Steve; The Crocodile Huntah! versus role-players!

By: Andreas L.

After the normal intro the cameraman zooms in to Steve as he stands over a bush, looking at a small group of people. Steve slowly turns to the cameraman, "Hello, and welcome to today's show! On this episode we're gonna catch us some role-playahs!" Steve says very quietly as he turns to the small group of people once again. "I've spotted a group in this here forest, they seem to be role-playing some medieval type of game! This making them EXTREMELY dangerous, they got them swords, daggahs, and crossbows!"

Cameraman: ".Okay, that's it. After this show, I am quitting."

"Lets get a closer look, shall we?" Steve says as he slowly goes around the bush, then quickly jumps up into a tree. ".What the-.. How'd he do that..?" the cameraman mutters to himself. "I'm gonna try to infiltrate their game by dressing up as one of them!" Steve's voice can be heard from one of the treetops. Steve then climbs down, dressed up as a medieval-style barmaid; then slowly approaches the group. They all stop and look at the man dressed as a barmaid, Steve turns and looks at the cameraman "Crickey! I think they're suspicious! I better say or do something quickly!" Steve says as the group stares at the cameraman, then at Steve. Steve smiles at the group "Anyone want an ale?" The group stands there, looking at Steve oddly. Steve turns yet again to the cameraman "This doesn't seem to be working, I better try to catch one of them while I still have the chance!" Steve says as he pounces a random role-player as the others flee in terror. Steve wrestles with ease the role-player to the ground, then covers the role-players eyes with his hands. "It's very important to cover its eyes, these are fragile critters! If they get too nervous they can actually die, which makes these creatures veeeeeeeery rare." Steve says as he turns his head towards the cameraman.

"AIIIHH!!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!?!" The role-player screams as he tries to get loose. "Crickey! I better sedate this one." Steve takes out a needle and is about to insert it into the role-players arse as the local police runs up to Steve, grabbing his arms. "You're under arrest for assault." The policeman says, then looks at the cameraman "..Are you with him?" Cameraman: ".No, I've never seen this freak in my whole life.."