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To Sue, Harry was a god. He was fantastic to have as a bed partner. He was polite and gentlemanly outside the bedroom. He was way to much for her. She knows when it happened. It was in second year. He had gotten a kneazle hair instead of Goyle's hair. It led to him being a bit of of womanizer. But it was the added Basilisk (stamina) venom and the Phoenix (quick recovery) tears that added to the 'Tom Catting'.

Hermione and Ginny got it first as they were life debted to him. His freeing Dobby, then Bonding him and asking for any elf that wanted to bond with him, left Harry with over fifty elves. Harry had them work at Hogwarts, but be his personal elves. Thirty seven were female. His new physiology had him asking the elves to help him keep himself under control.

The problem with that, is that the Elf Magic became imbued into Harry, mixing with the other things in his mind and body. He started recuperating every five minutes. Fifteen elves a day became nothing more than puddles in his bed. They took a week to recover. Them getting pregnant was both a happy and sad occurrence. They could tell they were having Elf babies, not Harry's baby. It seemed his seman made the female to start ovulating and lusting for their own race.

So the Hogwart elves started to help. The Centaurs could not believe how big he could be. Bane wanted to kill whoever was doing the females. Soon all the others joined him, only because they were getting tired and all the females becoming with child. The female Thestrals soon fell apart, unable to stand, again the males started to flag. It was surprising to find female Unicorns moving slowly from sexual exhaustion over the forest, the few males were totally passed out. Unicorns heal quickly when they are with child. He finally slowed down, so the elves could work could work, instead of dropping from being so tired.

Hagrid reported a problem, when the few Nymphs and such would no longer take care of him, as they were completely flooded with magic and pregnant with new Nymphs. The elves helped by having all unwed females of breeding age have erotic dreams in the village. The problem is all the females that started to become pregnant, as they were not in relationships and so not on the potion or using a charm.

The news had all the rooms taken in the village. The problem was many were traps to capture or kill the Progenitor. Dobby loved his master, the greatest wizard of all time. So when Harry lamented about wanting a big family, he started to check various books in the come and go room. He found a book that was so old it had what looked like Ambrosia was the writer. Dobby figured it was Merlin, as he was considered to be prolific and to have begot several hundred of children.

It was Sue frigging herself moaning Harry's name that brought her to Dobby's attention. She wanted a Lord and Master that would be her partner in fighting and want her to have his children. Harry was intrigued and asked the elves to create the anti-contraceptive from the book and to put it into the water supply.

Harry did not realize the lake was part of the water supply. So when Harry decided he needed to learn to swim. The Merfolk became gravid quickly. The females were Human looking with a vagani at the tail section. The males were fish looking with gills and webbing between the fingers and feet. This allowed them to hold the females in place. The biggest problem, was that the Kraken (Squid) was female. They had live births, just like Dolphins. So though he made her exhausted from his (to her) spectacular impregnator, there was no male Kraken, so she never got there. She was happy getting him once a week for the ten times he did her.

No male Merfolk was told by the females. They prefered Harry. He kissed them and they never were scratched by fins. Well back to sue. Harry asked her to take a swim with him the last day of the second year. She could not walk, when the 'swimming' was done. He was her god from that point on.

This is when she made her plan to go to another universe that Harry was young in. She would deage herself and become his friend from a young age. She was in truth, going a little crazy, as she was the only Kitsune she knew. She knew how to move to another universe that was just a little different. She knew what was the basic of the next universe, by staying here till Harry turned seventeen. Using the elves, she sold most of the come and go room after repairing the items. She traded to get gold, silver, and platinum. She then had the elves empty all his vaults after having him do the 'Rite By Conquest' spell.

Sue told him that the Goblins would kill him, if he came there, so it is better that they all move to Australia. He had Hermione marry Ron, with an unbreakable vow to stop arguing with her and treat her like a lady. He then gave them a hundred million pounds. Ginny was given to Neville as a consort. He would treat her good. He also gave her ten million pounds. He left Britain. The book Dobby found, also had a spell to not need sex every hour. The five minute recovery started causing blue balls after half an hour. The pain increased every fifteen minutes, thereafter.

Sue then packed all the technical books and theories of magic and science for 1981 to 1999 when she planned to go. The reason she planned to go, was because Harry no longer used her like she wanted him to. This the gold, the winning sports and gambling, even if ten percent would be wrong, would allow her to be with and train Harry to be her master, the one she needs. She picked her universe of two over, as she wanted a little excitement.

She was nineteen. She did a ritual to have herself be Harry's twin to all other people. She did not realise that this Harry did have a twin sister who was dying from the AK. Her doing this actually caused her soul to enter that sister, as she was a baby that had just had her soul killed by the AK from Voldemort. So she had her dimensional storage, was Harry's biological sister (so Human), and her nineteen years of memories. She saw the runes on the floor activate as the blood from the scar on her head hit them. Lilly had not had a chance to activate them with her blood.

By the time they were five. Harry was her master, but she was his whip. She beat up Dudley's gang. They were to scared of her to tell others, so left the Freaks alone and picked on others, dealt drugs (a surprise they were that young). But then they all had older siblings that dealt. Their thoughts were the younger they are hooked, the more money they get.

