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Alphard's pov

Diagon alley

"Alphard black look ahead of you or you will fall here", it was rather normal in Diagon Alley which was filled with muggles and wizards alike courtesy of Hogwarts new session.

"Yes zinky " and so alphard named after his granduncle was enjoying a rare moment of happiness that included skipping and jumping in the middle of the street too much to chargain of his head house elf zinky, the last reputation the once proud black family once owned really.

Today was a special day for alphard for he was waiting for this day since he could remember. Growing up alphard didn't have much to enjoy happiness in life , the once proud black family being reduced to a 11 years toddler can grate on your nerves, the bloody war that happened a decade ago nearly wiped out alphard entire family including his parents ...of all the people only his cousins Sirius orion black and Bellatrix lestrange was alive both of them in azkaban...he had a cousin free in narcissa Malfoy but she never talked to alphard and he never really cared about her.

So when the letter to Hogwarts came crashing through his house fireplace ,alphard joy knew no bounds, being cooped in one place with the company of just elves could do that to you…." We have to take to madam Malkin for your measurements master" zinky called from behind she was puffing with all the running she did..

"Nooo'' alphard whined like a child since he was a child " i want to buy my wand first, let's go to olivander zinky" faced with those wide grey eyes zinky just huffed and relented to her master wishes.

Alphard rushed towards the ollivander Wands shop...it was always his dream to get a wand of his own and do amazing sort of magic like his ancestors once did, alphard didn't knew much of his ancestors zinky and other house elves never talked about them nor about his ancestral home the grimmauld place in London…not even his father talked about that expect maybe one time when he and mother was left him all alone, it was almost half a decade ago.

It was raining, well it was raining for three days now and by the looks of it didn't seem to stop anytime soon , a thunder cracked though the sky and. For a moment it looked like a thunderbird had attacked the building.

Alphard was in his room sleeping soundly when the door of his room creaked open without any sound , In came two wizards pale as dead dressed in dark cloak of theirs wand pointing at the sleeping alphard .

A snap of finger echoed around the dark and quiet room and a ring of fire covered the area around the alphard bed who was wailing in the bed.

'You will not harm master" zinky proclaimed and a dozen of elves appeared In the dark room lighting it like a sunny day with their magic and even those death eaters were not capable of defeating those loyal and possessive creatures with their foreign magic.

Suddenly a dark hooded figure dressed in all black except the red in his cloak barked into the room ,eyes roaming frantically and searching for a familiar figure

"Alphard" the wizard whispered with choking with the fire around

"Da" a six years old jumped into his father's grasp who cradled his head and hugged him tightly… " love you, I love you my boy" the wizard was whispering and alphard could feel tears rolling down from his father's eyes...

" you must remember alphard your mum and dadda loves you" the dark dressed wizard removed his ring from his hand and put it into alphard hand closing it .." you have a tough life ahead of you my boy, be strong"

"Take him zinky" the man ordered and the last thing alphard could hear was a woman laughing like madman and his dad calling her a traitor

"We are blocking the gate master" zinky snapped him from his thoughts and alphard hurriedly opened the door almost getting knocked at the centre.

The bell rang when he entered, giving a scratching sound to the room. After waiting for a few minutes an old man with greying silver hair and milky eyes slowly walked down the corridor.

"Ah, another young student" the old man wheezed out the words " what is your name young one?" The old man asked, bending slightly to hear.

"Alphard black" he answered in a young confident voice..

"Ah , Mr black" the old man wheezed " nice to have your acquaintance" ollivander milky eyes shone for a second.." it feels like only yesterday when I gave your father your wand" they were silent for a few seconds lost in their memories when ollivander cough broke the silence.

"Forgive an old man , mr black" when you live as long as me every event feels like it happened today"

"Now you surely didn't come to talk with an old man '' Ollivander waved his hand and a tape and scale came flying in front of him.

"If you will please stand on that stool for measurements"

Alphard climbed on the stool and ollivander again waved his hand causing the tape and scale to start moving along alphard left hand length.

When the measurements were complete, Ollivander went back inside his shop muttering nonsense that Alphard didn't understand and came back after some time carrying various styled boxes , some colourful while some plain in design.

"Ah, here try this young alphard," Ollivander said, giving a plain looking wand to alphard who gave it a wave after acquiring it.

A sudden wisp of wind originated in the enclosed shop resulting in the falling of all the wand placed on the counter...ollivander waved his wand and everything returned to normal, he took the wand away form alphard " not this one"

"Try this one, " Ollivander said, giving another wand to him which resulted in the breaking of all the flower vases kept in the store.

'No, neither this one" the old man said, snatching the wand away and again vanishing in the deep end of his Shop.

