All in the Game of Love

I swear I'm not dead yet! I'm still checking out reviews everyday in my mailbox and I still remember all yer GREAT GREAT fans out there! I am soooooo sorry for putting aside Love is Crazy and Bad Blue-eyed Boy I really couldn't find the inspiration though I've tried countless times. I seriously apologized for that. I know saying a thousand apologies wouldn't help the people who loved Bad Blue-eyed Boy. I am so sorry for that but I am gonna give it a shot for ExT fics again. I was busy with school, with my grades dropping somehow (hard time coping with exams) and holidays homework! Hehe. Anyway, I reread The Snowman and the Swallow again and I cried when I saw all your beautiful reviews still!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna write again! So here it is, All in the Game of Love, featuring…

Tomoyo Daidouji, 17, optimistic and groovy, the most popular girl in school.

Eriol Hiiragizawa, 18, VERY cool and has a kick-ass attitude! You'll find out what I mean when you continue reading on *hehe*.

So, it all started in the game of truth and dare which turned into the game of love when both who didn't like each other very much, were dared to act as a couple for FIVE weeks!!!

As always

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Young and lovely-looking Tomoyo Daidouji who possessed all the looks that all the girls in the world wanted, headed up the stairs of the popular and enormous school, Shades. The headphones of her Discman drowned out the noisy atmosphere of the students beginning to gather around as the clock hanging high on the school building neared 8am.

Her head bopped to the groovy music that was playing through her headphones as she waved to a few strangers who greeted her. It was part of her daily life, anyway, to have boys and girls waving to her every now and then. She was a popular girl and easily labelled as the most sought-after lady in Shades. After all, she didn't lack in any department at all.

Tomoyo yanked open her locker as notes, cards and roses came falling to the ground as she picked them up with the usual sigh. She quickly browse through them as her beautiful dark raven tresses fell over her eyes.

Hi, my name is Rad and I've been observing you for a long time. I would like to know you better. How about it? Maybe we could hang out sometimes. Write back.

Tomoyo laughed as she continued looking through the thick pile of cards and letters. As usual, all of them were from boys who wanted to know her better.

"Hmm…How can I write back when I don't even know who you are? But I don't even care." Tomoyo gathered all the cards and letters and flung them in the thrash bin. As for the roses…

Tomoyo pondered hard, knowing her garden already had an overflowing amount of roses growing. She grinned as she stuffed the stalks of roses in another locker. It belonged to Naoko and she was a kind of vintage girls that lacked suitors.

"She would be happy." Tomoyo giggled as she clapped her hands in satisfaction, getting her books for her lessons before closing her locker and walking off. On her way to the classroom, a few boys stared in her way.



"Hey, everybody! Wanna get together for a game of truth and dare after school?" The famous class jester, Yamazaki, suggested as he stood on the chair to get attention. Several classmates looked at his way with a gamely face. Commotion started to burst among the excited bunch of girls and cool-headed gang of boys before arriving at a decision.

"What's the forfeit?" A brown braided-hair girl asked, wearing a look for competition on her face.

"Hmmm…" Yamazaki folded his arms in deep thought, "The guys get to date Naoko for a month. The girls get to date Mousee for the same period of time, too."

Laughter erupted everywhere for Naoko and Mousee were considered the worst dates in their class. Fortunately, the two 'victims' of the conversation arrived later for class and missed the insulting commotion of them.

During lessons, Yamazaki passed many messages down the line of tables to each and everyone and everybody soon agreed to the 'harmless' game of truth and dare. After all, there was nothing to lose, right?

By the end of the day, even the most reluctant players were soon involved in the exciting game soon to come once the clock striked 3pm in Shades. Nobody knew this simple game of Truth and Dare would change the lives of two person forever.



"Alright, Syaoran…I dare you to kneel before Sakura and propose to her!" Chiharu teased as the amber-haired boy blushed redder than the color of tomato. Even Sakura who was usually calm began to have a deeper tint of shade on her face.

