Yet Another Normal Day

by Taitofan

Rated PG-13 for yaoi

Disclaimer- Christmas came and went and Yugioh still doesn't belong to me. I've put it on my birthday list though. ^.~

Author's note- Here's the third part, inspired by all the terrible weather lately. For those who need a reminder so everything makes sense, Ryuzaki's afraid of insects and Keith and Ghost are masquerading as uncle and nephew.

Remember that this is humor, so OOC is meant. Flames don't bother me, and CC is welcomed. Read, review and enjoy! Finished 1-7-04


The day was dreary, but that wasn't about to stop anyone from having fun. No, not at all...


*A house in the city...*

"I hate the rain..."

"You hate a lot of things, don't you?"

"No, I just hate creepy, crawly, nasty bugs."

"I take it that's why we're at your house and not mine."

"Yup. No bugs in sight. Well, other than the ones on your shirt, glasses, and shoes... But they're not real, so it's okay."

"So nice to know... It's a good thing I'm not afraid of plastic dinosaurs, or I'd be having a fit right now."

"What's wrong with them? You don't think they're too childish, do you?"

"You said it, not me."


"Oh, don't pout. There's nothing wrong with your room. It's a lot like mine, just without the insects- Full of what you love."

"Yeah... Especially since you're here."

Ryuzaki and Haga smiled at each other before softly kissing. Ryuzaki guessed that he didn't hate the rain quite as much as he'd originally thought...


*A different house in the city...*

"Are your brothers supposed to use chocolate sauce as finger paint?"

"No... Hey you guys, cut it out or you're all going out in the rain!"

"...And there they go..."

"Fine! If they catch colds it'll be all their faults."

"Love, what's wrong? You're not acting like yourself."

"It's all this stupid rain! I hate not being able to go where I want just because a bunch of water is falling from the sky!"

"We could always do something to take your mind off the rain..."

"Not with my brothers who could come in at any given moment right outside, we're not! I'm not going to be held responsible for corrupting the young."

"We wouldn't do anything *here*. You have a room with a lock you know."

"...Oh yeah, that's right... Race ya!"

"Hey, no fair!"

Esper and Kajiki ran up to Esper's room, slamming the door shut and locking it securely. When the Roba bothers finally came back inside, they happily went back to their chocolate finger paintings, ignoring what was going on upstairs. Nothing new there...


*An apartment in town...*

"It's sure been raining a lot."

"Uh-huh. It's great, isn't it? I love the rain!"

"Really, you do? Why? Most people hate the rain, me included."

"You shouldn't you know; rain is *very* useful. It keeps you inside all day."

"Isn't that why most people hate it?"

"Yeah, but think about it. It keeps *us* *indoors* *all* day."

"Oh... Oh! I get it!"

"Good. You get a cookie."

"Shut up."

"Would you like it better if I crumbled the cookie on my body?"

*blink* "When exactly did you get so perverted?"

"I live with you don't I? It was only a matter of time before all my innocence was completely destroyed."

"I suppose... You know, I think we have some cookies in the kitchen. Can I take you up on your offer?"

"Duh. So long as you share."


Keith and Ghost fetched their cookies and took off to their bedroom to have a little "snack". The old lady in the apartment next to them was seriously wondering what kind of relationship these "relatives" had...


And thus shows another relatively normal day in the lives of everyone's favorite minor characters. No, not even the rain could bring them down. It just goes to show you that change can be good.

Very good.