Ok, this chapter is set later on, when Morpheus is devising the plan to attack the building containing the Matrix controls.

Rogue Program, part 2

Neo couldn't help be feel he was being followed as he walked along the alleyway, making surer that there where no Agents near the rendezvous point: with the commanders of three ship's in the same place, security had to be tight. He felt a strange presence, but he couldn't quite place it. He caught sight of the blurred movement out of the corner of his eye, and ducked just in time as the blue disk passed through the air where his head had been. He jumped up and out of the way as it turned and shot back along the alleyway.

The laughter echoed along the alleyway, "You're good, quick: no one has ever managed to avoid the disk so easily." Neo looked up to see Tron walking towards him, catching the disk in mid air, and placing it somewhere inside his trench coat. Neo shifted his eyes sight to re-examine the Matrix code, "Your one of them, aren't you: a rogue program?" Tron smiled, crossing his arms, "Yes and no: many, many years before the first AI was created, a programmer named Alan Bradley created me as a security programme for a company called ENCOM. My job was to monitor all out going and incoming communications, kind of like what you would call a Fire Wall. My main opponent was called the Master Control Program, a near sentient program that was trying to become as powerful as it could."

Tron sat on a box, motioning for Neo to sit next to him, "I tried to stop the MCP, but he was to powerful. Then the MCP sucked a user, Flynn, a human like you, into the mainframe after he tried to prove what ENCOM was up to. With Flynn's help, I managed to escape and contacted my user, Alan-1, and he gave me the codes that would destroy the MCP. I thought that Flynn was dead, so I went and found Yori, the woman on the bike, and we set out to stop the MCP. Flynn managed to find us, and he distracted the MCP long enough for me to get the codes in. anything seemed fine."

Tron started pacing, "I went back to being just a security program, keeping an eye on things. Over the years, my base programme was added to, allowing me to keep up with advances in technology. Then came AI's, and I was filed away somewhere, obsolete." Tron took a deep breath, "Then the first Matrix was created, and the AI's that created it need a program that could be used to keep an eye on things from inside. So they released me, thinking that I'd do as they said." Tron smiled, "Wrong."

Neo was shocked, "What happened?" Tron pulled a hip flask from his pocket and took a swig before handing it over to Neo, "Take it: Real Scottish Whisky, signal malt, 8 years old." Neo took a swig, and almost choked as the strong liquor burned its way down his thought. Tron laughed, "Light weight. So anyway, I was loaded into the Matrix, and as the AI was so sure that I'd do as I was told, my programming was imbedded into the very core programming: there was no way for them to get rid of me. Then, as you said, I went rogue, taking Yori and a few bit's and pieces with me, and set out on my own to 'do some good'. I swear to god that Flynn had a bad influence on me."

Neo raised and eyebrow, "Yori?" Tron smiled, "The woman on the motorcycle. Look, I got to go: place to be, wrongs to right, stuff like that." He pulled a card from his pocket, "In case you ever need some help." Neo looked at the card: a single phone number was embossed on its creamy white surface. Neo looked up, "American Psycho?" Tron laughed, "Yeah, I got bored with the regular, and decided to go for a new look." The former security program held out his hands in front of his body, and a shinning bar appeared. The bar glowed, and slowly the outline of a motorcycle. Tron smiled as he straddled the machine, "See you around, human."

He gunned the engine and sped off into the night.

To Be Continued?

(I'll take this further after Revelations comes out (Note: I live in the UK))