"B-But…" Syaoran shuddered at the thought of dating Naoko for a month before he finally sighed, "If Sakura…doesn't mind."

Sakura froze in her seat before a picture of Mousee came into her mind. No way was she gonna date Mousee! That was the last thing she ever wanted in life! She gulped and nodded a little as she watched Syaoran stumbled to her side, being pushed by a few boys who knew of his long-time crush on the auburn-haired girl.

"I…Well…" Syaoran hesitated before he got pushed down on his knees by Chiharu, "Ok, dude! Do your job and you're spared!"

Syaoran wiped a few drops of sweat that has trickled down his forehead. He was getting warmer every now and then when he finally gave in to the teases erupting everywhere.

"Will you marry me, Sakura?"

Sakura blushed a deep red as the class went wild.

"Say yes! Say yes!"

So the answer became 'yes' of course and Syaoran was a happy man. This was, of course, another story that leads to another dare to come.

"Spin the bottle!" Yamazaki exclaimed as the bottle went spinning…


It finally stopped.

Gasps filled the room as the bottle pointed to the coolest and considered the hottest hunk in the whole of Shades. The dark blue-haired boy who was sitting on the table ruggedly looked up with a frown.

"There's gotta be a mistake." He said calmly.

"No, this ain't no mistake!" Chiharu giggled as the girls in the room got all hot and excited. This was their only chance to be with this hot hunk, if the dare called them to. All eyes fell on Syaoran, who was supposed to choose the dare.

Syaoran glanced around the room before he caught sight of Tomoyo, engrossed with the hip-hop music magazine in her hands that she didn't even bother a tad bit of what's going on with the game. Syaoran stopped. He hesitated. He took another look around the room.

He finally decided that there wasn't another girl who could fit this hunk better than Tomoyo. After all, who had the looks like she does? Who had the optimistic, cheery attitude like she does?

"Well…I dare you to become Tomoyo Daidouji's boyfriend for 5 weeks!" Syaoran announced the sentence that twisted the lives of two rather painfully.

Tomoyo finally looked up from her magazine, scanning her eyes across the room to see who Syaoran was referring to. All mouths hung opened and eyes of all kind fell on Tomoyo.

"…Tomoyo?" The blue-haired boy shrugged as Tomoyo looked utterly confused. "You want me to become her boyfriend? For 5 weeks?" Surely he wasn't hearing things!

Syaoran chuckled, "If you're not deaf, yes, I did say that."

The room went silent before Tomoyo stood up, "I protest!"

Syaoran grinned, "Uh-oh, in case you don't know, the forefeit is dating Mousee for a month. Would you rather choose a nerdy-looking guy or a hot hunk chased around by girls everywhere?"

Tomoyo frowned, "Well…I wouldn't consider him exactly hot in my eyes." The blue-haired boy folded his arms, "Syaoran, I think you made a bad decision. She's not exactly a chick, either."

"Well, either Naoko and Mousee or…" Syaoran left the sentence half-said as he closely watched the duo's expressions.

"…Fine. Just 5 weeks." The blue-haired boy rolled his eyes, looking away from a sulking Tomoyo, "Guess wasting just 5 weeks of my life on terrible dates wouldn't be too bad."

Tomoyo laughed as she stuck out her tongue playfully, "I'm on, too. Don't worry, I'll play it good."

The game of Truth and Dare discontinued of course, since it already pissed off the the most sought-after boy in Shades. Before the game ended, Syaoran wrote the rules on the board for the 'couple'.

#1 Act like a couple and behave like one

#2 No going separate ways when you are in school other than lessons

#3 Hanky-panky is allowed but nothing more than PG-13 please

#4 Only allowed to do as you please when you are 500 metres away from school

They were simple rules consisting of only 4 factors.

But of course, it wasn't simple for the two, who didn't like each other very much and had to stick with each other every single day for 5 weeks.

And in case you still didn't figure it out on your own, the boy bore the name of Eriol Hiiragizawa.


