Hello again, this time I've brought a story from the game "PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond." This was possible by reading other fanfictions from the same game in this website. This story have taken a little of inspiration from those stories, and a bit of DeviantArt images that I've seen. This will be divided in three chapters and they will be together. Enjoy.

The Sleepover

CHAPTER 1: One night in the Cove Area

Some days had passed since the defeat of Darkrai and the salvation of PokéPark, besides of the subsequent rescue of the Pitch-Black Pokémon. Everything had returned to be as before. Every Pokémon of the park were calm doing their daily activities. The four heroes, Pikachu, Oshawott, Snivy and Tepig, did their own things after everything calmed. The last three returned to their respective areas that they came from, while Pikachu decided to come back, together with his pal and friend Piplup, to the other PokéPark that went before, to visit his previous friends since time that he didn´t see them. Everything came back to normal.

It was a nice day in Cove Town, everyone seemed to be happy doing theirs. Who was also there was Oshawott, he left the Seasong Beach for a moment to know how the Pokémon of the area were. Passing by, they greeted him, he was considered as a hero that had saved the PokéPark.

"Good morning, Oshawott," Cinccino greeted to him.

"Oh, hello, Cinccino. How's going?"

"Very good, thanks. And you?"

"Good for now."

"What are you doing here?"

"I came to see the place, I wanted to know if there is some problem here that I can investigate and solve."

"Oh, you're so workaholic. Always wanting to know if there are problems in anywhere."

"Yeah, that's my job. The fact that the problem with Darkrai has ended doesn't mean that cases and problems to investigate and solve have stopped appearing. Or so I would like to believe."

"I see, and where are your Pals?"

"Oh, you're right. Tepig went to the Crag Area to train to the tournament, Snivy is in the Verdant Court, and Pikachu went to the other PokéPark to visit his friends from there."

"I understand. You must feel lonely now not having them here."

"Well… the truth is that yes but I can manage it by myself, I have you all as friends after all."

"That's right. And have you found some problems over here or on the Seasong Beach?

"No for now, everything is peaceful and the Pokémon look happy. And have you noticed something strange over here too?"

"Me neither."

"Everything is in order then."

"Yes, but I wanted to ask you something about you."

"What? Tell me."

"I always see you working and watching if there something strange around."

"Yeah, and?"

"Well, I have asked myself if you have time to rest a little."

"Rest a little, you say?"

"Yeah, you have to stop working and relax from time to time. You can accumulate stress and that is not good for you."

"Mmm… I suppose so. Maybe I could rest for a couple of days. Sometimes I come home tired after patrolling all over the Cove Area. It wouldn't be any problem to do it."

"You see, it's a good idea to put aside your work as an investigator to relax, even for a little while."

"Right, but I have a problem with that."


"What can I do to rest?"

"Don't you have ideas?"

"Nothing. I don't know what I can do if I want to take a rest."

"And if you goes to sleep in the sand?"

"I don't think so, I always I've been in the sand?"

"How about you visit Tepig or Snivy?"

"Mmm… I don't know. I would still attentive to the things that are in my surroundings. Besides, I don't want to bother them, because they could be in a personal or important matter."

"I understand. How about you go around the Cove Area to clear your mind a bit?"

"The truth is, no. I am already used to this place that sometimes gets quite monotonous to me."

"Alright. Umm… I can't think of anything else so you can relax for a while."

"I see, I'll come up with something soon with the pass of time."

"As you say."

"Well, I'll go think about it for a moment. Goodbye, Cinccino."

"Goodbye, Oshawott."

After saying goodbye, the Sea Otter Pokémon went to think about some relaxing activity he could do. He was like that for several minutes, and no idea came up in mind. Oshawott continued walking without any destination for a long time, he was turning around the fountain all that time. Nothing came to mind no matter how much he tried. Suddenly he heard a voice that startled him:

"Hello, Oshawott."


He was spooked for a moment, afterwards Oshawott could know whose voice was that sounded familiar. It was his Pal Snivy. She said after seeing his reaction:

"Oh, sorry for scare you. It wasn't my intention."

The water type turned around to see her and greet her.

"Oh, h-hi, S-snivy, I mean, princess Snivy, I mean, your Highness."

"Put aside the formalities, I get tired of being told that daily."

"S-sorry. Well, where I was? Ah, yeah. What are you doing here? You should be in the Arbor Area."

"I asked my mom, my servants and the guards to let me out for a while, and they accepted."

"I see. What did you want to go out for?"

"Do you remember the first time we met?"

"Yes, I remember. It was when Pikachu and I were investigating the Pokémon's disappearances. What's wrong with that?"

"Well, I only wanted to apologize to you for being so meddler with you and Pikachu, especially with you. I'm sorry for have bothered you, but you're so serious sometimes.

"Oh, that."

"I didn't even know what you were saying 'twas a serious work, I'm only wanted to have a bit of fun from my boring life. I approached you so that I could go on an adventure, it sounded fun to me, much more fun that berries parties."

"Uh-huh. So you say sorry for being so vain with me and Pikachu, aren't you?"

"Yeah, that."

"I understand, I accept your apologizes. In the end we became friends and Pals, that's the good thing."

"Very good, that takes a weight off from me, but I came for other one more thing."


"Well… It's about… this…"

"Tell me calmly."

"As part of my apology… I wanted that… you…"


"That you can… sleep at my house for one night."

"Sleep… with you one night, you say? Like some kind of sleepover?

"Yeah, the thing is I believe we started knowing each other bad at the beginning, and that we have some arguments all the way to stop Darkrai. I think that is the way to fix some things between us. What do you think?"

"Emm… eh… You know what? I also have to apologize with you."

"Hmm? Why?"

