Chapter 4 (Special thanks to Justin Bonesteel for the request.)

Hiro walked into GoGo and Honey Lemon's apartment, wondering what they could do to spend time together.

"Hey, GoGo, Honey Lemon." Hiro said as he walked in.

"Hi, Hiro." Honey Lemon said.

"Hi, Hiro." GoGo said as she worked on something.

"What are you guys working on?" Hiro asked as he walked over and looked at it. GoGo was working on a board that was similar in color to her suit.

"It's supposed to be a hoverboard that can support up to three people." GoGo said.

Hiro sat down and the three of them took a good long look at it. They eventually managed to calibrate its weight support, but were unable to get it to hover for long. However, once they took it to the pier to test its hovering, they found it could float well. Hiro then decided to try something. He hopped onto the board and found he could float on it.

"How about that? It doesn't hover too well, but it does have good support on water." GoGo said.

That gave Hiro an idea.

"Hey, why don't the three of us spend a day at the beach tomorrow?!" Hiro asked.

"That sounds great!" Honey Lemon said.

"Yeah! Nothing better than spending the day with our little brother at the beach!" GoGo said.

The next day, Hiro, Honey Lemon, and GoGo were applying sunscreen on themselves as they were walking down the pier to the beach.

"This is going to be great!" Honey Lemon said as they set up their beach stuff. The three of them then looked towards the ocean and they got wide toothy smiles before…

"Last one in's a rotten egg!" GoGo said as she and them ran.

"Make way!" Hiro said.

"Yahoo!" Honey Lemon said as they jumped into the ocean

"Nothing like a swim in the ocean!" Honey Lemon said as she put her hands behind her head and floated.

"Not to mention a nice cold drink to sip while you swim." Hiro said as he took a sip of his Orangeade.

"It just takes your troubles away." GoGo said as the three of them swam together.

They swam for a while before they headed back to shore.

As they sat on their beach towel, they heard a bell.

"Ice cream!" they went as they hurried to the cart.

They then walked back to their towel, Hiro with a chocolate cone, Honey Lemon with a strawberry cone, and GoGo with a cookies and cream cone.

"Delicious!" Hiro said.

"No trip to the beach is complete without ice cream!" Honey Lemon said.

Once they had finished their cones, they sat at their beach towel for a bit.

Honey Lemon's stomach growled as she sat on the towel and read a book, "Anyone else hungry?" she asked.

"Yeah, we didn't think to bring lunch." Hiro said as he worked on a blueprint.

"Don't worry, there's a food stand close by. We'll go once we've cooled off a bit." GoGo said as she ate from a bag of chips.

After cooling off for a bit, the three of them decided to get some lunch. GoGo got a hamburger and corn from a nearby stand while Honey Lemon got a hot dog and tater tots and Hiro got a burger and fries.

"Ah, boy, am I full." Hiro said as they threw away their trash.

"That was great!" GoGo said.

"Delicious!" Honey Lemon said before they arrived back at their towel.

"Now, how about we test this board?" Hiro asked as he got it.

"Let's ride some killer waves, as they say!" Honey Lemon said.

"Cowabungas, here we come!" GoGo said as the three of them headed towards the ocean with the board.

They set the board down and got on one at a time. They paddled out to sea slowly, watching for any waves. They spotted one after a few minutes. They turned the board and readied as the wave came up and caught the board. The three of them then stood up slowly and balanced themselves as they managed to surf the wave.

"Yeah!" Honey Lemon said.

"Cowabunga!" Hiro said.

"Surf's up!" GoGo said as they rode the wave.

Once the wave started to die down, they rode the board to the bottom and paddled off as the wave crashed down.

"That was awesome!" GoGo said.

"Surfing is the best!" Honey Lemon said, full of energy.

"Let's find the next wave." Hiro said as they paddled back out to sea and caught a larger wave this time around. They surfed, but just about fell off the board avoiding this one.

"That was a close one." Honey Lemon said.

"One more and then let's head back to shore." GoGo said.

"I agree." Hiro said.

They headed back into the surf and this time, they found themselves at the top of a wave.

"Uh-oh!" GoGo said as the three of them lost their balance.

"Geronimo!" Honey Lemon said as the three of them fell off the board.

"Look out below!" Hiro said as the board was washed back to shore and the three of them fell towards the ocean. But, instead of hitting the water, they fell onto something. When they opened their eyes, they saw they had landed on something gray. It resembled a shell covered in blunt knobs on a blue hide covered in darker blue spots with a cream-colored underside connected to four flippers, the front two larger than the back two, as well as a long neck that went to a head that had large brown eyes, a short horn on its forehead, and tightly curled ears. The creature overall resembled a plesiosaur. It looked at the three and let out a low, greeting whine.