"I hate it. I hate life. I hate the game." Eriol said through gritted teeth as he flung his backpack down on his desk. He knew how many letters, cards and roses Tomoyo could receive in one day. The problem was, he still didn't like her. He didn't like how she was so optimistic. He didn't like how guys would go all blind and chase after her. 'Pathetic fools' were a good way to label those guys.

"You might as well say 'I hate you'." A familiar voice said that caused him to advert his attention to the back of the classroom. Tomoyo arched an eyebrow, leaning back on her chair with a sweet smile, "So honey, what activities will you be planning?"

"Nobody is in the classroom. So quit the pretense." Eriol said, plopping down on the chair harshly, "And 'I hate you' might be a good phrase to use."

"Tsk tsk. What temper." Tomoyo teased as she continued working on her Mathematic sums. Eriol rolled his eyes as he took out his Geography notes and begun scribbling words over them.

"You into Geography?" Tomoyo asked, not taking her eyes off the current sum she was taking a shot at.

"Never." Eriol shrugged, answering a few questions provided on the Geography paper.

"I'm into History. What about you? Mathematics?" Tomoyo continued asking, though she knew she was frustrating him up.

"Bingo." He muttered under his breath as he annoyingly cancel a huge part of his notes away.

"Maybe you should help me with my Math sums and I can do your Geography stuff. After all, Geography is my second best subject. How about it? After all, we are darlings, are we not?" Tomoyo giggled, emphasizing on the word 'darlings'.

"We are not." Eriol hissed under his breath.

"Alright then…So…Tell me why you don't like me." Tomoyo stopped all work, looking up suddenly.

Eriol froze in his work as he blinked when he shrugged, continuing with his Geography paper.


"I just do." He finally answered. Was that even counted as reasonable? Who cares.

"Alright…Acceptable." Tomoyo nodded a little before she stood up, approaching Eriol. He looked up with an irritated look, "What is it?" Tomoyo sighed, "Chill, would you? What time will you finish with your Geography work?"

"In another hour. Why?" He shot with a curious frown.

"Oh…" Tomoyo suddenly broke into a impish smile, "Then you wouldn't mind walking me home, eh, cute boyfriend of mine who hates me oh-so-much?"

"In your dreams." He mumbled.

"Aw come on! It's part of the rule!" Tomoyo persuaded.

"Then I'll walk you for only 500 metres then." Eriol said flatly.

Tomoyo hesitated before nodding gamely, "Alright! 500 metres, that will be!"

"Now if you will excuse me. I would like to finish my remaining Geography questions up." Eriol said with an almost monotonous tone.

"Don't sound so dull, eh? I'm not exactly the worst girlfriend one could have." Tomoyo said, returning back to her seat.

"…I wish I could believe that." Eriol said as he vigorously cancelled out the previous paragraph he wrote. He cursed under his breath as he looked at the clock.


Today would be the longest day ever…And perhaps the longest five weeks in his life.



Hehe a bit short but just live with it awhile, alright? I PROMISE AND SWEAR LIKE A ZILLION TIMES I WILL NOT NOT NOT GET WRITER'S BLOCK FOR THIS UNLESS I HAVE A SERIOUS PROB!!! KK! And anyway, Eriol is a meanie in here! But it's okay! Some of you might ask me since the plot is almost same as Bad Blue-eyed Boy, why not continue? I potray Tomoyo's character very differently here, optimistic and cheery, so I think I'll stick to this for it's better to get the story rolling, alright? Hope you guys understand, k? Anyway, this is a treat for those who read The Snowman and the Swallow, for I reused 'Shades School' and I made History Tomoyo's best subject. SO YAY! Three cheers to that! Hope you guys still enjoy my reallllllllllllly long-awaited chapter to this new story. As for those already giving up hope on Love is Crazy, I still have intention on completing it one day. I will!!! And I solely apologize for the discontinuation of Bad Blue-eyed Boy and I thank all those deeply who had reviewed it.

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