"The first time we met I was pretty rough and rude with you, I was just very focused on the investigation. Ah, also, I'm sorry for having called you 'greenie' in that occasion."

"Ah, yeah, I remember that moment."

"I hope I don't offend you for that."

"No, it's nothing."

"Alright. About the sleepover… What am I saying? I'm the one who should invite you to sleep in my house."

"No, no. I was the one who started with this. So you must come to my house."

"Well, I was the one who disrespect the time we met, the one who was rude with you in the first place."

"This… I was who meddled in the investigation, and stuff."

"Is it so urgent with what you want to do to fix the things between us?"

"Yeah, and you, Oshawott?"

"As well."

They could argue all the day to see who should come to sleep at each other's house, the two weren't going to get anywhere if they continued arguing, but Oshawott had an idea.

"How about this, Snivy: what about playing rock, paper, or scissors to solve this?"

"Rock, paper or scissors?"

"Yeah, the winner goes first to the other's house, and the next day the loser has to go to its house to sleep. Sounds right?"

"Yeah… sounds fair, but…"

Snivy saw Oshawott for a moment. She observed that in his superior limbs there was no hands or fingers on them. How is he going to participate in a game of rock, paper or scissors without having fingers? She got very complicated.

"Don't worry, it's only going to be for one night each. Is that clear?"

"Umm… alright, so be it."

Then the two started to play rock, paper or scissors, with many doubts on Snivy's part. It would decide who was going to sleep at other's house first. They closed one hand, shook them three time. One, two, and… three, they finally showed their attack. This was the result.

"Scissors," Spoke Oshawott.

"Rock," Said Snivy.

The otter, after noticed that the grass snake's hand formed a fist, he was so disappointed.

"Oh, darn it!"

"Heh, I won. I don't know why, but I won."

Snivy was quite proud of herself for winning, but she was scared for a moment, because she didn't know what Oshawott chose; her doubts were answered when he said scissors and she was relieved by that.

"Well," he said, "as we agreed, the winner will go to sleep to the each other's house, and the next day the loser will have to sleep at the winner's house. Are you satisfied with what we did?"

"Yes, and a lot."

"Great, but how are we going to do it?"

"Let's see. So that we can sleep in each other's house, I need to convince my mother and… Umm… You live with Samurott, right?"

"Yes, I live at the lighthouse with him."

"OK, then I'm going to ask my mother that let me sleep in your house for one night. I'll tell her that we do this to settle accounts between us and those things. When it's night we'll meet here and go to the lighthouse, OK?"

"Alright. Until night, Snivy."

"Until then, Oshawott."

And the two of them went to their respective areas to prepare themselves to the sleepover. They believed that with that they would start to understand each other better, they hoped it would work. Oshawott was walking all over the area to hang out until finally the night came. The ambience was dark, but it was illuminated by the full moon. All of the Pokémon went to their homes to sleep. Oshawott was the only one who was outside in Cove Town. It could feel there the sea wind that was cold. As they agreed, he would wait for her to take her to the lighthouse to sleep there. The place was very silence, this made Oshawott a little uncomfortable. He wondered why Snivy was taking so long. He waited for a while, until the grass type came. He was marvelous by seeing her skin and her eyes being illuminated by the moonlight, she looked very pretty.


"Eh?!" He was appreciating her beautiful body and was in a trance that he couldn't wake up, until Snivy draw his attention.

"Oshawott, are you alright?"

"Ahh… yes, yes. I'm alright. Don't worry."

"What happened to you?"

Tell her that he was appreciating her cute figure she was going to get mad and she was going to give a tremendous whiplash in the face with her vines, he had to tell her a lie.

"I… I… was… was… was tired. Yeah, it's that. I was tired, at this time I should be sleeping at home."

"Oh, sorry for getting too late, I had pending thing to do, that and that 'twas hard to convince my mother and the others that take care of me."

"It doesn't matter that, the good thing is that you came as agreed."

"Yeah, now take me to your house."

"With pleasure, my princess."

Snivy didn't liked that everybody called her that way, but as it came from his Pal Oshawott, she let it pass. They walked, went out from the town and arrived at the cove. There the sea breeze and the smell of the sea were very strong. There was no Pokémon around. They two were alone. While walking, Snivy, by the fresh ambience it had, she thought that she would like to go for a walk on the beach at night. Together with the big, full moon, she seemed to her even a bit romantic, a new sensation to her. Although it would be more pleasant having somebody to her side while walking at the seaside. The bad thing it was that she couldn't do it, having to be of the royalty. She always had to be watched if she was out of the Arbor Area, and if she wanted to be alone, they always warned her in for of a lecture about the dangers that could happen outside. Snivy felt after a cold wind from the sea that covered her and took her out of her thoughts, she felt cold. Slowly they were arriving to the lighthouse, where lived Oshawott and Samurott, the Area Keeper of the Cove Area. Once they arrived, the water type said to her:

"Here it's. You're going to sleep here for this night."


Immediately he opened the door and they entered. Oshawott said:

"Samurott, I'm home! I'm back!"

"I heard you."

Snivy observed the interior of the house: the wall were sand-like in color but a bit dark. By the warm light emitted by a bulb on the ceiling, the walls seemed to have a little green hue. She notice also that the lower middle of the wall had drawings of blue waves that seemed to be hand painted. The floor and the ceiling were the same color like the walls. There was paintings, there was one in particular where was Samurott with Oshawott. There was furniture, shelves with objects, a large navy-colored table in the middle, some cushions to sit down in the floor around it, among other things. The grass type also notice that there was stairs in a corner, so she thought it would have a second floor in the lighthouse.

