there was the horrible question of 'did he even live here still?' I mean, by human years, he'd be about twenty-six or so? Old enough to move out of his mother's home. But then again, he'd always been attached to his mother. That was the reason he hadn't returned to the Makai, to watch over his mother.

Kurama's window suddenly burst open and the cold of winter escaped into his room. The red-head got up from his desk to close the shutters once more. He sighed and turned back to his work, but was caught off guard by the appearance of a lone black-clothed figure.

"Hiei!" Kurama gasped holding his chest. "Are you *trying* to give me a heart attack?! If so, you quite nearly accomplished your goal."

"Hn." Hiei grunted. "Is that anyway to greet a guest?"

"Greet a guest, indeed. You come uninvited and… and…You've been… gone so long… too long…" And without warning the youko soon had his arms wrapped around the short demon. Hiei stiffened. "I've missed you." Kurama whispered, very close to tears. The fire youkai relaxed in his friend's embrace and gave a slight smile. By the time the kitsune had let go, the smile was gone. Kurama beamed. Hiei was back. The koorime hadn't changed a bit. Perhaps a bit stronger, more experienced, wiser, but still the short, stoic demon he knew and lov--. Hiei's unwavering gaze cut Kurama's thoughts short. "What is it, Hiei?"

"…" Hiei's crimson eyes met Kurama's emerald ones. "You've… gotten taller."

"Eh, have you really been gone that long?" he asked knowing Hiei's pride had been slightly injured. He shrugged it off. Kurama clapped his hands together excitedly. "I know! Let's go celebrate! You'll need… 'normal' clothes though." Kurama grinned eyeing Hiei's usual black attire.


The fiery red-head rummaged through his closet. "Here you go," he said handing him jeans and a long sleeved shirt. Hiei stared at the clothes, then back at Kurama. "Well? What're you waiting for? Should I dress you myself?" Kurama asked grinning inwardly at the prospect of dressing the shorter demon.

Hiei scowled. "Can you… turn around?"

It was almost a whisper, but Kurama picked it up immediately. How cute his little koorime friend was. He'd never known Hiei to be shy like that. Nevertheless, the sly youko turned away. By the way, I did say 'sly', didn't I? For that naughty youko was just too nosey. He couldn't help but peek. And was delighted to find that Hiei didn't bother to wear any underwear under his long black pants.

"Kurama…" Hiei groaned. Kurama turned around and couldn't help but laugh. There stood his youkai friend in his too-big-to-fit clothes. But his laughter subsided with a quick glare, and the plant-wielder helped roll up his friends pants and shirt sleeves. "Where're we going anyway?" Hiei asked.

"How does some ice-cream sound?"

"The sweet snow?"

"Yes Hiei, the sweet snow."


Kurama just couldn't believe it! Hiei, his Hiei… well… maybe not his Hiei, but well… Anyway, he couldn't believe that the little fire demon was back in the Ningenkai after so long. And the fact that Kurama was the first person that Hiei had visited just boasted the youko's ego that much more.

"Kurama" Hiei called from across the table.


"There some sweet snow on your face." Hiei said as Kurama made a vain attempt to try wipe it off. Hiei snorted. "There" he said as he wiped the spot of cream off the youko's face. Not knowing what to do with the extra cream now on his fingers, the little fire demon simply licked it off.

Kurama blushed slightly. "Thank you, Hiei." The red-head had nearly mumbled his thanks out of embarrassment. Luckily for him, the fire youkai was too busy with his ice cream to care.

"I almost forgot." Hiei said, suddenly throwing a small parcel at his friend. Kurama gave him a quizzical look as he gazed at the mysterious package. Hiei shrugged.

"Berries from the Makai?" Kurama gasped as he examined each fruit. "But how'd you get it? Some of these, I see, are pretty rare." Hiei shrugged again and went back to eating. Kurama smiled. His koorime friend looked so cute and small sitting across the table eating his ice cream.

"Oi, oi!" a voice called. Kurama turned to see Yuusuke and Kuwabara run up to their table. "Oi! Look here, Urameshi. Shorty's back!"

Kurama smiled nervously. You could practically see the vein ticking on Hiei's forehead. The youko gave his fire demon friend a kick in the leg, warning him not to do anything rash.

"So, Hiei" Yuusuke sneered "what brings you among the humans, eh?"

"Hn." Hiei snorted. "Not to see that idiot, of course." He said pointing his spoon at the carrot-top.

"Hey~!" Kuwabara whined. Yuusuke and Kurama couldn't help but laugh at the two. When would they ever stop arguing? But then if they did, all would be boring, now wouldn't it.


"Ja na Kuwa-kun!" Kurama and Yuusuke called after Kuwabara's retreating form. Hiei just scowled. Kurama looked at his spiky-haired friend and smiled. Hiei simply grunted and flitted away.

The youko sighed. "Kurama." Yuusuke addressed his red-head friend.

"Nani? Yuusuke?" He asked tearing his eyes away from the short fire demon.

The ex-Sarayashiki Jr. High punk took a deep breath. "Kurama, why don't you tell him?"