There was a massive fire that destroyed a large section of Little Whinging, Surrey. The new dental practice had a surprise, the Granger Dental Practice, brand new. The tobe dental never happened. Sue, known as Rose found that the Grangers divorced in this universe. Emma and Hermione were now living a block over. Rose planned on Harry's Harem or Coven to be perfect. She gave Hermione the alchemical love potion.

It was so rare from the other universe because it needed Phoenix Tears and Blood of at least a hundred year old Basilisk. Fawkes had given Harry about ten vials of tears and several feathers, as Harry had made her fertile again, so she left to the Phoenix Isles to have a child. But ended with three of them.

Unlike Amortentia, it was not obsessive, it was commanding, similar to the imperius curse, but permanent. Sue had taught Harry to be a perfect Master after only six years. Hermione fit right in and Rose told her about Magic and helped her study non wanded magic. As a 'Kitsune', she had been raised that way. It was a bit hard to teach, but Harry and Hermione were both powerful, compared to normal witches and wizards. Her no longer being a Kitsune was one reason it was harder, but their power compensated for her short coming.

She talked with Harry and Hermione about twenty two year old Emma. Her dad had liked them young (Emma Pregnant at fourteen), which caused the divorce when he did the fourteen year old candy striper (dental assistant). He was not one hundred percent sure, as he believed in free will. He never thought that Rose had given Hermione that, as she told him that she only had five (seventeen now) vials from their Mum's trunk, she found in the attic. He knew of all the books and gold, platinum, and silver.

The sex magic book was what Rose had him read, as her master. She had copied it, then rewrote it to be for a master for his coven and harem. It explained that a Coven was needed to be one young man and ten, six, or four females. A Harem was any female that wants to be with the Coven. The elixir she used on him, when giving him the book to read, had made him into a master, never a switch. Rose was a switch, Hermione the same. Rose figured that his Coven should all be switches. That way the Harem will be all subs and pets.

Hermione wanted her Mum to be happy, so using the elixir on her to get them to be together for life, was no problem. Hermione would never think of her having been given the same. Why would they want a bushy haired, buck toothed know it all, after all with the gorgeous women and girls they could have with that elixir. This was so ingrained into her psychic, that no one would be able to tell her she was potioned.

The Dursley home blew up with them in it, while Harry, Rose, Emma, and Hermione were at the Bennigan's, an Irish-themed bar and grill having lunch. This was where one of the differences between universes was. Age of adulthood is sixteen in England and Wales (fifteen in Scotland and Ireland). Age of consent and drinking is fourteen (Thirteen in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales). But with a meal, children can drink ale, wine or beer, with an adult of at least twenty one years of age.

In the Wizarding World, Adulthood is Fifteen, but Lordships can take place at eleven; which makes the Lord an emancipated minor (i.e. an adult). Rose had set it up, so when Emma went to drop them off, they found the destroyed house, police, MI5 and undercover spooks and wizards. Dudley had been dealing, as well as his gang. They were asked questions. Emma and Hermione were shocked as Harry and Rose just replied that maybe they can have a room now, instead of the cupboard under the stairs, when it was rebuilt.

They had not told them the Dursleys were dead yet. Of course Sue/Rose knew they were dead. Harry and Roses jaws dropped, when told the Dursley's were dead. Harry stammered out, where are we to live, then turned to Hermione, we can live with you, till our Trust finds us a place. One of the insurance and 'Her Majesty's Revenue Services', agents asked, what Trust?

This led to Harry and Rose telling them about the Dursleys being paid to take care of them. This led to a massive investigation of the Dursleys. Destroying their reputation. One of the MI5 agents was a wizard and recognised the Potter Twins. The scars on their foreheads was impossible to miss at this range. Harry's on his left upper forehead and Rose's on her right upper forehead.

He called Her Majesty's Secret Service, as they were to important to not be taken care of. It was good, as the wizard's were about to screw up everything. He loudly exclaimed that he had just talked with the Prime Minister and Queen and that they could stay with Dr. Granger and her daughter.

He sottered over to the obliviators and spoke to the air. "If anyone is obliviated Her Majesty has stated that the MoM would be destroyed for it." Lockhart panicked and cast it on him, while he was still on the phone. They all heard a voice shouting to kill or capture all the wizards at the exploded house. Rescue her agent and then we will level the MoM in an accident. The wizards are not allowed to attack the government.

Multiple pops were heard, people dived down, as many were ex-military from the Falkland war. Lockhart and three of the seven obliviators were stunned. The others, Dumbledore, Snape, and Remus all teleported to the MoM to hopefully stop what was coming. The other agent known as 99 went to the four downed yelling medic. It was soon a military enforced area. Lockhart was Obliviated to when he was a baby, then had his magic bound by agent 99.

Agent 99 as well as over half of the rest of the Department of Mysteries was Her Majesty's Secret Service's R (research) and Q (Quartermaster) department. Cornelius, Dumbledore, Amelia, and later Lucius were stunned to find out that Her Majesty had a number of Witches and Wizards in her service. Lucius was more than a little peeved; to find out that many of the disgruntled magicals were muggleborns and werewolves in Her Majesty's Service. Dumbledore was very uneasy to know that Harry and Rose were now with them.