All in the Game of Love

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The play had been a complete success. After agonizing long hours of practice and tedious days memorizing their script, the students involved finally pulled through and did what the audience had expected. The onlookers laughed and cried along with the story plot. It was a fantastic job accomplished.

Eriol Hiiragizawa had appeared tense at first, but had slowly groove into the play mid-way through after realizing there was no way he could forget his lines after nailing them for so many times and spending many sleepless nights repeating them in his head.

And Tomoyo Daidouji? She had looked more beautiful than ever appearing in that fairy's dress. White and pure. Angelic. That was what Eriol Hiiragizawa and the audience saw her in.

It had been 2 days since the night when Eriol had told of his feelings. Well, he wasn't sure if it was a confession but he had sort of admitted it to her. Was kissing her and saying, "This is what I feel for you" a way of confessing to somebody you really liked? He wasn't sure. And after that, her reaction was just a smile. A very warm smile to it.

Then there had been peaceful silence. Until the skies dimmed and the stars almost disappeared into the dawn did the both of them finally leave the place. Still, she had not spoken of her feelings to him.

It drove him crazy.

To look at her knowing she was the one. To look at her knowing she had such beautiful eyes. To look at her knowing he had already fallen so deeply in love. He couldn't handle that anymore. Yet he had to bear with it.

"Eriol?" Ms. Kilsberg spoke as she approached the blue-eyed boy. He was watching longingly at the stage as the curtains began to close up. The onlookers had already long left the place. Hours had already passed by.

"That was a great job done." Ms. Kilsberg commented as she gave an encouraging squeeze on his shoulder. Eriol's eyes looked down, ignoring the bluish strands tickling his lashes. He nodded with a thin smile, "Thank you."

"Something troubling you, my son?" Suddenly, the naggy Ms. Kilsberg wasn't there anymore. In those brown eyes, he saw comfort and encouragement. Did she know what he was feeling? It seemed so.

"Tomoyo Daidouji is a good girl." She began, her eyes sparkling in enthusiasm. "Surely you wouldn't just give up like that?"

Eriol's eyes grew huge. He took a step back. "You know--!?"

Ms. Kilsberg sighed, wagging her index finger at him again. A trademark sign of hers. "How dense do you expect me to be? Not so for a teacher, my dear Hiiragizawa! Yes, I do know that you two are not a couple yet. I do know that you're in love with her. I do know that you have trouble expressing it." When she finished, she placed her hands on her hips as though in triumph. "Did I say right?"

Eriol was shocked even when she could finish. He hadn't expected the lady to know so much. Was it so easy to tell?

"Eriol boy," Ms. Kilsberg began to speak like a mother again, "I know it takes a lot of courage to…express your love but surely there is no way you would prefer to delay it?"

At this, Eriol looked to the stage again, where the backstage crew was beginning to clean up the litter left behind. His eyes held longing and thoughts of Tomoyo.

"Yes I know, Ms. Kilsberg but--" He wanted to argue but the lady had already cut him off.

"Do what your heart says, Mister."

Eriol looked confused, "But how do I know what my heart says?"

"Learn to listen in then, young child!" She reprimanded.

The following night, Eriol Hiiragizawa spent 4 hours tossing in bed and another half an hour trying to figure out what his heart was trying to tell him. In the 5th hour, he leant forward on the nightstand to pick up the phone. He then dialed a person's number.

"Hello?" The person responded groggily. Nothing was very much enthusiastic at 5am in the morning.

"Syaoran? I need to talk." Eriol started, gripping the phone tighter.

"Go to hell." Syaoran was about to hang up when Eriol began to talk more hastily.

"Syaoran! I need help! Sakura is part of the school committee! Do you think you can arrange something in favor for me and ask for her assistance?"

"By the holy God! Do you know what time this is!? I was sleeping and dreaming when you--"

"Fine, fine! I'll treat you to lunch later at the most! Just do me this favor! We are friends, are we not?" Eriol tried to persuade.

"Argh! I give up! What is it?" Syaoran practically fumed.

Eriol spoke his plan.

It was settled by the 6th hour when Syaoran readily agreed. He hung up and fell asleep snoring instantly, leaving the blue-eyed boy staring up to the ceiling in anticipation.

He hoped he had listened to his heart and done the right thing.


The raven-haired lady watched as the blue-eyed boy approached her. A smile lit on her face. Everything was beginning to fall in place. Everything about him was…simply splendid. The way his eyes gazed into hers and stayed there, the way his hair flopped with the wind, the way his lips curved into a smile targeted just at her.