"Here try this one" ollivander said after arriving and giving him in an extravent looking wand with vervet black in colour with crimson red lining all over the wand that met together to form a dragon form on handle...it was the most beautiful thing alphard had ever seen.

"Well, what are you waiting for, give it a flick boy" ollivander was losing his patience it seemed. Alphard snatched the wand from Ollivanders outstretched hand and immediately felt something connected through him...it felt like a missing alphard didn't even knew existed suddenly getting back to its place and a surge of energy flew through his body to his wand bringing out sparks from the ivory wand.

"Wonderful , mr black the wand has chosen you as its master" ollivander clapped his hand clearly happy with the outcome. " 14 inches long Aspen wand with phoenix feather , very flexible"

Alphard looked at the wand with enormous joy and profusely thanked the old man who just wheezed and asked for his money that accounted for 12 galleons , after the successful payment of his wand alphard and zinky finally went to day to day mundane shopping.


The alley today had a sense of excitement and happiness around it...alphard could see young children like himself running all around the narrow corners, their parents barely following behind them.

Some shops had colorful umbrellas out with plates and tables all to attract the ongoing crowd while some were displaying the latest wizarding fashion outside their shops.there was so much noise in the air that alphard could barely hear what zinky was saying and truth to be told he didn't care...he looked ahead and saw travel luggages , potions kit , tomes and parchment all stacked around in their respective shops.

Finally they arrived at their location that was Madam Malkin's robes for all occasions in the wizarding world. It was a small shop and was already crowded, much to alphard and zinky displeasure…

"We could go to the southern side of Diagon Alley master. I bet their shop would not be so crowded" zinky suggested but alphard was already very tired so he waved his hand and they entered together ringing a bell in the process.

"Madam Malkin Must have concession for you" at Alphard confused expression zinky explained "the black family is one of the most prominent sponsor of Malkin robes, Master"

"Then go and convince them to take my measurement at the earliest".

"At once master" zinky bowed and skipped ahead to talk with a madam Malkin while alphard soon found a sitting position and sat down moaning when he felt the tiredness of today's shopping wash over him.

"Are you also a Hogwarts student?" Alphard looked left and saw a skinny boy with raven coloured haired sprayed across his forehead and dressed in muggle clothes larger than the boy.

'Yes , this will be my first year and yours?" Alphard asked with a genuine curiosity

The boy vigorously nodded his head " well congratulations then, which house do you want to go to?" Alphard asked

"House?" The spectacle boy was confused , and alphard could see that " you are muggleborn" alphard was upset with himself not realising this before with the muggle clothings..

"What is that?'' the boy asked with curiosity. Laced in his voice , alphard was about to reply when he realised that he didn't know the boy's name and neither did he.

Oh, my bad , I am Alphard black of house black" he said, outstretching his hand for a handshake.

The raven haired boy shook alphard's hand and gave him a warm smile " i am Harry" he hesitated for a moment then continued " Harry Potter"

Alphard felt like his wind knocking from his lungs , in front of him was harry potter the one who defeated the dark lord and alphard didn't knew how to react , his ancestors supported the dark lord including his parent but then his father had left them and zinky once said that those dark wizard who killed his father was the dark lord follower.

It's...it's a pleasure to meet you Harry" alphard stumbled over his word and then asked the question that was bugging since the boy revealed his name " do you have that?"

"Have what?" Harry asked innocently.

"The scar" alphard just whispered but Harry understood and nodded his head, he moved his hair out of the way and there it was a lightning bolt scar, alphard had to admit it was majestic.

"Wow," he gasped, echoing around the waiting corridor.

"You are a hero in the wizarding world, do you know that?"

"Uhh…..yes" harry was clearly uncomfortable "i got to know that just an hour ago"

'Wait…." It was maddening thought really " you didn't know you were famous here for a decade" then a thought came into alphard mind. "Did you even know you are a wizard before the letter came?"

The redding of Harry's ears was a clear indication that he didn't even know he was a wizard and that really shocked alphard.

"Is that a bad thing?" Harry asked nervously which again shocked alphard for he never imagined a saviour to stammer over a single sentence.

"No, it's not, there are many muggle born who came to Hogwarts every year" at harry questioning look he further explained "the magical children that have both their parents as muggles are muggleborns"

Truthfully alphard didn't have any problems with muggleborns because he never met many of them in his childhood but zinky always said that they were beneath them and zinky was never wrong so alphard didn't know what to believe.

"Okay" Harry nodded satisfied with the explanation " so I am a pureblood since both my parents are magical" he asked further.

"No, your mother was muggleborn but your father was a pureblood" alphard explained trying hard to remember teaching of the sacred 28 families "so, you are a half blood"

"Ahhh" now it seemed that Harry finally understood about the hierarchy of the wizarding world.