"Oshawott, I'm glad that you came back. I was getting wor–"

The Formidable Pokémon noticed later that Oshawott was accompanied by Snivy. He got flustered and surprised at the same time. He said:

"O-oh, pr-princess Snivy W-what are y-you do-doing h-here?"

"I don't want you to call me like that, Samurott."

"Fo-fo-forgive me, princess, I mean, Snivy."

"Just call me Snivy, alright?"

"Al-alright. What are you d-doing accompanied by Oshawott?

It was rare to see Samurott altered, commonly he was serious and calm. The otter answered:

"Snivy and I agreed to have a sleepover to fix some things between us. We agreed that this night she had to sleep here, and tomorrow at night it's my turn to sleep in her house."

"So you went out so late to look for her, didn't you? And you took a long time."

"Yeah, there were some complication from Snivy's acquaintances, but we are here."

"I see. In this case, I welcome you to our house. Feel at home, Snivy."


Snivy was appreciating the place for a moment, it was a new experience to her entering in other's Pokémon house. She was in the house where Samurott lived together with Oshawott. The house in the inside looked… a bit old, for not saying old-fashioned and slightly ugly, according to her words. The grass snake didn't like it very much. She wondered who the interior designer for the lighthouse was, but since she didn't wanted to hurt their feelings, Snivy decided to say:

"You house is very… cozy, and pretty." while faking a slight smile.

"I'm glad that you like it. This was one of the first houses that were built here."


It was better not to talk about the matter. She continued talking:

"So, Oshawott, where is your room?"

Samurott answered:

"It's in the second floor."

"Oh, thanks."

"OK, Snivy, let's go up." Oshawott said kindly.

"Before that, Oshawott: what about you, Samurott? You're not sleepy?"

"No. While you are here, I'll stay in the first floor and awake for a few more hours. Don't you worry, I will not cause any trouble for you two. Enjoy your sleepover calmly."

"Ok… as you say."

The two Pokémon went up to the second floor. Arriving, Oshawott turn on the lights of the room. There you could see the room: the walls and the ceiling were full navy blue, while the floor was light grey. There were two beds made of straw, a large one was on the far left and a small one that was on the far right. There were a few chests where thing were kept. A window overlooking the sea and the beach was at the back of the room and where the moonlight passed through. There was also a bookcase with books. Snivy was… impressed, so to speak. She hadn't seen a room so… she didn't know how to explain it, it looked very like of water typed Pokémon, or someone who lived on the coast.

"You and Samurott sleep in this room?" She asked to her Pal.

"Yes, I sleep here since always. The little bed is mine and the big one is his."

"And do you know where I'll sleep?"

"Oh, right. I forgot that little detail. I'm sorry."

Snivy sighed and said:

"I suppose that I have to sleep on the floor."

"You're right, because there is no more space for two in our beds. Oh, I remember something. Wait a moment."

He went to a chest where was next to the wall, he took out dry grass from it. The grass snake was a bit confused.

"What are you doing, Oshawott?" She asked to him,

"I remembered that we have straw in this chest, enough so you can sleep on it." He said while continued taking out the dry grass y left piling up on the floor.

"Where did you get that?"

"Sometime we found some injured Pokémon and take them here to recover and sleep."


"Yes, it happens sometime, mostly when we found Pokémon that went to the sea without knowing how to swim "


Once the water type took out enough straw to make a bed for Snivy, he lifted it piled.

"Well," he said with the pile of dry grass in his arms, "where do you want me to make your bed?"

"Hmm… I don't know really. Let's see, put it next to the window."


As Snivy said, Oshawott moved the straw to the window's side. Once he left it there, the grass type said:

"Mmm… I'm not entirely convinced that it's there. How 'bout you carry it to the center of the room?"


He put an effort to lift the dry grass again and he moved it to the center.

"And here?" asked the otter.

"I don't think so. Maybe near the stairs."

"As you said…"

The water type made force and lifted once more the pile of straw and put it near the stairs. He was getting tired of doing the same thing over and over again. He asked to her:

"And now?"

"Mmm… no either."

Oshawott was getting exhausted by moving from here to there the pile of dry grass. He thought that his Pal wasn't going to be in accordance with putting it in anywhere of the room. He made a suggestion:

"How about… I put it next to my bed?"

"To you bed?"

"Yeah, to sleep near each other."

"Eh… OK. Let's try it."

"Good, let me put it there."

The Sea Otter Pokémon took a deep breath and did one last effort to lift it again and putting it next to his bed. He ended tired after all he did.

"Do you like there?" He asked while tried to take a breath.

Snivy examined for one instant and said:

"I think it's good there."

"How good…" He sat and rested, but remembered that he had to make it like a bed, "Oh, right, I needed to make the bed so you can sleep on it… Let me rest for a second and I'll do it…"

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah… as never…"

Oshawott wanted to be at least optimist while he was with Snivy after doing all of that work. One full minute later, he was able to regain strength.

"OK… I think I have recovered. Now I'm going to make your bed."

He stood up and with his superior limbs started to order it such a way so that can sleep on it. The grass type Pokémon was very doubtful that she could lie on it. All of that dried grass seemed to be pointed to her body. It could be uncomfortable to sleep, but she saw Oshawott's bed and noticed that seemed soft to the touch. Snivy wondered how her Pal and Samurott could sleep in that type of beds without problem. She suppose that she had to try it and find it out for herself. The otter finished tidying up the straw.

"OK, bed's ready."

"Ahh…" she was still doubtful if that is going to work."

"Why don't you lie in it for a moment? If you feel uncomfortable, maybe I can tidy it up again for you."

"Mmm… OK. I'll try it."

Snivy got on it and lay down: she can't believe it. Thinking it was pointed dry grass that it's going to bother all night, she didn't have the idea it really was pleasant. It seemed soft and comfortable to her. She liked it.

