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This is the sequel to 'why?'. Still a YohAnna fic by me, still OOC I think. Thanks again guys, let the plot bunny bless you all with brilliant ideas.


By: Dark Hooded Eriol the Magician

How will I show you?

What will I say?

How can I love you?

And still continue my decided way?

How can I be nice for you?

If you won't even try to dare?

How can I like you?

If you don't even care?

How will I know?

Things that please only you?

How was I to know?

If you were the only one who doesn't care too?

How can I continue to love you?

If I can't even say?

And stand straight before you?

Just to show you the way?

How can I make you see?

That the world is not bare?

There are sunshine and love, things to be happy,

And that you only need love to be there.

How will you let me love you?

How can I please you?

Honto ni ore wa...

Daisuki ga, Kyouyama Anna.