Oh this blasted hair! Hermione Granger woke up one early afternoon with a mouthful of brown, matted hair. She spit it out and squinted her eyes to see the clock. Finally giving up, she through the covers off, swung her legs on the floor, and, while shifting her shirt back in its proper place, walked close enough to make out the red numbers on the digital clock on her desk.

It was the fifth week of holiday and Hermione had gotten used to getting up past noon. Despite her worry over the N.E.W.T.s coming up in the next year, she had become completely laid back this summer. She had had a nervous breakdown studying for final examinations the previous year, and was advised to just take it easy. Extremely easy. While at first she was restless, she soon realized why all the other students loved summer holiday so much.

She rubbed her eyes in hopes that the blurriness from sleep would go away, but to her annoyance, it did not. She staggered out of her room and went down the stairs to the kitchen, which had the faint scent of toast and coffee. Her father was at work, and Hermione presently heard her mother coming in from the garden outside.

"Well, look who's up just in time for tea!" her mother beamed at her. She walked over to the stove and set a kettle of water on it.

Hermione groaned a little bit. Still not completely awake, she slumped down into a chair and rested her head upon her arms. "I fin I eed glses."

"What, Hermione? Oh do wake up already!" Her mom held her head up so she could talk clearly.

"I think I need glasses. Can I put my head back down now?" And without waiting for a response, she did.

"Well then we'll just have to schedule an appointment. Your father knows a good optometrist," she said, as the whistle on the kettle whined. She brought the kettle and two cups over to the table, and served herself and Hermione. "I'll go ahead and call after tea, then. Here's your -- Hermione! Wake up! Your tea is ready!"

Hermione took a few sips and already felt a little more energetic. "There's a good girl. Now that you're alert, there's something I've been meaning to talk to you about."


"Your father and I, well, we've been planning a little getaway for a while. And not that we don't love your company, we wanted to go by ourselves for a change." She took a sip of tea and continued. "So I was thinking. Your friends the Weasleys, they seem like such a nice, well rounded family. Do you think you could stay there for the four weeks before school started up again? I know it seems a little rude, inviting yourself, but I'm sure Mrs. Weasley would understand. She's such a delightful woman."

Hermione's eyes bulged and she was definitely awake now. Living with the Weasleys - with Ron - and Ginny too of course, for four weeks!? "Sure mum. That'd be great. I'll go owl them right now." She chugged down the rest of her tea, regretting it instantly, for it was still rather warm, and scooted out of her chair.

"Hang on there, miss," Mrs. Granger said, tugging at the back of Hermione's shirt. "If I have to schedule your eye appointment before noon, are you willing to get up for it?"

"Oh, I suppose. But no earlier than nine thirty!" Hermione quickly darted away and ran back up to her room. She took out a piece of parchment and began to write.

Dear Weasley Family,

I hope this isn't too unethical of us, but we have a favor to ask of you. My parents are going on a getaway (a romantic one, no doubt, hehe) and my mum thought it would be nice if I could stay at your house for the last four weeks of the holiday. Let me see, her exact words, I believe, were, "They seem like such a nice, well rounded family." Which, of course, is absolutely true! If this is going to be a problem, or too much of a bother, that is fine, I can find someone else to stay with. But please send me a reply whenever you find it convenient.

Your friend and schoolmate,

Hermione Granger

Hermione reread her letter and decided that the salutation was a little cheesey.

Sincerely yours,

Hermione Granger

"There. All ready to go," she said to herself, and went to find Perry, their new (and very energetic) owl, who wasn't exactly house trained yet, often found flying from room to room when there were no windows open.

"Mum! Where's Perry at? I can't find him anywhere. Oh, he's in here with you. Did he bring a letter or something?"

"Yes he did. Its addressed to you, honey."

"Of course its addressed to me!" Hermione joked, and opened the letter. "Oh, what a coincidence, it's from Ron."

Hey Hermione,

It's just me Ron. Hi how are you doing are you still super stressed out? You better not be Dumbledore told you to settle down rember. and besides summer is spost to be for chillin out even thow it's hot. HAHA did you get that? Mum says she wants to have you over some time. And also Ginny agreed too. She says she gets lonly and needs some sereous girl talk and your a girl so if the shoe fits huh. Anyhoo, just wonderin if you wanna come over sometime soon, maybe in a few weeks, mum says maybe the last month of holiday. Harry might come I dont know he hasn't owlled back yet but I bet he will because I know he hates living with the Dusley's, but the again who wouldn't? Well I got to go nature calls.

From me, Ron.

PS put that book down I know you. You always have a book.


"Well, Ron needs a little work on his grammar, that's for sure," Hermione chuckled. "And he says his mom and sister would like me to come and stay for the last month before school starts."

"That just works out great then!"

"Yeah it does. Except I have to rewrite my letter now. Hold on to Perry and make sure he doesn't fly away. I'll be right back." Hermione quickly wrote a response.

Dear Ron,

First of all, your grammar is horrible. Have you ever heard of a run-on sentence? You ended up with so many of them. Second of all, I'm glad you wrote when you did, because just this morning my mother told me that her and Father will be taking a trip on their own, probably so they can snog (don't show this to your mother!), and suggested I stay with you guys. So this will be perfect. Tell Ginny I also need to catch up on my gossip and your mother that I look forward to her scrumptious cooking. Oh, and by the way, believe it or not, but I am actually quite lazy now. I don't wake up until after noon, and I haven't had a book in my hands for days. Its quite nice actually. But I must go now. My new favorite television show is about to start (ask your father what a television is if you don't know).

See you in a bit,


She ran back downstairs and into the kitchen. "Okay! Here it is! Oh no," she groaned. "I told you to hold on to him!"

"I'm sorry, Hermione, but you know how Perry is. I believe he fluttered off to the den though."

Sure enough, Hermione found the owl in the den, and attached the letter to his leg. She walked to the back door and let her out. "Take this to The Burrow straight away now," she barely got out, before Perry struggled from her grasp, and flapped away happily.