"And what do you think?" he asked.

"It's really comfortable!" she answered very happy.

"I'm glad that you liked it."

Now Oshawott could breathe easy. He decided to rest in his own bed, he sat there and gave a sigh of relief. The otter was also happy with what he did for her. He didn't know well, but felt a warm and pleasant sensation to see her in that state. He was satisfied. The grass snake said:

"I never thought that it would be nice to the touch. How did you do to make it soft?"

"It took me a while to do it well. I had to do it like that so that the others Pokémon I found felt comfortable."

"Who did teach you to do that?"

"Samurott, of course. He taught me that and many other things."

"Like what?"

"Battle is one of them."

"I see. He took care of you and taught you well, didn't he?"

"Right. He always said me:" Imitating Samurott, "'you have to be strong and brave when you're facing problems, or otherwise you won't can to take care of my position when I'm not longer here.'"

Snivy giggled by Oshawott's humorous imitation. Usually when she was with the other while talking to Samurott, he spook to him with a lot of respect and formality, but when she arrived the lighthouse, he behaved in a rather… familiar way. She suppose he was like that when they did their labors during the day until night. The grass type knew Samurott isn't his father, but when they were at home, he treated him as one. She said later:

"Since when are you here with him?"

"Since I have memory, more or less."

"And your parents?"

"My… parents?"

"Yeah, what happened with them? Are they dead or they abandoned you in this place or something like that?"



Snivy observed that her Pal changed his expression drastically, he changed from being happy to sad in seconds. His smile vanished and his look went down, she even swore to see that his eyes started to get wet. That question she made must have affected him too much. She must have hurt his feeling. The snake didn't know that he would had sad memories related to his parents. It must have happened a tragic event with them to make him get like this.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Oshawott," compassionately apologizing, "I didn't wanna hurt you like that. I shouldn't have asked you that. What insensitive I am."

"No… It's alright, Snivy," while weeping his eyes with his arms," Sometimes that happens when I remember them. It's normal, but that is in the past. Now we're in the present and we have to live it happily," ended with a smile.

"That's true, I'm so sorry."

"There's no need to apologize, that already happened."

"Good. Umm… what can we do know?"

"Would you like to sleep? It's very late. Or don't you feel sleepy?"

"I'm not very sleepy. I'd like to stay awake for a few more minutes."

"Ok, let's invent something to spend the time."


They were thinking for a moment about what to do, until Snivy wanted to ask Oshawott:

"Hey… Oshawott."

"Tell me."

"I always wondered… why did you wanna be like… an investigator?"

"Ah, that, about being a detective. Well, I'll explain it. As you know, Samurott is the Pokémon in charge of taking care and keep the peace in the Cove Area, both Seasong Beach and Cove Town. It turns out that before, a ball to play had disappeared. The Pokémon didn't know where it was and they were sad. I, who was there, I said to them: 'don't worry, I'm going to look for it,' and there was when I started to investigate and inspect everywhere of the Cove Area.

"I talked with every Pokémon to see if they saw the missing ball, some said me they remembered seeing and astute-looking Pokémon that took it. Each time I've been founding with clues without knowing what they were, one of them were some sand footprints in the paving, and a purple-colored lock of hair. I had no idea who it could be the thief, until one day a Pokémon called Purrloin arrived in the area, I asked her if she had seen a ball. She started to get nervous suddenly, and said me in a wobbly way that she hadn't seen it. I believed her words and the cat left.

"I went to investigate to other site, until I remembered about the clues that had found days before, especially the purple-colored lock of hair. The only Pokémon that I had met with purple fur was that Purrloin, besides that I noticed she was behaving strange. I thought that maybe she lied to me and she knew something about the ball. I went running to her and she, after seeing me come closer, ran from me. I started to pursuit her. She was faster than me and I can't reach her until I yell: 'Stop that Pokémon.' One of them, Krookodile, could stop her path and I arrived to corner her.

'There's when I said: 'Now I know that you did who stole the ball, don't lie me.' And she had no option than say the truth. 'OK, I was who stole it.' And I asked her: 'Why did you do this?', and she answered: 'I'm tired of them making noise when they play with the ball, I'm really done of that.' I asked her another question: 'It was necessary that you steal the ball to make them stop playing?', and she answered: 'They don't pay attention to me when I want to say to stop making too much noise.' 'I understood. And I thought that you did it just for steal,' I commented. When she said the reason, I could think in a possible solution. 'How about I tell to Samurott about this? Maybe a strong authority like him they can pay attention to him.' 'It could work, why hadn't I thought about that at first?' There we could solve the issue. I asked her later: 'Where's the ball?' and she answered: 'I left it behind a building.' 'Can you go get the ball?' 'Yes, after you talk to Samurott.' 'Fair enough.' And later we agreed that the Pokémon that were going to play with the ball tried to not make too much noise.

"I came back to the lighthouse to meet with Samurott and tell him about the whole case, and about the proposal. He said: 'And did you do all of that alone? Investigate a problem until you found the guilty Pokémon?' 'Yes, sir, that's I did'. 'Boy, have you grown a lot. You could be a detective if you continue like this.' 'A detective, you say, sir?' 'Yes, you could solves problems with you deduction. You know, I can't be guarding all the area alone, so it wouldn't be bad a little of help of you'. 'Really, sir?' 'Of course, one day will come when I'll be so old to continue guarding the area, I even could thought you can continue my position.' 'That I continued with you position? That's too much for me.' 'When the moment comes, but now you need to get ready for that that it's going to arrive in a long time after.' 'Goodness…' 'But don't worry, you're still young, with the time you'll gain more experience and be capable for my position of Area Keeper of the Cove Area. What do you think, Oshawott? Do you like the idea?' I thought it for a moment until I said: 'Well… Alright. I'll be ready for that. I'll be the best Area Keeper that this area will have.' 'That's my boy! How about we eat delicious berries to celebrate that your first case is closed.' 'And the problem with the Pokémon that play with the ball?' 'Oh, you're right. Let's see that now. And then we celebrate.' 'Deal.'

