She promised me it would be a fun night out. Just two chicks doing some serious muddin'.

Despite my best efforts to get out of it, even I have to admit she has a point. I deserve a little one-on-one time with my best friend after the shit I've been through. So, forgive me if I'm a little pissed off when Rosalie shows up at my door with her boyfriend in tow.

"My truck is down. He has to pull the ATVs to Holes for us. I didn't think you'd mind if he tagged along."

I glare. What part of a girl's night does she not understand?

Emmett's cool and all, but I haven't exactly enjoyed being around lovey-dovey couples since my boyfriend dumped me. On my birthday. Right after we slept together. For the first time.


I knew going in that Sam was a prick but gave him the benefit of the doubt anyway. Three months, and all I have to show for it is the firefighter's badge he left behind. Technically, he left more, but the metal wouldn't melt in my grill. It's still sitting on my patio, in the ashes, until I can figure out a way to destroy it.

I thought I was so lucky getting with a firefighter. It's most girls' fantasy, but look where it got me. Bitter and pouting in the back seat of my best friend's boyfriend's giant SUV as we head out to the country.

Emmett makes a big show of paying for the three of us when we arrive. It's only ten bucks a head, but whatever he needs to help him sleep at night.

I jump out of his old Ford Bronco and stop short at the trailer because something important is missing. "Where's my four-wheeler?"

Rosalie gnaws on her thumbnail.

Awe, hell.