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~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ = Scene/Time Change

----------------------------------------- = Day(s) Later

`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`* = Weeks/Months Later


Eventually the lot of us were allowed out of the hospital. Brett, Will and Luke were all quite healthy, and not a thing was to be worried about.

I'd come back at the beginning of the new year to Hogwarts. After spending about two weeks in the hospital, I spent the winter holidays at home. Mum would hardly ever leave the boys' sight, always cooing over them and enjoying them. I didn't stop her; I figured she'd earned it after all the things I'd put her through in the past. Bill and Charlie went back to work and Percy was...well, Percy. He pretty much ignored me when he was at home, as he did everyone but dad. He always talked about Mr. Crouch. What was so great about that old coot, anyway?

Upon my return to the school, I was greatly surprised to see what Dumbledore had done. The room that Oliver and I had claimed as our own, you know, the empty classroom? He transformed it into a nursery. Still, no one could enter it without knowing the word, which was wonderful. But, he'd taught it to all the house elves. While I was in classes, they would take care of the triplets, that way I could learn still and be able to get a good job when I graduated.

Granted, all I wanted to do was run a joke shop with George, but the thought behind it was what really mattered.

Classes were in session when I returned, so taking the boys up to the room was simple. I got them all settled down in their separate cribs (which Dumbledore had just made poof out of no where) and took a shower. Oh, did I mention I was going to be living in this old, abandoned classroom-turned-nursery now? Well, if I haven't, I am. My bed was the sofa transfigured.

I'd just finished my first day back, and everyone commented on how thin I looked. Hermione asked me if I went on a weight-loss program, which was some muggle thing, but I didn't exactly care to correct her. I honestly didn't know how I got my form back. I thought I was stuck with that extra skin for the rest of my life. But, obviously not, because I was back to my old self again. No more morning sickness, dizziness, headaches...vomiting. I wasn't going to miss those.

I instantly ran up to the bedroom on the fourth floor. I muttered the word and practically came screaming in, only to encounter the three boys sleeping peacefully. Each was dressed in a different color of clothing, but I didn't have to have that to know who was who. Brett always slept on his back, while Will slept on his right side and Luke on his left. When they were awake, Brett was the one who demanded most attention. Will was always making sounds and Luke stayed quiet. But then again, all of those were the way I told them apart. That's how everyone else did. I could just...tell. I guess you could sa ymotherly instinct. And yes, I can say that, because I gave birth to the little things.

I told George, Ron and Ginny the password to the room if they ever wanted to visit. I trusted George enough not to tell, and I think Ginny was trustworthy enough. I knew Ron would tell Harry and Hermione, which wasn't too bothersome, because they were my friends too. Besides, I needed company. I couldn't sit in this room by myself.

Night had fallen. I was in the middle of reading a book when I heard Will stir and start murmuring. Soon after, it became cries, and I set my book down and picked him up. After some gentle rocking, he calmed down, but he stayed awake. I took him back over to the chair with me by the fireplace and cradled him in my arms.

"You look just like your other daddy," I told him. I knew he couldn't respond, but it was just something I did.

Talking to them was good to do when they were young, according to mum. Plus, it was best to teach them another language. Too bad I didn't know any others. I think it'd be great if they knew French, but no one I knew spoke it.

Except for those Beauxbatons students that were here. Maybe I could get them to spout out some words for me.

I lifted one of my hands and brushed some of Will's hair to either side of his head. He seemed to tire, and he eventually fell back asleep. When he did, I lifted myself from the chair and placed him carefully back into his crib. I heard the familiar click of the doorknob opening upon my return to the chair.

It was Ron, Harry and Hermione. Ron smiled some and asked if they could come in.

"I just got Will back to sleep, and they're all sleeping, so I don't know why you'd wish to stay," was my response.

"We're actually here because Hermione wanted to see you," Harry told me.

The girl nodded. "I came to see how you were doing, Fred, not the babies. I know Oliver hasn't been around and that's kind of...Well, wrong, because he should be here and everything and I just thought you'd like some company." She took a seat in the chair near me and the fire.

I smiled at her some and then chuckled. "Thanks for the thought, Hermione, and I'm doing okay. It's only my first day back, so I don't think I'll be dying of loneliness any time soon."

"I was reading up on some books that I had my mum send me. Ones on pregnancy and all, and she said that it's not uncommon to see people have various mood swings and mild depression after birth and everything..."

"It's been about a month, Hermione-dear. I'm doing okay."

She smiled a genuine smile while Ron and Harry snickered. "Oh, okay. Well, I was worried about you. Granted, we don't get along sometimes, but that doesn't mean you're not my friend."

"I care about you too, Hermione."

"Well, we'll be going now," Ron said, attempting to stop snickering. "Leave you girls to your moment and all."

"Hush up, Ron!" I hissed quietly, trying to hit him even though he was pretty far away. He just started snickering again. I rolled my eyes. "At least someone cares."

"You know I do, you dung brain," Ron said. "I'm just not as adept at showing it."

I heard Brett begin to whimper and cry. With a slightly frustrated sound I got up, moving over to the crib. "I'm going to have to ask the lot of you to leave. It was great talking to you, Hermione." I offered her a smile.

Harry held his hands up. "I didn't say a word, Fred. Not a word."

"You didn't quite say anything helpful, either, Harry," Hermione pointed out. "We'll leave you be, Fred."