"And that's I started to fascinate about investigating problems and cases, and I've done quite well."

"I'm glad for you."

"Thank you. I didn't expect that from you. I always saw you carefree, quiet and unexpressive all the time.

"That's kinda rude of you."

"Oh, right. Sorry.'

There was a moment of silence, while the two of them thought in something to have fun. They felt uncomfortable by the lack of noise. Oshawott looked at Snivy, she was looking at a corner of the room, he felt very nice being and talking with her after having a lot of arguments and fights. Before the grass snake looked at him, he looked away quickly so that she didn't realize that he was looking at her. He felt rather uncomfortable by her, he didn't know why, this made him blush a little for one instant.

"You know what, Oshawott?"

"Yes, Snivy?"

"I've heard that Samurott taught you several things."


"And one of them was fighting."

"Yeah, what do you insinuate?"

"Well, I thought that maybe we could make a friendly little battle to know how you fight."

"What? You want a battle with me?"

"Yeah, I'd like to do that."

"But is too late to do it, It's night outside and you could be cold."

"I wasn't thinking of making a battle outside, I wanna make a battle here inside."

"Here inside?! But, Snivy, here isn't open field to do battles, indeed, we're inside a building."

"I already know, for something I said a little battle at the beginning. Or don't you remember?"

"Yeah, I remember, but we could cause disorder and damage around us while fighting. It's not a good idea!"

Snivy started to insinuate more to her Pal.

"What's wrong with you, Oshawott, why you have to be serious all the time? You have to relax a bit and have fun. Or maybe are you scared of losing a battle against a girl, who also is a princess?" while she showed a notorious smirk.

With that question put the water type Pokémon on airs, it seemed she was able to hurt his pride. If Snivy wanted a battle, Oshawott would give her a battle.

"Very well, we'll have a battle, but don't destroy and hurt, is it OK?"

"Yes," she said victorious after achieving her goal.

They got out of their beds to go the ends of the room. They prepared themselves. The otter said:

"Ready, Snivy?"

"I'm more than ready!"

"OK… one… two… and… three!"

Both came closer to each other at high speed to attack. They did a tremendous mess inside the room. They crashed against furniture and wall, against anything that got in their path. They threw attacks everywhere, Snivy with Vine Whip and Oshawott with Razor Shell. There was even appearing leaves and water, soaking the floor and the walls. They're going running around the room, end to end. There wasn't anybody that stop the friendly match they had. Meanwhile, in the first floor, Samurott was eating some berries calmly, until he noticed the revolt that was above. He heard blows, cries, things falling, laughs, and…

"Yah…! Hah! I'm gonna win against you, Oshawott! Huff…! Haah!"

"Haah! Whoops! That's what you think, Snivy! Huaah! I'm going to win! Hiyah!"

Despite the chaos there was in the second floor, the Formidable Pokémon didn't wanted to intervene on it. He thought they were having a good time while they make friendly match on their sleepover. He wanted to ignore completely what happened above him and continued eating his berries, because he thought the battle was going to take a while. After a few intense minutes of combat, Oshawott and Snivy stopped for a moment. They panted heavily while they looked at each other. They stood until suddenly, both fell down to the ground tired. It was a draw. The two tried to breathe normally while they had his faces on the floor. They were like this for a few minutes until Oshawott stood up slowly and difficultly. He was still very tired, but at least could move and talk. He went towards Snivy, who tried to stand up, while she looked at him on the ground. He said:

"What do you… *pant* think about it…? It was a… *pant* great combat… *pant* don't you think…?"

He right away extended his arm to Snivy and she extended her hand to be able to get up. The otter pulled up and lifted her off.

"You really are… *pant* very strong… *pant* Samurott was right… thanks for…letting me know… that way… huff…"

"Thank you… *pant* you are also… *pant* very strong…

"Thanks… for the compliment. *pant* It makes me raise my self-esteem."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, the truth is that I'm not so good at fighting, I'm only good for running and that's it."

"Don't say that. I know that you're very capable to fight against others. I don't only have a Pal that it's agile and fast, but strong too."

Those words reach her enough to Snivy. She knew she had some limitations when it came to fighting, bit after hearing the words of her Pal, they made her feel good about herself.

"Thank you so much, Oshawott."

"No problem, Snivy."

They were panting slightly for a minute until they were able to stabilize. They observed their surroundings, it was a complete mess.

"Well, we couldn't leave the things like this," Oshawott said, "Samurott is going to be angry if he see this. We have to clean."

"Mmm… OK. Let's clean a bit before sleep."

The two started to clean and tidy up the room. They took out the leaves and threw out the window, looked for a rag to dry the water of the walls and the floor. Hey moved and lifted the things to theirs original state. They took quite enough, but in the end they were able to tidy up the room completely. It was almost like before, except for some isolated details, but they were happy by the work done. Once the cleaning is over, they lay down suddenly on their respective beds. They were exhausted by the cleaning job.

"Heh, what a hectic night, don't you think?" the water type asked.

"Right, 'twas fun," the grass type answered.

She then gave a heavy yawn.

"You're tired, eh? Well, it's time to sleep."


"I'm going to turn the lights off."

He went to turn off the lights. The room went dark, only the moonlight passed through the window in the middle. Later he went towards his straw bed and lay down, to say in the end.

