Land of confusion

White Hunters / Epilogue

Warnings/notes : Schuldich x Nagi, no specific pov, Weiss pops up.

Disclaimer : I don't own Weiss Kreuz. The song 'Land of confusion' belongs to Genesis. Lyrics slightly altered.

written at 8th april 2003, by Misura

part 5 of 5

First scene takes place a little before Schwarz leaves the building, second takes place the next morning. Songfragments indicates changes of scenery, stronger than in the previous chapters.


"Why did it have to be this night? Just when I had planned a date!" Yohji complained, checking his equipment. His three companions threw eachother a suffering look.

"Are there any nights when you haven't planned a date, Yohji?" Ken asked.

"Of course not! I'm young, I look good, no great, and I'm nice. Every girl wants to date me. It wouldn't be very civil of me to turn them down now, would it?"

//This is a world we live in,//

"Kera Jimusho is a distributor of all kind of weapons to terrorist groups. He is an elusive person but from a reliable source we know he will visit a local crimelord this evening. This meeting will take place in a deserted building in the western quarter of Tokyo. It is highly likely there will be guards posted on the roofs for safety so you need to be careful.

White hunters, deny this dark beast his tomorrow!"

"This is a mission for all of you. If one of you doesn't want to do it, it's off. This will be dangerous." Manx stated, handing out some folders.

"We're in." Aya stated. "Jimusho's associated with Takatori. That's enough."

Yohji sighed sadly, earning a glare from Ken. "There goes my date. I knew it."

"You'll find another one soon enough, Yohji-kun." Omi remarked.

"Thank you, Omi. At least someone here cares about me."

//These are the names we're given.//

"Siberian, come in."

"This is Siberian for Bombay. There are all dead people around here. Looks like someone was here before us."

"This is Balinese for Bombay. I found just the same. No trace of the target yet though."

"Abyssinian, what about you?"

"There's a sniper on the roof here. He's shot, straight through the head."

"Bombay, I think I have found the target. He's lying in some sort of office. Someone cut his throat. Rather messily. Lots of blood. Not a pretty sight."

"Copy that, Balinese."

"I've found something odd. One man seems to have crawled away from the others. His body shows no sign from knife-cuts or any other physical damage. But he's just as dead."

"This place gives me the creeps. The target's dead, who cares who did our job? Let's go home!"

"Bombay to all : I agree with Balinese. Mission ended succesfully."

//Stand up and let's start showing//

Crawford contentedly sipped his morningcoffee as he watched the news. Schuldich walked in, looking even more wasted than usual and poured himself some coffee too.

"This morning, the police discovered the body of Kera Jimusho, a respected politician and businessman in a deserted building in the west of Tokyo. What he was doing there is still unclear but the police considers the possibility of a kidnapping-gone-wrong. Many people depended on Jimusho-san for their employment and his living relatives have promised everyone will be cared for. His wife declared not to want to give any interview."

A picture of the victim had appeared on the screen.

"Hey, I know that face!" Schuldich exclaimed. "Farfarello killed him last night, after having some fun with him. Who'd have thought he'd be such a big shot?"

The phone started to ring. Crawford sighed. He knew who that was.

"What does it matter?" he remarked, picking up the phone.

"Takatori-san, what can I do for you today?"

A panicked voice at the other end of the line started to tell him exactly that.

//Just where our lives are going to?//

"We consider it highly likely Jimusho-san was targeted by the group of assassins known as Weiss." Crawford stated. "We are on their trail, but they are very good in hiding their tracks."

"I want you to kill them! As soon as possible! I don't care what it takes."

"We will do our best."

We will do what's best for us, not what's best for you. You're not Schwarz.

"I count on you, Crawford."

"Good day to you too, sir."

He put down the horn.

"I can't believe you actually lied to him." Schuldich said, setting his teeth into an apple as a kind of breakfast. Crawford supposed it was better than nothing at all. Nagi's influence showed.

"I didn't tell him anything that was untrue. Weiss *had* targeted Jimusho. And we *are* very near finding out who they are in normal life."

Schuldich looked thoughtful. "You mean it was Weiss that we ran away for? That bunch of losers? I am embarrassed!"

"At least you're still alive and in one piece. I already told you : if any member of Weiss dies at this point in time, it will be disastrous for all of us. Schwarz would perish. And no, I still don't know why our fates are tied with theirs. I just know that they are."

"I don't doubt you for a moment."

"And yes, it would be a marvellous idea to take Nagi to that amusementpark today. The weather will be sunny all day."

Schuldich chuckled. "Crawford, what on earth should we do without you? You're incredible! Thanks for the tip, though. Sure you don't want to come?"

"Absolutely. Have fun."

"We will. I love him."

"I know."


Endnote : In case you were wondering what it was that Schuldich did to his victim, he put the memories Nagi had in his head and pressed the 'Replay'-button.