"What about the houses you were talking about earlier?Can you tell me more about Hogwarts?" Harry was now excited to finally get more about the mysterious castle.

'Of course" alphard smiled at harry, his usual charming smile he was taught by zinky though with zinky it looked really heidous with her wrinkles and tooth. " There are four houses in Hogwarts ,gryffindor , ravenclaw, hufflepuff and slytherin where students are sorted after the sorting ceremony"

Harry's eyes were wistful and unfocused, obviously trying to picture Hogwarts in his mind.

"Which house do you want to go to?" Harry asked with barely contained excitement.

Alphard shrugged " Well anyhouse is good for me , my family was famous for getting sorted into Slytherin but my cousin broke that by getting into gryffindor. ravenclaw and Hufflepuff I don't know much about them"

"Wow, do you know which house my parents were in?" Harry asked, trying and failing to control the longing in his voice.

"Well, i am not confirmed but potters are usually sorted into gryffindor , they are not notorious like Weasley but yes chances are they must be in gryffindor" alphard explained.

Harry was about to ask something else when zinky popped in front of alphard " master, come madam Malkin is waiting for you"

"Well ,it's farewell then" alphard said outstretching his hand which harry shook firmly…"until next time harry"

"Met you again at Hogwarts alphard" harry called from behind while alphard went ahead….


"Stand still boy" madam Malkin instructed waving her wand to and the tape and scale took measurements of his body while a flying quill noted down every number.

"Now boy what type of quality do you want? '' Madam Malkin asked in a sweet voice. She was a short, plump woman with a very successful business.

Master would need the finest quality of silk available zinky said before alphard could even open his mouth.it always vexed alphard growing up , sometimes zinky was too noisy for her own good. It was times like these when alphard truly missed his father but he knew he was never coming back.

"Alright... alright" Malkin nodded her head and waved his and summoned different varieties of clothes pieces non-verbally.

One by one all the clothing pieces were shown and one by one rejected by zinky until Malkin huffed and brought a special vervet black silk which alphard agreed before zinky mainly because he was getting tired of the waiting.

"An excellent choice dear boy" madam Malkin tapped her wand and the self writing quill wrote something down " now , since the robes are done, do you need anything else dear?" She was in a good mood now,must be the business she did alphard thought.

Alphard looked at zinky and who just snapped her fingers and the Hogwarts letter appeared " we would need a winter cloak with silver fastening along with gloves and hats" zinky read out aloud while the self writing quill wrote furiously.

"Now, if you could give me 2 hours dear your order will be ready to take" madam Malkin waves them off with a smile on her wrinkled face.

"One more thing madam Malkin" Alphard called out.

"Yes dear"

"Could you make the silver fastening look like a dragon face?, And please include some red in the cloak and robes"

"An unusual request but i remember that i did that same thing years ago" madam Malkin tried to remember but alphard already knew it was his father who wore dresses like that... growing up alphard had always treasured whatever little his father had left for him..and he always tried to emulate him even if it included dressing like him.



Harry Potter pov

"Where did you go, Hagrid?" Harry asked when they were moving ahead to purchase books and scrolls for Harry Hogwarts year.

"..Oh,Well it w's your bday , and i didn't give you any present " Hagrid bombed in his usual loud voice, sweat dripping from his forehead which he wiped with his larger than normal hand.

"You didn't have to give me anything Hagrid" harry said polite as always " this" he stretched both his hands " is the best present i could ever get"

"Well i didn't have to but i did want to" hagrid barked and gave a snowy white owl caged to harry who looked at the bird with awe." Woah" harry whispered.

'It's beautiful Hagrid, thank you" Harry was not one to show emotions but he was really happy today.

"It's no worries Harry" Hagrid waved him off and then signalled to the approaching ice cream parlour " aren't you hungry harry?"


Florean ice cream parlour was a small colourful shop with places to sit down inside and a small area outside the shop with a bunch of tables, plates and umbrellas.

It was bursting with people inside and Harry could see a large queue in front of the menu box which Magically took orders...there was no place to sit inside the shop so Hagrid guided him outside of it.

"Ah look there is an empty table, common harry" hagrid called and went in the direction of the said table while harry slowly moved behind him taking all of the surrounding

"So Harr', tell me did you like what you saw?" Hagrid's voice boomed after the ice cream order was delivered to them.Harry almost shut his ears with his hands but thought better of it.

"It's amazing really, I have never seen anything like that before".

"Of course you haven't " Hagrid huffed " damn those dursley".

Harry didn't know what to say to that so he just enjoyed his chocolate ice cream which was coated with strawberry all over it...it was the best ice cream Harry Ever had " so, can you tell me about Hogwarts?".