"Goodnight, Snivy."

"Night, Oshawott."

Then they tried to sleep. A couple of minutes had passed and Snivy couldn't sleep, she felt a cold that covered her body. Saw the Sea Otter Pokémon, she was looking at him in front. She noticed that his head was resting on his scalchop. He looked adorable like that. The snake wanted to ask her Pal a question, she hoped he was still awake.


He opened his eyes to ask her:

"What happen, Snivy? Can't you sleep well?

She was impressed that he didn't notice the cold, maybe it was because she didn't was used to live near the coast with cold breezes of the sea.

"I-I'm co-cold…"

"Oh… Ah! I know that I can give you. Wait a sec."

Oshawott got up for a moment and went to a chest, a different from the one what he took out the dry grass to make the bed. He opened and took out from it a thick blanket. The otter thought with that could keep her warm all night. He came closer to her and covered her delicately with the blanket.

"Are you alright with this?" the otter asked.

"Yeah, much better," she said relieved, "where did you get this?"

"As here we rescue Pokémon in problems, the ones who aren't used to the beach weather, they could sleep with blankets so they don't feel cold. Leavanny made me this after knowing about this."

"Wow, here is really prepared for everything."

He just nodded and went to his bed to sleep. He finally said in a kindly way:

"Goodnight, Snivy, Sleep well."

"You too. Night, Oshawott."

And the two slept fast. While both were in the dream world, half an hour later, Samurott decided to sleep up after being too much time awake, he did it so as not to ruin the sleepover to them. He went up the stairs and saw that the room was almost dark, it only had natural light from the moon. With low light that was he tried to observe the room completely, since several minutes they had a friendly match that made the whole room shake. The water type noticed everything around him was is in order, he thought that the things were thrown to the ground, but no, everything was tidied up, like if nothing happened. He was pleased. He observed that there was a bed next to Oshawott's bed, where princess Snivy was sleeping with a blanket. It seemed cute to the Formidable Pokémon seeing the two sleeping with the beds next to each other. At least he knew they were getting along well. He went to his bed and slept after the minutes.

The night passed and the morning came. The sun raised and started to warm and illuminate the ambience. The sunlight passed through the lighthouse's window and lighted the room, where the three Pokémon were sleeping. Oshawott woke up, he didn't wanted to open his eyes to continue sleeping, but he had to wake up like if were another normal day. He got up, yawned and stretched his arms. He observed his surroundings and noticed he was the first to wake up, or that was he thought at first because he saw that Samurott wasn't in his bed, he woke up first than him. Nothing out of the ordinary, because, like every day, the Formidable Pokémon woke up earlier than the otter. He saw next to his bed was Snivy still sleeping. She looked adorable enough to wake her up, but he had to do it because it was morning. Oshawott put his scalchop in his belly and got out of his bed to wake up his Pal. He moved her delicately and said her name softly:

"Snivy… Snivy…"

"Mmm… ahh…"

Slowly she was waking up.

"Snivy, wake up. It's morning already."

"Not now, mom… let me rest for a few more minutes…"

It seemed that she was still dreaming. He started to move her a little harder until she finally opened her eyes.

"Good morning, Snivy."

The grass snake gave a heavy yawn and said:

"Morning, Oshawott."

"It's morning already, you have to wake up."

"Yes, gimme a sec."

She got up and stretched, then uncovered herself from the blanket and leaped out of the bed. She gave another heavy yawn.

"It's beautiful outside," the grass type said.

"Yeah, it's a beautiful day; and the sun, radiant. Let's go down for breakfast."

"Eat breakfast here?"

"Yeah, what do you think?"

"The thing is always have had breakfast in my home, but I'm gonna have breakfast here for this time."

"OK, let's go down to the first floor."


The two went down, where Samurott was with a plates with berries. He greeted them:

"Good morning to you two."

"Good morning, Samurott," they said at the same time.

"I see that you're awake, here it's your breakfast: fresh berries."

"Thanks," Snivy said.

The three sat down around the table to eat. Snivy tried the berries, those were… a little dry and a bit bitter, and saw that some parts are rotten, without mentioning that some were color-faded, and their taste didn't feel so much. She didn't like the berried so much, bit saw that Oshawott and Samurott were enjoying them quite enough. Maybe they were used to that type of no-so-ripped-berries. It was something different from the berries that she ate at home, but she didn't want to say something bad about the food, so she tried to eat them anyway so they didn't feel bad. During the breakfast, the Formidable Pokémon asked to his pupil:

"And how did you spend the night?"

"It was great, Samurott."

"From the noise I heard, I guess you two made a friendly battle… in the small room where we sleep."

"Yeah, sorry for bothered you when you were down, but after that Snivy and I tidied up the place before sleep. Snivy is very agile and strong."

"Good! So you two had a lot of fun. Did you talked about something?"

"Yes, we talked about we help to take care of other Pokémon that were hurt, drowned, etc."

"Good, and what do you think about what we do, Snivy?"

"It seems awesome to me, I never thought you help to others."

"I'm the Cove Area's keeper for something, it always have to take care of the other in all moment.

"It seems good to me."

She was satisfied about what commented, but she wasn't satisfied with the food of the breakfast. The most important thing of the breakfast was the food more than the conversation, she thought, so Snivy joined a few times to talk with the others. Few minutes later, they could finish eating the berries. Snivy thanked.

"Thanks… for the berries, Samurott. They were… very tasty."

"You're welcome, I'm glad that you liked."


"Well, it's time for you to go to the Arbor Area, right, Oshawott?"

"Right. Snivy, do you want me to accompany you?"

"The truth is I wanted to do it myself, but if you insist, OK. Let's go together to the entrance."

"As you say."