"Tell who what?" he asked faking innocence.

"Hiei of course! You know what I mean."

The fox quickly clapped a hand over his friend's mouth. "Not so loud!" He whispered anxiously, as if he expected to see Hiei come leaping out of a nearby tree, sword drawn. And knowing the koorime, that wasn't *too* unlikely. With no sign of Hiei's youki, let alone Hiei himself, Kurama released his hold on his black-haired friend's mouth. "Am I that obvious?" Kurama asked with a half smile.

"No, not really. I kinda noticed at the ice cream parlor today. While Kuwabara was buying a cake for Yukina, I noticed you two. I was gonna come say 'hi', but… let's just say you looked… preoccupied?" Yuusuke finished with a teasing smile plastered on his face.

Kurama couldn't help but smile as he recalled Hiei wiping cream off his face. It was practically… to flirtatious to ignore. He almost laughed. Hiei? Flirtatious? Maybe in another life time!

"Well? Why don't you tell him how you feel? Hiei may be cold-hearted, but he seems to save a place for you."

"So I'd like to think." He remarked almost wistfully.

"Come on! Aren't Youkos supposed to be… y'know… sex gods? They can get anyone into bed with them?"

This time Kurama really *did* laugh. "As true as that sounds. New human emotion and logic wouldn't allow. This time, I want someone for keeps. Not just a quick screw" Kurama explained to his friend. "And besides… Hiei… is a tough one."

"I know what you mean, Kurama. But… it's not like he *dislikes* you. And as we're talking about Hiei, that *is* a good thing. I think he just needs a push in the right direction. Whadya say? I can help out."

"I dunno. That may be so, but I don't want to risk any friendship he may have for me. Sure a push could bring him closer to 'love'. But then that same push could bring him to 'hate'."

"Come on, Kurama! Look! It's Yuusuke, willing to help with relationships! Now *that's* saying something." Yuusuke nearly shouted. Or was it nearly 'begged'…

"Well, I suppose. If you're *that* eager to help out." The fox managed to laugh out. "What'd you have in mind?"

"Now that's the spirit! We'll bring that seductively cunning fox outta your human shell!" Yuusuke shouted getting caught up in the excitement.


"That one? Are you sure? I don't see anything."

"Do you trust me or not?"

"Oh wait, I see him. Man! D'you have… I dunno, a radar attached to him or something?!" Yuusuke asked jokingly.

Kurama laughed at the thought. Hm.. Actually, that wasn't a bad idea… "Ok? Are you ready, Yuusuke?"

"Of course I am! It was my idea after all." Yuusuke said trying to put some confidence into his voice. Now that he thought about it, he wasn't sure he could do it, but it was too late to back out now. He'd promised Kurama. That was just like him jumping in to things without thinking about it first. "Yea. I'm ready, you vixen."

Hiei was… *had* been sleeping in one of the more comfortable trees around. Until those annoying voices from below began talking so loudly.

"Has anyone ever told you what wonderful hair you've got?"

"Can't say they have."

Hiei rolled to his side, eyes still shut, and tried to fall asleep again.

"It's so silky and soft. What kind of conditioner do you use?"

Hiei furrowed his eyebrows. *Must* they flirt so close to his tree? Now?!

"Hm.. I don't recall. If you come by my house later, you can try it out. I'll even assist you if need be."

"Ohoho! You sly Youko."

Stupid. They should go somewhere els--Youko?! Is that what he said? The koorime turned to his other side and quietly peeked out of the leaves. Sure enough. Not too far from his hiding place was Kurama and… Yuusuke?!

"Sly? Me? I think not." The fox said innocently. "I'm merely offering my services to you."

Yuusuke smiled softly. "But I'd love to know what you use. Your hair smells so nice." the dark-haired boy said breathing in the send of Kurama's long hair. "Not that I don't like the idea of your assistance." He said with a wink.

Was that… Yuusuke? Smelling his fox's hair just now? Wait… his? No, Kurama wasn't his, but why did he feel this way? This anxiety. Could he…

"What're your plans for tonight? I bet you've got loads of dates lined up with people from your college and work, ne?"

That's right, Kurama was well too popular. And the anxiety? He was most likely just disgusted with Yuusuke's flirting when he already had Keiko.

"Actually I'm not doing anything tonight. Sounds boring, huh?"

"Maybe we could… do something to ease our boredom. Keep each other… amused." Yuusuke offered as he leaned over to Kurama. The ex-reikai tantei was actually impressed with himself. He had doubts about being able to flirt with another guy, but it came so naturally. //hm… maybe I'm bi// he thought as he was hovering right above the red-head.

Hiei was watching intently. Maybe too intently. Kurama glanced over at the fire youkai. And just before their lips were to meet, the plant wielder snapped off the branch that Hiei had been sitting on. //I'm really sorry tree. I'll let you borrow some ki later. I promise.// The crash as the short demon fell to the ground 'startled' the two.

Yuusuke laughed. It wasn't hard to. Seeing Hiei, who could balance on a telephone pole all day, suddenly come falling out of a tree was quite the scene. "W-what hahaha were you haha doing up there?" Yuusuke managed to laugh out.