"Of course, of course, Hogwarts is a huge castle you see ,hidden from the muggles , it's the best school to learn magic , it's current headmaster is professor Dumbledore the most powerful wizard i have ever known , you will see harry it's far better than I can describe ".

Harry meanwhile was beaming with joy and excitement for it looked like his life was finally going to change for better. He was about to ask more about the houses when he heard a familiar voice.

"I would have a chocolate dipped butterscotch" Harry heard Alphard say and whipped his head to watch him coming towards the waiting place of Florean parlour…

"Alphard" Harry called out waving his small arms at the incoming figure of alphard black.

"Harry, we met again," Alphard replied, sitting on an empty chair beside Harry, facing Hagrid, who was looking at Alphard suspiciously.

"You didn't say you have made a friend Harry" Hagrid was still looking at Alphard suspiciously while alphard was eyeing Hagrid with pure in-difference.

"Alphard ,he is Hagrid and Hagrid ,he is alphard '' Harry introduced them like he had seen uncle dursley introducing his clients to his family excluding him of course.

"Alphard ? Alphard black?" Hagrid muttered something under his breath "I knew your father boy" Hagrid said at last " truly a remarkable man he was." Hagrid said the last part was laced with sadness.

Alphard meanwhile was about to say something but thought better of it " it's nice to meet you hagrid, are you Harry guardian?".

Hagrid laughed a deep belly laugh that made the table shake " I am just a key keeper of Hogwarts, all thanks to professor Dumbledore, it was him who told me to take harry on shopping" Hagrid stopped " i shouldn't hav' said that!".

"You came alone boy?" Hagrid asked quickly, changing the subject. " Nah , zinky, my house elf came with me," alphard replied.

"A house elf , a rare magical creature , Hogwarts has hundreds of them but usually would cost you a fortune to purchase" Hagrid explained.

"What is a house elf?" Harry asked cutting in , for he was totally clueless about these things.

"A house elf is a Magical creature harry, bound to their master to obey their every command, they have their own sort of magic completely different to that of a wizard " harry absorbed all that quietly, fascinated with all the magic around..he was now very eager to join Hogwarts his previous worry of not performing to the people expectations completely forgotten.

"That's amazing" Harry was able to choke out.

"They are" alphard ageered with an easy smile " they are mostly found with the old families, like mine...and maybe yours too".

"Mine?" Harry asked, slightly puzzled.

"Of course" alphard looked at harry like he was an idiot." Your family is one of the oldest families in England" alphard turned his head towards Hagrid." Tell him Hagrid" he urged.

"Of course" Hagrid grumbled " there are 28 sacred families in magical Britain and one of the most prominent were potter ".

"But, your father James Potter didn't want to enjoy his family wealth and wanted to earn his bread ".

Hearing all those talks about his father made harry choke up , he felt a sense of longing to get to know them , all these years ago harry was made to believe that his parents died in a car accident and then to know that his parents died fighting the most evil wizard he really felt proud of them.

'They sound like good people, 'Harry muttered again downcast , thinking of roads long lost in the past. " They were great, your father too, alphard , died fighting the evil, you both should be proud of them" Hagrid added quietly.

Harry didn't say anything to that while alphard was busy enjoying his ice cream " don't you have any other relatives alphard?" Harry asked slightly puzzled but the moment alphard grey eyes darkened he knew he asked something wrong.

"I have an older cousin" , alphard finally spoke after a long bout of silence " Andromeda tonks, but she was busy tonight so i came alone with zinky my house elf".

"Ahh," Harry was about to ask about his other family when he saw Hagrid's subtle shaking of head so Harry dropped the subject.

"My father never really talked about his family" alphard said again catching harry attention " whenever he talked about them he said our family was in a delicate position but never explained further, now most of them are dead" he didn't speak further neither did harry want him too...harry himself had lost his parents so knew what it must for alphard so felt a certain kinship towards him.

" Master" a pop sound echoed around and an old wrinkled creature with pointed ears appeared beside Alphard.." We must be going master , lady Andromeda will be worried."

Alphard stood up brushing away the dust from his robes Until, next time my friends' ' he said and took zinky's outstretched hand and winked at Harry much to Harry's amusement and vanished into thin air.

"Woah , that was amazing. Hagrid '' Harry was barely containing his excitement. " Did you see that Hagrid?"

"Ah, to be a child again" Harry shook his head fondly. " That was elf magic Harry".

"Now, Harry we must be going, otherwise you would miss your train home" Hagrid said, taking the trolley and gesturing to Harry to follow him.

Harry was again gloomy about going back to Dursleys but he was filled with eagerness to finally join the exciting adventure that was Hogwarts.

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