Land of confusion


Warnings/notes : Schuldich x Nagi, violence, death [not of anyone important], Farfarello pov

Disclaimer : I don't own Weiss Kreuz. The song 'Land of confusion' belongs to Genesis. Lyrics slightly altered.

written at 8th april 2003, by Misura

part 1 of 5 (next part will be other pov, ongoing plot)


//I must have dreamed a thousand dreams,

been haunted by a million screams.//

As soon as I get out of the car, I feel excitement rushing through my veins. I know what we're here for, know that tonight will be different from any night before, from any night coming after this one.

Schuldich sharply tells me to wait, but I don't want to. Before he can stop me, I'm already haflway to the building. It looks rather ordinary ; on a normal day you could walk past it and never suspect its contents weren't the same as every other deserted shack in this neighborhood.

I hear Schuldich mutter as he runs after me. Without using his special powers of speed though. He's not stupid, our telepath. He knows what I can do.

: Remember ; their leader is mine. You can have all the others, but that one's mine. :

We've gone over that so often I don't even bother to respond. And I don't care, really. Someone to kill is someone to kill. The more the better.

Tonight should be fun.

//I can hear the marching feet,

they're moving into the street.//

I kick in the door, to surprise two guards. They call themselves 'guards' anyway. To me, the term 'idiots' or 'losers' comes to mind. Really, they're pathetic.

I'm onto them before they can even touch their guns. Maybe Schu can use the extra munition ; depends on what exactly he plans to do to their chief. He hasn't told me, just promised I could watch.

Bet it's going to be something painful. Schuldich can have a big mouth at times, he also has a small heart. Very few people fit into there, but Nagi found a place there.

Surprised all of us, even Crawford I think.

Anyway, these guys have hurt Nagi. A long time ago, true, and maybe not all of them were involved in it, but still ... they are guilty. They have sinned and we will punish them. No one touches one of us, one of Schwarz and gets away with it.

//Now did you read the news today ?

They say the danger's gone away.//

I'd never thought I'd style myself as some avenging messenger of death. That sort of stuff is more fitting for the likes of Weiss. Justice means nothing to me.

This is all about revenge I guess. For Schuldich at least. To me, any reason to kill is fine.

Feels sort of different though, knowing I'm slashing through people God probably wouldn't like either. It should make me feel bad, doing something that good. It doesn't though.

I enjoy every slash, every choking, gorgling cry.

Blood never tasted so sweet or looked so pretty, running in a small stream over the floor.

The light never reflected so beautiful on the silver blades of my knifes, wiped clean after every kill. Wouldn't want them to go rusty after all.

I do this for Nagi, for revenge, for Schuldich and it never ever felt this good, this intense.

//But I can see the fire's still alight

burning into the night.//

Another door. The room behind it looks like some kind of office, lots of papers lying around. One guy in here, who holds -ooh, I'm scared- a gun. He's not the one I'm supposed to spare for Schuldich, so that's fine.

"What - who are you? What do you want?" Can't he guess? Does he think he can stop me?

"The first doesn't matter to you." I reply, slowly starting to smile, "and as to the second, well, I'm here to end your life. As should be obvious." How often does he face a person holding a knife storming in here? What does he think I'm here for, to come and let myself get killed by him?

"I have powerful friends." he says. He begins to look scared. My smile seems to have that effect on most people, though really, I don't know why. "Rich ones too." he adds.

"Good for you." I reply, grinning. "I'm sure they'll give you a nice funeral."

Idiot. He tries to shoot me. I make sure not to harm his face, so that his 'friends' will be able to recognize him. Call it a small act of mercy, if you want to. It was some fun to talk to him after all.

//There's too many men

too many people

making too many problems,//

More people, more blood. Schu asks me to come to a room at the other end of the building, where the person we're here for seems to be hiding behind a group of his so called guards.

Considerate of him to ask and wait for me.

As I reach the location I notice a smear of red on his cheek. I look at him questioningly.