Her heart skipped a trillion times. Why can't she ever breathe when she was near him?

"Er, hi." Eriol fumbled for the words as he reached her side. His flustered self made her want to laugh at the same time and go gaa-gaa over his state. Was he conscious of how adorable he looked right now?

"Hello, Eriol. Are you here to walk me back home again?" Tomoyo teased lightly and was rewarded by a smile on his face. He had his head dipped down and she took it as a positive sign. The past 2 days, he had never failed to show up by her side after school to walk her home. And somehow…

Somehow, he had managed to seize the opportunity to hold her hand as they walked.

It was just so…natural, he didn't really much wonder how it all actually happened. Perhaps that was the magic of it all, anyway. They were walking when their hands began to touch. And then his fingers had laced around hers.

She didn't pull back or slap him in the face like he thought she would. Instead, she encircled her slender digits around his and continued to walk home. It was just beautiful and much like a dream to him.

"I guess so." He was blushing again. By God, he did it so often around her!

"How are you?" She asked, her lips pulled into a radiant smile as she linked her arm around his, causing him to deepen in crimson even more.

"I-I'm fine." He stumbled over his words, as though shocked by her action, but quickly recovered by returning the question, "What about you?"

There were no more words as the smile in her eyes and on her face answered it all. They were about the walk to the gateway when Eriol suddenly tugged on her hand, motioning her to stop.

"What?" She looked confused.

Eriol seemed to be looking more nervous than ever. "Wait here, I forgot to take something."

"I'll go with--"

"No, no, you stay. I'll be right back." With that, he took off without saying more.

"Eriol!" She called after but he was gone.

And then Sakura Kinotomo and Li Syaoran came into sight within the next second. Tomoyo missed the glint of excitement in their eyes even as Sakura hyper-ly took Tomoyo's palm in hers and led her up the stairways.

"Let's go up to the hall! I heard somebody's performing on stage!" Sakura said cheerfully, ignoring Tomoyo's surprised look.

"But Eriol, he--"

"Aw, he'll be fine! C'mon! You don't want to miss this important event!" Syaoran winked at Sakura. So far, their plan was going accordingly.

"What important event?" Tomoyo asked. Already, the trio was walking the corridors to the hall. The couple remained mum about her question.

Tomoyo was led further into the hall where a huge crowd was beginning to gather and surround the stage. The curtains, blue this time, veiled the back, emitting something secretive from within. Tomoyo could sense the excitement high into the air.

Who was this person who was about to perform? What purpose did he have?

"What's this?" Tomoyo asked, still not getting the hang of any.

Sakura hushed her up, "Ssh! It's starting!"

And then curtains drew apart.

Tomoyo held back a gasp.

It was Eriol Hiiragizawa! A guitar in hand, he sat fittingly onto the high chair. Along with a drummer, a few more guitarists and a keyboard player at the back, Eriol Hiiragizawa seemed ready to sing into the black microphone that was standing at level with his neck!

The bass guitarists began to play a few humming low notes before the drummer took its cue and played the first few beats to kick off the song. The audience ooohed and aaahed, recognizing the hit song immediately.

Eriol looked almost ready to sing, but not so yet.

Leaning forward so that his voice could be projected, his eyes seemed to scan the audience for a certain someone before they lit up and settled upon her. Then his words formed.

"This song is especially dedicated to a certain someone whom have taken my heart away." He paused awhile, as if thinking, before continuing, "Because I'm not a man good with words, this song goes out to you." Eriol smiled, that familiar enigmatic feature of his, "This is what I feel for you."

And Tomoyo's heart missed another beat.

She rolls the window down

And she talks over the sound

Of the cars that pass us by

And I don't know why

But she's changed my mind

His voice, the usual baritone, was deep and soothing, sure and steady. It was enough to reverberate across the hall and make her dip her head in shades of red painted on her cheeks. Was that song really for her? She looked up again, just so she wouldn't miss the perfect Eriol Hiiragizawa up there performing a song. Singing as though that song meant everything to him.

The drummer began to add a few notches up to the rhythm and the bass line grew heavier. The melody built up to the chorus and broke like shattering fireworks. Still, Eriol's voice held it all in place.

Would you look at her?

She looks at me

She's got me thinking about her constantly

But she don't know how I feel

And as she carries on without a doubt

I wonder if she's figured out

I'm crazy for this girl

Yeah I'm crazy for this girl

His eyes, blue and even bluer, only focused on hers alone. Among the hundreds of people, it only seemed as though there was one and only one Tomoyo Daidouji. There were no others as he sang.