(Description from Bulbapedia.)

Hiro, Honey Lemon, and GoGo were surprised at the appearance of the creature.

"It's a Lapras!" Honey Lemon said.

"Cool!" Hiro said.

"Who would've thought? Thanks for helping us, Lapras." GoGo said. Lapras nodded and spoke in a manner that said, "You're welcome."

"You know, Lapras love to carry people around on their backs. This might be a nice way to wrap up our day." Honey Lemon said.

"I agree. Lapras, would you mind taking us for a ride?" Hiro asked.

Lapras whined happily, showing it didn't mind as it moved at a moderate pace.

"Ah, the breeze feels great!" Honey Lemon said.

"The water feels nice too." GoGo said as she stuck her hand in the water as it rushed by.

"Not to mention the smell of that salty sea air." Hiro said.

Lapras carried the three of them around for a good while before Hiro asked, "Hey, Lapras, can you go faster?"

Lapras nodded before it sped up a bit.

"Whee!" Honey Lemon went as they rushed along the water.

Suddenly, GoGo got an idea.

"Hey, Lapras, head back to shore for a minute, please." she said.

Lapras headed back to shore, where GoGo grabbed the board and some rope. Hiro grabbed three masks while they were there. She tied the rope to Lapras' shell and held the other end.

"Full speed ahead!" she said as Lapras sped up, pulling her on the board.

"Yeah!" she yelled as she rode on the board.

After some time, Honey Lemon took her turn with the board before Hiro took his next.

Lapras, after a while, stopped and pointed its flipper down.

"What's it saying?" GoGo asked.

"It might be fixing to dive underwater." Honey Lemon said.

"Good thing I got these." Hiro said as he handed them breathing masks.

Once they had them on, Hiro said, "Okay, Lapras."

Lapras then dunked underwater with the three on its back. Their eyes widened.

Before them was a beautiful coral reef populated with several different species of fish and Water-Type Pokémon. Honey Lemon watched as a Gorebyss swam by and followed it. GoGo saw a Golduck swimming fast and decided to challenge it. Hiro watched as a Vaporeon swam up to him and tagged him with its paw. It swam off quickly.

"All right. You wanna play tag?" Hiro asked before he swam off after it.

Hiro chased Vaporeon around, seeing the many fish, including ones such as regal blue tangs, clownfish, and many others. Soon, Pokemon such as Oshawott, Squirtle, Krabby, and others were in on the game. Eventually, Hiro tagged Honey Lemon while trying to tag Vaporeon, causing her to go after them. She ended up tagging Golduck, which got it and GoGo into the game. The humans and Pokemon swam for a long time before Honey Lemon noticed the sun was getting over the trees. She got Hiro and GoGo and Lapras took them back up to the surface, the humans and Pokemon bidding each other goodbye.

Once they resurfaced, the three rode on Lapras' back more.

"This is the life." GoGo said.

"We get to hang out on the beach, we get to ride on a Lapras, and best of all, we get to spend it with our little brother." Honey Lemon said.

"I couldn't have said it better myself. I am so lucky to have you girls in my life right now. You two are the greatest older sisters I could ever ask for." Hiro said, making the two smile widely, fighting back tears at Hiro's kind words.

Once Lapras took them back to shore, GoGo packed up their beach stuff and saw Lapras was following Hiro and Honey Lemon as they walked along the ocean to the pier.

"Guys, you are aware that Lapras is following you, right?" GoGo asked.

The two looked and saw Lapras right beside them. Lapras then drew a circle in the sand with its flipper.

"You think it wants to stay with us?" Hiro asked.

"That would be great. This is the best day we've had together yet. I say we keep Lapras so we can always remember it." Honey Lemon said.

"I agree." Hiro said.

GoGo smiled as she dug in the bag and pulled out a Poke Ball. Hiro held the left side of it while GoGo held the back of it and Honey Lemon held the right side.

"Welcome to our team, Lapras." they said. Lapras whined happily before it pushed the button with its nose and it was taken into the ball in a flash of red energy. The button glowed red and blinked three times before it lost the glow and dinged, signifying Lapras was caught.

"What a perfect way to end a beach day!" Honey Lemon said.

"Indeed!" GoGo said.

"We spend time together and add a new member to our family!" Hiro said.

"WE CAUGHT A LAPRAS!" the three of them said in unison as they raised the Poke Ball into the air.