He shrugs. "One of them was faster than I had thought he'd be. It's nothing. Barely a scratch. You didn't have any problems, I suppose."

I smile. "Of course not. They were all easy like lambs." Schuldich returns my smile, matching the bloodthirst in it. I'm glad I never tried anything against Nagi. I would hate to face Schuldich when he's like this. Not many things scare me but at the moment Schu is one of them.

He nods. I wonder if he heard me thinking about him. "Let's go in then. And remember ... "

"... the leader is yours. Yes, I know."

As soon as I cross the threshold, I feel something wild and raging break loose in me. I think I mentioned already things felt different tonight, this is one of those things.

I hear someone laughing, nearly cackling like a madman, and I know it's me.

In the end there aren't nearly enough of them to satisfy the hunger and thirsting inside of me. But our purpose has been fulfilled ; kneeling in front of Schuldich is the man we came here for.

//And not much love to go around//.

"One wrong movement ...." Schuldich whispers, not finishing the threat. He doesn't have to. The man nods eagerly. Does he really think he has any chance of leaving this room alive?

Schuldich seems to be nearly choking with anger. Hatred burns in his eyes. His victim to be shivers. With good reason, I'd say. Those jade eyes are nearly enough to drive even me out of the room, and I'm not even the one they're focused on.

"Please. I can pay you. A lot. You could have anything you wanted. Just. Please." So easily reduced to begging. It's almost boring. I wait for Schuldich to do something.

He stands silently, like a statue. Looking down on what's crawling at his feet. He makes a sound, two syllables long, more I can't hear. His voice is too soft. I had expected him to shout.

//Can't you see, this is a land of confusion ?//

Schuldich, usually so loud and now so quiet. It's creepy. I want to get this over with, get out of here, back home, before Crawford notices we're gone and gives us hell when we return.

Still holding his gun with his right hand, his left disappears in his pocket, drawing out a photograph. He waves it in front of our prisoner's face, allowing me to see it as well.

It's a picture of a boy with dark-blue eyes, smiling happily into the camera. A picture of Nagi, our beloved lost child who is no longer a child. Schuldich's lover, the first one to capture his heart.

"Do you recognize this boy?" Schuldich asks, sounding almost friendly. I'm not fooled though and neither is his victim. I can see him digging in his memory. In vain.


Beep. Wrong answer. You loose, and guess what? You were playing for your life. Too bad.

//This is the world we live in,

and these are the hands we're given.//

"His name is Nagi Naoe." Schuldich remarks, in a confiding tone, as if he and that guy are sharing a secret. He even bends over to him a bit. "He lived on the 14th floor of a flat in Tokyo, five years ago with his parents and a small, white dog called Snoopy."

Even I didn't know about the dog. Maybe a replacement would make a nice birthdaypresent.

"Now do you remember?" Schuldich croons.

"M-maybe. I'm not sure." I can smell the lie. And the fear. Bitter and sweet.

A hand grips his chin, raising up his face.

"I will make you remember. Every second of it." Schuldich says smilingly. If I look even half as scary as he does when doing that, I'm not surprised people don't feel at ease when I smile.

There's a rush of power. I can feel it through my mindlink with Schuldich, though I have no idea what exactly he's doing. It's malicious. Deliciously malicious.

//Use them and let's start trying

to make it a place worth living in//

Shoving him back, Schuldich turns his back on our prisoner. Who has started screaming. In a rather high-pitched voice that nearly hurts my ears (let me assure you that an immunity to physical pain does not include any protection of your hearing).

"Shall we go? I'm finished here." Schuldich asks conversationally.

I grin. Schuldich's back to normal again and the bad guys are dead. All in all a good evening.

"Let's." I reply. "Want me to cut his throat?"

He shakes his head. "No need. He'll die of his own. Eventually."

I take another look. The man is reduced to sobbing by now.

"What did you do to him?" I'm curious.

"I'll tell you on the ride home."