Ok, so this is my 'Matrix: Reload/Tron' crossover fic that I've been kicking around for a while. It's set during Reload, when Neo is doing his first 'Superman' bit at the start. You really do need to have seen both movies to get it. *************************

Rogue Program

Neo stood on the rooftop, looking down at the alleyway below: three agents where running from a forth man. The stranger flung some sort of disk along the alley. It glowed blue as it flew through the air, and when it hit the agent, he exploded in a bright flash of light. The two remaining agents dived behind a dumpster as the disk shot back towards the man who had frown it. He caught it expertly.

The Agents drew their guns and started firing. The stranger stood his ground, holding the disk in front of him, deflecting the bullets with ease. Neo shifted his vision so he could see the code the Matrix was made up of: the buildings, alleyway and agents all showed up in the normal Neon-green scrawling code. He turned to look at the stranger, and took a deep breath: where before the stranger had been dressed in a long, dark trench coat similar to Neo's, he now stood out a brilliant electric-blue against the darker neon-green of the Matrix.

Again the disk shot along the alleyway, ricocheting off of the buildings, catching first one agent, then the other. Both exploded in the same bright flash of light as the first.

Neo's phone went off. He drew it from his belt and placed it next to his ear, "Tell me what I'm looking at here." Morpheus' voice came from the other end, "I do not know: it is like nothing I have ever seen before." Neo smiled, "Well then, I better go say hi." He shut the phone off and put it back in its pouch before calmly stepping off the roof and falling to the alleyway below.

The ground 'gave' slightly as Neo landed, but soon returned to normal. The stranger turned to face him, the disk held back, ready to be thrown with a moments notice. Neo stepped out of the shadows, and the other man relaxed, "Oh, it's you, the 'One' the Oracle keeps going on about." He stepped forwards, a smile on his face, and held out his hand, "Pleasure to meet you. The names Tron."

Slightly shocked, Neo shook the offered hand, "Neo. Who, what, are you?" Tron smiled, "That's not a question you're ready for the answer for yet: Let's just say I try and keep the peace." Neo shook his head, "You're not human, are you?" Tron smiled again, "No I'm not. But like I said, now is not the time to discuss this." A woman on a Harly Davidson motorcycle pulled up at the end of the alleyway. Neo could tell that she was the same as whatever Tron was: a bight electric-blue on a golden cycle unlike anything he had ever seen. Tron looked at her, then turned back to Neo, "That's my ride. I'll see you around Neo."

Tron walked of into the night, leaving Neo with his thoughts.

The End?

(I may take this further, but then again, I may not.)