"Let me help you." Kurama said offering his hand. Hiei grunted and slapped it away as he picked himself up.

"You know, Yuusuke. You shouldn't be so openly flirting with him while you have a… what was it? Fiancé?"

"What I do is none of your business, shrimp." Yuusuke said using Kuwabara's favorite insult.

"Ch'. I'm just saying, Keiko'd rant like there was no tomorrow if she knew about this."

"And since when do you care?"

Hiei shrugged indifferently. "Well, it's not me whose ass'll have a 5x7 coming out of it."

"Sounds to me like you're a little jealous." Yuusuke smirked ruffling the koorime's hair

The fire demon glared at his old teammate. "Me. Jealous? I think not. Who'd want to be with you? That stupid human aside."

"Ok, fine. Then, it's Kurama you want to be with?" Yuusuke tried almost too eagerly.

Hiei chuckled. "The fox?! That's a good one. Please. He's a youko. They're *known* for finding someone, bedding them a few times, maybe even breaking them. But soon after, they grow bored and quickly find replacements. I'm no fool. Even if I *did* have feelings for the idiot, I'd soon brush it off. Youko's don't make good mates. Not that I'd want one. Maybe if I wanted a tumble. But I'm not into that crap. Sorry, Kurama." Hiei answered, uncaring.

Yuusuke was shocked. Had the little demon ever said so much in one breath? He was about to make some witty comeback when his cell phone rang. "Hello? Ack! K-Keiko! I'm sorry. Gomen, gomen… Yes, I'll be back in a bit… it just… slipped my mind… I'm sorry, really. Ok, I'll hurry. Ja!" He shoved his phone back into his pocket. "Eh-heh. Sorry guys, I gotta run. I'll er… catch ya later!" He shouted running away.

"So, Hiei. I'm not your type, am I?" Kurama asked smiling.

"Hn. You're attractive, don't get me wrong, fox, but that's not enough to pull my heart in."

"Your heart of ice, right?" Kurama asked winking knowing that the short demon was just trying to pull away. Hiei grunted. They were silent for awhile. The red-head was actually surprised that his youkai friend was still there. "Aren't you… the *least* bit curious about whom it is I care for?"

"Whether you and Yuusuke have feelings for each other is not my problem."


"Hn. Kudaran." [[kudaran=not important/insignificant]]

Kurama gave a small forced laugh. The koorime snorted and was about to leave when Kurama suddenly grabbed his wrist. "Wait…Hiei…"

Hiei stayed, but didn't turn around. "Make it quick, fox."

The youko sighed. "Hiei… I'd… wanted to tell you, a long time ago… I love you, but I wasn't sure how you'd take it… I'm still not sure."

The fire demon chuckled and turned to face his partner. "Ah.. So you asked Yuusuke to pretend to flirt with you. Hoping to get me jealous and then, while my guard was down, you'd confess to me?"


"What'd you expect me to do, fox? Buckle at my knees? Blush, and then tell you I felt the same way? Oh, and then we'd head off to your place where you'd have some 'pleasure' with me, huh? I'm *not* one of your stupid school-girl associates."

"Hiei, I--"

"Oh right, I forgot. And then once you got bored of me, you'd dump me. Hm.. Perhaps you'd take that idiot, Kuwabara, for a replacement. And somewhere along the way you'd have tried to break me perhaps? I'm not stupid, Kurama."

"You're right Hiei, you're not an idiot. I never said you were. Nor did I ever think that. I'd just hoped that--"

"That what? Hm.. Hiei considers me a friend. And knowing him, that probably means he 'likes' me. Ha!"

"Who hurt you in the past, Hiei? Who made you close up so completely. Who made you lose trust with everyone?" Kurama said feeling his eyes burn. "I really do care about you. More than as friend. I wanted… I wanted to show you that… people do care. You're not alone in this world. There are those who care for you. I wanted to show you that." Kurama stammered reaching out to the Koorime

"Touch me and die, fox!" Hiei snapped pushing away from the red-head. "So… you'd make me think that someone cared for me. That someone being you, right? And then after I'd opened up to you, *then* you'd lose interest? Was that your plan? Like I've said, I'm not a fool. What would an attractive, proud Youko, who could get anyone at will, possibly want with the forbidden child? The forbidden child, who's not even loved by his own kind? Nothing. In fact, the title 'Forbidden Child' probably intrigued you. Hm.. Let's bed the forbidden child, I wonder how he tastes."

"H-Hiei.." Kurama begged as tears threatened to fill his once hopeful eyes. "Hiei, please. I don't deny, that that may have been the case had I met you earlier in my life. But that was before. Before coming to the Ningenkai. Before learning to love. Real love… Hiei? Do you understand?"

Hiei shrugged indifferently . "Your nature is still your nature." And with that said, he flickered away, leaving Kurama alone, sobbing.

"Hiei. I wish it were true. I wish I didn't love you. Then maybe I wouldn't be hurting so much right now."

~Tsuzuku, To be Continued

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