I'm crazy for this girl…

It echoed across the room and reached her ears. She continued to watch - mesmerized - as his hand swiftly and easily strummed the chords of the guitar. His voice, clear and strong as the wind, glided along the melody as if it was all of it.

She was the one to hold me

The night the sky fell down

And what was I thinking when

The world didn't end

Why didn't I know what I know now?

Tomoyo couldn't help smiling. It was all for her and he had shown it. His eyes never left hers, his gaze never failed to remain lock on hers. His words, so intimately true and honest, came from the heart and nothing else. It was all simple yet beautiful. And every bit of it touched her heart.

Right now

Face to face

All my fears

Pushed aside

And right now

I'm ready to spend the rest of my life

With you

And when the drummers and the other members in the band striked up to the heavy, catchy rock chorus, the whole audience swayed and moved with it. Eriol's voice was nothing of a flaw to that originality of song.

Would you look at her?

She looks at me

She's got me thinking about her constantly

But she don't know how I feel

And as she carries on without a doubt

I wonder if she's figured out

I'm crazy for this girl

Yeah I'm crazy for this girl

And then he began to tone down, his eyes beholding a softer look as he did so. Then as the drum and other instruments became mum in silence, he held the microphone closer to his lips and sang the final part, almost in mimic of what his nightingale had pulled in the talentime.

I'm crazy for this girl…

And the whole audience and hall exploded with applause.

Still Eriol stayed put on stage even though the rest of the band had left. When the crowd had calmed down, he spoke again, this time with much certainty and confidence.

"And if you're still wondering if I really did this song for you, yes, it is for you…" He paused for effect before smiling warmly, his blue eyes gazing deeply into those amethyst ones.

"Tomoyo Daidouji, I'm crazy for you."

And with that, he took a bow and exited the stage.

The audience began to search high and low for the fortunate girl whom the sought-after boy had confessed to the public. But she was gone, too.


"Eriol! Eriol!" Tomoyo called out, ignoring the surprised looks of the backstage crew as she dashed across the wooden flooring. The back of the blue-eyed boy was turned towards her as he leant down to place his guitar carefully.

He turned around on the call of his name, only to widen his eyes in surprise.

"Tomo--" He automatically cut his word short. There were no more words to say as he opened his arms to receive the embrace of the amethyst-eyed girl.

It was all so true, all so sweet and angelic.

Was this a dream? Even if this was so…

Please don't let me wake up…

Eriol buried his head in her neck, feeling her breath hot against his shoulders. His fingers caressed the silky strands of her hair as his other free hand kept her waist secure in his embrace.

She finally lifted her head and looked into his eyes, a sweet smile on her face.

"Thank you. I like that a lot." She commented, splaying her fingers on his chest, creating a delightful sensation in the pit of his stomach. There were butterflies and more as he looked into her eyes.

"I'm glad then." He finally let out his pent-up breath after losing the words he had wanted to say.

"You're so sweet." Her eyes grew misty a little and she leant forward to place her head gently on his shoulder. "It's no wonder why I love you so much…"

I love you…

She had finally said it. She had finally, finally said it!

But he hadn't!

Oh, what a bastard he was!

Recovering from a quivering fist of emotions centered in his chest, he tenderly lifted her chin up, gazing into her loving eyes.

"You snatched my lines. I wanted to say that first." His words caused her to giggle and he chuckled himself. Strange that both could still find humor at a time like this.

"Aw," Her eyes shone, "But doesn't it lead to the same meaning in the end?"

"Hmm…" He leant even closer, his nose touching hers and rubbing on it gently, "I guess so." His fingers slowly framed her face before touching her petal-like lips. By then, the urge to do something was already bursting within him like a new found energy.

"I love you."

There, simple, short, sweet. Mostly, honest and true. From the depths of his heart.

She now smiled up at him with something new in her eyes. He could finally define what it was. She loved him.

"I like how you say it." She broke into angelic gales of giggles as his arms went around hers and pulled her closer to him again. "Say to me some time again?"

"Anytime you want, Cake." His lips rolled back into a grin as he recalled the petnames that had shared with each other. Her light-hearted laughter told him that she still remembered, too.

"That'll be nice, Cookie boy."


There were no more words as he bent to kiss her, sealing the distance between them and their love. As he did so, a light breeze began to play around, lacing its way around them before seemingly twirling them as one, promising more complete and magnificent years to come.

And I guess it is all in the game of love that brings a couple together perfectly, isn't it so?

Cupid sometimes always has its arrows aiming at the right place and Eriol and Tomoyo should be so glad to be in its way when it striked!


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