I offered as good a wave as I could with Brett in my arms. They slipped out of the room and I stepped over toward the fireplace again. Brett was giving his hungry cry, which meant that Will and Luke would be waking up with theirs soon. I had them on a schedule. Yes, indeed, it'd be a while before I could actually get them on a better one, but I could handle it.


The end of the year came faster than I had expected and with a bang. Around February was the Second Task, which ended up being rather interesting. The champions had to dive into the lake to save their most precious thing. It ended up that Harry was saving Ron, Krum saved Hermione (which surprised me, some), Cedric saved Cho and Fleur was supposed to save her little sister, but failed. Harry ended up doing it, and he received extra points in the end. It was pretty damned cool.

The boys were growing like weeds. They were eating more and I got them on more of a schedule. They were asleep when I was gone and woke up when I got back. Then, when I was ready for bed, even though it was around ten, they would go to sleep. For a few minutes in the morning I'd spend time with them, and then I'd go to classes.

My birthday passed quickly just as it had the year before. I hardly had time to myself anymore, which was sort of an annoyance, but I handled it. Oliver stopped by nearly every weekend and spent the whole time with me and the triplets, which made my heart soar. I was so happy that I could nearly burst. The only problem, though, was that I occasionally fell asleep when he was visiting. Not that he objected any, but I did. I didn't want to be sleeping when he was around. He did take care of the boys, though, when I slept.

Just before the end of the year we had the Third Task, which was the talk of the school for weeks. The Quidditch field had been turned into a maze, and the champions were to travel through it. I was there, of course, and so was Oliver. The triplets were sleeping in the castle. When they let the four students into the maze, I found my heart was kind of racing. I wanted to know what was happening, but I couldn't see much.

I don't think anyone will actually forget what happened in that maze. People heard Fleur's cry and then that was it from her. Krum made some kind of sound and we didn't see him. Cedric and Harry were still locked in a battle somewhere in there, and we all waited eagerly for them to come out. It was a long time, and no one had any idea what actually happened in there.

When Harry pulled Cedric out of the maze, a lot of us thought that he was just unconscious. But no. Cedric was dead. Cedric was...gone. Just gone. It was really shocking. We were all rushed into the castle and the first thing I did was rush to the room with Oliver. The triplets were okay, but I didn't leave them alone. I stayed by their sides the whole night. No sleep, no. Just stayed there. Oliver did too.

Everyone was shaken at the final feast that year. Normally Dumbledore is all for keeping kids calm and all, but he couldn't. It just didn't work. So he told us the truth. Voldemort was rising again. The Dark Lord was back. Needless to say, no one was particularly happy when we went home that summer. But I, however, and George too, were quite happy. You know why? Harry gave us a thousand galleons! A THOUSAND GALLEONS! I nearly fainted. It took away almost all the edge off of the fact that You-Know-Who was coming back to power.

Upon returning home for the summer, things took a crazy turn. We didn't spend a whole lot of time at the burrow. In fact, we hardly spent any time there. Maybe about two weeks. Then mum moved the whole lot of us to Sirius' house. Yes, that's right, Sirius Black's house. According to the story that Professor Lupin told us, along with Mad-Eye Moody (the real one, anyway), he was framed for something that he didn't do, and the real culprit was Peter Pettigrew. It was hard to believe, but there was no reason as to why they'd lie to us. His house was apparently the head of the Order of the Phoenix, this force that had been the fighting force against You-Know-Who. Now it was revived again. The Potters were a part of it, but not anymore. We all know why.

The boys were seven months old now. It was a big change having them go from these things that just slept and ate to little bundles of smiles and giggles. I still spent tons of time with them, but George and I had to work on our Wheezes. So, whenever I needed time to do that, mum watched the boys for me. Hermione occasionally did too because she found them irresistably cute. Who wouldn't? I mean, they -were- Oliver's children. Ginny also wanted to spend time with them, and I was okay with that. Sometimes I'd get separation anxiety, even if I was only away from them for a bit. I guess it was just one of those things I'd get used to in time.

I don't know when it was exactly, but Harry came along to us. He spent the rest of the summer with us, kind of like he did every previous summer. It was fun, but I didn't exactly think that he was here because his own choice. But with Mrs. Black yelling things like a lunatic, mum and everybody keeping things hush-hush and the triplets, I hardly had any time to really care.

Time came for us to go back to school again. We got all of our stuff packed up and ready to go. I, of course, didn't pack up my stuff. George did it for me while I got all of the triplets ready.

Yes indeed, returning to the school for my final year would be very, very different. Life would never be the same, and I knew that. But at the same time, I couldn't help but wonder what would happen if Percy had never slipped me that potion. Speaking of him, he won't speak to us anymore. He's at the odds end of the family and I suppose that's for the best. If I were to tell my mum and dad what happened, I don't think it would make too much of a difference. It was too much thought, and even though I'm still kind of scared of Percy, I'm more scared of what will happen if I don't tell.

We got ready and headed for London. Our destination? Same as always: King's Cross. It would be weird not to go back there next year. Was this what Oliver felt like when he came to school for his last year? I'd have to ask him.

I gave my mum a hug and kiss goodbye, and hugged my dad. As we proceeded to enter the Hogwarts Express, George carried Will and I, Brett and Luke. Things certainly would be different this year, yes. But would I worry? No. Would I be sad? Probably towards the end. I knew I'd be fine, though, because I had my boys. I had my family. I was just...happy. 

I never expected something so sudden and possibly life-destroying to utterly change my perspective on life totally...and for the best.


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