Author's Note: Well, well, well… here we go again… this is my 4th A.I. fic…

This is an alternative universe, this means that David didn't jump in the water at Cybertronics. He came back with his family, after his disappearance. In this story, David meets a very special person who becomes his friend… ain't gonna tell anything else, because I don't wanna give anything away!

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David's Girlfriend: A Very Special Summer

By Danielle Swinton

*Being a Mecha is not a limit to make friends…*

*Chapter 1: Martin's Jealousy*

"Mommy!!" David ran across the sitting room, looking for Monica, who was in the kitchen making lunch.

"Mommy, mommy"

"What's wrong, David?" she asked.

"Mommy, what's Martin doing with my toys?"

"Oh, God… here it goes again" Monica sighed and went to David's bedroom, where Martin was throwing everything on the floor "Martin, what in the bloody hell are you doing?" she asked.

"My…my football!" he yelled "My brand-new football! I'm sure David has taken it!" he complained, looking angrily at David.

"I did not, Martin" David said, hiding behind Monica.

"Martin, are you sure he took it?" she asked, maybe it was one of Martin's jealousy attacks.

"I can't find it!" he yelled again "And HE is the only one here" he added, looking at David again.

"Come on…" she said, and then she looked at Martin's bedroom "Isn't THAT your ball?" she asked, still looking at the door. As Monica said, Martin's ball was in his bedroom, not in David's.

"Oh, yes…" he said, and walked out of David's room, but Monica stopped him.

"I think someone here owes an apology…" she said.

Martin just groaned and ran to his room.


Monica sighed, thinking about Martin's attitude. He was still jealous at David, even when 2 years had passed since he came back to the Swintons. But, somehow, she understood her older son. He felt replaced by David, and now that he was 13, he felt even worse, doing whatever he could to bother the poor David. But Monica decided to change that…


That night, she talked to Martin.

"Martin, you're being so silly" she said "I love you and David the same, you're brothers"

"Technically, we're not" he said "And it's all his fault. If he hadn't come here, we'd be fine"

"How on Earth can you say that? You know that we won't give him back to that place"

"Well, you should" he mumbled, angrily.

"Stop saying those things! Now, my boy, you'll be nice to him, he's your brother, and I love you as much as I love him" she said, and got out of the room.

"I'll do it… just because she told me" Martin thought.


"David, I hope you're not upset with Martin" Monica told him. He gave her a sweet smile.

"No, Mommy"

"He's just jealous"

"Jealous? Why?" he asked innocently.

"He thinks that because I love you I don't love him anymore"

"But that's not true"

"Exactly, and I told him that" she said "Well, it's getting late and we have to sleep…"

"Read to me?" he asked her with a smile.

She agreed and began to read David's favorite tale, "Snow White". Martin was behind the door, looking silently at the scene.


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