Author's Note: This is my first "Pay it Forward" fic, it's a sequel to the movie. Trevor is already dead, but his favors are still here… but what will happen if he had a chance to do a last favor, even if he were dead? I hope you'll like my answer… This fic is dedicated to the ones who believe in angels... those blessed people who are around us... even though we don't see them... "My Angel"

By Danielle Swinton

"You may think you're alone, but there's someone right by your side, who will be with you... always"

*Chapter 1: An accident*

Friday night, 7:30 o'clock. I was driving in a L.A. wide highway, listening to R.E.M. in my radio. There was not much traffic, just a few cars far away and I could go as fast as I wanted.

It was getting dark, I could barely see what was in front of me, and I was really tired, due to a hard day at school. I just wanted to go home, take a shower and have a good night sleep, but I wasn't able to do that at the moment because I was like a thousand miles from home, in an L.A. desert road. Suddenly I heard a ringtone, it was my cellphone, and I took it.

"Hello?" I said.

"Danny? Hi, it's me, Madison" Madison was one of my best friends, I was really happy to hear from her, specially there, at that lonely road, in that cold night.

"Hey, Maddy! How's it going?"

"Fine, thanks" she said "You're not gonna believe this... remember Brad's party, the one he was going to throw tonight?"

"Yeah...why?" I said. That party was going to be great, and I wouldn't be able to be there because I had to stay at home, studying for a Math test I was going to have the next day. My friends chillin' and I had to study?! No fair! But I didn't say a word and Maddy talked again.

"Well, it was cancelled" she said, and I was really surprised "Brad's mom is having a dinner with her friends at her house, and Brad has no other place to throw the party... How awful! It was gonna be fun!" she complained.

"That's a pity" I said. Maddy and I chatted a little bit more, and she finally said bye.

I continued driving, and listening to the radio. I changed the station to the News, and I heard the weather report...

"Bad weather at 8 p.m. A dense fog is coming by the L.A. main highways. If you're on the road, please look for a safe place to stay because it's not safe to drive"

"Oh, damn it!" I exclaimed. I didn't want to stop because it was getting late and my mom would be worried, if she wasn't worried yet. So I kept driving.

Some minutes later, a slight fog appeared, and it became more and more dense. So dense that I couldn't see anything in front of me... the weather report was right!

I stopped, really frightened. I saw nothing through the windows, because it was pretty dark. Suddenly I heard a strange noise, I opened my window and saw two lights coming to me. I couldn't move. The lights came closer, and when I could see... a truck came and pushed my car out of the road!!

The car spinned round and round down a hill. Fortunately, I had my safety belt, but it didn't help me to stop moving in all directions. A moment later, the car stopped, and it was upside down. I unlocked my safety belt and obviously I fell down, hitting my head in the car's ceiling... I opened a window and tried to get out of there, it was hard 'cuz all my body was hurting very much. I crawled carefully and could get out... well, part of me. I mean, the upper part of my body was out of the car, but down from my waist, I was still inside the car, because I couldn't move anymore. I tried to get out again, but the car moved once more, with me hanging on it! It spinned down the hill a bit, and I held myself to the car, trying not to fall down. The car stopped, went upside down again, but the whole car was on my legs! Now I couldn't be able to leave, even if I wanted. I was very scared.

"HEEEEELP!!! SOMEONE HELP MEEEEEE!!!" I screamed desperately. But it was vain. Nobody could be around there, especially at night. So I stopped screaming and tried to move, but I couldn't because the car's weight kept my legs locked...

I was feeling very weak; I could barely keep my eyes open. My head was bleeding and my whole body was filled with a lot of pain. I tried to stay conscious as long as possible, but I couldn't. So, against my will, my eyes closed and I stayed there, in the dark, cold and silent night.


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