Before walking out the door, Snivy said goodbye to Samurott.

"Bye, Samurott. Thank you for let me sleep here."

"You're welcome. You can come as many times as you want if you feel like it."

"Thanks, bye."


Once they left the lighthouse, the two went walking to the Cove Town. In the path they met with several Pokémon that greeted her. When arriving at the intersection between the four areas, the otter said to her:

"I hoped that you liked to be with us one night."

"Yeah. 'Twas… pleasant so to speak. Something new for me."

"As we agreed, now it's my turn to be at your house this night."

"I remember that. I'm gonna prepare for the night, I hope that my mom allows it."

"Alright. Goodbye, Snivy, until night."

"See you later, Oshawott."

And the grass snake went to her respective area. Now it only remained to wait until night. After losing sight of her, Krookodile came out of nowhere to tell something and Oshawott freaked out so much.


"Oh, I'm sorry, Oshawott. I didn't wanna scare you."

"*Pant* *pant* Krookodile… *pant* please… don't do that again…"

"Sorry, I just came to comment something."

"About… what…?"

"Well, I noticed that you were with the princess Snivy, right?"

"Yeah, why?"

"The thing is I realized now why you wanted to ask me for permission for her to leave the Arbor Area at night. Is it a date?

"A date?! No, no, no, no, no. We only agreed to go to the other's house to spend one night there. We do this to improve our relationship, after we get to know each other in a bad way. That's all."

"Mmm… I see, and so why are you blushing?!

"Blushing? Me?"

Indeed, it noticed the color pink even red on Oshawott's face. He was sweating, and babbling, beside that he looked erratically everywhere to avoid to show his blushing. But nothing worked.

"I… the thing is… I think… is because… nervousness. That's it."

"Uh-huh, I believe you."

Oshawott said raising his voice, closing his eyes and getting redder:

"I tell that Snivy and I are just Pal, even friend at best! Not boyfriend and girlfriend!"

"Right, it's incredible you haven't admitted it."

"I tell you the truth! She and I weren't mates! Why don't you believe me, Krookodile?!"

"Alright, alright. Don't agitated yourself too much. Calm yourself first.

"Argh! Whatever, I'm going to the lighthouse! Bye!"

The Sea Otter Pokémon said goodbye angrily to Krookodile and went to his house. Meanwhile, Snivy arrived the Verdant Court after going through Bisharp and Pawniard's control. She said she had done well and there wasn't any problem outside. They relieved, because if something happened to the princess… it was better avoid that. She went later towards where her servants were before entering the chamber where his mother was. Leavanyy and Lilligant said:

"Good morning, princess. It's nice to see you back."


"How have you been with Oshawott? Have you behave well with him and Samurott?" Leavanny asked.

"I have done well. Interesting to be honest."

"How interesting? Tell us," Lilligant said.

"Umm… I don't want to. 'Twas just a private reunion to knowing each other better, that and nothing more."

"Oh, please, princess," the Nurturing Pokémon pleaded, "Don't kill us of curiosity."

"I tell you that I don't want to."

"Oh, please. So we leave you alone for the rest of the day."

Snivy thought it for a moment until she finally said something.

"OK, I'm going to tell you a bit."

"What did you do there?" Leavanny said.

"Nothing out of the ordinary. We talked a bit and that type of things. We even make a friendly fight inside."

"Tell me, did you like the sea ambience of the Cove Area?" questioned Lilligant.

"'Twas night, and I felt a little of cold, but everything was alright."

The flowering Pokémon gave a heavy sigh.

"What's wrong, Lilligant?" Snivy asked before realizing a few seconds later, "Oh, right, I remember now that you lived in the Cove Area before."

"Yes… It made me nostalgic about what you told, I miss so much the sound of the waves."

"Don't be like that," Leavanny said putting her leaf-arm on her friend's arm. "That was in the past, now you live happily here and work to the Queen Serperior."

"Yes, you're right. Where we were? Ah, right! About the princess' date."


"Yes, how have you been with Oshawott?"

"First of all, Oshawott is not my boyfriend; second, it wasn't a date; and third, I only went to his house to fix some issues between us. We're just Pals and friends."

"I understand, sorry for suppose that."

"Yeah," Leavanny commented, "And I thought that you and he made a nice couple."

It seemed Snivy got offended in the inside with that, she said:

"Hmph, if you excuse me."

She, upset in the inside, went on to enter to the chamber where Queen Seperior, her mother, was. The two servants saw her going inside. Leavanny, after remember what her friend Lilligant felt, she didn't know what was sadder; she because she misses so much the Cove Area, or that Leavanny took a Sewaddle from other family and took care of her like she were her own child.

Snivy went towards the queen. She was waiting her in her throne. The princess greeted her.

"Hello, mom."

"Hi, my daughter, I'm glad to see you at home again. How have you been with your Pal Oshawott?"

"I've done well, nothing special, but it was nice to know how other Pokémon lived outside the Arbor Area."

"Yes, did you also meet Samurott?"

"Of course, Oshawott and he live together in the lighthouse. It was rather ugly and untidy for my taste. It lacked class."

"I see, did you talk to each other?"

"Yeah, a bit of everything, about how he got in the Cove Area, how Samurott took care of him and taught him, how he wanted to investigate cases, and that things. It was an interesting experience for me."

"So you felt pleasant by sleeping somewhere else outside the Arbor Area, was there any problem or inconvenient? Any dispute?"

"None that I remember, but we make a friendly battle in the second floor to know how strong he was."


With what Serperior heard, she got doubtful about her daughter. How long will she continue behaving tomboyish if she is going to be the successor to the throne? The Royalty Pokémon always tried to teach her like a lady, but the result was little or nothing.

"My dear, I already told you that you don't make messes in anywhere, far from it in a place that isn't yours and closed to top it off."

"I know, mom. But we tidied up the place before sleep."

"Good that you did that. You always have to pick up what you threw away."

Snivy always found it a burden to have to tidy up things.

"Anyway," Serperior said, "How did Oshawott behave?"

"He was… quite gentlemanly with me, being honest."

"Ah, yes? What did he do?"

"He made me a bed with straw and put next to his, and put a blanket on me so I won't get cold."

"Hmmm… So he behave well with you that night."

"Yeah, I've never seen him like that, but I liked it."

"He suppose that he was like that because you are a princess, and princesses always must to be treated with courtesy and kindness."

Snivy didn't liked that she was treated her like a princess, she liked more to go on exciting and risky adventures that being all the time in a boring place. At least she liked how Oshawott treated her, she didn't think he did it because she was a princess, but because she was his Pal. She said:

"Well, we agreed he'd stay here to sleep tonight."

"Excellent, he will come as a guest to you room, you better prepare and tidy up yourself accordingly."


"Remember that you must behave well when he comes."

"I know, mom. It's not necessary that you repeat that over and over again."

"And go to tidy up your room, it's a mess there. How is your Pal going to sleep in a site so wallowed?"

"Awww… OK," saying with disgust, "I'm gonna do it now."

"Well said, sweetie. Then you must take a bath so that you are presentable to the guest. Leavanny and Lilligant will cleanse your skin to make it shinier."

"But, mom, I took a bath yesterday to go to Oshawott's house and the servants cleansed me until I was shiny."

"It doesn't hurt to do it again. So prepare well for tonight."

"Huff… OK."

Snivy didn't like too much the idea of taking a bath and getting clean, but since it was a special and unheard-of occasion for her and for the one who took care of her, she didn't have other option than stand until night. And Snivy went to her room to tidy up and prepare herself for Oshawott's visit. Meanwhile, the Sea Otter Pokémon arrive to the lighthouse. Entering he said to Samurott:

"Samurott, I'm back!"

"Alright, I heard you."

He want down from the second floor to ask him:

"How did it go? Did you leave her in the entrance of the Arbor Area?"

"Yeah, she later went walking to her house."

"And did something happen? I noticed you are a little bit angry."

"Well, yeah. Something wrong happened."

"What? Did you have and argument with the princess?"

"No, it was an issue with Krookodile."

"Yeah… What did happen?"

"He commented thinking that I was on a date with Snivy."


"I clarify him that I wasn't on a date with her, that only she came home so we could understand each other better, and I said to him that we're not mates, just Pal and friends at best," he suddenly the otter started to blush slowly," But he didn't understand so I had to yell at him so that understood. After I left the place until I came here."


Samurott was very thoughtful about what Oshawott said, he was paying attention to all what he said including his non-verbal language. When he saw that his pupil blushed a little he knew what he had to do.

"Oshawott, come and let's talk a bit, from man to man."

"Eh… O-OK…"

He came closer to the table and sat down in a cushion. Oshawott felt a bad feeling in this. He remembered that every time there was a conversation between them, there was something serious to talk, mostly when Oshawott did a mess or a disaster.

"What do you want to tell me?" the otter asked with a bit of fear in the inside.

"Listen, Oshawott, you know that you're very young to understand it yet, and that you don't know much about the subject. After the sleepover from last night, I'm sure you have developed loving feelings with the princess Snivy."

"Great… before it was Krookodile, and now you. I tell the truth, I'm not in love with Snivy."

"Yes, I understand how you feel, but I tell you that exists several stages in life, and as you're growing, you go through each one. And you're going through the stage when you feel love for another Pokémon."

"I told you that I'm not in love with her!" while blushed even more.

"Yes, as I suspected. One of the signals that you like someone is when you deny it completely, saying that you aren't in love with another. In short, when someone doesn't want to admit its love."

Oshawott thought that his tutor was right, maybe he didn't want to admit that had a crush on Snivy. He asked:

"And how do you know about that? Have you ever had a girlfriend?"

"Well, not really, but when I was younger, I had a friend called Marshtomp that fell in love with a Brionne that was passing through the place. He got very close to her, talked to her, said cute things, and even said that we wanted to put her in his house for a few days if she wanted. Each time I said that he had a crush on her, he denied it totally."

"Wow… and do you know what happened next?"

"That's another story that I'll tell you for another occasion, but the case is that you feel a desire to be with princess Snivy, but you don't want to accept it."

"I suppose that you're right, but now everything is very confuse to me."

"It's not necessary that you understand it quickly. It's just a matter of time for you to know it well and things become clear."

"I need to think it for a moment. I'll be outside to meditate it a little."

"Alright, but remember you must return when it gets dark, you have to prepare for the sleepover. Keep in mind that you're relating with the royalty, so you need to behave very well when you're there, when you come back I'll tidy you and tell you some advises."

"OK, goodbye."

"Goodbye, Oshawott."

And the Sea Otter Pokémon went out the lighthouse to walk and think for a while. That he had developed loving feeling for princess Snivy? It seemed stupid to believe to him. Why did he fall in love with her if all the time they were arguing? Maybe the last night, when they had the sleepover in Oshawott's house, he wanted to be gentlemanly and disciplined with her. She was a princess after all. But there was something more he couldn't identify. It was a strange feeling inside him. He was still denying he fell in love with Snivy, but Samurott said to him that with the passing of time the things would become clear. He had to go to the Verdant Court at night to have a sleepover with his Pal. They were only going to talk some things, play a little, and then sleep and have breakfast the next morning. Nothing more. He's going to have a good time with his friend, there wasn't any of love or related stuff, just an innocent friendship.